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12:24 AM
@MishaR - What do you get the warm welcome hat for?
There's a posting on main meta listing all the secret hats discovered so far; I believe you get "warm welcome" for upvoting someone's first post.
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1:46 AM
Q: what happened to the other slaves on the wheel of pain?

Nu'DaqWhen Conan is shackled to the Wheel of Pain as a child other slave-children are as well, but years later Conan is pushing the wheel alone. Did the other slaves die? Were they sold off over time?

Q: Why "Father" didn't use the same anti-aging treatment as Kellog?

YasskierWhen we first see Conrad Kellog, one of the main antagonists in "Fallout 4", he doesn't look pass 40, while Shaun is just an infant. When we see both of them again, Kellog looks just like before, even while we know that he is about 108 years old (he was about 10 when NCR was created), while "Fath...

Q: How does Mayfeld control the extra blaster on his back?

CharlesThis is a x-post from Movies&TV.SE. In Chapter 6 of The Mandalorian, sharpshooter crew member Mayfeld uses an additional blaster that extends from a pack on his back, but, from I saw there's no nerve connection from the pack to his body and he didn't press any button or make a specific gesture...

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3:29 AM
Q: Has Toad Attempted Tos Use His Slime To Suffocate Anyone in the Comics?

Gothamite24I was wondering, as this was a very useful attack on Jean Grey and could be an interesting moment I'd like to know about if it happened in the comics. So, the question is, has Toad ever used his slime to try and suffocate someone in the comics? Note: I know that Jean Grey does get slimed in the...

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4:33 AM
Q: Why did Phlox's mouth start to exhibit this behavior?

OmegacronI've been watching Star Trek: Enterprise and I noticed that, starting with Season 2, the left side of Dr. Phlox's mouth no longer moved correctly. I looked up the actor, John Billingsley, to see if he had a stroke or something but didn't find anything. I also wondered if he had nerve damage simi...

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5:34 AM
Q: Can potion ingredients that are multiplied casting Doubling charm be used to create potion?

faustThis question has been on my mind for a while.Wizard can multiply food.It is implied by ron that molly has used similar charm.

5:55 AM
Q: Does ANY use of the Cruciatus Curse get you sent to Azkaban?

K. GibsonIn the movies they make it sound like if you use any of the 3 Unforgivable Curses you get a one way ticket to Azkaban. But wouldn't the circumstances of each event affect that? Say Harry Potter got mad at Umbridge and used the Cruciatus Curse after she used corporal punishment, but only did so fo...

Q: Is Self-Awareness or Consciousness actually a evolutional disadvantage as in Blindsight by Peter Watts?

Quartz2Blindsight is a first-contact Sci-Fi novel based on a group of 5 tranhumans exploring a anomaly in space , which discovers a species that has great intelligent but has no self-awareness(Rorschach). Info:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blindsight_(Watts_novel) Which the author mentions that consci...

6:36 AM
Q: Early 00s mante late 90s about a boy that was to go into a videogame and meet with purple creature

Rarielrive2322I remeber watching this show about a kid that was able to get into a video game through a secret portal behind it, inside he would turn animated and had a purple dragon-ish looking friend, I also remember in one chapter the creature came out to the real world

6:49 AM
Q: Was there any pre Crisis buildup for setting up paragons?

Ankit SharmaIn Crisis on Infinite Earths we heard about the paragons and as per Mar Novu: "Among the many misconceptions humanity holds dear is the fallacy that all beings are created equal. In truth, there are those who are greater. They are called heroes. But even among heroes, there are different eche...

7:17 AM
Q: Did Elsa curse Arendelle?

BatpersonI think it's clear that Elsa doesn't intentionally unleash an unseasonal winter on her kingdom. Once she finds out that this is happened, she is horrified, tries vainly to think of a way to stop it, and finally attempts to get away from Arendelle altogether hoping the winter will go with her. Ho...

8:05 AM
Added . Will be editing it in where relevant.
9:05 AM
@Marvin Spammy spam spam
9:24 AM
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11:37 AM
Hey all. What's the status of Rise of the Skywalker? If I ask the question, do I have to delete it and undelete later a few days from now, or does the movie counts as having released now?
Well I mean it's not released yet has it?
So just wait a couple of days
@TheLethalCarrot I think it was released in a few cities, but I'm not sure
Maybe, I didn't think so yet but there might have been pre-screenings at least
Ok, I'll just delete it then and undelete later, plus ask mods here to undelete when it's time.
It seems to mostly depend on if you have a question that's rendered utterly useless in just about a week or if you have a genuine and valuable question about a film that's only in rare release yet.
If you have pirated it or been to a press screening (but can't hold onto your press ethos/agreement) and have a genuine question about the storyline or an aspect of the final film, it seems irrelevant if you ask it now, in 5 years or 5 years ago.
11:45 AM
asking, deleting and undeleting doesn't seem like the way to go
I would recommend against doing it personally
Either ask it now, if it isn't FWP, or wait, what 2 days?
Yeah, that seems very odd. If you ask only to delete immediately, why ask anyway?
Like a repwhore "grab my spot" question
@NapoleonWilson It won't be rendered useless in a week, and I expect you can only answer it once you've seen the film or read the novelization.
@TheLethalCarrot But even that doesn't really seem to make sense. If you compose it now because you really can't wait, asking only costs about as much time as undeleting and there's nothing that actually depends on timestamps.
@NapoleonWilson I haven't seen the movie yet. I will probably see it in a month.]
11:48 AM
@NapoleonWilson I know, I don't get it at all
@TheLethalCarrot Why? It's more convenient to undelete than to post when the film is up, because then any mod can undelete, I don't have to come in for it. I'll be busy.
@NapoleonWilson ^
Then either ask when you can or see if someone else asks it
I have time now, I won't have much time a few days from now.
If it's "who's Rey's dad/mum?"...that will probably drag on HNQ fame hard, but is probably also as sensible as asking "who's Luke's dad?" right now.
@TheLethalCarrot Nobody else will ask it. I think you can guess which question it is.
11:49 AM
You can always write the question and save it in a notepad then it's like 10 seconds to post
Q: Which predictions of The Last Jedi: Darths & Droids Bingo were correct?

b_jonas The team of the Darths & Droids screencap webcomic have produced The Last Jedi Darths & Droids bingo, which contains predictions about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Print out this page and take it to your viewing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Mark off the squares whenever the indicated event hap...

Oh then just write it up now and post in 2 days
@NapoleonWilson That's already asked here though, would just need an updated answer not a new question
@TheLethalCarrot Maybe. In that case my question is, when to post.
When the film is released
@b_jonas It takes about 5 seconds to ask a question you copy out of a TXT file.
11:50 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Right, but when is that? It releases in different times in different places.
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, I figured.
@b_jonas That seems like something you could very well just ask now, I'd guess.
It doesn't seem to lose value over time.
(If it ever had much to begin with, but that's a different question, I guess.) ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Yes, but if I post and delete, then when the film releases, whoever wants to start the community wiki answer can just undelete the question, or ask a mod for that. Whereas if it's in a file that only I have, they won't be able to do that.
@NapoleonWilson If the film isn't released and I ask it, then it will be closed as off-topic.
I guess that still works, reopening may be easier than undeleting.
@b_jonas But it's a question that doesn't seem to be rendered useless by just watching the film.
But well, I admittedly don't fully grasp the entire "future works" thing, so you do yours and should probably listen to the people more acquainted with SciFi policies, I guess.
@b_jonas So they can answer it a few days later? It seems rather timeless.
Well the question can only be answered by seeing the film and the film hasn't released so it's future works
In short any question about an unreleased work is FWP
@NapoleonWilson Yes, the opposite. You can't really answer the question until after the film is released, so it will be closed until it's released, then reopened.
11:56 AM
Yeah, the FWP means: don't ask questions that can only be answered through speculation now, but are trivial to answer once the work is released.
Yeah, that close-reopen thing is kinda odd. But anyway, why not just ask it when you have time then? So people can't answer it right the first day, whatever?
At least, that's how I interpret it.
Or just use that close reopen thing to your advantage. Ask now, have it closed and then whoever wants to answer can reopen. FWP and duplicates FTW!
(Though, you might have to suck up a few downvotes maybe.)
@NapoleonWilson People may want to post on SE right when they just saw the movie, when it's still fresh in their memory, and when they're still interested and thinking about it. At least that's how I treat a film like this on SE. The home media version won't be out for months, knowing Disney. And I still don't know when the film counts as having been released.
@NapoleonWilson Yes, that will probably work. May have the advantage of keeping the question out of HNQ too.
Also, finally it's 7 pm somewhere in the world, almost missed it by a few seconds! That is much more important! ;-P
12:02 PM
Not that it would get to HNQ anyway.
@NapoleonWilson HATS!
12:49 PM
Q: Which predictions of The Rise of Skywalker: Darths & Droids Bingo were correct?

b_jonasThe team of the Darths & Droids screencap webcomic have produced The Rise of Skywalker Bingo, which contains predictions about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Print out this page and take it to your viewing of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker! Mark off the squares whenever the indicated eve...

1:24 PM
I need helping finding a website and a novel on it
The website is for viewing and writing fiction. It is not Medium nor Wattpad, most of the fiction appears to be science-fiction/fantasy, and I think you needed a free account to read the content of the site.
The site, at least in late-2016 early-2017 when I found it, had a mostly white background, with the option for the author to put a banner at the top of each chapter.
Text is to the left, not in the center
It appeared to have been new at the time I found it.
In order to aid in finding the website, I will mention this story that I found on it: it was set in a future post-oil America. The protagonist lives in a high floor of a pre-collapse apartment that receives no power. He works in an office building that is lit by sunlight, and therefore can only be worked in at certain times of day. There is an extended description, possibly lasting one chapter, of the system by which human waste is removed.
2:30 PM
That does sound like a question for the main site, tbh.
2:44 PM
The site isn't for finding websites, tho
Especially since it's possibly not a spec-fic exclusive site
So phrase it as a search for that specific story.
Find it, and you've found the site.
Q: Vulcan Anatomy (Heart)

GalacticCriminalIn the Star Trek episode "Court Martial", when McCoy used the white sound device on Spock, why did he use it on his chest? Isn't the Vulcan’s heart located in the area of where the human liver would be?

And finding a website (mostly) dedicated to sf and fantasy seems on topic to me.
By the way
Is there a website that's basically "chatroom reddit"?
In terms of having the popularity/generality of reddit?
I think the anime room is pretty lively, but it's been a long time. And likely some of the SO rooms.
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4:15 PM
Q: Why did Dr Chiren ask Dr Ido that question?

William RockIn Alita Battle Angel (2019), Dr Chiren says to Dr Ido, who is carrying fragile Alita: Dr Chiren: You think you can replace us that easily? Bring her back as many times as you like. Dr Ido trying to fix Alita. He never try to replace anything. Why did she ask him that question?

Q: Urban fantasy novel set in alt NYC where one half is wild, protagonist looking for a white glove

TJICStarted flipping through this novel in a B&N maybe 6 months ago, read a chapter or two. The protagonist is a young female detective (?) and half of New York City is overrun with magic and/or magical plant growth, and is set apart from the other half of the city by an iron fence.

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5:17 PM
Q: When did we first see a purple lightsaber?

DJ Spicy DeluxeI have often heard that the reason why Mace Windu's saber is purple is that Samuel L Jackson just really wanted a purple saber because he likes that color, and thus the purple lightsaber was born. However this much is for certain, that wasn't the first time we saw a purple saber because in the 19...

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7:00 PM
Q: What did Susan Foreman Drop on the Ground?

Weylin PiegorschAt the end of "The Dalek Invasion of Earth", after the TARDIS dematerializes, Susan drops something on the ground. What did she drop? What was its significance?

7:21 PM
Q: 70s/80s scifi movie: astronauts return to future earth

user124246I remember seeing a movie when I was young (around late 80s) about a couple of astronauts returning to Earth. They either had some kind of an accident or fluke as there was some sort of time travel going on (or maybe parallel universe?) and they returned to a future Earth. (Note, future as in pre...

8:15 PM
For close voters. This question already has two answers, and any new information can be edited into them. Strike the question down and it will become more powerful than you'd ever realize. — b_jonas Dec 26 '15 at 16:04
Downvote it all you want, I can afford it.
If you think that space opera fan fiction screencap webcomics are not high literature, go on, downvote it. When I want upvotes, I post Harry Potter questions instead.
Q: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - What did Harry mean when he said "Well, I take it you're not sorry?" to Griphook?

AIQAfter the death of Dobby, Harry speaks to Griphook. Their conversation goes like this: “You buried the elf,” he said, sounding unexpectedly rancorous. “I watched you from the window of the bedroom next door.” “Yes,” said Harry. Griphook looked at him out of the corners of his slanting blac...

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9:25 PM
Q: What could the Northuldrans want with Runeard's dam?

BatpersonRuneard built a dam for the Northuldra tribe and presented it as a gift to them. In this he had an ulterior motive, but to achieve it the dam had to plausibly seem like something beneficial that they would want. However the Northuldra are nomads who get most of their protein, clothing and other ...

9:46 PM
Q: Is enlarged Ant Man stronger?

Vengeful_PlutoSo, I understand that Ant Man maintains the strength in his punches when he shrinks down. Doesn't this mean he'd only hit as hard as his regular person when enlarged? Therefore making his supersize pointless?

2 hours later…
11:50 PM
Also I looked up the answer. Star Wars is apparently released on --12-18 in some parts of Europe and --12-19 in other parts, so I can probably reopen on --12-18 near midday.
@JohnnyApplesauce not entirely true. If most of the content is on-topic you can ask for the site, it's been done before
Q: Website with a collection of sci fi stories set in the same universe; powerful AIs being regarded as Gods, one named Gaia, and a "technopocalypse"

CupitThere is a site with lots of stories all set in a future with super powerful AIs regarded as Gods, the most powerful being matrioshka brains. They have a specific terminology but I can't remember their names. Earth has been converted into a similiar godlike computer called "Gaia" and has expelled...

Q: Webcomic / site identification

J LewisNot sure if this the right place to ask, bit here goes. I'm trying to find a comic / manga site that I'm certain begins with a j. I'm also pretty sure the logo was a stylised fox, and I've seen ads floating around for it. The site had a model where you buy comics with tokens, and you can get th...


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