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12:16 AM
Q: What happened to the skin of the T-1000 and T-X terminators after they time-travel?

RichSIn the first Terminator movie, Kyle Reese explains to Dr. Silberman that only living organisms (or things encased within them) can go through time. REESE: "You go naked. Something about the field generated by a living organism. Nothing dead will go." SILBERMAN: "Okay. Okay. But this......

12:59 AM
Q: What are canon feats showing Blue Marvel's maximum strength, speed and energy output?

Russ RainfordAdam Brashear has been shown to be able to keep physical pace with some of the strongest beings in Marvel, including the likes of Hulk and Sentry. I was wondering if there were any canon scans or sources showing him going all out and thus giving an idea of his upper limits of strength, speed, a...

1:19 AM
Q: Is there any information on what happened to Vector?

StormblessedIn Despicable Me, after being defeated, Vector is shown standing on the moon wearing a space helmet of some sort. Is he, after that scene, dead, elaborately explained into surviving, or just never mentioned again? Is there any information, from the director/writers or official stuff based on the...

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4:05 AM
Q: How was Excalibur forged?

Russ RainfordThis may depend on the "version", but one of the greatest legendary blades known is Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur. Contrary to popular misconception, Excalibur is not the sword Arthur pulled from the stone, but the one he got after that sword was broken; he received the sword and magical sc...

4:16 AM
Is "The Purge" on topic? It seems like a generic horror film to me with mildly distopic elements but no more so than a typical thriller.
Q: Rules of the Annual Purge?

TheIcePhoenixIs it legal to kill children on the purge? Or harm them at all? It says the ONLY LEVEL 10 government officials are immune... but I dont know if their are more rules than stated in the movies and shows.

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6:07 AM
Q: How is Magneto able to generate powerful magnetic fields?

Jesse KapahuaTo create a magnetic field you need to able to create the orbital pattern required to sustain the field and a moving electron is not enough. I know Magneto can perform this task, but the question is how? Can someone please explain the science behind this man's ability to generate magnetic fields?...

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7:48 AM
Q: Does anyone in the MCU share my pronouns or my friends pronouns?

VanillaDoughnutsMe and my four friends are big MCU fans and we are thinking of starting to read the comic books to understand the lore a bit better. I'm wondering if any characters have my pronouns or my friends pronouns, Adam (pronouns he/him) says Marvel is very LGBTQIAA+ friendly but when my friend Quince (p...

8:39 AM
Is it worth to edit key information like scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/221724/… from a comment to the story-id question itself, after the answer is already found?
8:51 AM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/127845/4918 "Most human soldiers seemed to have been bred from test tubes." So they're animated lab equipment like Bottle Gnomes in M:tG?
9:09 AM
Q: What is the connection between the Beyonder race and classic Beyonder?

SamalotI’ve read comic books with pre retcon Beyonder, as well as some with the race of Beyonders, and in one, it references there being ‘ a child unit from the secret wars ‘ who was one. They both come from beyond. So, are the Beyonders the same as classic Beyonder, if not, what is their connection to ...

9:29 AM
Q: Revolution against a caste of glowing religious leaders

Invisible TrihedronThis is a coming-of-age story. The future United States is a theocracy run by religious leaders whose bodies are luminescent, literally glow in the dark, and so are considered to be holy. As the protagonist, who is luminescent, grows up, it becomes clear to him that not everyone who glows acts in...

^ Nice story-id question.
9:42 AM
Q: Why Grima shed a tear?

Ladislav NaďoIn Two Towers, is a scene, when Saruman and Grima stand on balcony of Orthanc, the black, impenetrable tower of Isengard. Saruman for the first time shows his army to Grima, and Grima shed a one tear. Why? (scene is around 2:05:00 in extended version)

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11:53 AM
Q: In the doctor who episode ‘forest of the dead’, does Donna’s ‘husband’ experience time jumps?

JamminermitIn the series 4 episode forest of the dead, Donna is in the fake world and experiences time jumps. For example, quickly going from feeding ducks, going fishing, getting married and having children, and she starts to realise this. But shouldn’t everyone in the simulation realise this, not just Don...

Q: Book about a talking robot that broke down?

WolfuryoI remember having read a book about a robot that was in charge of a ship, while the human commander was in some sort of sleeping state. The robot broke down and was mostly talking gibberish. I think it got fixed by a civilization that the ship stumbled upon.

12:13 PM
Q: Short story with cave on moon and married couple

deManglerI need to identify a short story - I have a feeling it is mid-20th century. A man and wife journey to the moon, I think as tourists. They go for a walk and find a cave, within which there is a machine that enables them to read each others thoughts, and they discover they never really understood...

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1:14 PM
Q: Why did walls at Kings Landing explode from dragonfire?

Vogon PoetWhen the dragonfire hits a solid wall, the wall explodes. But it has been commented previously that the walls can become a prison during dragon attacks. Is there an explanation for why fire in this case makes the walls explode?

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2:36 PM
Q: Why was Ron so mean to some people in Goblet of Fire?

user122566In the movie, Ron makes a joke with Harry about how a fat girl from whatever house she was in can't be a swan because she's fat. During a class where McGonagall was teaching and Mr filch was figuring out how to use a Muggle technology music device. Then he fights with Harry some way through the...

2:57 PM
Q: Novel in which space traders train a spearman army for a decaying medieval empire

March HoI read this scifi novel/short story around the 2000s in a public library, and I recall the following plot points which could be helpful in its identification: The space traders (not sure if traders, but certainly a group of people with spacefaring abilities) somehow ended up on a medieval human...

3:17 PM
Q: Did the end of The Matrix Revolutions indicate the nature of Matrix is foundamentally changed, or is it simply a new repetition?

比尔盖子According to my understanding of the basic worldbuilding of The Matrix, the current Matrix shown in the movie series was its version 3, iteration 6. By design of The Architect, in each iteration of the world, Neo will be inevitably created as the byproduct from all errors in the system. Neo will ...

3:55 PM
I'll take "What is Puberty?" for 500 points, please Alex. — Valorum 1 hour ago
@Alex is that you being talked about?
If so what's the joke,I don't get it
It's a meme (warning: language + AdBlock blocker).
Oh, okay. I thought, you know, HP question, Alex, etc.
4:18 PM
Q: When was the first time that a human skull with a black raven sat upon it was used to refer to Edgar Allan Poe?

BingoI am curious about when was the first time (novel, tale, paint, drawing, etc.) that the iconic human skull/raven motif was used to refer to the Master of the Macabre, Edgar Allan Poe?

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6:21 PM
Q: Comic with device causing lock-in syndrome

GioMottI am looking for a comic (or graphic novel) I read a few years ago, where one of the characters had a device that induces immediate lock-in syndrome. Towards the end of the story, one of the antagonists is punished as the device is used on him: the victim falls to the ground and the person holdin...

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7:22 PM
Q: In MoonWalker, the film, what exactly was Michael implied to be?

Russ RainfordAt the end of the film MoonWalker Micheal Jackson's fictional version is implied to be something more than human. He has a connection to falling stars which give him various transformative powers, including... A Futuristic hyper-fast, sentient car A giant, silver-chromed, humanoid robot with fo...

7:43 PM
Q: Is there any backstory and proper explanation for Wes Craven's the Wraith?

Russ RainfordIn-story, the character is the reincarnation of a young man killed by a gang of road pirates; they beat him, stabbed him, locked his body in a car and sent it off of a cliff. From this, we can assume it was a "vengeful spirit" of sorts... but it returns with a physical body, changed from its orig...

8:24 PM
Q: Novel about a woman who is transformed into an elf

Keith GammageSo this is going to be very vague for which I apologise. At least 10 years ago I read a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid novel in a library about a woman (she possibly lived in a junkyard or tinkered with broken technology trying to fix it, but I'm not sure). She met an elven prince, possibly rescued him,...

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9:45 PM
Q: Story from the 40s or 50s with a loft full of boulder like life forms

David KatziveA guy’s loft is inhabited by hulking giant boulder like objects. He eventually learns they are life forms with an extremely slow almost glacial metabolism. They move only an inch or two in a year.

Q: How did Jareth become the Goblin King?

Russ RainfordIn the film Labyrinth Jareth, the Goblin King has the form of a healthy, handsome middle aged human male, played flawlessly by David Bowie. The rest of the Goblins are all essentially creaturelings of various make, made by Jim Henson's puppet shop. This could mean 2 things: Jareth is an "evolve...

10:26 PM
Q: Did Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie take place in an alternate timeline?

Russ RainfordThe 1995 film Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie plays out like an extended special episode, giving the Rangers new "Ninjetti" powers and Zords based not around the Dinosaurs, but modern day animals. The foe they faced was Ivan Ooze, an enemy so powerful he had to be taken out by a freaking ...

10:47 PM
Q: Is Agent Alpha from the MiB cartoon canon?

Russ RainfordAgent Alpha, a human genius who worked for MiB, went rogue and started grafting Alien DNA and body parts to himself, was one of the biggest series threats in the cartoon. However, there was no mention of him in the films, or two of the novels which continued the first film [I can't speak to the o...

11:07 PM
Q: Is there any mention to Scott Howard's mother in the original Teen Wolf franchise?

Russ RainfordTeen Wolf originally was a 1986 fantasy-comedy film about, well...a teen wolf. Scott Howard lives with his dad Harold and is a good, if socially awkward 16/17 year old student with nothing else remarkable about him... until, one night after a party, he finds out he has a family curse that turns h...

11:24 PM
@Jenayah You had me excited there for a minute.
You'll have to work on getting more notorious.
11:41 PM
What do I have to do?
It has indeed been a while since a controversial Meta post.
You should have quantified that with a Meta SFF post. ;)
Science Fiction & Fantasy Meta, that is.
I don't think I've ever been particularly involved in a controversy on regular Meta.
Take it from me... don't start now.
Well I've certainly been following it...
Even posted two questions relating to it.
But nothing controversial.
"It's too late for me. Save yourself!"
11:48 PM
Q: Egyptian reincarnation story about an american soldier in egypt reliving his past life

kenneth TavernerAn American soldier is sent as an advisor to Egypt just after one of the arab /Israel wars ,and suffers hallucinatory episodes before landing up reliving a life as a soldier serving Egypt in the time when the two lands of Egypt joined.He protects the pharaoh's young son on a trip into north Afric...

11:58 PM
@Jenayah oh I also was confused even though I watch Jeopardy occasionally :P

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