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12:04 AM
What's this Trashcan room?
12:16 AM
How's it going today?
Kinda slow on the site
What the duck
Why is it that some sites look terrible if you add HTTPS to the name but still load?
@Stormblessed fine, went to the association in the day and had fondue and games night with friends
@Stormblessed yeah, that's​ every weekend
@Stormblessed example?
@Jenayah association?
Yeah, humanitarian stuff
Providing shelter and a listening ear to whoever needs it as well as food packages, basically
12:31 AM
Q: Why can things taste too sweet?

StormblessedMy teachers in school always said that sugar tastes good because in the days of cavemen, things like berries, with lots of sugar, were rare, and it would be good to want to get the energy from them and thus humans evolved to like sugar. This BBC article also says something similar (emphasis mine)...

(Why I was trying to make the article HTTPS)
And all-day coffee, some washing machines, helping out with whatever is needed and most important of all, find another volunteer to go and play dominoes with the elderly when they're looking for additional players. The grandma's are nice but three hours straight of dominoes is a torture :P
@Stormblessed uh, weird
1 hour later…
1:46 AM
@Jenayah Their dominoes are nice?
2:27 AM
Q: Will Star Trek Legacy Musicians Return With Picard?

inHYPHENcorrectWith Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard there are at least two programmes being made at the same time. Last time that happened, they had at the mimimum of four musicians scoring the episodes. Patrick Stewart is around the same age and is returning. So can and will the Star Trek Legacy Mus...

2:47 AM
Q: Looking for the title &/or author of an urban fantasy book series

user116793I read the first book in an urban fantasy series years ago, I've wanted to finish it for a while but I cant find the book dont remember the title or author, please help. The book takes place in the modern day. The protagonist is a female vampire who is the only known vampire in the book's world ...

Q: . Moveis & TV Show Questão app

AlessanRSMoveis & TV brings you the latest entertainment in one simpre,fast,and elegant app on windows. On you PC and Windows Mobile,the app lets you play and manage videos from you personal collection.On all you can use the app to browse and play moveis and TV show you've purchased from the Store.

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4:47 AM
Q: Help me find this anime pls

GerardaghWhen i was younger like 6-7, i used to watch an anime but i really dont remember much out of it except there was a guy, he looked more realistic thanother animes I remember something like he could spawn down idk like monsters ( i remember 1 monster which was like a floating eye something like tha...

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6:14 AM
@Alex nah, autocorrect messed up
@Jenayah That's redundant.
Nice, I'm earning reputation on two different sites at the same time for ghost questions:
Eh, blame me, partly :P nice find on the ghosts. Simple, efficient.
What am I blaming you for?
6:30 AM
@Stormblessed What's it sound like?
1 hour later…
Q: What steps did Voldemort intend for his diary to take to prove he was the Heir of Slytherin?

MatteI know a really similar question has been asked here (and I have been trying to convince myself with half-baked answers to avoid creating a duplicate) but my question isn't about why an ordinary diary served as proof of Voldemort's lineage when it could have been any other item. I want to underst...

8:22 AM
@Marvin Why would this be POB?
1 hour later…
9:38 AM
Q: Klingon Pitbull comands

mhatrickI am training my pitbull to be my service dog and I want to train him his commands in Klingon. At this point I need words for sit, stay, heal, and a sound comparable to Cesar Milan's " ssttt'. Any suggestions?

Q: How did Duncan Idaho lead the Harokonnen to Paul

LodewijkWhen Jessica and Paul have just escaped to the desert, they speculate that Duncan Idaho could be tortured to reveal their location. Duncan later dies defending them from a Sadaukar attack. However, when Nefud reports back to the Baron about the escape of Paul and Jessica, the Baron asks "The man ...

10:03 AM
@Jenayah She was too young to go.
10:36 AM
Q: What does this symbol means in Game Of Thrones?

Mor ZamirIn Game Of Thrones, we see this symbol associated with the white walkers twice (that I remember, might be more). I don't remember any explanation about it in the show. Is there any explanation in the books about the meaning of it (or maybe I missed it in the show)?

Q: Why wasn't Valkyrie present at the funeral?

KharoBangdoWas watching Avengers: Endgame one more time and noticed that Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) wasn't present at the funeral at the end. This answer lists all the people who attended the funeral including that kid from Iron Man 3. So it looked strange to me that Tessa wasn't a part of it. Valkyrie...

11:11 AM
@Mithrandir Based on my experience with Star Wars (I'm talking movies and books, even if they're officially Legends now, because they at least speak to the milieu) the outcome of such a fight depends way more on tactics and leadership than on the simple raw power numbers. Just as a start.
11:24 AM
@DavidW That is a fair point, but I'd think that it's fairly answerable. It's a bit borderline, I think, but IMO it falls on the non-POB side. We'll see how the voting plays out. (I wouldn't pull an Alex for this one if it stays closed.)
Q: Scanning into and out of the Paulson Nebula

glahnWhen hiding from the Borg cube in "The Best of Both Worlds", the Enterprise is able to scan from within the nebula what's outside of it, whereas the Borg vessel is unable to scan what's inside. Has it ever been explained (or is it deducible based on information presented in other episodes), wheth...

Q: Are there plans for a third season of Ice Fantasy?

AdamantThe series Ice Fantasy (幻城) had a rather long first season (62 episodes). It was followed by a sequel series, Ice Fantasy Destiny, which left a variety of plot points unconcluded. All I can find is a petition for a third season and various fanfictions and speculation, but there could be inform...

12:09 PM
@Mithrandir What does "pull[ing] an Alex" entail?
12:44 PM
@Alex Making a big fuss about a POB closure.
Sounds like fun.
@Mithrandir or unclear, or dupe, or off-topic
It sounds like I’m quite a fuss-maker.
Q: Why doesn't Star fleet utilize basic protective gear?

FilipSo, I've finally gotten into binging Star Trek and I can't explain this: Why do they almost never utilize protective wear? Multiple times I've seen an epidemic break out onboard a starship and even the doctors don't wear anything, no breath filters or something as simple as gloves, let alone a b...

1:07 PM
It's part of your charm.
1:17 PM
That makes it sound like a good thing.
1:49 PM
Do flags automatically destroy comments with "thanks" in them on questions without an accepted answer?
Q: The origin of the Moon: Short story

Invisible TrihedronThis is a Matheson-like story where the human race, once widespread in the galaxy, was beaten back to our home planet after a devastating interstellar war. The aliens won the war and the Moon -- an artificial monitoring station -- was moved into orbit around the Earth to ensure that humanity woul...

Q: The origin of the Moon: Comic book

Invisible TrihedronThis is story where the human race, once widespread in the galaxy, was beaten back to our home planet after a devastating interstellar war. The aliens won the war and the Moon -- an artificial monitoring station -- was moved into orbit around the Earth to ensure that humanity would stay put, by a...

Q: Klingon Pitbull comands

mhatrickI am training my pitbull to be my service dog and I want to train him his commands in Klingon. At this point I need words for sit, stay, heal, and a sound comparable to Cesar Milan's " ssttt'. Any suggestions?

This doesn't seem off-topic (it seems bad, but it's translating into a language from an SF work)
Is it useful to post an answer describing how a book is a match if the OP just has a comment "Oh, I found it it's this book"?
@Stormblessed yes, which is why one should be very careful about what they flag
@Stormblessed we've already had this discussion ;)
I forgot
Like it's not a dupe target
It makes it so hard to search for it if it is a dupe if the answer is just in a comment
Basically, yes. But, while you're free to do whatever you want, if you're just going to dump a Goodreads summary, consider making it a Community wiki. If you're going to do more work, like fetching quotes, clips, reviews etc, then have your work rewarded
Putting some extra effort into making an actual answer is better, as you already know for sure it's the right book
2:01 PM
@Stormblessed i want to reopen that, because it seems on-topic, but it's also not a good question?
@Mithrandir why is that question off-topic?
What's this about general reference?
The close reason? It's deprecated now
A lot of questions Movies doesn't like are on-topic here, some of them stupid (like "Who played Luke") but it also seems like they don't like stuff like "How many stormtroopers died in Star Wars Episode VI" or whatever
Is that second one also general reference that it'd close as?
I don't think it would but the close reason is deprecated anyway
@Stormblessed If you think it's on-topic then vote to reopen.
Oh, that's trivia
@Alex But I feel like I'm missing something?
2:10 PM
@Stormblessed So?
@Mithrandir is smart about closing questions, compared I'm a noob
Worst comes to worst you'll get comments explaining what you missed.
I just had this again on the same site. My highest voted Meta question is apparently still being ignored.
@Stormblessed Related:
Q: Translations of fictional languages to English

user31178Specifically, when the fictional language is used in places outside of the works they appear in: What does this elvish text from UC Irvine say? is okay Grammar and quality check for a Klingon warning notice for server room is a current question, has 3 close votes at the moment Is this Gallifre...

Q: Make it so that comments with "thanks" or similar words aren't automatically deleted

StormblessedIf I flag a comment such as "Thanks, that is the answer to my question" with "No longer needed", it will be deleted automatically without any mods looking at it. However, this could be really harmful if done on story-identification questions with no answer, such as this one and this one have no a...

2:28 PM
@Stormblessed I suspect it is unlikely that they will change the functionality for something that affects one site, and within that site only one tag, and within that tag only a small portion of questions.
@Alex it’s like half our questions though
@Stormblessed How many questions have "thanks, this is it" comments without an accepted answer?
2:51 PM
@Alex 4,502.
Q: Make it so that comments with "thanks" or similar words aren't automatically deleted

StormblessedIf I flag a comment such as "Thanks, that is the answer to my question" with "No longer needed", it will be deleted automatically without any mods looking at it. However, this could be really harmful if done on story-identification questions with no answer, such as this one and this one have no a...

@Jenayah For real?!
Nah, I wrote a random number to mess with you :P
3:09 PM
Oct 28 '18 at 1:31, by Alex
@Jenayah Not nice.
3:20 PM
@Jenayah The sites where I have access to review queues have a "skip" button as one of the options.
Yup, same here
The thing is that if something goes to queue for being a dupe of question A and is left open, then gets accepted, I think you have to wait some 14 days before a close vote for duping to A is sent to queue
So... That's not optimal. Or one can mod-flag but that's also not how the thing's supposed to work
Ah - if anyone's looking for context here, see the comments here scifi.stackexchange.com/q/212771/98028
@Jenayah It didn't occur to me that "skip" might be treated the same as "leave open"...Wht have two different buttons then?
Wht -> Why
Skip and Leave Open are different, yes.
What makes you think I said they were the same? :/
Well then, if you "Skip", it should just roll around the queue until whether it's really a dupe becomes more settled. Until then, however, it's there to be considered.
@Jenayah Only the original voters.
3:29 PM
Because you brought up the consequences if it's "left open", which seems like a side issue.
I inferred that you were conflating the two.
@Alex one can re-flag even if it got left open? Pretty sure I tried that and didn't work, and I had to mod-flag for it to get duped
@Spencer well... No, not really. If the question is not a dupe, it's not a dupe and should be Left Open, not skipped
@Jenayah If you voted then you can't vote again until 14 days (plus the time it takes for the vote to age). But someone else can vote to close the very second after the question was "left open" in Review.
Do you mean you'd want reviewers to Skip until the thing is settled?
@Alex yes, but outside review. They can't shoot it into queue again, can they?
Not before someone 14 days.
@Jenayah Not sure. Let's scour Meta!
Well, I'm pretty sure they can't, 'cause I've got recollection of seeing stuff being Left Open, then close outside review, but lot going to review again. Not particular example though right now... Lemme take a look at the close history
3:35 PM
If it parallels Reopen Review than it should be reviewable as soon as the vote ages:
A reopen vote is cast when there are no other active reopen votes on the question. Note that this allows for a single question to be enqueued multiple times, provided all votes age away before another one is cast.
For instance scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/212383/timeline got left open, closed outside review, and did not go into review again for being POB.
@Jenayah Maybe the last two votes were too quick?
I don't think so.
I don't think they'd have sent it back to queue.
@Jenayah Well the FAQ doesn't discuss it:
A: What are the review queues, and how do they work?

ManishearthWhat is a "review queue"? Review queues contain posts that possibly need community attention, as determined by the system or other members of the community. You are shown these posts, one at a time, and you "review" them. To incentivize reviewing, there are badges awarded for making a high numbe...

Time for an edit...
3:51 PM
@Jenayah Until you can be certain it's either "a dupe" or "not a dupe"... no need to collapse the wavefunction prematurely
So, for dupe flags that don't have accepted answers "Skip" is the best option until more information comes in.
@Jenayah Third-to-last bullet in this answer makes it seem that it does initiate a new review:
A: How do Close Votes and Close Votes Review interact? Aren't Close Votes the same as Close Review votes?

ivan_pozdeevClose votes are distinct from close Review votes, although the two notions are closely connected. Identical UI makes this even more confusing. When a user flags a question for closure / casts the initial close vote The question goes into the Close Review queue If the user has the close privil...

@Alex funny. No recollection of ever seeing it behave that way.
@Jenayah It's possible that answer is incorrect...
So to answer your earlier question, "Yes"
It's a function of SF&F's special policy about dupes.
@Stormblessed It's reopened now.
3:57 PM
@Spencer hum... Not really. Sending something to queue in the hope that it doesn't reach a conclusion (leave open or close) is kind of against the goal of review queues.
Especially on SFF, where nothing gets skipped forever in review...
@Jenayah There would have to be a time limit...How does the policy cover questioners who don't bother to accept?
It's not as if you can close such a question as unclear.
I suck with words... But basically my point is don't flag before both are accepted (on story-id), leave a comment instead. If someone feels the same or differently feel free to chime in
@Jenayah Use French.
But I understand what you're saying.
It makes sense.
A: Closing Story-Ident questions as duplicates (where there's no acceptance)

Valorumstory-identification questions should only be closed as duplicates where both answers are accepted, regardless of the similarity between them. (If the OP posts a "yes this is it" comment, that's as good as an acceptance.) Simple, easy to administer.

(Assuming the duplicate policy makes sense in the first place.)
4:02 PM
Basically, if OP never comes back, the thing is to be left open forever.
Think of it this way... So far you're only flagging, which just pushes an auto-comment, but once you've reached 3k, flagging as dupe when the dupe-conditions aren't met, even if to "leave it in the queue until further info is given", you'd actually have casted a vote to close on it.
And basically, maybe it's a better phrasing if I say that sending a post to queue is a way to say "hey, in its current form, I think this should be closed. What do you think, fellow reviewers?"
The "current form" (meaning question's content and acceptance) is important, because if closed, it can be reopened afterwards. There's even a mechanism sending dupes to the reopen queue if they got edited.
The tag has a bad name
The series is "Wax and Wayne"
It should just be
It's fine if you're not completely sure the thing should be closed. That's why there's a review. But if you know the conditions aren't met and thus is a dead-away "leave open" situation... Then flagging isn't the way to go.
Basically, the point is that votes/flags for closure are for when the question should be closed, not when it could potentially be closed in the future.
Why is it that @Alex be the one with the simple, efficient, clear-cut wording? :P
Also is supposed to be used with ? The guidance seems to say not, but all questions have it
4:11 PM
But yeah, spot on. What Alex said.
@Jenayah Because that will force you to reconsider all your assumptions about me that you hold dear.
That plus the dupe policy makes it likely that a lot of dupes will never be identified. Oh well, at least you're not forcing me to like the situation.
@Stormblessed no idea. You're the one who read those :P
@Jenayah Well they're the same world
Also @Stormblessed why apply the books tag on scifi.stackexchange.com/q/95098/98028? Am I missing something...?
4:14 PM
@Jenayah Oh, I saw the word "book" and guessed it was the medium, not part of the story i think?
@Alex please don't shatter the very base of one of my SE chat snark material :P
@Jenayah There should still be enough material left...
@Spencer well, yes and no. It's true that a good chunk of likely dupes don't get closed because of the policy, but often users link them together (this guy for instance does an amazing job at it). As for liking the policy, hey, I'm French. I defend the right to rant about policies :D
4:49 PM
@Stormblessed Not off topic, more unclear or too broad. "training commands" aren't clearly defined; without a list of words, we're left guessing what the OP wants. People train dogs in different ways; we don't know what exactly what the OP wants here without a list of words to translate.
5:04 PM
Q: What happens at the end of "Rule 34" (spoilers)

Paul JohnsonI've just been rereading Rule 34 by Charles Stross, but I don't quite understand the end. I know that we see the arrest of Mr White through the "eyes" of ATHENA. Then we cut to the Toymaker. He seems to be becoming increasingly psychotic and his thoughts are very disjointed. He is talking to som...

5:21 PM
@Spencer for the sake of completeness, I can think of two cases where story-id should be close even if not accepted. That is, if the question is an exact re-post of an earlier question (this, for instance scifi.stackexchange.com/q/211166/98028), or if someone posts an updated version of their earlier question, instead of editing it.
In such a case, flag away, while making sure to edit the comment to clarify why you're flagging
In both of those cases, one of the questions should be deleted altogether.
Yep, but for that, it should be closed first. I mean, you can ask a mod to deal with it to bypass the closing condition, but there's not necessarily need to bother a mod for that
Doesn’t the question specify sit, stay, heel, and ssttt?
Why can’t I edit this
Q: Harry Potter give birth to Voldemort’s daughter

CaitlinI’m trying to find a story in which Voldemort kidnapped Harry gets him pregnant and Harry gets away and Dumbledore puts Harry in a safe house he gives birth to a daughter Voldemort find them get to raise his daughter but his death eaters follow him and set the house of fire and he saves his daugh...

5:34 PM
There's a pending suggested edit.
@Stormblessed capitals were too forceful
@Mithrandir oh, my phone didn’t tell me that
@Mithrandir Doesn’t the question specify sit, stay, heel, and ssttt?
@Alex yeah, I was confused about that reasoning, too
On an unrelated note, while funny, training a dog (especially a pitbull) in a fictional language nobody speaks sounds like a terrible idea.
@Alex if it did I missed it
5:37 PM
That's just my opinion, but you'd want the dog to be able to take orders from... Whomever might have to interact with it.
@Jenayah Nobody speaks Klingon?
@Stormblessed But you’re scared of Mithrandir?
Don't be too pedantic... The odds of encountering someone who knows Klingon well enough to handle a pitbull are kinda low ;)
Heck, you even have to know the dog only responds to Klingon first.
@Jenayah Isn’t that the point? I can tell my dog to attack you and you can’t tell it to stop.
It’s like being the only one at Hogwarts that speaks Parseltongue when there’s a Basilisk on the loose.
I was more thinking about, the owner isn't around (hospitalisation or something), and nobody can get the dog to sit.
Q: Harry Potter give birth to Voldemort’s daughter

CaitlinI’m trying to find a story in which Voldemort kidnapped Harry gets him pregnant and Harry gets away and Dumbledore puts Harry in a safe house he gives birth to a daughter Voldemort find them get to raise his daughter but his death eaters follow him and set the house of fire and he saves his daugh...

5:44 PM
@Jenayah And the owner is supposed to care anout that?
Well I'd want to make sure my dog can be treated well and isn't a bother if I can't take care of it for some reason, but that's maybe just me
Yeah, just you.
It's unreasonable to want your dog to be treated well and not bother others?
@Stormblessed as always, if I'm acting silly, just tell me, especially if I'm missing something obvious
@Jenayah what if that’s the point?
5:58 PM
@Jenayah No, it’s unreasonable to want that more than the ability to make your dog attack without anyone being able to stop it.
Like they want to tell their dog to do things in a language nobody knows or they don’t want others to control it
(And I’m mostly messing with you.)
@Alex mmmmh.
Never get a dog, you.
@Jenayah Yes Madame.
@Stormblessed sure that sounds fun but the counter side is that nobody can take care of it other than you. If you do care for your dog, that sounds like something you'd want to avoid
6:01 PM
Or should that be Madamoiselle?
Mademoiselle, yep
I'm not married
Is the difference whether you’re married or not?
Technically it's supposed to be about marriage but at some point age also comes into play.
French administration is trying to rule out "Mademoiselle" stuff and have every woman called Madame... I don't really care, TBH
Well I wouldn’t want to address you in an incorrect manner.
You could just call me Jen or Jena or Jenayah ;)
Or Jenoogle.
Oh, my phone knows Jenoogle.
6:09 PM
I coyld also just call you Alex.
I could also just call you Alex.
That would be confusing.
I thrive on confusion.
Anyway, is there an equivalent distinction for men?
Not really.
The word "damoiseau" exists, but the last time someone used it without snark must have been in the 18th century
Not fair.
Q: Canon contradiction

GalacticCriminalIn the Star Trek Voyager, "Flashback", Dimitri Valtane is killed. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, he is shown to still be alive at the end of the film on board the Excelsior. Is there an in-universe explaination for this contradiction to canon?

6:36 PM
You may call me whatever title you want, as long as it indicates nobility.
I prefer "votre majesté."
Alfred Bernhard Nobel
I can live with that.
Q: Shrek the Third video game - Evil Queen’s Castle?

Alex DownsIn the video game Shrek the Third, we see the Evil Queen’s Castle as a level. Since it’s the Evil Queen’s Castle, can we assume that this is the castle she was raised in by her parents, before they died of course?

Q: Why didn’t Beauty and her wicked sisters show up with the other Princesses?

Alex DownsIn Shrek the Third, we see lots of fairytale princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. However, according to a tie-in guide by Dorling Kindersley, Beauty and the Beast exist in the Shrek universe and Beauty has a glittering palace in Far Far Away. So WHY didn’t she show ...

@Marvin Dama Fortuna
@Marvin Dama Fortuna
2 hours later…
8:18 PM
Q: A train full of Warlords

MarkI am sure I read this story in an collection of shorts many years ago. Possibly not the correct title but that is the basis of the tale. A fast moving train with a bunch of warlords on it.

Has anyone here read Route End?
If so, does anyone have the slightest idea of WTF is happening with the boss guy? Is that a reference to some Japanese legend or something?
8:34 PM
What happens?
Some guy that gets revived each time he dies.
No memories, wakes up naked in the body of a 50 years old male
I don't know, it's weird. The manga starts as your regular thriller/crime thing, and in the last time there's this guy who was supposed to be a twin, who turns out to be some reincarnation or something. And there's no more fuss about it
I'm not sure I understood the thing...
8:51 PM
Hi. I'd love to ask a mighty community like the SE about actual reading recommendations. E.g. for a couple of days I have been kind of daydreaming about some more or less specific near future SciFi setting, and thought it nice to be able to outline and share that scenario to maybe get some suggestions. Is there a chat, or similar place to SE (obviously not as focussed Q/A, but equally serious) you can recommend [sic!]?
@t.ry chat will work
Q: Why did Rumpelstiltskin ask to know the name of Snow White's baby?

SamanthaIn Once upon a Time, Snow White and Prince Charming went down to ask Rumpelstiltskin about the curse from the evil queen. When down there a guard said that if he knew their name he would have power. Also as part of the deal, he asked for the name of the child Snow White was expecting, Why?

Q: Short Film from the 80's

Lalande21185Short film from early 80's He or she was made of sand or something to look like this. Different landscapes and he would break up then he would fall through the floor of one land to get to the next one. Not a very colourful film as i vaguely remember. But I loved this short film as was only about...

What Adamant said
@Adamant Right here you say? Sweet. Thx! Coming back...
9:35 PM
Next time someone asks me for an anime recommendation, I'm definitely going for Huntik. Statistically one of the most popular anime out there. :p
9:57 PM
@lephe technically it's a cartoon, but everyone seems to be remembering it as an anime...
In all fairness, "summoning creatures" show are mostly anime
10:07 PM
Was Pokémon the first massive "summoning creatures" thing?
Like, summoning stuff is pretty common in fantasy. But to the point that it's summoning unique creatures (or instances of a set of creatures), with it being fairly known in-universe?
I honestly don't have enough references to discuss that question. But summoning in fantasy often does not imply an "ownership" relationship, whereas it does in Pokemon. There are other differences, I guess.
(I'm saying this because I wouldn't have said "summoning" for Pokemon, more "capturing".)
10:51 PM
Any way to see “Leave Open” votes?
Like I can see a question has 1 close vote, can I see if it has any leave open votes?
@Stormblessed Review History, but you need 10,000 reputation.
If there's a specific post you can get the review history in the timeline even without 10,000 reputation.
11:23 PM
Lots of crappy posts to review just now
Three were comments on story-IDs
@Jenayah it looks like an anime
The red hair guy looks a ton like Sanji
How does it decide that?
11:51 PM
Q: British SF TV Series, Power Generation using a Black Hole

Seldon2kThis series was broadcast in approx. 2000-2003. It may have been a repeat of a previously aired series. It consisted of approx. four episodes. The UK government were using a Black Hole as a means of disposing of other countries radio-active waste. The method of disposal was kept a secret. I wond...


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