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12:56 AM
Q: Does nightwing have a utility belt?

Rave.dj website fanDoes nightwing use a utility belt? In any comic books or does he always just wear his blue uniform without a utility belt?

@Stormblessed What do you mean by security?
@DavidW Perhaps "they" is for the plurality of "robot" + "bathtub"?
1:28 AM
I'm just waiting for @Alex to commission a bathtubot from @smolrobots and set that as their avatar.
2 days ago, by Alex
Though I have grown rather attached to my Blue Blob.
Anyway, it is 4:30AM and @Jenayah is conspicuously missing. Hmm...
Only 3:30 for her, no?
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2:35 AM
Q: Is there ever any indication in the MCU to how Spider-Man got his power

DJ Spicy Deluxe-LeviIs there ever anything in MCU that hints at how Spider-Man got his powers? I know that he first appeared in Captain America: Civil War, and he already had his powers. I was wondering if there is ever anything about how he got his powers for example if he comments on having being bitten by a spide...

@Alex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Like how HTTPS is a security thing
Just so the sentence sounded better
So basically you just needed an excuse to link my answer...
@Mithrandir Wow, weird to not have @Jenayah’s face in the list
Note that I edited the question and existing answer too.
Q: What does this Klingon say in Revenge of the Sith?

StormblessedThis answer has some allegedly Klingon writhing. Is it Klingon? If so, what does it say?

Are these good tags?
> allegedly Klingon writhing
Lol, oops
2:50 AM
You may want to include the image in your post.
As it stands now the question can’t be understood without following the link.
Q: What does this Klingon say in Revenge of the Sith?

StormblessedThis answer has some allegedly Klingon writhing. Is it Klingon? If so, what does it say?

Hm, I wonder if I have a serial downvoter that outsmarted the system.
Over the last few days, five out of my seven most recent questions have been downvoted in order about a day apart without any of them being on the homepage at the time.
Oh, it's actually six out of the last ten.
3:42 AM
Q: Can the admin please check my account for an instance of serial down voting?

fredsbendI've been the target of serial down voting before, so I'm familiar with the auto-script that will undo it if triggered, but the exact trigger is not publicly known. I'm also familiar with the secrecy of votes in general and that only certain developers can view them under certain circumstances. T...

3:58 AM
@Alex That seems like a lot of focus for a fairly small effect. I'm not sure anyone would really bother...
4:18 AM
Q: Prior to Discovery, has a ship been shown dropping out of warp from the outside?

TronmanI've noticed Star Trek: Discovery has, on several occasions, used a neat visual effect to show a ship dropping "out of warp", from the outside. I can't recall a similar effect ever being used in the previous TV series or movies. I feel like it was always mentioned as happening off-screen ("The K...

4:49 AM
Q: Best Aegon-Genetic Claim of the Iron Throne?

user73236I was interested in formulating who has the best claim to the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones based on real life genetics if we take Aegon's original claim as the gold standard. As a disclaimer, I am not a geneticist (so someone can school me). Here are the possible rules as I see them: based on h...

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5:56 AM
Q: What happened to Heath?

TaladrisHeath is an inhabitant of Alexandria and is one of the community's supply runner. We see him regularly in Season 6 when he goes out of the community for supply with Glenn or Tara. In the 12th episode of Season 6 Not tomorrow yet, Heath and Tara are on a long supply run when they are overwhelmed...

2 hours later…
7:35 AM
Q: What will happen in the original timeline following Avengers:Endgame?

Kennedy BairdAt the end of Avengers:Endgame, So, am I missing something, or do you have any theories?

7:47 AM
Q: Are there duplicate space stones in the past in Endgame?

ripper234When the Avengers go back they try to grab both the Tesseract (cube wrapped space stone) and Loki's scepter. They only manage to grab the scepter, since Loki vanishes with the Tesseract. How come both the Tesseract and the blue stone in the scepter exist in the same timeline? Aren't they one and...

Q: Looking for movie title

BubsterCollege girl in house alone for holidays, supernatural happenings, finds occult items in room. Probably 2000s. Thanks.

8:14 AM
@Mithrandir yeah, 3:30. Was sleeping. Why?
@Stormblessed I wasn't?! Uh
8:28 AM
Mar 31 at 0:54, by Alex
Mar 10 at 14:35, by Alex
yesterday, by Alex
Jan 9 at 0:34, by Jenayah
Oct 9 '18 at 19:22, by Mithrandir
Did Alex need me?
Apparently not, since you weren't there.
@TheLethalCarrot quote borked in that answer
8:50 AM
Where am I looking?
@Alex I had some weird voting too. See my meta post.
9:06 AM
Q: What did Happy mean by this?

NazgulIn the new Spider Man Far From Home trailer Happy says this to Peter: I don't think Tony would've done what he did if he knew you were gonna be here after he was gone. So why did Happy say this? Which place or condition was Happy talking about? What was wrong about Peter begin there?

@TheLethalCarrot Peter Parker, I did it
Eh? You didn’t edit did you?
Was going from memory
> Who manufactured that? Peter Parker: I did.
Ah thanks, fixed it
You're welcome
9:53 AM
Q: Looking for a fantasy isekai manga

StackUpPhysicsI am looking for manga suggestions which hopefully has atleast 20+ chapters wherein the protagonist is OP post reincarnation studies in a school preferably magic related and is aims for something rather than just loafing around. Something with a light novel is also appreciated.

10:05 AM
Q: Destiny of Stones

TheCleverIdiot SPOILER ALERT for Avengers: Endgame At the beginning of the Aevengers: Endgame, while the leftovers find Thanos on a planet called The Garden, we witness the following conversation between them and Thanos, Natasha: Where are the Stones? Thanos: Gone, reduced to atoms. Bruce: Yo...

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11:12 AM
Q: How many dragons are there in present time?

I Love You 3000Ever since Game of Thrones has shown 4 dragons in the intro, Internet is losing its mind, especially after in last episode. One fan theory says that Drogon is actually a female which layed multiple eggs when she disappeared in the season 5. Another fan theory which is very famous says that...

11:52 AM
Q: What beast/creature is this from Avengers: Endgame?

ShreedharDuring the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, Additionally, there were some kind of What creature is this? Does it have a specific name (like the ones given to the Chitauri, Outriders etc.)?

12:31 PM
Q: Everyone wakes up without memory and dismantles monuments to the past

Invisible TrihedronA man wakes up without memory in a city that is strange to him. Everyone else is in the same situation. Without leaders they set to work dismantling the monuments of the past. He is part of a crew that is dismantling a cathedral. It becomes evident, to the reader if not the man, that the interred...

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1:42 PM
Hey, just 5 days to Fanatic!
Q: Is this character still alive after the events of "Avengers: Endgame"?

LogicalBranchDuring Avengers: Infinity War: During Avengers: Endgame: Does this mean that this character was brought back? If so, where was he during the final battle?

1:59 PM
Q: What character did Nolan North play in "The Rickchurian Mortydate"?

StormblessedIn the credits of season 3 episode 10 "The Rickchurian Mortydate" of Rick and Morty Nolan North is credited as starring. However, I didn't recognize his voice in the episode and can't find information on who he played online. Who did he voice in this episode?

2:10 PM
Q: What character did Nolan North play in "The Rickchurian Mortydate"?

StormblessedIn the credits of season 3 episode 10 "The Rickchurian Mortydate" of Rick and Morty Nolan North is credited as starring. However, I didn't recognize his voice in the episode and can't find information on who he played online. Who did he voice in this episode?

Q: TV show where kids were forced to kill eachother

Mor ZamirI watched this episode in 2014~2015. It was a live-action, and it was American. There was a group of kids who got kidnapped, they were all in the same class. The kidnappers forced them to participate in some games that would make them kill each other. I can remember that one boy was forced to b...

2:23 PM
@Stormblessed Fantastic!
Started watching Firefly, I'm quite mystified by why the duck you would ride a horse on another planet with different gravity when you have, you know, very speedy spaceships
2:44 PM
Horses require cheaper fuel?
@Stormblessed People still walk places even though we have planes.
@Stormblessed Spaceships are a very expensive means of local transport. And horses, unlike cars, make more horses all by themselves.
Well I mean it's probably way harder to maintain a horse than a car relative to how effective they are
In space where you have like infinite resources to mine
I just mean that the level of technology is really high for spaceships relative to now but they seem to not have real cars
@Stormblessed Those settlers aren't in space. And they don't have enough money to buy cars from off-world and have them shipped in.
Like tiny 4X4s is all they seem to have
@DavidW Oh, good point, it's not space
That's deep
2:48 PM
And they don't have the technology base, or the population to support the specialization necessary for massive vehicle assembly plants.
Horses need to eat when you're not using them
Cars just need fuel of some sort
(I mean, they're less dramatic, but I'd still think they'd be more practical)
Like sending a horse through space would be really hard to do
Cars need maintenance (rust/corrosion prevention, fluids) regardless of their use as well.
Plus feeding a horse just requires some kind of grain.
Sending a car through space is just putting it in a box and attaching some propulsion to it, it could probably survive in a vacuum
The chemical requirements for an internal combustion engine are quite specific to the particular engine.
You can't just shoot a horse out of the atmosphere, that's not very effective
It has to go through space for a long time
It's 3 days to the moon
2:52 PM
You can move a pair of foals, they're pretty small, for a lot less effort than moving a single car. And then in 3 years you have 3 horses...
But you need people to feed them
Or expensive robots
And you need food
Because the moon isn't that far relative to another solar system
Doesn't that planet have grass?
There are a lot of planets
@Stormblessed Unlikely. You'd need to drain all the fluids and purge the system of fuel vapours. You don't want to try turning on a car that has its exhaust manifold full of unburned fuel.
I've never watched the show or read the books/comics so I have no idea what the planet is
2:54 PM
@DavidW Did Elon Musk's car explode?
@Jenayah Multiple planets
Also, it's supposed to be a friggin' space western. That's why!
Oh hi @NapoleonWilson we're in a heated argument, care to join us :P
@Stormblessed Why would it? It was prepared for it. My point was just that you can't take a car off the lot and throw it into space; it has to be prepared, and at the receiving end there would have to be technicians who could take that car, make sure that cosmic rays haven't fried the engine controller, replace all the fluids and make sure it still works.
Oh, yeah. Used cars probably would be a dying market.
Probably the AC would have to be removed or something? Isn't there liquid for that?
This Nathan Fillion guy looks exactly like Nathan Drake
Is that the guy from the short?
It's been in my watchlist for ages
Maybe today, then
3:04 PM
@Jenayah He was in some sort of short film based on Uncharted someone made that I haven't seen and he's the main character in Firefly
Which short do you mean? The Uncharted one?
It's a strange choice to have the characters randomly say words in Chinese, mostly apparently cursing
Hey I have an idea @Mithrandir. Could that list of keywords that trigger Smokey be edited to something like if captain america and/or steve rogers is in the question serum won't trigger it?
Better to just exclude it for SFF
@Stormblessed The idea was that China and the United States had merged to form the Alliance.
@Jenayah But than I might start advertising my miracle serum in all my posts.
3:14 PM
The problem is, the execution of that idea wasn't very good.
There were very few Chinese characters on the show, or even Chinese-American
And none in the main cast.
@Alex well the community will still most likely spot it and there are other triggers such as link/email in posts etc
Overall, it looked more like the American old West, demographically.
@Jenayah Well it would also make M&TV not have it trigger on their Marvel movie questions
@Jenayah But then someone could leak the secrets of how to make truth serum on this site and destabilize the world which would not be good
(A very likely scenario)
@Jenayah I think I know to avoid links and emails.
3:26 PM
@Adamant They seem to be playing Chinese Checkers, a German game, in the second episode.
That's ironic.
(Cue Jenayah's irony video clip.)
@Alex Which one?
Apr 30 at 16:51, by Alex
@Jenayah You used a different link last time.
@Stormblessed Probably that was the idea.
See the immediately preceding and immediately succeeding messages.
3:31 PM
They should have gone for Go instead.
They should have had a large number of Chinese characters, but part of the barrier was Joss Whedon's well known nepotism.
At least four characters in the main cast were played by Whedon's friends.
I would hazard a guess at everyone but Kaylee, but what I can say is River, Wash, Mal, Zoe. If I remember their names right.
@Stormblessed mmmmh
3:58 PM
@Stormblessed Feel free to raise that in Charcoal HQ, that's not really my department anymore.
@Mithrandir where’s that?
Room 11540.
4:15 PM

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
ah nevermind
Do they have Smokey in the M&TV room?
I don't think so.
@NapoleonWilson will confirm, or not... but I never saw it
Is M&TV bigger than here?
That sent twice but not actually
What deleted @Jenayah’s chat message? Still a mystery?
not really. Pretty acyive these days 'cause MCU and GOT, but apart from that I think SFF has more questions per day and the like
@Stormblessed yup
DBA didn't answer Mith
DBA always makes me think it’s about Dragon Ball
Not that there’s anything actually called Dragon Ball A that I know of
4:24 PM
Dragon Ball Abridged?
surely there's one
@Jenayah DBZ Kai is what that’s called
not familiar with DB stuff
I really liked that manga. Then I started reading The Way of Kings and had no time anymore for anything else.
Didn’t finish DBZ
5:20 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (86): Why did Captain America age? by Abbey Hollowell on scifi.SE
5:58 PM
@Stormblessed You’re incentivizing it to continue with poor flags. It obviously wants to set a record for the most nested message.
Q: What episode was being referenced by this part of Discovery's season 2 episode 13 recap?

doppelgreenerAt the beginning of season 2 episode 13, we're given a recap of some scenes I don't remember: Tilly meets an alien woman in what looks like a mess hall aboard a ship. Then we're given this scene: With this verbal exchange: Unfortunately I don't recall who this is or in what episode these sc...

6:21 PM
@Alex ?
I thought you meant I was poorly flagging things and incentivizing it in that way
@Alex pretty sure the science experiment from a couple months ago beat that
@Jenayah That’s why it has to continue with the poor flags.
6:40 PM
@Jenayah until it broke:-(
''cause you don't know what you've got, until it's gone?
Every time I edit it adds a layer
I win
until you can't edit it any more in two minutes :-)
“Stormble ssed”
Quite the name made by line breaks
@Jenayah A moderator can set the record then.
6:43 PM
...pretty sure I did that
Tempted to ping Mithrandir to help me win lol
Well she showed up before I pressed enter
Can CMs see what you’ve typed into the chat box?
@Stormblessed before you post it? I sure goddamn hope not
And I mean it
Well it saves
6:46 PM
@Stormblessed No.
@Stormblessed that's not on their side though, is it?
I found the bountied story-ID question :D
@Jenayah Which?
the Amazon go awry one
writing up the answer
Missing from first screenshot.
6:49 PM
@Alex we talked about that a couple months ago. Something with phone not transmitting correctly
Well here the phone is the one that got it.
yeah IDK how to search the transcript fo r that, but I'm sure @Mith was te one who explained it
Oct 23 '18 at 18:38, by Mithrandir
That happens because chat sometimes swallows messages until you reload the page. The person who sent it should notice that the message stayed slightly green; that means that chat half-ate it.
That doesn't seem to be what happened here, though.
Well refreshing my computer has fixed it...
6:52 PM
@Jenayah Um... Yes... Yes, I must have explained it? <.< >.> What did I explain? When? ;)
Ah, crap, it pings the both of you
@Jenayah Yep - No problem - I quite enjoy it when it does that - reminds me that the room exists and means I get to leave mithy remarks about people accidentally pinging me
(and leaving mithy remarks is always fun)
@Mithrandir That's what I said ::cough::
Sure, sure...
6:55 PM
This is getting a bit Mithanthropic.
7:06 PM
Q: What made the dragon eggs hatch: Daenerys or extreme heat?

I Love You 3000If dragon eggs had been heated without the presence of Daenerys, would the eggs have hatched? Is Daenerys' blood magic (which protects her from fire) involved in any way? Answers from books are allowed.

@Marvin Three deaths for three lives magic? I've kind of forgotten
A: Online short story, where the program handling optimization of ordering decides it has to eliminate humans that order unpredictably

JenayahOverhead by Alexandra Erin, published in 2016 on medium.com here. First lines: Politics, they say, is the art of the possible. Logistics, then, must be the art of the convenient. In the beginning, warehouses were organized in the order that things seemed to fit into them, and then ...

there :-)
first time I find a bountied story-ID :-)
@Alex ?
@Jenayah yup it’s my phone
@Stormblessed Your comment was hiding.
@Jenayah always archive links that are important to your answers!! That one wasn’t on the Wayback Machine
7:25 PM
@Stormblessed good call!
Q: Star Wars New Hope and in-universe explanation when Emperor became a Sith

jimBoth in the film and the book "New Hope" there was no indication that the Emperor was actually a Sith Lord. Indeed, in the Star Wars Trilogy book in "Star Wars: A New Hope" there are a few points where this may be suggested: (1) In the famous scene where Tagge sneers at Vader over the concept of...

Like an ISFdb page isn’t so important but that story probably was only on Medium
will have to check my former answers... fanfiction especially
Thanks for the nudge :)
7:26 PM
I archived one because I knew it’d be removed in a few years and put it in the comments
@Jenayah no problem
@Stormblessed how did you know?
@Jenayah it was on a Google domain
Site looked old
Google doesn’t like old
I've got an extension that allows me to archive a page or check when it was last archived from the page itself.
Content was very old
@Stormblessed oh
7:28 PM
@Mithrandir i have the Firefox one which sends you from dead pages to an archive on the Wayback machine
I’d love a site where you could check like both of those big archives at once to find stuff faster
I’ll get that extension, seems nice
Yeah, I installed it when trying to archive a dying site.
...which is related to that article that I am in the process of writing; @Alex should know what I'm talking about.
@Mithrandir what?
Allegedly writing...
7:34 PM
@Mithrandir is your trackpad still broken?
No, I transferred the hard drive to a different laptop.
Q: Aren't Corpus Glaive and Ebony Maw more powerful than Thanos?

TarunWhile Corpus has the most powerful blade in the universe and Ebony Maw can do whatever he wants with his mind, while Thanos doesn't have any special power. Doesn't that make them more powerful than Thanos?

3 hours later…
10:47 PM
Q: Did I make a bad tag?

StormblessedI recently asked a question about who Nolan North voiced in an episode of Rick and Morty. I made the nolan-north tag. I know that author tags are frowned upon (because they are misused a ton), so is this tag any different? **Should I get rid of it?*

Slartibart is slow so I've stolen its job this time
I wonder if any mods secretly edit typos in Chat due to pedantry
Is that allowed, anyways?
Going to test it's legality
We do have a couple of actor tags
Harrisson Ford
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, I think
11:09 PM
@Stormblessed You either have an extra asterisk or you’re missing an asterisk.
@Jenayah I think you have an extra S in there.
Maybe that’s why I was getting confused with Henry Ford.
11:30 PM
@Alex indeed
Q: Did I make a bad tag?

StormblessedI recently asked a question about who Nolan North voiced in an episode of Rick and Morty. I made the nolan-north tag. I know that author tags are frowned upon (because they are misused a ton), so is this tag any different? Should I get rid of it?

@Slartibartfast 54 minutes. Someone's keeping records?
Jan 14 at 3:32, by Alex
48 minutes. Perhaps a record?
11:52 PM
I'm still waiting for my Zaphod from two days ago.
And yes, I saw your response.
Well, award the bounty, then bounty it again.
I don't want to see Zaphod that badly.
But maybe I should just award it so I don't forget...
You'll have reminders
Even so...
It has happened.
11:58 PM
At, I think, deadline minus three days, one day, and an additional 24 grace hours
I was on the receiving end of one.

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