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9:03 PM
Q: The Fate of the Asgardians

Phlegon_of_TrallesHow did the Asgardians survive? I've been trying to noodle this through for a while now after seeing Avengers: Endgame. At the End of Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardians are all on Thor's ship looking for new lands. At the beginning of Infinity War, Thanos attacks the ship and comes aboard. There's ...

Q: Why there is no fight scene of him with Thanos?

FirstSlackWhy was there no Hulk vs Thanos fight sequence? I personally think Hulk would destroy Thanos. We saw everyone vs Thanos, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Thor, etc have a go 1 vs 1. I think Hulk might have had a chance. Is there a story behind it or the...

Greetings, Universelings
Yo, dude.
9:38 PM
Maybe it's pebble-sized?
ONline dictionary doesn't find pepple :/
Is it allowed to have a link to a question with your user ID in a tag wiki? Seems dubious
I don't think it's formally forbidden, but... yeah, probably a bit dubious ;)
Oof did this get linked somewhere? It got 31k view without being on HNQ, and is pretty downvoted
Q: What is this character a reference to?

ChipsterIn Avengers: Endgame: Is this a reference to a specific character from the comics? Maybe they don't have a perfect comic counterpart, but is a reference to something else in the comics? EDIT: I should probably clarify since I must have written my question in a confusing way: I know how it was...

Q: Short story: pepple-sized galaxy lost on a beach

IanI am looking for a short story I read long ago about a man searching endlessly on a beach for a miniature galaxy he somehow lost.

10:02 PM
Q: Spiderman comment question

K_LUNSo I was watching Avengers: Infinity War after I saw Endgame and when 2 of the Black Order members (Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf) were fighting against Iron Man, Spider-man came for help. Tony Stark asked Kid where did you come from? Spider-man answered Future. So I was thinking, Does...

Eh. As the cleaning of favorites for today ends, I'm left with 616 right when I wanted to edit a Marvel one :)
@Stormblessed If your question is integral to defining the tag. I don’t think it’s likely to occur here, but I think we’ve had such a case on Mi Yodeya.
I don't understand what you mean
"integral to defining the tag"?
Let me try to find an example.
Okay, here's an example from Mi Yodeya:
We have a tag
And we have a question:
Q: short definition for 'Chavrusa'

user11667I'm looking for a way to accurately describe what a chavrusa (in a yeshiva setting) is to a non-Jew. I'm ideally looking for a one or two line description. Basically the shorter the better, but it should accurately describe it to someone from a completely different background.

If it's hard enough to define the term that we already have a question about it, then it might make more sense to just link the question in the tag wiki.
10:17 PM
then no.
Why not?
Just dumping a link, however great the link's content may be, makes for a terrible wiki (or excerpt)
I didn't say that the entirety of the wiki should be a link.
> it might make more sense to just link the question in the tag wiki.
(also, that's technically NAA to what Storm was asking about)
Yes, as opposed to writing all the answers in the wiki. It doesn't mean you can't have some information in the wiki itself.
10:19 PM
@Jenayah How? It seems a related case, no?
Especially if there are multiple answers and it's controversial.
@Alex oh, sure
Because then who gets to decide which definition to use for the wiki?
@NapoleonWilson I think Storm was rather asking "hey, is it okay to fish for an Announcer badge by appending your user ID to a link in a tag wiki" rather than "can we have links in wikis"
@Alex (Without looking at anything besides the onebox, wouldn't "study partner" be a pretty obvious choice?)
10:21 PM
Oh, you're talking about the share link?
"Study-partner" wouldn't suffice? — Y     e     z Dec 27 '15 at 2:26
@Mithrandir The first comment there:
"Study-partner" wouldn't suffice? — Y     e     z Dec 27 '15 at 2:26
@Alex FGITW'd
But in truth, "study partner" doesn't necessarily convey the full meaning.
@NapoleonWilson that's what I'm talking about, yes, and I reckon that's what Storm was wondering about as well
10:22 PM
@Jenayah Meta is the place to decide the correct answer to a main site question?
Gheez, not sure we should make anything out of that useless badge. I got called out once for including a share link in a close-reason, too, which seems a rather stupid thing to complain about.
@Alex no, the phrasing of a tag wiki
@Jenayah Yeah, I assumed Stormblessed was wondering about trying for the badge, but I think that there are instances where a link to a specific question might be helpful/warranted.
@Jenayah But the phrasing depends on the answer.
@NapoleonWilson no, let's keep it. It helps to give base to long rants about people not reading the story-ID guide you kndly linked to in the comments.
@Alex okay, better solution, ban the tag. No more problem.
But then again, you also have people demanding retroactively awarding Taxonomist badges for tags that got deleted and then recreated. So I guess for some people badges are life and death. ;-)
10:25 PM
I mean would it be okay if I made a tag wiki and happened to have a relevant link (maybe in a list of examples, I can’t think of a specific case) to a question and it was one with my ID (for the badge)?
@Jenayah Or better, just leave it with no wiki. (As it is now.)
@NapoleonWilson yeah...
@Alex uuuuuuh.... When the solution is "don't find a solution"... It's not really a solution? :D
@Jenayah And banning the tag is a solution?
The rep. tab has started to not even show rep. from accepted tag edits?
@NapoleonWilson Pretty sure that was me... reasoning was it kind of gives you access to a way to earn the badge that most users don't have - a link containing your ID in a banner prominently displayed on a bunch of closed questions. So... *shrugs* I don't really care either way, but it's on my "better to avoid" list.
10:27 PM
I think I reached the 1000 rep?
I can’t confirm, though
Well I guess that SEDE query won’t get me any rep... not such great return on investment
@Stormblessed you can. What does the last line of that page says? scifi.stackexchange.com/reputation
@Jenayah May as well shut down the site while we're at it.
Oh wait, Rand already suggested that.
@Jenayah well I didn’t know that page existed...
Thanks for the link!
10:29 PM
You're welcome, always happy to share tricks :D
so is that it, did you reach the 1k rep from edits?
@Ward If you think answers that make good arguments directly from canon sources are "opinion-based", that begs the question of what you think isn't opinion-based? If good reasoning and canon sources are as opinion-based as pure opinions and guesswork, we might as well shut down the site. — Rand al'Thor ♦ Feb 12 at 8:04
Can I see that for other users?
@Jenayah yep, wow
Thought that bug came back
@Stormblessed impressive
10:31 PM
@Jenayah did you reach that before you got 20K?
> earned 524 reputation from suggested edits
I wasn't making many edits before I reached 2k, so those are mostly from wikis, I think.
So no, I'll never be able to reach the max rep from edits :-)
There are worse things...
Or rather, I could, but that'd imply giving away some huge or numerous bounties to decrease my rep and lose edit privileges
Q: Given what happens in Endgame, why doesn't Dormammu come back to attack the universe?

aolsanDormammu is the dark being trying to destroy the universe in Doctor Strange. Dr Strange uses the Time Stone to keep Dormammu away, this being is referenced in Avengers: Endgame, when the Ancient One says she can't lose the protection of her realm and is convinced by the Hulk to release the stone....

@Jenayah If you do something like this it shouldn't be too bad:
Feb 7 at 22:47, by Alex
That got me thinking: Can two users below a privilege threshold make an agreement to constantly bounty each other so that one of them will always be above the threshold?
10:41 PM
didn't we already talk about this being borderline forbidden gaming?
Feb 7 at 22:47, by Mithrandir
@Alex no, that'd be considered abuse
yeah that
But in this case it wouldn't be to get privileges you otherwise wouldn't have, so maybe it's not as bad.
@Jenayah or if you became very rude and got flagged on about 20 posts
10:45 PM
@Jenayah So... you want to try it?
@Stormblessed eh, true enough
@Alex no
Oh well. If you were Harry Potter and I was Sirius I would say that I’m disappointed, and James would have done it.
@Alex it seems dubious
Unless it was just random posts
Not rep-laundering to someone else
I think you could become a rep. philanthropist and that’d be fine
Or a lender.
Why not give all your extra reputation to meeeeeee.
10:51 PM
Because you have too much already.
So I can reach 100,000 and get items.
@Alex well I'm not a whining, uber-lucky, impulsive, arrogant brat, your Animagus condition is probably made impossible by you being a robot bathtub, and my father, while not respecting the rules, is a freaking coward. So that premise is wrong
@Jenayah Well I can’t speak to the accuracy of your father’s personality, but the rest seems spot on.
Though it’s been a while. I almost thought my robotness had been forgotten.
10:55 PM
Flesh and blood doesn't sprout out of metal parts all of a sudden
Although if it did, I guess your biography could be the subject f a story-ID question.
I already have a Meta question about my state.
Q: PTIJ: Should Alex give up his Best Answer Contest and Answerathon prizes?

DonielFAs we all know, Alex is a script, designed to post HNQ on the Bam and good content on the site. (Though apparently he's been replaced with a newer model.) StackExchange’s terms of usage, under the section regarding one’s age, clearly requires that a user be at least 13 (16 in the EU). StackExcha...

@Alex that is AWESOME
One of the perks of having two weeks a year where non-serious questions are allowed.
11:05 PM
In the EU this site’s 16+? Didn’t know
yeah in the EU you're supposed to be over 16 to have an account on most sites
if not all
We discriminate against child prodigies.
What happens if you’re 13-15 and live in the EU then make an account in the US and come back, I wonder
Are you technically a fugitive now?
@Stormblessed some jurist's head explodes
11:20 PM
I believe GDPR covers anyone in the UK, regardless of citizenship, but I could be wrong
11:39 PM
Q: What happened to 'Gamora 2014'?

SanCorrect me if I'm wrong, 'Gamora 2014' was last seen after she nut-kicked Quill and questioned Nebula if he is the one (her future lover). Following the infamous 'Ironman' snap, we saw Thanos disintegrates into dust together with his minions. Did 'Gamora 2014' suffers the same fate as 'Thanos 2...

@Mithrandir UK or US?
It's not supposed to act outside the EU
But I don't get where your UK example is coming from
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