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12:05 AM
Q: Why does the multiverse rely on Earth in Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

Jake RankinIn the animated movie Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, the villian Owlman travels to Earth Prime. They explain the multiverse as being the result of infinte branches, every time a decision can be made, two universes are created; one where the decision was made and one where it was not. Earth...

12:51 AM
Q: Old Fantasy Series

B McKeeFor the life of me I can not remember the author or any names of the books. Their were multiple books in the series. The story was based on a group of college roleplayers who were transported to the alternate world of their professor (dungeon master). My memory of the stories has faded but I c...

Q: Looking for a children's book I read in 1964 or 65

LawrenceIn the novel in question, one or two young boys find a metal disc that he or they hammer on to the nose of a backyard spaceship he or they built, giving it the ability to exit Earth's atmosphere. He or they are accompanied into space by an extraterrestrial being, who lost the metal disc on Earth...

1:22 AM
Q: Try to remember a book about aliens that speak with the letter H

user109666Man lands on an alien planet and encounters creatures that try to speak english, but pronounce each word starting with the H sound. The man gradually wins the aliens’ admiration and wins a tournament, where his aliens friend dies. I recall it being a watery tropical world. Likely written in 50...

1:33 AM
@Alex eheh :) that was one of my first answers
Eh? How come you didn't get Vox Populi?
@Jenayah Don't Know.
@Jenayah It's written in a much more informal style. Almost like a stream-of-consciousness.
@Alex nothing on Meta?
@Jenayah I haven't checked yet.
@Alex well if you look at the revision history you'll see it was originally only the first part, which I expanded afterwards when people nitpicked in the comments ;)
Ah, there is a Meta post that I think addresses this.
1:44 AM
Actually IIRC it got downvoted, then the DV was retracted after the edit :)
@Jenayah Yeah, it was obvious from the opening italics that there were some revisions.
Speaking of which, can I ask you a mildly personal question relating to this? (Obviously, feel free to decline.)
Had you written much in English before your participation in Stack Exchange?
Mmmh I had some penpals back in the day but apart from that I think I mostly read rather than write
Well bar the obvious English assignments which you always have to write anyways
I'm wondering, have you noticed an improvement (not that it was bad to begin with), possibly due to all the writing you have done here?
1:50 AM
I'm trying to remember whether I wrote on a more or less regular basis for other stuff
No, that was mostly it. Penpals and school assignments. I read a lot though, may it be comics, stuff online, books etc
@Alex what are the site analytics like, seeing as you have so much reputation
@Alex I think so. Maybe not in the rendered output but in the ease I have to write it
@CorvoAttano I have a lot of total network reputation. But I don't have 25,000 on any individual site yet, so I don't have access to the site analytics.
@Jenayah Well, I would only be seeing the rendered output side of things.
I've probably gotten better at gathering info together, put up an understandable summary of it, and display the lot in a formal(ish) way
Y'know, this is an interesting question. I think I'll dig up some assignments and stuff to compare with how I write today
@Alex So the 32.5k is total reputation? For me it shows my SF reputation; for others does it show an
2:00 AM
Probably apples and oranges though. Assignments deal with newspaper/poems/corpus analysis, not Superman depictions or Hogwarts tweaks :D
A lot more than 310 rep? The edit button isn’t showing to fix that accidentally sent message
@Jenayah But they both have sentence structure and stuff.
@CorvoAttano Yeah, in Chat it shows your total network reputation. The most I have on one site is 17,632.
What is my total reputation , then?
@CorvoAttano In Chat the window to edit is much shorter.
@Alex true, but one's written willingly, the other... Not always ;)
@CorvoAttano all the reputation you've earned on all SE sites, save for association bonuses
2:05 AM
@Jenayah I mean what is my current total reputation
Something broke and chat is the desktop site unlike every other page on SE
Doesn't show on mobile but probably easy to calculate
503 if I'm correct
Not sure how Area 51 is included
And come to this of it you had an association bonuses thingy on SFF too so maybe 403 instead
But it's strange that it shows 310.
@Jenayah Someone's forcing you to write about Superman and Hogwarts?
As for the Vox Populi badge issue, apparently it's ridiculously complicated:
A: What are the limits on how I can cast, change, and retract votes?

jjnguyLimits on casting votes The SE network defines a "day" by the UTC/GMT clock. New days start at 00:00:00 UTC/GMT. (The current UTC time is always available to logged-in users.) Post votes (votes on questions and answers; upvotes and downvotes count the same) The exact number of votes availabl...

2:22 AM
@Alex what’s the badge Vox Populi?
Voice of the people, I guess, in Latin
@CorvoAttano For using 40 votes in one day.
Q: Shadohunter Book Series: what does the dream of Magnus refer to?

Alexander LightwoodMagnus Bane has a dream about blood streams in a city and darkness on the rise. Chaos with no rules. I think we first hear of it in the second book, where he mentions it. And in Angels of Fire he talks to Simon Lewis after they just send the summoned demon away. Simon says to Magnus he should at...

Q: Sci Fi Cartoon Name

Hardcore_PlayerRobots from outer space attack earth , stealing gold to make energy , a high scool boy discovers a way to make energy from gold by exposing it to special ray , he joins the world defence corps to fight the robots and save the erarth's gold .. I looked all over the Internet but with no luck at all...

2:43 AM
The Guardians of the Flame answers almost all route to scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/28017/…... but it's not accepted unless someone deleted an accept comment.
There's an edit cap, that's weird
I'm doing a lot of voting and a lot of editing for reputation and badges and can't edit anymore
Makes it annoying to see obvious, fixable typos and not be able to obviously fix them
Got Vox Populi!
@CorvoAttano I think it's just that you can''t have more than 5 in the queue at a time. As soon as one gets approved you should be able to suggest another one.
3:56 AM
Q: I am looking for the title of a story about a 'synthetic' humanoid

Fran WaltersThis man is imprisoned on a desert type planet from which he eventually escapes, and finds his way across the stars to a laboratory run by a scientist who created him as a silicon man. This lab also has a doorway to another dimension, in which the silicon man is imbued with super powers. He dis...

4:30 AM
Q: Why cannot Voldemort just use an elf to apparate Harry out of his house?

prakhar londheCould Voldemort have used an elf to side along apparate Harry with him, And take harry to Voldemort? Since any elf could apparate directly in and out of harry's house, as seen in COS.

1 hour later…
5:47 AM
Q: sudden depressurization leads to "blood spatter" which turned out to be ketchup

durka42I remember only one scene, which involved unexpected sudden depressurization (maybe a blown airlock) in a station. The main character rushed to an emergency air chamber and survived, barely. The detail that stuck in my mind is an apparent blood spatter on the wall, which makes the audience think ...

1 hour later…
6:48 AM
Q: Six paths sage mode

William R. EbenezerDid naruto retain the sage mode given to him by Hagoromo? Or was it lost after sealing Kaguya? Seeing that Sasuke retained the Rinnegan, I believe it is unfain if Naruto lost some of his extra powers.

7:19 AM
Q: Name of a Mecha (horror?) anime movie. I know it is older and my parents had gotten it for me on dvd from best buy maybe 10-14 years ago

CameronI have been recently trying to remember the name of an anime movie that i have hazy memories about. I think i remember it being mecha where humans in what i think is a military unit are fighting these monsters or creatures. I included horror in the title because i can sort of remember parts that ...

7:41 AM
Does anyone know anything about The Doors Of Stone
I've been waiting for like 3 years
1 hour later…
9:04 AM
@Alex ahah, no
@AvnishKabaj nope, what is it?
9:22 AM
Q: How much did Bill, Percy, Tom Riddle (and Hermione) study?

earthquakestWe know that Hermione spent most of her time at the library but how about the other three? Didn't at least Bill and Percy get 12 OWL's while being prefects and head boys? How much do you reckon they actually studied and how were they able to do such thing as to get that many OWL's?

9:53 AM
Q: I am a muggle and want to learn parseltongue. Help!

user13267While discussing this question, the conclusion was that apart from using parseltongue to open the gate to the Chamber of Secrets, Harry didn't really use any magic and he might as well have been a muggle or a squib during his fight with Tom Riddle. This other question summarizes a JKR interview, ...

10:09 AM
Q: Can Dumbledore speak parseltongue?

user13267Since Dumbledore can understand parseltongue without being a parselmouth, and Ron can mimic enough parseltongue to open the Chamber door without being a parselmouth, it seems logical that someone like Dumbledore who has deliberately studies parseltongue enough to be able to understand conversati...

10:36 AM
@Jenayah The finalé in the best fantasy series ever?
11:17 AM
Q: How could Isildur cut Sauron's finger?

Asif IqubalIn Fellowship of the Ring it is shown that Isildur cut the finger which holds the One Ring from Sauron's hand. But at that time, Sauron was very powerful because of his wearing tge Ring. So how could a mere man cut Sauron's finger with a simple blade when Sauron was most powerful?

11:41 AM
Q: Story about a submersible captured on sea floor by underwater race

hatTen years ago or more I got a book of short stories out of a library. If I remember correctly is looked old (thick paper, grainy printing) then, so probably an old book. In the book there was a story about a man (scientist?) who has a submersible. As far as I remember it was connected to his shi...

@AvnishKabaj never heard of it
I'll check it out, though!
12:05 PM
@CorvoAttano you can edit tag descriptions as well :) there's a list of those missing an excerpt somewhere... Sec
Nothing too fancy, mainly just saying what the thing is about, but it's always good to have it
> for questions about "title X", a 2013 fantasy novel by Author, revolving around three magician brothers looking to break their mother out of jail.
Something like that
12:27 PM
Q: How much did Tom Riddle study?

earthquakestWe know that he was very talented but he was also hardworking since even Dumbledore mentioned him being one of the best students in Hogwarts history. This would basically mean that he got the best grades in at least 10 OWL's (if not all of them) while being prefect and head boy. He also explored ...

12:41 PM
I can't stop laughing...
@FuzzyBoots did I oversleep? Is it April's fools day already?
@Jenayah definitely definitely a good read
It's a satire site, poking fun at Rowling's attempts to keep Harry Potter relevant through somewhat random tweets. :)
12:58 PM
Q: Did Voldemort know about his mother by the time he created first horcrux?

Nikita NeganovIt is indicated that he already created ring horcrux by the time he approaches Slughorn, it is, presumably, later than he discovers basilisk and kills Myrtle. Though there is no clear indication whether he knew who his mother and her family were by the time he created diary horcrux. On the other...

Greetings, Earthlings.
1:25 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Bubble guy!
Hubble guy
Autocorrect -_-
Q: Who created infinity stones ? Does Dr. Strange know about it?

Rana Ali RazaWho created infinity stones ? Or how they came into existence ? As Dr. Strange has time stone so does he know about it? Also does he know about all of the infinity stones that exists?

@Jenayah I find autocorrect can be very painful when talking technical stuff with coworkers. It really doesn't like acronyms.
Never does
1:44 PM
@Jenayah *autocucumber
2 hours later…
3:21 PM
@Jenayah made one for Brainiac
Made the excerpt normal and boring and made the description slightly less boring
@Jenayah If you approve the excerpt can you add the bit about using with [dc] I forgot when I approved it.
@TheLethalCarrot I approved before seeing it, crap
Doesn't matter gorrit now
In any case I can't yet improve tag wiki edits
3:25 PM
Oh aye we've had this discussion before
3:39 PM
Q: Did the Infinity Stones get destroyed after the snap?

Dhon JoeSo after the snap, we clearly see that the gauntlet is destroyed or at least damaged, but we see Thanos disappearing using the Space Stone to go somewhere else. So my question is, now that the gauntlet is destroyed are any or all of the stones destroyed?

4:08 PM
4:41 PM
@Jenayah - I remember that - Hubble Bubble chewing gum. You could blow bubbles shaped like the Hubble telescope!
^ There actual was/is a gum called Hubba Bubba bubble gum.
Q: Short Story about The Pit and Grenfell's Dream

SamI'm looking for a sci-fi short story that I read a few years ago in a collection, and which I'm pretty sure was pre-2000. The story focused on a main character whose last name (I think) was "Grenfell". He was a scientist who had access to nuclear devices outside of the government, even though the...

5:02 PM
@RDFozz hey are those the ones that came in rolls capped in plastic thingy?
> I myself taught computer literacy at the local high school (a mixed class—90% ninth graders and ten percent apes)
He isn't referring to skin color, is he?
5:19 PM
@Marvin Great title.
What's the difference between "understanding" and "knowing"? — Alex 18 secs ago
@Jenayah I doubt it, without context
@Jenayah I mostly remember it from the jingle ("Big bubbles? No trouble! ... with Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum!"). Wasn't a big fan of gum, so I couldn't tell you about the package.
6:00 PM
A: How much did Tom Riddle study?

EvilSnackI believe that examples from real life can shed some light on this. As you will certainly remember from school, there are few children who struggle to learn even the basics of whatever is being taught to them, and a few students who very quickly master everything the teachers have prepared for t...

@RDFozz yep it's this stuff... It was everywhere when I was 6-7
Q: Are wizards able to avoid Muggle detection after the invention of media cloud storage?

eijenWe understand from the books that there are multiple parts of the Ministry of Magic and its counterparts devoted to deceiving Muggles, including concocting explanations for Muggle head of states in the event of magical catastrophes. We also know that Obliviators will wipe any Muggle's memory of s...

6:38 PM
@Alex when you edit old posts, watch out for dead links
@Jenayah As soon as I saw your edit I knew there would be a message here waiting for me.
Well while you're at it remove the redundant "Harry Potter"s on the title too ;p
We know it's HP, if only for the tag, but there's "Muggle" in the title as well
I had to leave something for tou to do.
Q: Is it OK for titles to have tags in them?

phantom42Inspired by a suggested edit to this post... The suggested edit was to remove the name of the work (Tron: Legacy, in this case) from the question title - because it was already tagged with the name of the work. It would cut the title from "Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Missing Part" to "Soundtrack Mi...

As we say: מקום הניחו לו אבותיו להתגדר בו.
7:08 PM
@Alex meaning?
Too lazy to Jenoogle
@Jenayah "a place his ancestors had allowed him to be"
@Riker alright but...How is it related to the above conversation?
7:25 PM
@Riker You speak Hebrew?
@Jenayah The meaning is a little different in the context where the quote is from.
I still don't get ot
I still don't get it
In context it basically means “his ancestors left him room to distinguish himself”.
Said in response to a question why the ancestors didn’t do an important thing.
Which was basically my response to you.
Hey so you're my ancestor? Hint towards your age? ;)
@CorvoAttano You could always complain about the typos in chat and hope that somebody edits them.
@b_jonas no rep gained from those, though ;)
7:33 PM
It's not the "Chamber of Wecrets" by the way, is it?
@Jenayah Hmm, true.
@Jenayah I don’t know if I intended every aspect of the comparison to hold true.
yesterday, by Jenayah
@b_jonas community wiki :P
@Alex meh
7:54 PM
@Jenayah I don't get out much, either :-)
Mobile chat does that :P
@CorvoAttano - It would be nice to be able to upvoted edits - well done: scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/202150/revisions
I posted nothing today, but some of my posts got bumped by edits and people must've browsed through my posts, because I got 135 rep without doing anything :)
@b_jonas It's a fanfic - in this version, in addition to the other requirements, the Chamber can only be opened by urinating (or, for parents of some young children, "making wee-wee") in Myrtle's toilet.
^ or not :-)
8:10 PM
Q: SciFi Conventions on the east coast USA for 2019?

JosiefHello SFF Are there any Sci. Fi. conventions scheduled in the east coast of USA in the next year?

@Marvin Nope, none at all.
Isn't it off-topic anyway?
The convention question
@Jenayah I looked. As far as I can tell, it's not. The conventions tag exists (I edited to add it in), but isn't heavily used (5 questions including this one, 1 closed).
Currently, Valorum suggested it be closed - but because it's too broad, not because it's off-topic.
8:26 PM
@Jenayah There’s a user on Mi Yodeya who hasn’t been seen since mid-January, yet is in the top 20 or so for reputation for the year.
@Alex yeah, but those are retired users with answers in the top tags
I guess
@RDFozz Makes sense. DNA analysis to verify that you're Slytherin's true heir.
About the new movie, did Spider-Man always have better than average hearing for humans, a high-tech lair, and an aptitude for hacking computer systems and making gizmos? Because that looked to me like he got some traits from Batman.
Of course, for a super-hero, trying to be more like Batman isn't the worst path you can take.
@b_jonas Which Spider-Man? I'm not aware of either the Miles currently in the 616, or the 616 Peter Parker, normally having a high tech lair. Better than usual hearing hasn't generally been referred to either (though a spider-sense could mimic that). Hacking isn't something either character is generally known for, but could have been presented at one point. Peter made the webshooters, a spider-tracer that his spider-sense could detect; his clone made some improvements on Peter's tech.
Following Otto Octavius' time in Peter's body, he did have a near-Stark level company, which gave him at least a few advantages, and possibly a (short-term) high-tech lair. At one point, he'd bought the old Baxter Building; from his time working with the FF, he might have knowledge that would have made setting up a hidden lair relatively easy.
@RDFozz It's spread across the spiderman. Miles seemed to have a better than average hearing, the previous Spider-Man of Miles's dimension had the lair, both the old Spider-Man and the pizza-eating Spider-Man made gadgets. Also the pizza-eating Spider-Man refused to teach a young side-kick just like the Batman in the Lego Batman movie,
and the previous Spider-Man in Miles's universe had an assistant without super-powers who worked completely in the background but was the one who actually did all the hard work of maintaining his lair in a good condition.
And of course all Spider-Man have lost a loved one when they turned to being a super-hero, but that's something very common among hero origins, not specific to Batman.
8:40 PM
Also, on the hearing thing - there was a storyline circa Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #27-28, guest-starring Daredevil, where Peter was temporarily blinded. His spider-sense gave him a near-equivalent to Daredevil's radar sense - he may have experienced better than usual hearing as well.
@RDFozz nearly Stark level? Wow.
From what I could tell, yes. Although it came together and fell apart awfully quickly.
Then again, Stark's companies have done that sometimes as well.
@RDFozz Still much better than Leto II's prophetic visions after he got blinded.
@RDFozz Yeah. With only Stark holding them together, that's to be expected.
I also wonder how much the four named villains of the film follow existing mythology villains and their back stories.
Knowing Marvel, they probably do pretty much.
Have to give something extra for comic fans with encyclopedic knowledge.
@Alex who’s R. Yosef Ibn Kaspi? Saw you own a room about them
Haven't seen the film, so I'm not sure who the villains are. It presumably has some connection to the Spider-Verse / Spider-Geddon storylines from the comics.
8:46 PM
@RDFozz I am guessing that at least one has a connection to the Ultimate Marvel universe, which is what Miles is connected to.
52 mins ago, by RDFozz
@Jenayah I don't get out much, either :-)
Joseph ben Abba Meir ben Joseph ben Jacob Caspi (1280 Arles—1345 Majorca), was a Provençal exegete, grammarian, and philosopher, apparently influenced by Averroës. His family hailed from Largentière, from whence his Hebrew surname "Caspi" (= made of silver) derived. His Provençal name was Don Bonafous de Largentera, or in French En Bonafoux de L'Argentière. He traveled much, visiting Arles, Tarascon, Aragon, Catalonia, Majorca (where he must have foregathered with Judah Leon ben Moses Mosconi), and Egypt, where, as he says in his Tzawwa'ah, he hoped to be instructed by the members of Maimonides...
@b_jonas Of course, since Secret Wars, the Ultimate universe is gone, and Miles is in the main Marvel U with Peter. I think Spider-Verse happened before that....
@Mithrandir so he’s notable because “He held the position that knowledge of the future, even by the prophets and by God, was probabilistic knowledge only”?
How do you type code in chat?
I sort of think that Secret Wars was meant to remove the Marvel multiverse. However, the popularity of characters like Spider-Gwen (and the existence of the Web Warriors comic) kind of killed this almost immediately.
@CorvoAttano Put backticks (`) around the code block.
8:51 PM
@RDFozz Thanks
Anyone else think there should be tags like 80s for story-identification?
To organize better
@CorvoAttano You're welcome! Always happy to share!
@CorvoAttano I assume that would apply to when the story was published - however, most of the time, story-id questions can identify when something was read, but not necessarily when it was published. Even then, sometimes they've misremembered.
Q: 70s or 80s series about a sort of federation that contacts less developed or pre-space flight civilizations

Kenneth ChildersAround the 70s or 80s, as a kid, I read much of a series about a sort of federation of interstellar-knowledgeable civilizations. They often ran into advanced but pre-interstellar civilizations that they had to contact gingerly. They had a sort of investigator or liaison who worked for them. ...

@RDFozz true
If it were based on when you read it and how old you thought it was then?
Does Marvin show edits?
Does starring a question do anything? It seems to just turn yellow and add to the count, not notify me or anything
@CorvoAttano He was a medieval Jewish philosopher. Mithrandir linked his Wikipedia page. The purpose of the room is to determine whether he was radical within Judaism.
9:07 PM
@CorvoAttano there's a "favorites" tab in your profile
You'll be able to find questions that you've starred there, and a number will show up on that tab when a favorited question has new activity
And no, Marvin does not show edits - it's simply a RSS feed of new questions on the site
And you should never try talking to it about life
9:27 PM
Q: A movie with an boy who can’t turn in an egale/falcon like his family

Ruskeli am searching for an movie. It’s about an boy who’s family can change in soms kind of an bird, ut he cant do that like his family. When he fineally can change, he turns into a blue bird. He kinda looks like the bird in Zambezia, the movie. I don’t remember a lot of the movie because it’s been...

9:42 PM
@CorvoAttano Still would seem pretty prone to mistakes. You might have read a story in a newly published anthology - but the story itself was first published 40 years earlier.
@Mithrandir I believe Marvin shows the current status of the question when it posts it into the chat. It won't update it with edits once it's shown in the chat, but I think (could be wrong) that, if it was edited before Marvin posts it to chat, it would post the edited version. Note that Marvin does show up/downvotes, so it's not showing it as it initially was posted.
10:17 PM
Q: Are the Choose Your Own Adventure, as a series, sufficiently on topic?

BuzzI have a question in mind about the history of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. Most of the books in the series (including the "young readers" spin-offs) have science fiction and fantasy topics. However, some of the books are in other genres. "Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey" is a mystery; "D...

@CorvoAttano they used to exist but got removed because they weren't really useful. See this Meta:
A: Tag Cleanup 2016: Before the burnination

KutuluMikeIn the cases of the "decade" tags, they are used almost exclusively (with only 2 exceptions) for story-identification questions. In those cases, the tag was superfluous in the first place, and just needs to be removed. 70s: 15 questions, all story-identification, all of them where 70s was the su...

Q: How do the Weasley siblings rank in terms of grades?

earthquakestFrom the sibling who had the best grades and most OWL's/NEWT's to the sibling who did worst in school? How good did they perform and did any of them even do NEWT's? If two had the same, being a prefect, head boy or playing quidditch would rank them up.

@Marvin I think that’s opinion-based
11:01 PM
What’s a tag badge?
A: Can the Sith become Force Ghosts?

woooudoThe only canon is Lucas's. That’s how things work. Not when a mega conglomerate wants to dictate things they haven’t earned. So to answer your question: Obviously, yes. Sith can become c l o s e to a force-ghost, but it always appears as if their darkness imprisons them to their coffins until the...

Definitely should be deleted
@CorvoAttano You get those for answering questions with a particular tag attached. You get a bronze badge for a minimum score of 100 in 20 answers; a silver for a minimum score of 400 in 80 answers, and a gold for a minimum score of 1000 in 200 answers (all regular answers - community wiki answers don't count). Gold badges on a tag grant certain powers on questions with that tag; you can single-handedly close questions with that tag as duplicates, for instance.
11:18 PM
@CorvoAttano And let's note, for the record, that you said that before the author rolled back your grammatical/spelling corrections. I agree (as per my comment on the answer).
To paraphrase what others have sometimes said - this answer needs some hate.
11:29 PM
@CorvoAttano to follow on what @RDFozz said, what's especially nice with tag badges is that as they're related to tags, you can have very "unique" badges depending on your areas of expertise, and be like the only one with that very badge for a while :)
@RDFozz Why? This is ridiculous at this point
Q: How fast does the web gluid exit Spiderman's web shooters?

Major StackingsAs I was watching Spiderman swing and grab, swing and grab, as he traveled post haste across the big screen, I thought his commute time was quite impressive. How fast does the web fluid exit from his webshooters?

There's some unique ones in there for instance scifi.stackexchange.com/help/badges?tab=tags&filter=bronze
@CorvoAttano Why'd he roll them back? No idea. You'd (inadvertently, I suspect) dropped two words. If I were in his shoes, and those words were that important, I'd edit them back in instead of throwing out all the helpful changes you made. Some people are simply not reasonable, though....
Haters gonna hate
11:34 PM
I suppose it's equally true that the rant-ier someone sounds, the less likely they are reasonable....
You think? :P

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