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12:00 AM
Oct 28 at 1:30, by Jenayah
The OCD is real :P
what'sthe other one?
Other what?
other Q
Oh, that's what you mean.
Q: Gold powder@friction=gold

BryanWould it be possible to melt gold with friction with 2 sawzaws?

12:03 AM
When I said that I was wrong, I didn't mean that the wrongness was that there had been a prior occasion; I meant that I was actually wrong with my story-identification answer.
oh :/
Which means I should stay in my cocoon tag.
means you should develop your Google-Fu, or read more time-travel books in Wales :)
like, set in Wales
don't actually go to Wales to read those
Well my answer wasn't based on Google; it was based on having read the book.
or do if you've got the means and the will
12:07 AM
Oh, that reminds me of another time travel book in Wales.
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a contemporary fantasy debut novel by American author Ransom Riggs. The story is told through a combination of narrative and vernacular photographs from the personal archives of collectors listed by the author. This young adult book was originally intended to be a picture book featuring photographs Riggs had collected, but on the advice of an editor at Quirk Books, he used the photographs as a guide from which to put together a narrative. Riggs was a collector of photographs, but needed more for his novel. He met Leonard Lightfoot, a well-known collector...
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Q: Looking for a Mad Max-inspired music video

Rogue JediI'm trying to get a Christmas present for a friend from an artist/band that she likes. I don't remember the name, but I do remember a music video of them that she showed me. In the video, a group of men and women are driving across a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland in two to three cars. The co...

1:51 AM
Q: Why didn't Vice-Admiral Holdo keep the plan secret?

user35971It's understandable to tell as few people as possible, especially as they were being tracked; there could be a mole, but besides Leia it seemed no one knew. I know Finn was knocked out, but why not tell him the plan after he woke up? At least, Holdo would only know Finn as a hero of the Battle ...

@Marvin if I got the right one, that's twice in two days story-id OP were really spot on with their memory
@Jenayah Do you in principle not post for an answer that was confirmed but not accepted when it's your answer?
I think I did that once because there was already an other upvoted answer, lemme check transcript
Sep 22 at 23:47, by Jenayah
I turned a "I found it, it was book XYZ" comment into an answer. There was already an answer (to which OP replied to with their comment), which had been upvoted, meaning the actual answer, both in comments or my post, is further below on the page. If someone could upvote it to rise to the top, that would be better organized. If that feels like I'm rep-farming, tell me if that makes you uncomfortable and I'll make it a CW.
IIRC that's the only time I did it, though
Only wondering because on a recent answer you didn't.
Oh right the dragon book?
I guess since it's a recent answer I thought it would get upvoted "naturally"
2:04 AM
Obviously I didn't think that way back in September ahah
Well it's at the top now.
Aaaaand that would be a 19th Revival badge o/
Out of control.
Q: Did the prefects sit separately?

AlexIn Chapter Twelve of Philosopher's Stone the following sentence appears: "And you're not sitting with the prefects today, either," said George. "Christmas is a time for family." It appears from this sentence that the rest of the year (i.e. besides Christmas) the prefects sit separately from...

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@Marvin The question already received an answer before you got here.
Revival badges everywa
Yup, it was that music video then
@Jenayah you're already basically in the top ten.
Wait, really?
Wait, that "wait, really?" sounds familiar. Did you already tell me this once?
I don't think so.
Argh, that doesn't actually link to the results.
Transcript search doesn't turn up anything:
@Alex because OP remembered it wrong... :)
Nov 23 at 6:41, by Jenayah
@Alex woah, really?
in reply to
Nov 23 at 6:39, by Alex
@Jenayah Which may be somewhat anomalous. On the site as a whole there are a lot more Necromancers.
so not exactly about being top ten in Revival, but was about Revival nonetheless
2:19 AM
@Jenayah 1) Different word 2) Different aspect of your Revival Statistics.
eh you get what I mean
Sure. I remembered that anyway. I didn't mention it because I did't think that's what you were referring to.
That's not how story-id answering works, mate
Well, we've long since established that story-identification answering is not my forte.
Out of one answer which was from memory, I think statisticians would tell you there's not enough data
2:30 AM
I guess statistics is not my forte either.
Or alternatively the statisticians would also look at the very fact that I only have one answer.
you just need some more Google-Fu :P
Where do they give that out?
...actually opening the story-id Qs instead of just reading the title in the chat feed helps too ;D
I've opened a few of them.
@Alex I'm fairly sure that your Meta-Fu skills adapted with some existing Google-Fu queries can lead to something
Try to watch out for "I found it by typing whatever"
2:34 AM
@Jenayah I've seen a lot of those... on all of your answers.
Fuzzy does that, that's how I came to do it too actually
@LightnessRacesinOrbit you're welcome! As for last line - my opinion only but I prefer it when people include how they found stuff. It certainly has helped me stepping up my Googling, so it's only natural I return the favor :) — Jenayah Oct 31 at 17:37
@Jenayah I've already upvoted that comment.
eh not fishing for comment upvotes, just that I knew I had phrased that once so y'know better to copy-paste the link, less work than rewriting the explanation :P
Q: How could Slick betray the Jedi?

user35971In the early episode "The Hidden Enemy", the clone trooper Slick, spies on the Army of the Republic, using the justification that his brothers were "cannon fodder", while the Jedi easily survived battles. However, this seems to contradict "Attack of the Clones". The Kaminoans tell Obi-Wan that th...

Q: Why didn't Picard destory the borg sphere before it went back in time?

BasementJoeI re-watched First Contact today, and as sort of a followup to my previous question, why didn't Picard destroy the borg sphere before it went back in time? When they finally did go back in time, they manage to destroy the sphere easily. Order of events: Picard witnesses the Borg cube release ...

Of course. I'm a big proponent of pasting prior comments rather than writing new ones.
2:39 AM
3:39 AM
Q: Can spells affect a part of an object/body or only the whole thing?

miltonautInspired by this answer: (Side note: "Reducto" would be a better counter to AK than Expelliarmus because it takes two less syllables to cast so you have a wider window, but you'd have to make sure to hit either their wand arm or their head to prevent them from finishing the curse, so...) Ma...

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10:42 AM
I think I'll try to ask my second ever story-id question here.
Yeay! \o/
11:09 AM
Q: Which spells are used in The Crimes of Grindelwald?

Pippi LongstockingDo you have an entire list over all spells? Here some spells I know were used: Protego Diabolica (blue flames by Gellert Grindelwald) Lumos Revelio Accio (Capacious extremis: the house of Gellert Grindelwald) (Portus: they used a portkey) Relashio Black curtains (Protego?) Expelliarmus

11:24 AM
My brother will spend two weeks before Christmas here this year too, some of that with me and my parents. On such occasions it is customary for us to view one or two good movies, either in cinema or on computer.
This time, since we've already seen Star Wars Solo and there's no recent cinema film candidate, we're probably be watching The Incredibles 2. thesffblog.com/2018/06/… and other reviews indicates that it's good and a worthy successor to The Incredibles, and I know that that movie is of the style all of us like and can enjoy together.
I don't want to watch Fantastic Beasts 2. Besides Star Wars, Disney style western animation movies like The Incredibles and Up are good candidates for what we can watch together.
It was awesome and definitely worth the 14 years' wait
If you have any personalized recommendations, especially of movies from the last two years, feel free to chime in.
@Jenayah That's what I heared from the reviews, yes.
There's so many by bad sequels to good films in this genres, Despicable Me 3 about Gru's brother among them.
@b_jonas sure, so rather family-friendly then? Will kids be watching too?
I am working on the question btw, it's just that I remember a lot of details, or perhaps filled some holes in later from imagination, so it will be a long question.
@Jenayah Not yet. The young one (my brother's daugher) will only be eight months old.
Oh that's a bit young yeah, ahah
11:31 AM
We'll have other sorts of fun activities with her, ones that don't require between an hour and three hours of focusing to a non-interactive stimulus.
It's older than two years but give a go to Ratatouille if nobody has seen it yet
@Jenayah I know that's an animation with a talking rodent or two interacting with humans. Is it without other fantasy elements, so off-topic here because of the talking animal rule? Is it at all similar to Stewart Little?
Or was it a mustelid rather than a rodent? I'm not sure.
Talking animals interacting with humans can be good, I like Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice.
Although that one has a plot somewhat more involved than what you would cover in a family Disney movie.
But then, that's what good about books. They can describe such plots more easily than you could show in a movie.
Not that I can complain about the society problem in The Incredibles where the supers had to go undercover.
@b_jonas it's on-topic, the rat understanding humans is definitely not seen as something normal. Can't speak for Stewart Little I only know that by name
The rat doesn't talk to humans by the way, he talks with other rats but communicates with humans with signs, pointing etc
@Jenayah Oh! So that's different from Stewart Little in that respect. I think Stewart Little has the titular character as a mouse who lives in a human family as if they were an unusually small human child.
Like Kãstner's Der kleine Mann, only with a mouse instead of a mouse-sized human.
Whoever just flagged Jenayah's post please note that flags are for seriously offensive posts not criticisms of the SE search facilities. Please don't cheapen the flag system by mis-using it.
11:47 AM
@JohnRennie Do you mean chat flag or post/comment flag?
Oh, presumably chat flag, otherwise only mods would handle it.
Hmm... unless it's a "not an answer" flag.
Yes, someone flagged:
2 days ago, by Jenayah
SE search sucks
Q: Trying to find post heresy Corax story

Richard CI have read in various places online that in the 41st millennia Corax is still alive hunting down the traitor Primarch’s In the eye of terror. A fight against Lorgar is mentioned, which Corax nearly won. However nothing I can find is referenced so I can’t go to the original source material that d...

@b_jonas uh? Are people supposed to people think he's human?
"hey, your kid has whiskers!"
@JohnRennie eheh maybe SE search has a bot of its own flagging these posts :P
@Jenayah :-)
Ooh, there's a new story id question ...
12:02 PM
@Jenayah No. He's not disguised, or at least not by more than an SEP field. People know that he's a mouse, but he's a talking mouse wearing clothes and the family is trying to raise them as if they were a small funny-looking human child, since Stewart also behaves that way.
@JohnRennie No, I'm still working on it.
There will be.
(From 2002. But it is a good pun, worth to perpetuate.)
(Only works because English is strange of course.)
I haven't seen CoG. I've only read the screenplay. I think reading the screenplay gives a very different view, or at least talking to my friends who have seen the film their impressions are far more negative than mine.
You'll either love it or hate it.
From reading the screenplay it seems to me that JKR is exploring some deep issues. She makes an unsettling comparison between Grindlewald's behaviour and the behaviour of the aurors. I think she is trying to point out that good and evil aren't as conveniently defined as we might think.
I sort of feel like it wasn't really worth to watch Fantastic Beasts as well. When I watched it, I didn't know what to expect, and it could have been something better as far as I knew. Perhaps my time would have been better spent watching some other movie instead. An advantage though was that it was something different from the usual that I could watch with family, since you know I'm a Harry Potter fan and my brother is too.
12:16 PM
I read the screenplay for the first FB film when it was released (I'm really not a film fan) and thought it was OK. Then just recently a friend nagged me into watching it and I have to say I enjoyed a lot. It's not especially deep but it is fun.
@JohnRennie She already shows the dark side of the Ministry in Deathly Hallows, though the Aurors themselves are mostly painted in a positive light: even when they tried to detain Dumbledore in Prince, it seemed like they were reluctant and did it on the command of the Minister.
In the big scene with Grindlewald at the end of CoG who makes the first kill? The "bad guys" or an auror?
Q: What was the name of this book I read a long time ago?

DeathLollipopsIts plot was a young girl being in the shadow of a boy who was the seventh son, while she was the seventh daughter. Here's what I remember. -She got a necklace that was passed down from her tutor, and had been for many generations and was covered in layer after layer of spell. She saw this while...

Pretty sure it's the Auror, @John, because the girl was about to attack and the auror blasted her before she could
12:35 PM
The screenplay says:
He (Grindlewald) is deliberately playing on the unstable YOUNG RED-HAIRED WITCH’S feelings. The YOUNG AUROR raises his wand a few inches. He can sense her desire for violence
And it happens. She raises her wand, but the YOUNG AUROR curses first. To the horror of her companions, she falls, dead.
The point is the aurors went in ready to kill.
My guess, and it is only a guess, is that JKR is making the point that both sides do bad things.
12:57 PM
Q: What happened to the Belt of Beloth the Wise?

RakihthaRRDuring the siege of Dras-Leona, Eragon loses the belt after the confrontation with the priests of Helgrind. He fails at finding the belt at that time and he still couldn't find the belt when he went to check for it later. Any idea what happened to it? Was the wards around it so powerful, nobody ...

Q: Why would Black Widow use taser on a guy with Infinity Stones?

Newt ScamanderIn Avengers: Infinity War movie, Black Widow used taser on Thanos. Maybe, she didn't know that Thanos was more powerful than Hulk, but she definitely knew about Infinity Stones. What made her think that taser would work on Thanos?

1:37 PM
Darn, the post is getting too long. It might be hard to read.
1:55 PM
@b_jonas include a TLDR section then
Q: A small group of children accidentally time-traveling to the future and learning about everyday life in an utopistic future society

b_jonasI'm trying to find a science fiction novel about a small group of children accidentally time-traveling to the future and learning about everyday life in an utopistic future society. I have read this novel in Hungarian some time probably around 1999, but definitely between 1990 and 2012. I b...

^ I wrote down more than I actually remember, and tried to mark the important parts with bold. But it would need a lot of editing to make it more readable.
Lol @Valorum.
Incidentally, this being likely an eastern bloc sci-fi, I will have to translate some of it and cross-post it to the refdesk of hu.Wikipedia, because they may be competent in it too.
2:14 PM
Q: A small group of children accidentally time-traveling to the future and learning about everyday life in an utopistic future society

b_jonasI'm trying to find a science fiction novel about a small group of children accidentally time-traveling to the future and learning about everyday life in an utopistic future society. This is long, so read the bolded parts only if you're in a hurry. I have read this novel in Hungarian some time...

2:31 PM
Woah, is that the most upvoted deleted answer? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/14446/98028
And I thought my story identification questions were detailed. — Clockwork 8 mins ago
I lol'ed
2:55 PM
That... really doesn't seem too broad. scifi.stackexchange.com/q/185028/98028
Hail Hydra!
It's a bullet list with maximum 4 "title" bullets, all set in the same universe
3:15 PM
@b_jonas were a bunch of Eastern block books translated into several Eastern languages or was it just, say, all Russian books get translated into Hungarian, Polish etc? (thus, Hungarian people read fewer Polish books because there were less of them translated, or stuff)
3:36 PM
Plots that strain credibility ☑︎ — Dialogue impenetrable to regular people ☑︎ — Fanatically beloved by a cohort of nerds ☑︎ — Provides employment for otherwise-useless RSC graduates ☑︎ — Persists in pop culture long past when it was actually relevant ☑︎ — Star Trek is Shakespeare! — Paul D. Waite Sep 8 '16 at 13:57
Q: Why do Daenery's Dragons grow at such a fast rate?

AliI am watching season 4, when one of Daenery's dragons burned the goat of a poor shepherd boy. The dragon has grown much in just a year, the previous dragons as told were comparatively weak and smaller. Does anyone know why?

@Jenayah There were books not in Russian translated to Hungarian, and some were even translated with the help of an earlier Russian translation. Some or all of Lem's works got translated directly from Polish by the brilliant Murányi Beatrix.
In particular, two fiction books of Eno Raud were originally written in Estonian, translated through Russian to Hungarian.
There were a lot of sci-fi translations, published as either cheap softcover books under the series name Kozmosz fantasztikus könyvek or short stories in the Galaktika magazine, both of these series were edited by Kuczka Péter at some point.
These included every sort of sci-fi: Hungarian originals, eastern bloc ones translated such as Strugackij's books, and even some western bloc sci fi.
Stanisław Lem was mostly published by other publishers, but even of him, I believe I've read scifi.stackexchange.com/a/45651/4918 from Galaktika first, though later I've re-read it from the post-2000 Szukits Lem's hardcover collected sci-fi edition.
I have this Hal Clement book as a Kozmosz edition: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/96700/…
There were a lot translated from Russian simply because there are a lot of sci-fi books that were written in Russian, and because it was easy to find translators for those.
For a similar same reason, there are a lot of books translated from English now, and there still were several back in the 1980s.
Some of Lem's books were only translated later, but that's a given because Lem died in 2006.
There were also technical books such as mathematics textbooks translated through Russian.
Mind you, research level mathematics books and articles were simply written originally randomly in English or German or Russian at the time, sometimes all three languages mixed in the same journal, even when the author was Hungarian. Famous examples that were written by Hungarians but later translated to Hungarian are the Pólya–Szegő book of calculus, which is pretty old (from 1925) and was originally published in German, but still useful today;
and Lovász's graph theory monography, originally published in English.
That one is notable because both the English original and the Hungarian translation are legally available in full text on the internet. The Hungarian is at tankonyvtar.hu/hu/tartalom/tkt/kombinatorikai-problemak/… . Presumably Lovász wrote them as part of his work for ELTE or Rényi Int, which are both public state-sponsored institutes, which is how it got public.
I don't have a handy link for the English version because I have the printed Hungarian book on my shelf, and it's a good quality translation.
Sadly, the plot point about the word “program” doesn't help identify the language, because that's a word common to ancient greek, latin, french, english, russian hungarian, and german.
4:07 PM
Q: Kids TV show in Charleston? I think

Steventhis has been going on for years now. I've been trying to remember a show that came on when I was a kid (early 2000's) and I can't remember it at all. All I remember is that it was a superhero or just an action TV show based on a kid (Black kid) moving to Charleston (I think) It normally was at...

@phantom42 I don't know which one of Keith S's responses you've read but the one you link had NOTHING to do with flying without a wand. His comment was more on the dramatization of flying in the movie, which I couldn't care less about. I am curious not into the fact that he could fly, but how he could do so without the continued use of a wand, a point that guy did not SPECIFICALLY address. — Mermish Essence Jan 29 '15 at 6:26
No, this is a specific query, not the general question of HOW he could fly (which is simply answered: "if there's a wand, there's a way"). In that case, Voldemort did not have a wand. For the last time, Keith S did not address in his comment in another question, so no, this question is not a duplicate. Before we start marking questions as duplicates please read the questions carefully and remember Snape's statement on SUBTLETY. — Mermish Essence Jan 29 '15 at 6:34
I'm going to try another long-shot speculative answer to a story-id question.
@Alex Oh no! Are we having those discussion about whether Apparition requires a wand again? They came up because the books are clear that an Animagus transformation requires a wand, but unclear about Apparition.
This time it will be flying?
@Alex that is borderline unkind
@b_jonas Well, flying and apparition are two different things. Plus McGonagall said basically explicitly said that it required a wand.
@Jenayah Indeed.
Flagged as such.
4:22 PM
@Alex Yes, which is why we're having a new debate that will be of the similar shape. There are mixed signals for Apparition, and so are there for flying, starting with toddler Harry in a toy broom without a wand for starters.
And Neville's childhood feather fall.
There might be a clear answer, but I don't expect this to go down without a controvertial question.
@b_jonas This is not about flying on a broom, though. this is about flying without a broom.
JKR just isn't good at building a world with consistent rules for magic.
@Alex Yeah, that's why it's tricky.
@b_jonas Tricky or not, it shouldn't be closed.
@Alex Sure.
Q: What does Grin refer to in Harry Potter?

Ignotus PeverellAre there any other important references aside from this one: Seamus Finnigan: "The Grin? What's the Grin?" Bem: "Not the Grin, you idiot. The Grim. "Taking the form of a giant spectral dog, it's among the darkest omens in our world. It's an omen...of death." Could Grin be short for Grindewal...

4:54 PM
Wow! In Powerpuff Girls, I just rewatched the S1 episode “Bubblevicious” to answer the cartoon story-id, and I realized that Mojo Jojo put Bubbles in the same trap as he's used just a few episodes earlier in Mr. Mojo's Rising to trap the Professor. And yes, the professor is much taller, so the trap must be able to change its size.
Why did @Valorum bounty scifi.stackexchange.com/q/180760/4918 for "not received enough attention" just after someone posted an answer? Valorum himself edited more details into the answer immediately after posting the bounty, so it can't be a bounty asking to add more details.
Oh, I see! Valorum explains in the content that he remembers that movie, but couldn't figure out the title.
because he watched the movie and likely wants to find it again
So he wants more attention to the fact that now there's an answer.
@Jenayah But the movie was already found when he posted the bounty. The answer was before the bounty.
It's apparently not the movie he remembers
and to be honest, it doesn't really match the description that much
@Jenayah Oh!
I didn't know that.
I don't think this is the movie that OP is describing, assuming we're thinking of the same one... — Valorum yesterday
5:02 PM
Yeah, makes sense then.
Ok. This is not the sort of movie I'm interested in, I was just wondering because of the 500 rep bounty.
neither am I, and I had already searched for it with no avail, but you know as it's supposedly French I am gut-compelled to try and answer it
This was migrated because Movies & TV SE has now banned movie ID questions completely, right?
Aug 9 at 14:32, by Jenayah
(once I see "I read it in French", brain tells me "you have this one. You can find it. Get searching!")
@Jenayah Or at least it was redubbed to French.
5:05 PM
Do we know what language Valorum watched it in?
@b_jonas eh, not necessarily. That does sound like the sort of crap romance movie us French produce by tons
@Jenayah Ok.
@b_jonas by the following comment, I'd say English
I'm sure it was called "unfaithful" or "inconstant" or "infidèle" or something relating to the fact that he felt like he was having affairs with these women — Valorum Oct 29 at 22:47
@Jenayah That reads more like it was in English.
But of course it's possible that Valorum doesn't even remember what language he saw it in.
It could have been English-dubbed :p
5:18 PM
@Jenayah Yes, from French or some other romance language with the mouth visible, which is why they used words like "inconstant" or "infidele" that I think are rare in English, rather than "unfaithful" or "cheating".
@b_jonas "the mouth visible"?
But it's possible that I'm wrong about the vocabulary, because I'm certainly not watching romantic movies in English and French.
@Jenayah So you can clearly see he's not saying "unfaithful", which has a second "f" sound.
If the mouth isn't visible, then they'd just say "unfaithful" in the dubbing.
Q: Are there any recreational drugs in Westeros or Essos?

Nemon27We see plenty of characters in Game of Thrones drinking themselves more than merry with ale and wine, but are there any other recreational drugs in the world? Anything simple, like tobacco, or any harder stuff, like hallucinogenics or mood altering substances? As a follow up question, if there a...

Let me check my English dictionaries about those words though.
They definitely all exist in English, because "English includes, so to speak, a practically full-fledged Romance vocabulary in its entrails" madore.org/~david/weblog/… , but I want to get hints on how common they are.
The big Oxford says "infidelity" exists in English in this meaning, but doesn't list an adjective. Typical really.
"inconstant" isn't listed in this meaning at all, but doesn't that word appear in the Italian libretto of some famous part of Così fan tutte?
Nope, I'm actually wrong there!
opera-guide.ch/opera.php?id=252&uilang=en lists "inconstant" in an English translation of the libretto, but not in the original Italian.
"constancy" too
But sadly that page doesn't tell when the translation is from.
5:51 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/199652/4918 - there must be a tvtropes page for that particular fantasy superpower or curse. it appears in so many works.
6:39 PM
Can't find that bountied one :(
6:50 PM
I'm unfamiliar with Dune (I know, shoot me) but this reads like nothing of an answer? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/199726/98028
I mean it doesn't seem to have Dune elements in it and I can't figure out whether the argument is actually answering the question at stake or just explaining a religion for the sake of it
@Jenayah The question does note: An alternate valid answer would be a proper analysis (on here or as a link to external source) showing that my limited understanding of both is completely wrong and they are in fact compatible enough that the notion of Buddhislamism is not that strange of a concept.
Whether the answer actually demonstrates this is another story, and it is compounded by the fact that the question doesn't actually specify any perceived incompatibilities.
7:12 PM
soh... NNAA?
7:43 PM
@Jenayah I'm not sure. I'm generally rather conservative when it comes to Not-an-Answer, and am of the opinion that as long as something attempts to answer the question it counts as an answer. In this case, the opening line makes it seem like an attempt to reconcile Buddhism with Islam, which would lead me to believe that is an answer, but on the other hand I don't see much actual reconciliation in the answer.
Oh, I just realized that the second "N" might have been intentional...
@Alex Not Not An Answer indeed :P
But I wrote my response thinking that You meant Yes Not an Answer.
Same basic idea, just with a different emphasis.
8:15 PM
Wait, what?
It was not intentional?
Q: Is American English used in the novels too?

userIn the Game of Thrones TV show some modern American English is used, mixed in with more traditional forms. Examples include "I'm done" to mean finished and "smart" to mean intelligent. It's a bit jarring and seems more common in later seasons. Is this unique to the TV series or in the books too?

8:37 PM
yes it was
but it was meant as a joke
because the usual abbreviation is simply NAA
I hope I'm not being needlessly obtuse here, but in conclusion, you understood me to be saying that it is an answer?
After or even during the five-part Fantastic Beasts film series, how likely it is there'll be a new movie or TV series made in the same Harry Potter universe? Will JKR be as much involved with it as with Fantastic Beasts or less so?
@b_jonas Let the cash cow rest for ~4-5 years, so that people don't get bothered and a new generation of fans gets in the loop, then release new stuff and play on the nostalgia feel
@Jenayah Hmm.
8:49 PM
Hey, if it makes money they'll continue trying to fish cash out of it
Maybe another theater play then?
HP is probably in the top 10 money-making movie franchises
(and books, but there will less likely be more books)
@b_jonas possibly
@Jenayah Warner Bros certainly will want. But they may need JKR's permission for a new movie, and JKR may decide that she doesn't want one.
on the other hand she still deals with that stuff every freaking day 10 years after the last book was released so... I don't know maybe she's not bothered yet
Hmm, if she does move on to write something outside of Harry Potter, like she used to claim she wanted to, then we'll have movie advertisments for movies saying “from the screenplay writer of Fantastic Beasts”.
You know, like how every Disney animation movie is advertised as “from the creators of” whatever the previous popular movie was.
I don't know what that last popular movie currently is. It might be Incredibles 2 right now.
They don't say “from the Disney-Pixar animation studio” because the movies are targeting people who don't know which movies are Disney-Pixar because they're not paying attention or they're children.
But everyone has heard of that popular movie and knows how popular it is.
And Disney-Pixar makes such popular movies every year or every two years. Almost all the pixar movies are incredibly successful, and many sell a lot of merchandise so people know how popular it is even without seeing the film.
I think in the gaps between the Cars and Cars 2 movies and between the Cars 2 and Cars 3 movies, I've seen kids of such young age that they couldn't have seen the movies in cinema were wearing Cars merchandise clothing.
The years for those movies are 2006, 2011, 2017.
Although there was a spinoff named Planes with two films in 2013 and 2014.
I think Turbo the 2013 animated film that isn't by Pixar was riding on Cars' popularity, sort of like Antz versus A Bug's Life.
Mind you, those two were made simultaneously, but it doesn't take much genius for a movie studio to predict that the animation film by the other studio will be a hit.
Heck, most of the Pixar films that weren't incredibly popular are sequels.
Was Pixar's The Good Dinosaur also incredibly popular? If so I was out of touch when it was released.
And Pixar has been releasing a new animation movie every year like clockwork for quite a while now.
Ah, I see the trick. Disney brands one animation film as Pixar every year, and the rest, including Frozen, are claimed to be made by Disney only, without Pixar.
9:33 PM
Ah. The Good Dinosaur is Pixar's lowest grossing film.
9:43 PM
@TheLethalCarrot that edit seems to be from OP who lost their credentials or whatever. Are we supposed to reject those when it's not the same account? I'd think this is a reasonable edit
9:54 PM
@Jenayah - I'm reasonably sure that the film was in English but with French actors. It doesn't help that I know enough French that I wouldn't particularly remember if it was in French or English as long as there was dubbing for the big words. — Valorum 1 min ago
That's good, if he watched it in English it should be searchable with English keywords
Although admittedly, he likely already searched all possible English keywords combinations ahah
Hmm, I think I see what's up with Frozen. It's a musical film, one that would be adopted to a Disney skate musical and theme park version too, so it fit better with the Disney cartoon musicals than the Pixar films. The other Pixar films had a few songs, but they weren't as musical as Frozen and the other Disney musical cartoons.
@Jenayah Yeah, that's what I said. For a film he's seen long ago, he might not remember.
I'm not that fluent with French, but with an English book or film, I do sometimes have a similar experience.
It really depends on the kind of book or film of course. For many of them, the language is pretty obvious.
@Jenayah Apparently Frozen was dubbed separately to continental French and Canadian French. Is that normal for a Disney musical?
Well it's pretty much normal for any movie, actually
Jesus. I'm not surprised about the two spanish dubs, that is normal, but the French one is crazy.
Or at least seems crazy to me. Perhaps it would be more natural if I lived in Canada.
10:10 PM
I don't think the Quebec people are ever given the "French" French dubbing, just as we French don't have to have our ears bleed listen to the Canadian French dubbing
@Jenayah Not "ever given"? How does that work with today's internet?
Well the dubbing they get in theaters would be Canadian French, different from continental French
heck they even translate every title
That's so hard to imagine for me because of how mutually intelligible all of the contemporary Hungarian language dialects are.
@Jenayah Translating the titles is cheap. Getting Disney quality actors and singers isn't.
Sure, Disney can probably afford it, but still.
Subtitling is also cheap, compared to dubbing.
I mean, it's a literal translation but I can't even tell you how this is funny as a continental French-speaking person:
(instead of "Pulp Fiction")
@Jenayah Isn't that decades old though?
10:15 PM
Pulp Fiction isn't old, it's from 1994
I mean, if a movie dubbing studio targets both markets already, can't they make a shared dubbing that avoids the few bits that are funny, or dubs those bits twice in the worst case?
Well it's technically older than me but you know
Basically any movie that is prior to 1970 actually qualifies for "old" in my book :P
@Jenayah For me it rather depends on when I met it. Since I heared of Pulp Fiction as a child, I thought it was old.
@b_jonas French and Canadian French differ with accents, vocabulary, etc
I sometimes read Candaian French comics and don't understand what the heck it's about
@Jenayah And numbers. Yeah.
@Jenayah Accents differ between English too, and a few texts have separate translations, but I haven't heard of any movie with two English dubbings.
@Jenayah Hmm. Are those written in rhyme with witty puns like the continental French ones too?
Sorry, I mean like Astérix & Obélix.
10:20 PM
No, it's a Facebook comic that the author releases in both "Frenches"
@Jenayah Wow.
Well, not all strips, but some
I also haven't heard of a comic translated to multiple dialects of English yet.
The translations lasted only for a few strips each.
@Jenayah Wasn't that one of the things the guy was making fun of in that video you posted a while back?
The German translation lasted much longer.
10:24 PM
@Alex about Disney songs? Yeah he did
...y'all have freaky memories
@Jenayah I personally reject them cos you have no way of knowing if it is the OP
You can always raise a mod flag then, @TheLethalCarrot
there are tools that make figuring out if it's legit or not much easier
I tend to approve most of the time, even without access to mod tools to check, especially if they e.g. have the same username
fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/… lists all the movies that have two dubbings, French and Canadian French, and that's 383 entries
10:26 PM
Good thing I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. The temporary filling has half dissolved in the few days since Thursday.
@Jenayah That number would be more meaningful if we could compare it to the number of movies shown in cinemas in the same French dubbing on both continents.
searching for that
In the meantime, here are some extracts:
Wasn't there a question about that?
1 hour later…
11:50 PM
screennerds.blogspot.com/2018/12/… says (about Fantastic Beasts 2) that Grindelwald is "the wizarding version of Hitler". Isn't the Dark Lord the wizarding version of Hitler, based on both the timing of the first wizarding war? I think there was even a relevant JKR quote.
Nope, I remembered wrong.
Q: What is the connection between Grindelwald and World War II?

LarsTechDumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945, a seemingly obvious connection to the end of World War II in the Muggle world. Coincidentally, Voldemort graduated from Hogwarts also in 1945. How are the events of World War II and Grindelwald's reign of terror linked? Is there a cause-effect relations...

That one has the JKR quote.
JKR didn't say that unambiguously, but that's understandibe.

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