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12:01 AM
gg @jenayah :D
virtual handshake
well fought
Q: What real-life time periods were the First Age and the Age of Legends?

Newbie12345In The Wheel of Time series, Robert Jordan states in his post-book interviews (audiobook version, at least) that the "Age of Legends" and beyond are supposed to be similar to our real-life modern times. Their past is our present. There are many descriptions that seem similar to modern vehicles a...

Who won?
*sheepishly raises hand*
12:02 AM
So I'm currently in last place, then.
Heh. The TREU chess championships? ;)
Indeed. I'll have to play you at some point.
Anyway... it is now 2AM and I need to sleep, so later y'all *wave* Oh, and don't forget to watch my contest entry, if you've ever wondered what I vaguely look like ;)
In hindsight my 16th move was sloppy :P
@Mithrandir Yeah, I saw that. Quite the reveal.
12:05 AM
....of course, I intentionally made sure nobody could see my face...
will do!
I was hoping you would go closer to the books so I could see the titles.
remind me in the morning and I can snap a few photos for you
@Alex exactly what I was about to say ahah, I don't care about your face but I'm the kind of person to zoom and try to decipher what's on the shelves :D
Then I'll feel pressured to show mine.
@Jenayah Not sure if that qualifies as:
Nov 21 at 10:36, by Jenayah
Great minds think alike
12:08 AM
'course it does
Nov 23 at 7:06, by Alex
Dumb minds think alike.
great ones
@Jenayah terrible, yes, but great
- Mr. Olivander.
An enthusiast
When you have edit privileges do you still get reputation for making edits?
12:21 AM
@CorvoAttano nope
except for tag wiki edits
@Jenayah Can you reject edit privileges so you can still get easy reputation?
Or something?
And in any case I think you can only get 1,000 rep through edits
Q: Does the 1000 limit for "editing" points translate into a maximum of 500 edits?

Tom AuSuppose you had no other activity on a site, except for the fact that you earned 2 points for each edit, up to a maximum of 1000 points of reputation. That would translate into a maximum of 500 edits. Suppose you wrote questions and/or answers that earned you say, a NEGATIVE 100 of reputation. D...

12:23 AM
How can I get an audience for making a proposal on Area 51? It says I should find one
@CorvoAttano What's your proposal?
12:49 AM
Q: Story about an expedition to a rogue planet, where an artifact is discovered

chuckWhat I remember about the story includes words such as: polity yellow energy needles and the story was about an expedition to a rogue planet, far out in the middle of nowhere, with one city, with extremely advanced technology, so advanced that almost none of it was understandable by the vario...

1:22 AM
I knew I should have looked quicker...
Or maybe the proposal is about ninjas
they're so fast you can't see 'em
Or the Invisible man
Or the Inivisble Man after he was trained by ninjas!! :o
All of the above?
More like:
Sep 18 at 16:28, by Jenayah
1:33 AM
Q: I don't know much about this animated cartoon but I want to find the name of it

bikthorThe cartoon used to broadcast in the late 1990s till mid 2000s. The cartoon consisted of three members, two guys and a girl. If I'm not wrong they were a USA team that hunts down aliens and one of the guys was a black dude with metal arms. I remember they use a blue uniform and the metal arms gu...

What causes Community to protect random questions like that?
@CorvoAttano probably has to do with the three deleted answers... (one is from roughly an hour ago)
Q: Automatically protect questions with three or more low-rep-user deleted answers

Won'tThere are a few "automatically protect questions" requests out there, but I'd like to add another twist. I'd like to request that questions that have three or more deleted answers by users with <50 rep be automatically protected. The reasoning behind this is that we have lots and lots of "not a...

By the way @CorvoAttano we still don't know what your proposal is about :)
@Jenayah Your Meta searching skills have gotten pretty good.
@Alex I learned from the best ;D
If that's referring to me then I'll take the compliment, though I don't recall ever doing anything that would help you in that regard.
probably seeing all the result you turned up made my subconscious register some future keywords ahah
1:41 AM
Well in that case, glad to have helped.
2:06 AM
Q: Why didn't Doctor Strange check this before he created a portal to Norway?

Newt ScamanderIn Thor: Ragnarok movie, Doctor Strange consulted a book to check if the portal spell required any Asgardian modification. Why didn't he also check for Jotunheimian modification as Loki is actually a frost giant from Jotunheim, not Asgardian?

2:37 AM
Q: Scifi book from my past

MattI am trying to find a book I enjoyed reading as a teen. I can't remember the name or authors unfortunately. I do remember the story line though. It was a post-apocalyptic story about a family that goes into cryogenic chambers in a cave to wake up hundreds of years later. They woke the children ...

1 hour later…
3:54 AM
Q: In the novel The-Three Body Problem how does the Sun amplify radio transmissions?

uhohPer Wikipedia [...]However, she is rescued at the last minute by Yang Weining and Lei Zhicheng, two military physicists working under Red Coast (a Chinese initiative for alien communication similar to SETI) who require Ye's skills in physics. Ye discovers the possibility of amplifying outgoin...

4:19 AM
What's our stance on Chinese names? has Liu Cixin, has Cixin Liu. Is there a more official/respectful order?
Or am I mistaking things with Japanese?
Chinese personal names are names used by those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora overseas. Due to China's historical dominance of East Asian culture, many names used in Korea and Vietnam are adaptations of Chinese names, or have historical roots in Chinese, with appropriate adaptation to accommodate linguistic differences. Modern Chinese names consist of a surname known as xing (姓, xìng), which comes first and is usually but not always monosyllabic, followed by a personal name called ming (名, míng), which is nearly always mono- or disyllabic. Prior to the...
Chinese people, except for those traveling or living outside China, rarely reverse their names to the western naming order (given name, then family name). Western publications usually preserve the Chinese naming order, with the family name first, followed by the given name.
4:38 AM
@Jenayah How it works is the same for both with respect to last-name-first-name order
Q: Sci-fi story with the premise that spacetime geometry is Riemannian

Joseph SibleI'm trying to find a hard sci-fi story where one of the major premises was that the world has a Riemannian geometry (x^2+y^2+z^2 + t^2) instead of the real world's Minkowski geometry (x^2+y^2+z^2 - t^2). The effects of this on relativity and how it affected the world were very significant. Here's...

2 hours later…
6:17 AM
@Alex sure, but do we adopt the Chinese way to do it, or do we stick to westerner way?
@Jenayah Are we a "Western publication"?
Does SFF count as Western publication?
No idea
Has it published anything?
Yes and no?
It does publish content
But it's not Stack Overflow Inc or whoever directly doing it
When you say "publish content" you mean that the site contains content?
As opposed to publishing something external to the site.
6:31 AM
I'm not a lawyer
I'm lost :D
Well, for instance, I know that Mi Yodeya publishes content external to the site itself. I.e. it publishes books (more like pamphlets) of collections of good questions and answers.
6:46 AM
I don't think SFF does such a thing
Of course, I have no idea if that's relevant to anything.
7:05 AM
Is there a way to automatically create a line break between every word (in a selection of) a post without adding it manually between each word?
Eh, people in another room responded first.
7:42 AM
@Jenayah As long as it's possible, we should probably stick to the Chinese order - it's more "correct" for that name.
8:18 AM
@Mithrandir ok, have to fix the tag wiki then
@TheLethalCarrot [lego] OR [lego-*] OR [*-lego] OR [*-lego-*]: 28 questions. Not too bad, should be doable once we figure out what should be tagged how.
Q: Borg origin in the delta quadrant

Dominique LCould the Borg have been a result of a civilization in the delta quadrant trying to develop advanced medical nanites and the experiment went awry?

@SQB [*lego*] should accomplish the same thing
ah, that also includes , I see
@Mithrandir that's the problem, indeed.
and apparently using -[allegory] doesn't work.
8:48 AM
@Mithrandir no, because it expands to [foo] OR [bar] -[baz] which means [foo] OR ([bar] AND -[baz]).
That's... annoying.
There's an implicit AND between those terms, which has a higher precedence.
Hm. Do we want a tag for Lego Video Games?
If so, individual tags, or one tag for the entire Lego Video Game Universe?
@SQB Oh it's doable indeed
I've done a couple now. Letting it rest again.
(darn, how do I put an imgur gifv in here?)
9:06 AM
Remove the v
That yields a static gif.
add a ! at the beginning
I've tried that too.
Odd that the gif doesn't play
9:07 AM
oh huh
The gifv isn't technically an image so I can understand why that doesn't work
2 hours later…
11:09 AM
Q: Book about children taken by aliens and given special abilities to solve the alien's ethical problem for them

UnderverseA race of aliens have an ethical dilemma, something about controlling worms or something similar to burrow in straight rows?, so they kidnap four(?) children from Earth, and give them special abilities to help the aliens solve their ethical problem. The children were transported to the alien's pl...

@SmokeDetector Is deleted
And got some old stuff to upvote
Ohh himarm will not be here for winterbash :/
11:54 AM
@SQB Yes! We want questions tagged with like [lego-harry-potter-video-game-years-1-4] [lego-harry-potter-video-games] [harry-potter-video-games] [lego-harry-potter] [lego] [lego-video-games] [video-games] [philosophers-stone] [chamber-of-secrets] [prisoner-of-azkaban] [goblet-of-fire]
And it gets worse if the question asks between an apparently contradiction between different releases of the franchise.
I'm not sure about that.
We also want the analogous tags for Lego Star Wars video games.
Also, I'll probably be blamed for that.
I highly doubt we have enough questions on the video games to warrant individual tags but I haven't dived into it yet
11:57 AM
And specific tags for Lego toys (as opposed to video games or movies), tags for Lego Harry Potter toys, Lego Star Wars toys, and Lego Star Wars movies. And thank god there's no Lego Harry Potter movie yet, because then we'd have to find a tag for Lego Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: the movie.
And I want a tag for video game adaptation of anime adaptation of trading card games. There are crazy combinations like that.
I think you're overthinking this way too much @b_jonas not everything needs a tag
@Jenayah hey now!
TLC did it first!
22 hours ago, by TheLethalCarrot
Blame @SQB is always the default though right? :P
Woah now... that's not the default option
I think there are even double or triple adaptations that end up back in the same genre after a few steps.
11:59 AM
Oh right, of course there are, the Lego Star Wars movies are such a double adaptation.
Since Star Wars started as a movie, before it became everything else.
And then there are novelizations and children's novelizations and comic book adaptations of anything on screen (whether cinema or TV) by disney and often by other publishers.
And novelizations for trading card game expansions.
There are freaking novelizations for Lego Star Wars?
And it just gets worse in Japan.
@Jenayah I don't know.
@Jenayah But there are novelizations and children novelziations and an "everyting you want to know about the world of" background book for the newer Star Wars movies, sometimes published before the movie is in the cinemas.
And there are novels for every expert-level Magic: the Gathering expansion (so about three per year),
and there are various novel and comic book versions of My Little Pony stories, usually some covering what's on screen and some other stories that never appear on screen.
It gets complicated, and it's actually more complicated for east asian franchises.
And yes, there are also non-lego toys and merchandise, including plushies, playable figurines, decorative figurines, T-shirts, backpacks, pencil-cases, lunchbags, etc; licensed and unlicensed alike,
with the licensed once being a consistent medium price and medium quality, the unlicensed ones ranging through everything from shit for cheap to exquisite handmade high quality merch faithful to the original franchise but you pay an arm and a leg to get one, and everything in between.
12:31 PM
Q: What to build with [lego]?

JenayahCurrently our lego tag (and related tags) are a mess something that can probably be fixed fairly easily given that there are around thirty questions overall (this query, courtesy of @SQB, yields 32 results). Furthermore the tag description for lego is misleading: Lego is a line of plastic co...

@Jenayah So use on all lego Qs?
Similar to say ?
Well... yeah
I mean it doesn't sound too off for a LEGO-whatever Q to be tagged
I agree with you was just clarifying
So in short:

[tag:lego] - on everything
[tag:lego-cinematic-universe] - on LCU works, always use with [tag:lego] and work
[tag:lego-work] - about the work - always use with [tag:lego] and [tag:lcu] (if appropriate)

Also use other tags like object/character id
@Jenayah Let's build a wall with lego for bad tags ;)
Oh forgot markdown doesn't work on multiline... dangit
12:36 PM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah
What I was gonna do anyway so jolly good
Oh and also with
yeah Bionicle is in the Q
might be a bit awkward to cos it essentially has 2 "universe" tags - and - at least that's how it is currently used
Which raises the question does need to be tagged ?
there's a DC stamp so yes
12:42 PM
Probably worth adding in that about those two then
on it
Q: What to build with [lego]?

JenayahCurrently our lego tag (and related tags) are a mess something that can probably be fixed fairly easily given that there are around thirty questions overall (this query, courtesy of @SQB, yields 32 results). Furthermore the tag description for lego is misleading: Lego is a line of plastic co...

@Slartibartfast [obligatory comment about how slow that feed is]
I think there are 22 of the questions that need retagging
sounds reasonable
12:52 PM
Q: In The LEGO Batman Movie, who are the agent looking villains?

Web HeadIn the movie, there are some secret agent type villains that all appear to be identical to one another. They also repeat everything one of them says, like an echo. They remind me of Agents from The Matrix, but LEGO has no prior relationship with that property so I'm not certain. As noted in comme...

Already has 5 tags. Should we drop there in favour of ?
I doubt it needs batman from the title
(Come to think of it, I think we should).
Funny, Q appears on hold in Month tab when it's been closed as dupe
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, but then a fan browsing would miss it.
Q: Cartoon series from the 90's with a Star Wars feel and a toy that allowed you to 'take part' in the fight on screen

SavaI watched a few episodes of this series in the 90's or 2000's, I'm in France so I'm quite certain the series aired earlier on US channels. The main character was some sort of ship captain battling against some villain on a mostly destroyed planet. I remember the fighting scenes on screen being ...

12:54 PM
And? It's not asking about batman
@TheLethalCarrot it's asking about something Batman-related, so a Batman-fan (or -expert) is more likely to have seen it.
Hum. Caveat taken.
First MOC means that already has five tags with DC, Batman, LCU and LEGO
First and foremost it should be tagged appropriately: here the question is not asking about batman but about a work batman is in... it is however asking about a lego and lcu work so it should drop batman
[batman] is for questions about batman not works he is in
@TheLethalCarrot agreed
1:13 PM
Q: Why do people ask IOI tech support for general Oasis questions in Ready Player One?

ShmeeeelIn Ready Player One Wade manipulates his assumed identity in order to be arrested and placed in indentured servitude in IOI's tech support department. During his shift people ask him questions about Oasis item's like swords. IOI is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) the Oasis is a console. Nobody...

Unrelated: the game itself is not bad to begin with, and Vector's intro is stunningly done
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
I know a former regular who would love this:
3:00 PM
Well crap, how do I retag that?
Q: In 9, what is all the stuff at the end?

JustinKazIn the movie 9, and yes this is a lead-in, you notice many strange things in concept. For instance the puppets having a soul are odd and even odder is the machinery that hunts them. So honestly I'm full of questions. What exactly are these things? Do we not know? Is it one of those mysterious ...

Probably the second
even if we drift away from suffixes?
I think would be clearer.
Just wouldn't work, would it?
Oh wow, it did. I fully expected an error message on saving.
It would be a bit odd just being 9
I've undone that.
3:15 PM
@SQB thing is, it's also a short
So there really is both a and a .
eeek... ay my brand new shiny work tag is sloppy
so... Just 9? or what?
Cracked isn't HTTPS :o
@Jenayah Eh, why not?
'cause it's weird
@Jenayah that means their security has been *dons sunglasses* ...cracked.
3:28 PM
We are the first human beings to see a Mars sunset. Its quite a thought.
3:55 PM
@Jenayah How many more to go?
dunno I do them as they go
(just so I know to watch for them)
Oh I thought you were purposefully doing the stargate ones
well yeah but now I'm on franchise tags
scifi.stackexchange.com/tags/star-trek-beyond/info body could use an edit but you know, work
3:58 PM
Wow. How was that not tagged ?
@Jenayah I imagine that's copy pasted from wikipedia so probably needs an entire rewrite
@SQB you'd think so given the amount of wiews but... Somehow
Found another one.
I quite like it when you go on a tag editing spree... 14 SEs today haha
Sssshhh you're gonna reveal that I'm your Steward badge sockpuppet...
4:15 PM
If you were my sockpuppet I've been doing things wrong with all my editing haha
Plus I would keep the account under 2k... gotta get them SEs :P
Why keep under 2k? Tis the Steward badge sockpuppet, there are sockpuppet for other purposes :P
...upon second reading, context matters here ^
Well if it was the steward badge sockpuppet it'd need to suggest a lot of edits... easier under 2k
<2k can edit tags too?
Well no but they can edit normal posts haha
Actually I can't remember what rep you can edit tags at....
I think you just need edit privileges to be able to do it
2k then?
4:21 PM
Well suggested edit privs.. but I think you get that from the start anyway
Let me create a sock and get back to you ;P
yeah anybody can QAE
Queens around editors?
Question Answer Edit
So not Quebec's aromatic elephants?
4:25 PM
Quality ashamed eggs?
SW tag edit may include the holiday special one but wasn't sure where it would fit
@Jenayah Does that latest one need superman?
Also in the answer "Is is the codex or a codex?"
I think tag edits come in at 3K....
done and done @TheLethalCarrot, thanks for the proofreading :)
No worris
4:33 PM
geez I'm on 30 tag wiki rep today
3k is just VTC and VTRO per the privileges page
and 2 answers upvotes
15 edits aye haha
Erk - no, I as thinking of approving tag edits, and that's 5K.
Odd that you can approve at 5k but need 20k to make them if I remember rightly
On a different note I've just realised both times today I've had a meeting there has been a spam post
4:39 PM
How much do you pay me not to show your boss that message, which is evidence you were distracted by your phone during two meetings in a day? :P
Nowt cos I didn't spam flag either of them cos I wasn't around to haha
Rooby-rooby-roo, Renayah?
Roh-no, Renayah!
joke doesn't work when you read the "rooooh" the French way :P
4:43 PM
@Jenayah is that explainable to an American?
And an Englishman?
In New York?
Hmmm us 3 are the start of a joke surely
I did take French for 5 years, but that was long ago
Joke aside "rooooh" is just a grumbling onomatopoeia
4:45 PM
I don't want to walk into a bar - I'm afraid I'll break my glasses.
Unrelated but found my new retagging frenzy! [alien-franchise] here I come!
@Jenayah OK, I can envision that - auditorially envision - imagine that, I guess I should go with.
@Jenayah Before LEGO?
meh, query isn't perfect
SE search sucks
Never a truer sentence has been said
4:48 PM
@TheLethalCarrot when did I say I'd fix Lego?
Implicitly when you wrote the meta?
IDK you and @SQB seemed to be on a roll
@Alex - That's because the mobile app is a honking pile of crap. You should probably still raise it on Meta:SE so that they can pretend to be working on fixing it. — Valorum 19 hours ago
Except per my understanding they dropped support for the app
4:59 PM
I actually like it, for the most part.
@Alex Touch of masochism? :-)
@RDFozz Just a touch?
Google tells me there are two slightly different meanings to that word... I hope it's the "general use" one haha
wait, you had to Google the word?
5:13 PM
Me no do words
Far be it from me to dictate what @Alex should find, ah, interesting
At least I'm better with words than my friend at school who used to regularly get a mental block on how to spell "the"
@TheLethalCarrot I, for one, interpreted it as the general use.
I thought it was a pretty well known word
@Jenayah I often find that (smart) people who speak English as a second language have a better vocabulary than native English speakers.
5:19 PM
it might just be used more commonly in French
...at least it writing. People who speak in their second language often fumble for words ;)
Woo I unlocked review queues :D
I don't understand why my questions are so much more successful here than on other Stacks... oh well. I love this one (:
thanks Jen :)
SFF = best stack
5:29 PM
@Mithrandir Yeah, well most of my interactions with non-native speakers (who have good vocabularies) is via writing.
(It's annoying speaking in your second language when you're not entirely comfortable doing that.)
@Jenayah Best = biggest discrepancy between upvotes and reputation?
No, most interesting topic and way to tackle things ;)
Plus, story-id
A couple other sites have story-identification as well.
5:31 PM
shhh you're ruining our moment
@Jenayah Is there a specifically unique methodology of answering here?
@Aurelius Apologies.
@Alex yeah but they're not sci-fi so I don't know them well
@Alex Word of God answers
@Jenayah Ah, good point.
(Though I happen not to like that aspect.)
6:11 PM
@Jenayah A phrase which has a different meaning on different stacks (like, say Mi Yodeya)
also true
@RDFozz Eh, I don't think we have any Word of God answers on Mi Yodeya. Lots of suggestions of what the Word of God answer is. It's a lot easier when the god uses Twitter, conducts interviews, and writes content for a website.
@Alex True enough. Of course, there's always the literary theory that what the writer intended isn't as important as what others read into it - in which case, even tweets from @theRealY-hw-h wouldn't stop debates.
@RDFozz There was actually a question on Worldbuilding relating to to this.
In fact, Judaism does sort of posit that God's intent is not as important as what man reads into it.
Here's the Worldbuilding question:
Q: How would the Abrahamic God reveal himself to people to convince them that He is the Abrahamic God?

Fixed PointGiven the state of our world today, and the scriptures and the beliefs of the three major Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, let us assume that the "truth" is some variant of the three beliefs. There really is only one God with his believed qualities and He did send down scrip...

6:27 PM
So Judaism is the Movies & TV to our SFF?
How so?
From what I understand M&TV is about analysis rather than Word of God answers
@NapoleonWilson @AnkitSharma may confirm or rectify
@Jenayah both
@Jenayah Well, Judaism is not against Word of God answers. It's just that there's not a real way to prove what the Word of God is.
@Jenayah It's not an either or, that's the point.
It also depends highly on the question.
6:35 PM
@Alex So what I know of as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, etc., doesn't count as "Word of God" (Christians refer to the Bible as the Word of God...)
@RDFozz Well we count the actual Hebrew words of the text as "Word of God" but that generally doesn't help because we still have to determine what those words mean.
6:52 PM
@Alex True enough.
Here's a quote from the Talmud rejecting a "Word of God" answer:
Again he said to them: ‘If the halachah agrees with me, let it be proved from Heaven!’ Whereupon a Heavenly Voice cried out: ‘Why do ye dispute with R. Eliezer, seeing that in all matters the halachah agrees with him!’ But R. Joshua arose and exclaimed: ‘It is not in heaven.’ What did he mean by this? — Said R. Jeremiah: That the Torah had already been given at Mount Sinai; we pay no attention to a Heavenly Voice, because Thou hast long since written in the Torah at Mount Sinai, After the
majority must one incline.
7:21 PM
Argh, that feeling of reading a question, thinking I have a good answer, seeing that Bellatrix already gave my answer, AND I already upvoted her answer.
I often find myself reading answers, and thinking "this is REALLY good. I agree with almost EVERYTHING in this response. It deserves to be upvoted way more than it has been!". But when I try... — devinb Aug 5 '09 at 12:59
Q: Sci-Fi style TV ad/short film with "magnetic fluid" guy

user92071Quite a while ago I saw on Youtube (?) a video, where we see from behind a glass a room for focus groups/interrogation/group therapy, with several people around a table taking turns and telling their stories, feelings whatever. But whet it comes to the last guy, once he start talking, the "camera...

@Jenayah I guess that's better than reading something, thinking it's really BAD, disagreeing with everything in it, and then seeing that it's your answer.
Oh, I did that... that's what happens sometimes when coming across answers from '15.
7:37 PM
You can always delete if it's really bad.
8:01 PM
Nous sommes au regret de vous annoncer la disparition du Schtroumpf démineur.
Hmm - I'd want to leave my mines dirty - they're not as effective if you can see their clean, bright, metallic gleams.
mine-disposal Smurf then
@Jenayah But it's way harder to make funny, snarky comments about things that you don't deliberately misunderstand.
I know, I know :P
8:59 PM
Q: How do the ironborn choose their leader?

StoneThrowFrom having recently watched Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5 (The Door), it appears that the ironborn elect their leader. From the noted episode: it looks like leadership contenders gather with a crowd of a few dozen ironborn and make their case for leadership. After Yara makes her case, the ...

9:15 PM
Q: Movie about a civilization with limited life span and an integrated light indicator in their hands showing when they were about to die

PabloI recall when I was young (about 30+ years ago) I saw on TV a movie about a civilization (possibly humans in the future) with limited life span (they died young) and if I recall correctly an integrated red light indicator in their hands showing when they were about to die. When the light indicat...

1 hour later…
10:17 PM
Q: Has anyone ever tried to physically attack any of the Endless?

YasskierThere is one thing that always bothered me a bit in the "Sandman"/"Vertigo" universe: whenever one of the Endless shows up and introduces itself, people immediately assume that they are indeed what they say they are (Death, Dream, Desire etc). But imagine a situation: A thug goes drunk from a pu...

Surprisingly, I can't find any other story ID questions where the answer was Logan's Run
Aye I checked too but it's not a dupe
11:03 PM
Q: Has perception of Galactus ever changed?

ZymusBased on this answer, it is established that each mind perceives Galactus differently. It seems humans tend to perceive Galactus as a Big Guy who likes the color purple, wearing a bucket with horns on his head. Let's say an alien had seen Galactus before, and saw a ball of light energy, or a sw...

11:25 PM
Hrm. I just flagged an answer as NaA. Which it isn't (and I explain why in a comment) - but the only other answer to the question turns out to be mine. Someone may think I'm being a bit biased.
NaAs are NaAs no matter who else answered :)
@RDFozz I don't think I've ever done that with flags, but it happens often enough when I comment on someone's answer when I've also posted an answer to the question.
11:50 PM
Q: Short story: guy discovers duplication spell, clones himself for music band in the woods, one clone leaves and starts revolution

Jacob C.The story was narrated by a guy who discovered years ago (after becoming curious about the occult and dabbling for some with no hint of success at other spells he finds in old tomes dug up in old book stores) a single successful bit of magic -- a duplication spell. Realizing the unwanted attenti...


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