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Q: Why are Grindelwald's eyes different colours?

The Dark LordIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Grindelwald is clearly shown to have one black iris and one pale (white or grey) iris. Is there an explanation of why this is the case? I'm prepared to accept in-universe or out-of-universe answers. (I'm aware of Johnny Depp's personal point-of...

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6:36 AM
Q: Would The Fork, The Witch and The Worm be the start of another series?

RakihthaRRThe new book is scheduled to be released at the end of this year. Paolini himself has told that it would continue the story of Eragon and Saphira and in addition it will contain other stories in Alagaësia. Do you think this will turn in to a new series? Will it answer so many unanswered questions...

Q: Why didn't Sarunan break Gandalf's staff on Orthanc as Gandalf broke Saruman's?

Asif IqubalIn Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers after becoming Gandalf the White, he casted down Saruman from the Order and the Council. He also got the power to break Saruman's staff which is very powerful. So when Saruman captured Gandalf the Grey on Orthanc, why didn't Saruman do the same? He meant to...

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@NapoleonWilson It took 30 minutes again. Seems like that’s the design.
7:43 AM
@RDFozz which one was that?
8:01 AM
yesterday, by RDFozz
So, following up from a close as duplicate vote, I see that this question:
yesterday, by RDFozz
Q: Kids’ show with toys to shoot at the on-screen images

ClassifiedWhat is the name of this kids’ show from the late 80s? It was based in space, and I think it was some sort of live-action TV show. Some of the images looked like TV static, and you could buy some toy spaceships shaped like a gun to shoot at the images (and somehow get hit) to gain or lose points....

Ah, thanks.
yesterday, by RDFozz
is considered a duplicate of this one:
yesterday, by RDFozz
Q: 1990s sci-fi series where humans in armed suits fight robots

Islam WazeryI'm looking for the name of a sci-fi series, intended for children. Robots have control over the humans. There is a squad of humans who attack them. Every member in this squad has a badge on their suit, and when they touch this badge the suit becomes armed. This series was not cartoon series, it ...

@SQB You're welcome.
Wow, I just started my fourth page of ≤1 scores.
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Q: What did Dumbledore teach?

Shana TarIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Dumbledore teaches DADA. But from the books we always heard about him as of a Transfiguration teacher (say, in Tom Riddle's days). It is stated in the movie that Dumbledore was prohibited to teach DADA by the Ministry, though the limitations seemed...

10:45 AM
@Marvin Hmmm on further searching this is probably a dupe of this. I'd rather close the old to the new cos my answer has more detail but don't want to appear biased so I'll leave it up to you guys to decide
Q: What subjects did Dumbledore teach in Hogwarts?

KharoBangdoWhat subject did Professor Albus Dumbledore teach when he was recruited as a teacher in Hogwarts. Also, till his death, what other subjects did he teach.

11:43 AM
Q: Why does Draco Malfoy try to befriend Harry?

AJFaradaySo, in Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone (or Sorcerers' Stone). We see Draco Malfoy attempt to befriend Harry. Even as he does so, he declares that some families are 'better than others', and offers to help Harry identify the better ones. So, there's a few reasons this is out of character...

11:58 AM
Q: Who does Leta say she loves?

ThisSpecificLemonDuring the battle between the Aurors and Grindelwald there is a moment when Grindelwald's attention is drawn to Leta. They have a brief conversation with Grindelwald asking Leta to join him. Leta then turns to the Scammander brothers and says: I love you. It is left unclear as to which one ...

12:30 PM
Answering an (obvious) dupe instead of voting to close it, especially when you've answered the dupe-target, is... Classy. ._.
She has a habit of answering first looking for the dupe later from what I've seen
That sounds like a bad habit, especially when the dupe is provided
It's highly possible she didn't find the dupe when searching, forgot she answered a similar one and started answering before you VTCd of course
Probably not the biggest deal on SFF but I understand the issue when this kind of stuff happens on SO-like
The problem on SO is different cos there aren't enough people in the queues to deal with the amount of questions
I mean the CV queue is currently at 8.7k which I think is just under average unless things have changed since I used to go on there
12:44 PM
And it's a busy day for SFF when there are 6 on the same day... :P
Yup haha
SO used to sit about 10k for CVs
Not sure what they did to improve it or if flags just age away faster
@TheLethalCarrot Any thoughts on this?
@Jenayah ^ apparently it removed the ping
@Jenayah I think we've all done that at times. Go "oh, I can answer that", write up an answer, and then discover that it's a dupe - even if you would have noticed that it was a dupe way earlier if you hadn't gotten caught up in the rush of answering
@TheLethalCarrot on what?
The dupe thing that I linked to
@Mithrandir well, hence why I qualified with being able to close, and more or less explicit implication of knowing the tag pretty well already (it's not a one-time thing is what I'm saying)
But sure not denying it happens, I did the same once in my early days scifi.stackexchange.com/a/185643/98028
@TheLethalCarrot lemme check
12:56 PM
I did the same thing a few days ago :P
@TheLethalCarrot agreed your answer is better than the accepted one, but couldn't that rather be merged? There are a couple answers on oldest one too
I was thinking dupe, dunno about merge...
Why "dunno"?
Cos I'm not sure if it would be the best route haha
1:15 PM
Q: Drarry fan fiction where the Malfoys hide the fact they are Veelas from Draco

HannahI once read the description of a Drarry fan fic I didn't like at the time. I never had a chance to read it. It was about Veelas and stuff. The description was something like this: "What if some of the Malfoys hid the fact they were Veelas from Draco? You end up with a very confused Draco Malfoy ...

1:30 PM
Why the hell are there so many fanfic stories about Draco Malfoy being a Veela?!
I thought this would be an easy find and decided to risk Googling it, but now I think it's too broad.
Why the hell are there so many fanfic stories?!
Well, that too.
Oh, are Veelas blond(e)? I guess that could explain it.
@Randal'Thor found it... I think :P
and all hail incognito browsing!
ah shit now there's a in my tag tab isn't it
@Jenayah Did you add it as a favourite watched tag yet?
Oh and speaking of ducks ...
@Randal'Thor You'll pay for this
1:43 PM
@Jenayah Three Galleons, nine Sickles, and a Knut?
That's how much you value your life? :P
@Jenayah why we even have that tag O.o
So we can create ship name and fan ship names too as tags?
blah blah blah someone created it blah we don't like it blah blah useful enough we haven't nuked them
@Randal'Thor some very specific fanfic patterns are... incredibly common
I have no idea who started the trope, but "Daughter of Sirius Black, dead mother, raised by Lupin, falls in love with a Weasley" is incredibly common. I found at least seven of them, a couple of them have the girl being related to the Malfoys, but I don't really have much more time right now, so if anyone wants to dig deeper, be my guest. (continued) — Jenayah Nov 13 at 22:56
And that's on ONE site
which isn't even AO3/FFNET
@TheLethalCarrot But I can still hate it as it's stupid
1:45 PM
@AnkitSharma oh sure
Oh I think we're all in agreement there
::adding in I hate this tag but have to ignore list::
@TheLethalCarrot I seem to recall the answer may be "blame @SQB"?
Not sure though. Apologies to SQB if not.
@Jenayah No, it's a reference. (Hint: I'm your brother!)
@Randal'Thor My research say the same ;)
Blame @SQB is always the default though right? :P
1:47 PM
Done with movies retagging now SFF turn, muhahahahhaha
@Randal'Thor yeah yeah I know it was a price in first book IIRC
@Jenayah Sixth.
ah crpa
> "That's three Galleons, nine Sickles, and a Knut,” said Fred, examining the many boxes in Ron’s arms. “Cough up.”
"I’m your brother!”
“And that’s our stuff you’re nicking. Three Galleons, nine Sickles. I’ll knock off the Knut.”
“But I haven’t got three Galleons, nine Sickles!”
"You’d better put it back then, and mind you put it on the right shelves.”
City: A city is an urban settlement with many inhabitants.
1:49 PM
@AnkitSharma Doesn't that want too?
@TheLethalCarrot ohhh yeah, fixed (even when I don't like that rule)
The whole tag hierarchy thing isn't great but it's a decent solution
As long as I am allow to add franchise tags I will shut up
Well franchise tags are a part of the hierarchy really
Anyways I have an ID which is little sci-fi (wish coming true magically) but I doubt if it ever get an answer. Should I still ask O.o
I remember enough details
1:58 PM
little sci-fi or zero sci-fi?
@Jenayah girl becoming tree as she wished for
@AnkitSharma "The only stupid question is an unasked one"?
Nothing else sci-fi happen
SFFnal enough for me unless it's in a dream or stuff
last I checked people don't turn into trees
@Jenayah my memory say it was not a dream but not 100% sure
2:00 PM
I say go for it, wonder what TLC and Rand think
Q: Can Kevin copy parts of his identity disc?

QueenSvetlanaKevin Flynn is a creator and his identity disc contains the ability to leave the grid and enter the real world. Before his son was paged and entered the grid, why didn't Flynn copy whatever data he wanted to another disc (including the data allowing him to leave and enter the real world), delete...

@Jenayah ok doing
@Jenayah Whether people normally turn into trees or not?
and whoever might be lurking in the shadows now
But it's Hindi Indian one
2:01 PM
@TheLethalCarrot whether the book/movie/show/stuff is SFF enough
They're lurking in the shadows, where nobody can see,
And they're chaining up people, and they're bringin' 'em to me,
Asking me, "Kill them now, or later?"
@Randal'Thor now
2 mins ago, by Jenayah
last I checked people don't turn into trees
@AnkitSharma So?
@AnkitSharma no problem, "localized" questions get answers too
2:04 PM
@Randal'Thor I am not sure how is Indian crowd here and it's too old and classic stuff for people to even know. Anyways started typing already and I did got answer for Indian comics in past ( 1 out of three time) so finger crossed
Isn't there an active Indian user? (other than you)
I thought so but can't remember who at the moment
@Jenayah Localised? More people in India than in the whole of Europe ;-)
Of course that doesn't mean they'll know but y'know better chances etc etc
@Jenayah Sachin? Aka user931, aka SS, aka whatever-his-name-is-atm.
Newt Scamander guy!
that's the one!
2:06 PM
Yeah, him.
@Randal'Thor true, true
@Randal'Thor But not every SE have so many active Indian old users
He's had a lot of different names over the years.
2:08 PM
@Randal'Thor He is from a country where google is banned ;)
So Indian is out of probability list ;)
@AnkitSharma I thought he's from the same country as you?
Maybe he'll Ask Jeeves
@Randal'Thor I can't see user's location from there IP ;)
2:24 PM
done but not sure about tagging
It can be a one-off episode, made for TV film, short film
let's get Googling :P
But what more tags I need?
I think
Eh, media tags aren't necessary.
but it's better with a media tag
2:30 PM
Q: Girl become tree and then end up with losing her arms/branches

Terry McGinnisI remember watching a telefilm/short-film/episode on Indian TV channel Doordarshan in late 90s (Most probably coloured). Genres: Sci-fi drama Story: Happy go lucky girl love trees and have a habit to go on a swing and sit there for hours and thinking the benefits of trees and more into nature t...

because I use them for when I'm searching for recommendations
eh I dunno it's just better
@Randal'Thor so that people are sure it’s not novel Id ;)
@AnkitSharma If they read the post, they'd know that anyway.
2:36 PM
saves time
It does give people a good idea of what the media is before opening the question
No point opening it if it's a novel and you haven't read any etc.
Good tagging is just as vital as a good title
@TheLethalCarrot There are people who haven't read any novels?!
@TheLethalCarrot like i avoid clicking on novel ID
@Randal'Thor I have read very few
@Randal'Thor There are also some freaks that barely watch TV
2:39 PM
@TheLethalCarrot raises hands
@TheLethalCarrot same freaks who only like hunger games films ;) and nothing else
Or have never watched Star Wars
@Randal'Thor Well, illiterates for a start. Or those without spare time to fritter away on novels.
@AnkitSharma I don't think anyone is that much of a HG fan, even DukeZhou ;-)
Answer looks similar , will dig more after reaching home
@Randal'Thor humanity is doomed
@AnkitSharma Why would humanity be doomed because nobody watches only HG films to the exclusion of all else?
2:45 PM
@Randal'Thor or busy prople?
@AnkitSharma Yes, that's the second category I mentioned.
@Randal'Thor for someone appreciating them specially the forced last two parts
> The children later force her into the forest,and break her branches when she becomes a tree.And run away abandoning Cheluvi,Cheluvi is unable to regain her human form due to the missing branches.
> This movie has a lot of hidden messages - A strong message against deforestation, About a essence of a woman, her nature of giving , Cheluvi would earn a living with her sister by selling these flowers yet she lived for her sister
@Jenayah I will not accept form mobile :D and have to dig myself too . On the way to home
okep :P
2:47 PM
Q: Scifi short story about Eiffel Tower destruction threat

Steven JamesI read a short story years ago that aliens were about to invade Earth, but as Earth was united and peaceful it had no opposing force. All I remember is that some agents went on the Eiffel Tower and spoke in front of others that it was a shame the Eiffel Tower would be destroyed soon. The other...

@AnkitSharma You think humanity is doomed because someone likes a film that you don't? Sounds ... inclusive.
@Randal'Thor I think I've seen enough people regret telling me that.
@Randal'Thor it’s inclusive if your exclude everyone ;)
Also, Mockingjay was the best part of HG, at least in terms of what was actually happening (fighting for a better society rather than fighting for the entertainment of the rich). It did get a bit wearing when she was having a nervous breakdown every other chapter, admittedly.
@Randal'Thor anyways liking them is fine but only liking them is little werid
Last two films set me way too off
Even i prefer twilights over the last part
2:52 PM
@AnkitSharma Sure, and as I said, I don't think there's anyone who's sufficiently HG fanboy to only like them to the exclusion of all else.
@Randal'Thor i though you were ?
@AnkitSharma I don't know where you get that idea from.
I'm also a fan of Stardust, for example.
(To my shame, without having read the book.)
Startdust I want to watch soon but not getting chance
I think Napoleon may be a fan of it too.
Unless I'm mixing him up with Valorum.
@Randal'Thor do we really mix those two people :O
3:01 PM
Not usually.
I prefer keeping combustible things apart ;)
3:14 PM
Answer was right \o/
Neat :)
Video helped
@Jenayah that wants [lego-cinematic-universe]
Q: What is this Union Jack with a "QR" inscription in the Lego Ninjago movie?

Skylor EmberI see it a lot in the scene where they are in their HQ and when Nya is talking to Lloyd but I don't know what it means or what it is? It somewhat appears to be spinoff of the British Flag.

Q: Spider-Woman (616) sticks to walls with an adhesive fluid excreted from her pores. Is there a comic-source for this?

rr_colaAccording to Comic Vine/Wikipedia, Spider-Woman (616) sticks to walls with a fluid excreted from her pores. Is there a comic-source for this? Other wikis indicate her ability is actually based in electrostatic cling or the enhancement of inter-atomic forces, but these explanations are essentiall...

@TheLethalCarrot alright, done, thanks :)
3:21 PM
@Marvin The question this is a duplicate of is from six years ago, and I just answered it last week. Coincidence?
Probably not, probs one of those seen it but not remembered things so is at the back of your mind
Also @Jenayah are you creating the wiki excerpt for that tag?
both of them
LCU too
Ah I thought I'd already done LCU
I must have put it off until I decided to doa clean up
We gotta clean up or at least rewrite the wiki
> Questions which ask for identification of SF and fantasy toys built with Lego are on-topic, any others are not, and belong on bricks.SE.
heck not even half of them are ID
and all other Lego tags need a massive clean up but I've been putting it off haha
3:28 PM
@Marvin is there a character whose name begins with a Q?
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, I hate cleaning up the Lego too.
No fun cleaning up, I just wanna build!
Sure they're not in Lego but (my) obligatory references :P
Perhaps it's just a generic Queen Regina, instead of naming a specific one?
Queen Regina...? — The Dark Lord 15 mins ago
@TheLethalCarrot what tags do you propose?
3:35 PM
@Jenayah You forgot:
Was limiting myself to characters named "Q"
not just starting with Q
@SQB I think the tags we have are fine... though [lego-movie] should really be [the-lego-movie]. It's just that they aren't used consistently at all
Q: Doctor Who, the new series *spoilers* Pting

zeroknowledgeeThey said that NOTHING can hold Pting because they eat everything organic and anorganic material. (REF. Season 11 episode 5) Well, my question is, Pting vs Pandorica (the 11'th doctor's prisoncell) who would win?

Q: Short story about scientists playing grooves on old pottery like an old vinyl record

MaryalRead a long time ago so not recent, maybe in the 1970s or 1980s. It might have been Bradbury, but maybe not. Some kind of researchers (anthropologists? physicists?) figure out how to play the grooves on a wheel-turned pot (people have used for more than 5 thousand years!) with a stylus/needle j...

4:03 PM
Q: Science Fiction/Fantasy paperback where a phoenix bird ate jewels like rubies and emeralds

ryanThere was a book I read in the 1980's, a Science Fiction/Fantasy paperback where a phoenix bird lived in a garden, ate jewels like rubies and emeralds. A sorcerer or wizard was one of the characters and there was some kind of garden where the 'lost color' bloomed in a flower. I loved that story ...

4:33 PM
@Randal'Thor No, that's correct. But he likes it very much too, as much as I know.
4:57 PM
"A Flowering Tree" is a short story written by A. K. Ramanujan in his 1997 book A Flowering Tree and Other Folk Tales From India. In actuality, it is a Kannada folklore told by women which is translated by A. K. Ramanujan to English. The story was collected in several versions in the Karnataka region over the span of twenty years by Ramanujan and his fellow folklorists It is a woman-centered tale and attempts to establish a sisterhood between women and nature. This has been regularly done by many feminist writers.Like most folktales from around the world, A Flowering Tree synthesizes two discrete...
Wow orginal story was more weird and graphic
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/196530/98028 OP has now confirmed that was it, can dupe-close
It even got picked by western opera and plays
@Jenayah Did you VTC it?
I think it auto-upvoted the existing auto-dupe comment
5:08 PM
@Jenayah Dupe target OP hasn't confirmed.
It should UV it aye
@Randal'Thor ah crap I thought it was the current Q that lacked confirmation
nevermind then
retracting vote
I hate that there is no way to watch old Indian films/shows
Even torrents fails
Cheluvi only have short YouTube clips and dead links
Not even a wikipedia page
Gather up a few friends who might be interested and order it online, divide the price?
What are these "friends" you speak of? I've never heard of the term
5:26 PM
@Jenayah it's a way to old to even have a DVD. I think I need to ask DD1 :D
Q: Why does lightning hit affects speedsters?

Jeel VankhedeIn the Flash tv show from DC in one scene of "Season 7 Episode 7 (@09:25)", Barry Allen gets struck by lightning and suffers from cardiac arrest. He came back to life by getting chest compressions by his daughter Nora Allen. So my question is.. How a speedster gets affected by lightning? ...

Video-watching service then?
@Jenayah It's not so easy here
@Jenayah if it was easy to get then it must have been on torrents. I think there will be old VCR cassettes somebody have
hope you find it
I tried same for many other older things and failed
Especially for DD1 things as DD1 is government channel and they don't have any streaming service etc
And they don't give a fish about audience
5:37 PM
Some VTD can probably be cast on scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197078/98028 and scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197034/98028... (@TheLethalCarrot)
I'm also struggling to extract the answer part in scifi.stackexchange.com/a/198972/98028
6:02 PM
Flag em and I’ll get em, on phone now and at home so a lot of meh on my side haha
VLQ flag isn't available anymore
You can NaA flag it too though mods may decline... I haven’t checked the answers yet though
NaA flag would probably declined
hence why I called for VTD
also for that self-answer to rise to the top scifi.stackexchange.com/a/178218/98028
Only if the mods beat users haha
there's a mod online, don't know who but various flags get marked helpful quick :P
6:16 PM
It doesn't rreally look like an answer to me.
which one, Spider-Man or DC?
@Jenayah The latter.
also pushed a bunch of off-topic Qs on deletion, for what it's worth... scifi.stackexchange.com/tools
@Alex oh the latter... as said above I didn't get through the whole answer :P
@Jenayah Well to summarize: When the answerer was a kid he thought that Metropolis sounded like New York City, was probably Kansas City, and the authors assumed you would think it was New York City. Gotham was probably modeled on Chicago.
YEah NYC and Chicago aren't close
and in any case aye, NaA then
6:21 PM
Doesn't tell us if Metropolis and Gotham are neighboring cities.
Doesn't tell us how Batman and Superman meet.
Doesn't tell us how they are in the same city.
(The three questions asked.)
NaA spotted
thanks for reading it :P
I flagged it.
you're brave!
It was fun.
we have a different conception of "fun" :P
6:25 PM
@Jenayah Indeed:
Nov 18 at 15:18, by Alex
@Jenayah Well good luck on mistake-finding. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.
right still gotta find that snake thing
@Jenayah According to my research there's something else you still have to do.
that's highly possible
Well at least if my time calculations are accurate.
Which they may not be.
Especially due to reading so many time posts on Meta.
Sep 25 at 21:28, by Jenayah
@b_jonas dang still have to edit that, right
Q: Who are these Multiverse Flashes?

JenayahThe Flash #52 (2018) opens with the panel below (minor spoilers for the Flash War arc). This "council of Flashes" seems to feature the Flashes of different universes. And a different angle right after, revealing even more Flashes. Who are all these Flashes?

Last edited on September 23, 2018.
and IIRC someone suggested a right addition
6:40 PM
Unless you were referring to the answer, rather than the question.
gotta edit the answer
and possibly accept it at some point
Well you did edit the answer subsequent to the comment.
Q: Why didn't the Trace work in Goblet of Fire?

user31512During Goblet of Fire, Voldemort lured Harry away from Hogwarts and into a Muggle cemetery. This was done during the Triwizard tournament to make Harry’s death look like an accident. Harry was supposed to have a Trace on him, so why couldn’t the Ministry tell an underage wizard was performing ma...

Question has ten answers, yet even the best one is only speculation with no cited evidence.
6:58 PM
@Alex "Best" being most upvoted?
@RDFozz I guess.
My scifi and movies both question in HNQ at same time.
@Alex Honestly, I thought Mooz's answer was pretty reasonable. Still not explicitly backed by canon, of ocurse, but at least basically logical.
@RDFozz Well, it's logical, but I don't think it's true. The most important premise (in my opinion) is: It doesn't know for sure sure who the underage wizard was, or the nature of the magic (very powerful dark magic or a simple Lumos). Yet the first half of the sentence is unsupported, and the second half is contradicted by the times that the they knew the precise charm that was used. I also find it unlikely that the trace-monitors abandoned their trace-monitoring to go watch the Tournament.
7:13 PM
@Alex I read that as meaning the traces were still being monitored, but that the people who would take action on a trace report were at the tournament.
@RDFozz Okay, that's a possibility, but even so, I don't think anyone besides a few top officials were at the Tournament. I don't think every case of underage magic needs to go through Fudge. The Improper Use of Magic office should be able to handle it on their own.
I do suddenly wonder if the Ministry has the equivalent of the "Marauder's Map" for all of England. I'm kind of assuming not, or that it's impractical (you've want a version that you could "zoom" in and out of) - but it's an interesting thought.
@RDFozz Well, part of the reason why the question is so hard to answer is that we are never really given any information about the tracing process. For all we know they do have a giant map.
7:39 PM
Q: In the TV show Earth 2, did the colonists actually refer to the planet as "Earth 2"?

user107584As above, I'm wondering if the characters on the show "Earth 2" from the 1990s ever actually referred to their new planet as "Earth 2", or if that was just a catchy title?

Q: ignored tag still shows up in HNQ?

atayenelI recently added "harry-potter" and "fantastic-beasts" to my ignored tags. I haven't seen the movie yet and I don't want to get any spoilers from question titles. While the questions are successfully disappeared from my question feed on computer , I still see them on my phone in the feed screen. ...

8:05 PM
The app doesn't even hide the questions when you're in the specific site. — Alex 12 mins ago
we told you not to use the app :P
8:24 PM
@Jenayah If I listened to everything you told me...
Q: in Star Wars what is the furthest Planet from the center of their universe?

Skylor Emberin Star Wars what is the furthest Planet from the center of their universe? does it have life on it? does it have an appearance in a movie?

ahah, true
@Alex ... you'd seem like a wise, benevolent, intelligent individual?
@RDFozz ... Probably not :P
@RDFozz Well, said person has called me "an unsufferable twisted, bully boy" so...
8:33 PM
Sorry, sorry - slipped into "husband-speak" mode for a moment. It's how I prompt other gentlemen into appropriately flattering their ladies.
For context...
Nov 2 at 18:22, by Jenayah
@Alex you're an unsufferable twisted, bully boy turning into an evil snakelike creature after splitting his own soul?
replyying to
Nov 2 at 18:20, by Alex
5 hours ago, by Alex
@TheLethalCarrot I'm like Tom Riddle.
@Jenayah Context is overrrated.
@RDFozz er... I'm not Alex's lady :P
@Jenayah Oh, I know that. Hence it's being mildly inappropriate, and my apology!
No problem
8:36 PM
(tongue somewhat planted in cheek for all three of my last statements, naturally!)
idiom I don't know?
The idiom tongue-in-cheek refers to a humorous or sarcastic statement expressed in a mock serious manner. == History == The phrase originally expressed contempt, but by 1842 had acquired its modern meaning. Early users of the phrase include Sir Walter Scott in his 1828 The Fair Maid of Perth. The physical act of putting one's tongue into one's cheek once signified contempt. For example, in Tobias Smollett's The Adventures of Roderick Random, which was published in 1748, the eponymous hero takes a coach to Bath, and on the way, apprehends a highwayman. This provokes an altercation with a less brave...
Today I learned
Wait, so does that mean I really am wise, benevolent, and intelligent?
8:38 PM
"humourous or sarcastic"
I mean, you could be, I suppose, but it's hard to tell all that much from a chat room transcript.
Eh, you're clearly not reading it carefully enough.
Q: Is there a map of Kane's Earth that matches modern continents?

Zeiss IkonOne of my favorite fantasy novel/story series is Karl Edward Wagner's Kane -- three novels and two collections that were available before 1980, and a couple newer stories (that I've never seen and wasn't aware of until recently). One of the things I always imagined about these stories was that t...

I think I can safely grant intelligent, at a minimum
Nov 15 at 17:21, by Alex
Sep 12 at 22:50, by Jenayah
@Alex blushes
9:39 PM
@Alex you do remmeber that the guy wanted to cheat death, right? Cheating death by dying multiple times isn't his kind of play IMO
@Jenayah But it's not really dying, is it? Especially if he will be restored immediately.
Just because it isn't technically, doesn't mean it still doesn't feel like it
Plus it kinda give away the Horcrux secret
In any case, note that I specifically did not ask why he didn't do it. I made sure to only ask if there is a known effect, so that we can discount any opinions.
Horcrux secrecy still stands
Are people more likely to figure out that he's using horcruxes if he dies twice than if he dies once?
9:42 PM
Some, probably
Imagine if there was a Hermione-like character at the ministry or whatever
Q: Is there any downside to Voldemort getting "killed"?

AlexA large part of the plot of Goblet of Fire hinges on the fact that Voldemort insisted on specifically using Harry for his rebirthing ritual. As he says in the graveyard: But I knew the one I must use, if I was to rise again, more powerful than I had been when I had fallen. I wanted Harry Pott...

Eh, I doubt any more than would figure it out from what he actually told them in the graveyard.
"uh, this guy died more than once/twice. Let's wrap up every literature about such a thing"
Death Eaters are another matter
though tbh... If you always see your "unvincible" master dying and being reborn... Kind of weakens the effect
Well, you can post it as an answer. I might even upvote it, even if I don't necessarily agree.
@Jenayah Maybe that makes him look even more invincible.
@Alex mmmh... It gets boring at some point :P
@Alex too lazy to phrase it properly
9:51 PM
@Jenayah How about: This is the dumbest question I've ever seen! Obviously Voldemort would not want to kill himself again because then even the fools at the Ministry might figure out that he was using Horcruxes.
1. It's certainly not the dumbest question I've ever read
2. It's not that obvious and Ministry people are dumb
3. Write that as a self-answer if you're motivated :P
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