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12:17 AM
@Alex And now it's not working again.
@Alex :(
let me fetch a horse and a rabbit
12:33 AM
@Jenayah Now it worked again. This is getting eerie.
@Alex they say it's useless to beat on a dead horse, but they never considered beating a rabbit dead with a horse.
Makes all the difference.
@Jenayah Well keep beating it for another few hours so that I can work efficiently.
@Alex sure
just so you know, when PETA knocks at my door I'll redirect them to you
Oct 7 at 22:44, by Jenayah
I guess I'm the one to blame again? :p
these things happen
1:22 AM
Q: Why is Whistler suddenly so concerned about killing vampire-aligned humans?

OmegacronI realize that Blade 3: Trinity is generally considered the worst of the Blade movies, but one part in particular bugs me. Throughout the first two movies, we witness Blade killing dozens of familiars - humans who work for the vampires as thugs, guards, etc. Many of them were killed in fairly pub...

1:38 AM
Q: How did Neo know that the "reality" Morpheus told him was the real world waa not actually just another simulated reality?

Nsubuga KasoziHow did Neo know that the "reality" Morpheus told him was the real world waa not actually just another simulated reality? I mean if he believed Morpheus' explanation on simulation isnt it logical for him to assume that the real world was also simulated. Wouldnt it be the perfect prison designed b...

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2:45 AM
Q: Number of new inbox items is never correct

BuzzI am asking this here, because only the Science Fiction & Fantasy site seems to be affected. They other stacks I am active on are behaving normally. For the last few weeks (at least) every time I have a new notification from SF&F, it pops up a number showing how many new notifications I suppose...

3:12 AM
Q: How did Sophie get on the bus in Halloweentown?

dean1957In Halloweentown the youngest of the Cromwell children, Sophie, says she follows her siblings on the bus. How come her grandmother did not see her get on the bus if she used the front door. If she used the back door Marney and Dillon would have seen her get on?

Q: What do we do about almost duplicate story identification questions, where different editions of a work may differ?

BuzzThis question: Story about aliens nicknamed 'Eechees' who have created a network of tunnels on Mars, raised an issue about duplicates. (The querent has not confirmed accepted an answer yet, but there can hardly be doubt that they are asking about Pohl's Heechee Saga.) The reason that I saw fit...

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4:31 AM
Q: Which Transformers have mental disorders?

TransKasI know those like G1 Red Alert is paranoid, Beast Wars Transmutate is Autistic, Armada Wheeljack perhaps have (or at least use to have) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Animated Blitzwing with Split Personality Disorder. I would like to know others that have mental disorders as well. I don'...

4:46 AM
Q: 80s sci fi film with quest to replace lost female droid companion?

David DeHartI vaguely remember watching a science fiction movie with my mother sometime in the 80s (I was born in 84, so I'd be quite young at the time).. The movie was from the 80s, and this is what I remember about it: The main character has a female "companion" droid that looks just like a human female. ...

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7:03 AM
@Jenayah what was it?
Print tickets.
Check "save ink/toner".
Get tickets with barcodes so light that they probably won't scan.
Print again, normal settings.
Use more ink than when having done that the first time.
1 hour later…
8:13 AM
@FuzzyBoots If you didn't know when you "Edit" in a Low Quality Post review it completes the review. Hence if it should be deleted it won't be because the review is dead now
@FuzzyBoots Oh and also should only be added when the OP tells us it's a novel. If all they say is book the Q should have the tag until identified.
2 hours later…
9:58 AM
@SQB plop
Q: Late 70s-80s sci fi drama movie about kids in spaceship since Earth had become uninhabitable

Raquel RossI saw this film that was shown on a projector when I was in about 2nd grade (in the 90s) that was so moving it stuck with me since. I’d love to be able to find it. I don’t believe it had been made recently but I’m not certain (could have been made in the 70s-early 90s). I don’t remember many deta...

@TheLethalCarrot Good to know. I guess I was seeing "novel" as a book in general rather than a film or short story. Where do we differentiate?
Unrelated, but they registered \o/ @SQB
10:16 AM
Q: Looking for a Harry Potter fanfiction

MirimiI read that fanfiction a tear ago and I cannot find it again This is about Lucius and Voldemort being the mate of Harry Potter. They are demons. I remember that all of the funders are in the fic too and they are demons too also many things happen in the chamber of secrets. Harry became friends wi...

@FuzzyBoots It really comes down to [books] for anything not confirmed to be a novel/novella/short story/etc. and then the specific media tag when OP confirms what it is. Not the best system but avoids mis labelling things
10:34 AM
Obviously only if they say "book" or it's clear from the wording it's likely a book of some sort. If unclear what it is at all it's fine to just tag with [story-id] on its own
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11:34 AM
{nods} The lack of ability to button link on the mobile phone wouldn't be so bad if they didn't also remove the automatic preview... :-P So it becomes kind of a post-and-check.
@FuzzyBoots Manual is [link text](link) or [link text][1] with [1]: link or [link text][link name] with [link name]: link
Noted. I just tend to forget that on the spot. :-p
I know the markdown and use the full desktop site on mobile anyway haha
I get ya
I personally find the full site with responsiveness turned off works best for me on mobile
Can be a bit annoying because some of the dialogs jump around and it's not always easy to click an element accurately but a worthwhile trade off for me
11:59 AM
@Fuzzy Last seen 5 years ago and unregistered... you're optimistic
@Jenayah yeah!
12:30 PM
@TheLethalCarrot ^_^ Doesn't cost anything, and I was already there, fixing the post up.
Aye I know... always worth a try
12:43 PM
Y'know just in case they didn't wipe their cookies in four year's time
Unrelated but why that migration from Arqade? Is this off-topic for them?
I'm not too familiar with Arqade anymore but it's down to it's more about the story/plot than game mechanics
I think it might be on topic on both but a better fit for us
Sure and I like it better here but too bad for Arqade
Just "how do I get unstuck at level 18" questions aren't that great
Well one of the mods migrated it (obviously)
Greetings, Earthlings.
It was actually closed as off topic over on Arqade so maybe they don't accept questions about plot: gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/339751/timeline
12:55 PM
And thanks for the votes and the revival badge. I am still the undisputed leader in .
Hmmm Twilight appears to be mainly a drive by tag for questioners. Most of the top questioners only have 1 Q, some 2 and 1 3
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
Yeah. And much the same for people doing the answering. Except me.
I'm working on another of the unanswered questions, but I have to look a couple of things up.
Is there a SEDE query or stuff to know which tags you're top answerer/asker in?
I'm curious now
@Jenayah With all of the high rep folks on this site, probably none unless it's a niche tag or you have a tag badge.
1:02 PM
It's on the tag page
@TheLethalCarrot sure but looking them up takes time
@Donald.McLean niche tags for the win
If you want to check them all sure
If you want to know for a particular one isn't too bad
in The Screening Room, 20 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
First Look of Ruby Rose Batwoman
We don't have AoN anymore so shared here
Agents of Nothing I think
1:05 PM
I'm also top in
@TheLethalCarrot yes good old days
@Jenayah You can use queries like this one or my one (wish I had known about the first one before writing that from scratch!) and modify it to loop over all tags and select top one
Also several versions of Ruby Rose ahah
The first is the official "top answer" measure i.e. most answer score in tag, mine is modified to add in answer count
Nice to see a gender fluid actress playing a lesbian superheroine . #Diversity
I hope they right this charter better then Ray and Sara Lance
@Donald.McLean congrats
1:13 PM
Miles away from a tag badge in either, though.
I'm top user in ;)
If you talk abotu movies & TV then my stats can be better
If we can do that then I'll run for mod on M&TV and talk solely about my contributions on SFF ;P
I still remember when in 2015 I was thinking about what to write in my nomination :)
1:17 PM
Something starting with "I want to put my hat in the ring." perhaps?
"I'm Ankit. Vote for me. Kthxbye!"
At-least I didn't made cookie promise which I never got
BTW @Jenayah instead of the trash, /rooms/1 is the official sandbox. Room ID should be easy to remember...
1:33 PM
@AnkitSharma just to clarify the "several versions of Ruby Rose" I was referring to is this character also named Ruby Rose
@TheLethalCarrot I know I know
I've almost got the query working, just need to filter to one user per tag
Turns out I'm top answerer in where this character is from eheh
Q: ghost story book from late 80s cat coming from wallpaper

lo murphylooking for a book of ghost stories from the late 80s. one story included giant cats coming alive from bedroom wallpaper? another story was of a ghost sat in armchair? another was of a haunted portrait, I think.

1:46 PM
@Jenayah This is close to what you want but my brains gone blank on how to get distinct tags
@TheLethalCarrot cool, thanks! :D
@SmokeDetector Probably not spam but I would say it is rude
@Jenayah had no idea
@TheLethalCarrot That's spam.
Weird spam, but of a kind SFF somehow gets lots of.
buy vampire blood?
seems legit
1:57 PM
How is it spam? A likely fake email address seems to be all that could be spam
they are selling a product
Just cause it's fake doesn't make it less spammy I'd say
@AnkitSharma we both learned then :D
It's in the same genre as the witch-doctor spam.
(Yes, SFF gets lots of witch doctor spam. The internet is weird.)
> I want to make known to every one a hindu lord whom perform transformation rituals of beings into powerful predators. [...] if you are interested contact the hindu lord, Vampirelordtransformerchanging@gmail.com
They're advertising vampire conversion services.
That's rude/offensive trolling, it's not spam... unless of course what they say is a real thing
No, it's spam.
2:01 PM
I wouldn't say it can be spam if the product/service they are advertising isn't real
If I see a post advertising penis enlargement drugs, I'm not going to check whether they actually work before deciding whether or not it's spam.
Buy my stuff at myabsolutelyrealzstiuff.com
^ spam
Right but in that case the product is probably real, in this case there's a 99% chance it isn't
@TheLethalCarrot Do we not delete "send money to this Nigerian prince" as spam because there's no real Nigerian prince?
Spam is for advertising a product, I don't remember a clarification on whether the product might be real or not
2:04 PM
Well that's a different use case
This to me, was R/A trolling not spam but meh all that matters is that the post was deleted
@Randal'Thor what do you mean there's no real Nigerian prince?!
Nuuuu my money
@Jenayah True but this post, in my opinion, wasn't for advertising the service it was merely to be offensive and troll
@Randal'Thor you already linked it there IIRC
How is it offensive though?
How is what offensive?
2:09 PM
The said spam post
I think
It is offensive towards Hinduism from my reading of it
Ah, might be
I don't know enough about Hinduism so that it triggers an alarm...
@SmokeDetector Oh @Rand you might want to delete that
Also "vampire" is a bad keyword for Smokey?
2:13 PM
I've been emailing a vampire spammer like this for... months.
How has Smokey not killed itself yet with SFF keywords then ahah
in Charcoal HQ, Sep 27 at 21:28, by Mithrandir
3 months. 19 email threads. 103 emails.
Post 'em
2:15 PM
@Jenayah This was from 4 months ago. I should update it at some point: gist.github.com/superplane39/9051d58d1099f63ad967a61edf284773
@TheLethalCarrot Done. Thus making our entire conversation incomprehensible in the transcript :-D
Wow. Someone posted a dup, and now the question it is a dup of gets a lot of views and my answer has got four upvotes from that already.
@Mithrandir Proof if proof were needed, that Mith has a sad life.
Obviously this sort of thing also happens when someone posts a new spam answer, or when someone edits a question or answer, etc.
@Randal'Thor :P
2:17 PM
@b_jonas Happens. Sometimes I get drive-by upvotes just because a new question links to one of my old posts.
But I think this time it's the dup.
@Jenayah This is what the inbox looks like for the account I created for this purpose:
@Randal'Thor Sure! I put such links in answers and comments all the time.
(Yes, as @Rand said, proof that I have a sad life.)
I get some spam too, but I can easily ignore most of it. But in exchange, I have a nice permanent public email address that people can contact me on for useful things too.
2:21 PM
@Mithrandir ahahah
@Mithrandir lol
Send a dollar to the poor guy
Just one
And tell him your 7 and 0 keys are broken
I'd have to create an account and get money in there somehow for that, though...
(This is not an uncommon pastime for Charcoalers, trolling spammers... :P)
This one is also fun: gist.github.com/superplane39/c0e6d719255629a7eaf2e1b302da43c2 They actually gave up on me after a while :P
Oh yeah I remember that one
3:12 PM
3:41 PM
@Jenayah This work for ya?
Q: Comic/graphic novel about a girl who lives in the moon

oryxandcakeI think it was aimed at children, and I read it some time in the 90's. It involved a man who travelled to the moon, and found a tunnel. At the bottom was a girl whose tongue was replaced by a small snake. She said that the snake reveals a person's true self when it bites them. He let it bite hi...

4:01 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I'm tag leader on 6 obscure tags, and @Jenayah on two.
Ah nice, don't think I am in any but then I didn't look through the entire list
The user link appears to go by user ID, which is better than nothing.
And didn't bother altering the query yet to just show where you are leading
@TheLethalCarrot Also leading in 6 tags.
Ah so I am
4:06 PM
@TheLethalCarrot will have a better look on computer but you rock :D
None of which I even recognize.
@Jenayah Thanks, though a lot of the work was done by someone else haha
This one to look by user:
Oh cool, I'm also in the lead for 6 tags.
@TheLethalCarrot this is easy when you've memorized your user ID :D
4:08 PM
Yup I know mine too haha
I'm going to post the 3 queries to meta tomorrow
@Donald.McLean neat
They're quite fun to look at if you care haha
And RWBY season 6 incoming soon ;p
Aaaaw will have to work on that Venom tag
4:11 PM
I might have some (possibly) obscure SFF questions to post at some point soon.
@Mithrandir those are the best
@Jenayah It's weird that the venom tag page shows you at the top, but the query does not.
Who needs Star Wars when you can have a question on an unknown, untranslated obscure work even the author doesn't quite remember :D
@Donald.McLean I think TLC mentioned something about answer ratio
Which makes sense
One of my life goals is to be a published author and answer questions on this site.
Otherwise that guy on the number 3 monster story-id would be quite high in story-id too ahah
4:14 PM
@Donald.McLean SEDE only updates weekly and the query takes into account answer score and count
Top users for tags only shows answer score
@Donald.McLean or someone answers it before you and you just can't do anything else but comment "yep, totally that" :p
Jenayah falls lower in the list in my query because she doesn't have as many answers
Oh blimey season 6 trailer for RWBY is out
Although almost twice the score
Have to wait for the roomies to watch it ahah
4:16 PM
The query isn't great... it needs tweaking slightly on the score threshold but I had to settle on something
Otherwise it would only really look at score anyway and that's sort of pointless
1 more answer and she'd be top though
The three queries so far are: top users in a tag, top user in every tag and tags where a certain user is ttop
Want any others?
(ping me if you do, I'm off home soon)
@TheLethalCarrot not much more to add to the current questions though
C'mon Sony movie do your magic
4:33 PM
Q: When did the Sci-fi genre start?

Hermione GrangerI have been wondering this for a while now.When did the science fiction genre begin.Basically I would like to know the early history of Sci-Fi.

5:05 PM
@Jenayah As long as their answer is reasonably close to "correct", in which case I upvote and say "Good job". Obviously, there are different interpretations, so someone else's answer may be correct in their opinion, but not the same as mine.
@Donald.McLean well you kind of would be the authority in this case
Q: Spider-man comic-book issue that [probably] is related to the final scene in Avengers: Infinity war?

ShreedharI recently came across this image of Spider-Man which is very similar I'm looking for the exact source of this snap-shot (intended pun here); the comic-book issue etc. Also, is this the original source on which: were based on?

5:59 PM
@xkcd Just ordered one from China yesterday for <1$ with free shipping
6:39 PM
"Suffice to say, the HNQ (as we know it) is now looking at numbered days"
Q: Revisiting the "Hot Network Questions" feature, what are our shared goals for having it?

Tim PostSome things happened yesterday that caused a need for us to (quickly) remove a site's eligibility to contribute to the list of hot network questions. For those of you not familiar with what we've come to call the 'HNQ' list, please visit the link; the list of questions shown as 'hot' on stackexch...

Get your posts in now while you still can.
6:53 PM
Q: Doesn’t Dementor’s kiss cause any harm before sucking the entire soul?

F PI didn’t read the books so my image comes from the movies. We see that sucking out the souls take some time, so if Dementors can’t do it completely, it’s like nothing happened? No permanent affect?(loosing good memories for example)

7:23 PM
@Marvin They had a permanent effect on Dudley: "Blimey, Dudley," said Harry over Aunt Petunia's renewed sobs, "did the dementors blow a different personality into you?"
7:35 PM
@Alex PTSD is more likely
7:46 PM
@Jenayah Personality Transformation: Starring Dudley?
@Alex ahahah
8:26 PM
Q: Are these figurines from any recognisable franchise?

SQB As a kid, I played with these plastic space soldiers, lovingly painted by my grandfather. I just rediscovered them and immediately wondered if they're from an actual franchise, or just sprang from some manufacturer's imagination. I assume my grandfather used his imagination and whatever colou...

@SQB might want to include when you were a kid
@Jenayah Eighties. Added.
Oct 10 at 15:49, by Jenayah
Some day I'll understand how we're supposed to know when people were in high school :p
@Alex happens to the best of us ;)
I guess some day has not come yet.
8:36 PM
The third one's wings look a bit like Astérix's
or the Gauls' in general
ooooh the shark gun just looks grey because the paint came off :/
@Jenayah yeah, I think it was gold as well.
@SQB meh
I like the shark gun better
googled shark gun not disappointed
@Alex I want to say Dumbledore knows because Dumbledore just knows things, but Malfoy I ouldn't remember how, and especially that both know that each other knows is quite something. Good question, +1
8:52 PM
@Jenayah Indeed, as I wrote in my answer to a different question: First of all, he's Dumbledore. As Harry so eloquently said at the end of Philosopher's Stone: I think he knows more or less everything that goes on here, you know.
Q: How did Dumbledore and Malfoy know about the DA coins?

AlexDuring the confrontation between Malfoy and Dumbledore right before the latter's death at the end of Half-Blood Prince, they discussed how Malfoy had been communicating with Madam Rosmerta: Tell me, how have you been communicating with Rosmerta? I thought we had all methods of communication...

Is there a good English word that describes the phenomenon of thinkng of the same thing as someone else, as in this situation?
In Hebrew we have a great one-word way to say it, but in English it seems to require a whole sentence.
@Alex what, something like a variation of telepathy?
Q: Is there an alternative to the word "coincidence" to describe when two say the same word spontaneously?

n0nChunIs there a word to describe a scenario where two people having a conversation utter the same word/phrase together, simultaneously, and unconsciously? Something else than just a coincidence.

^ I like "synchronism"
@Jenayah I'm thinking more along the lines of just expressing that I thought of the same idea, not necessarily taking into account how or why I thought of the same idea.
@Alex I don't quite get the subtility
no matter the how or why you eventually did think the same
About your question, was the DA made public somehow? I don't remember
9:01 PM
@Jenayah Right but the word "coincidence" is a description of the how/why not the actual fact.
@Alex ah, true
@Jenayah Well at least a whole bunch of people knew.
The members, the Ministry, (some of) the Inquisitorial Squad.
The Order of the Phoenix.
@Alex is it possible Malfoy snatched a coin from a Weasley and made a quip about them having a Galleon?
and later on realised "oh hey shit that's how they did it"
Malfoy is a jerk but he's not stupid
@Jenayah Possible, but in the scene where Malfoy busts the DA there was no mention of anyone finding the coins.
@Alex do we know if they carry it on them though?
There were two Weasleys in that scene IIRc
9:05 PM
@Jenayah which makes him 50% better than Harry.
@Alex "bakes". Lol.
@SQB What? (As I pull a Rand.)
@Alex you know your post's history is still visible though, right? :p
@SQB not a strecth to assume your grandfather was Dutch as well?
@Jenayah Well Hermione says: “I mean, even if Umbridge asked us to turn out our pockets, there’s nothing fishy about carrying a Galleon, is there? which seems to indicate that they were meant to be carried around (at least some times).
@Alex for a Weasley it is fishy
9:11 PM
Oct 14 at 19:41, by Rand al'Thor
user image
@Alex isn't that a mod thing?
@Jenayah Am I not a mod?
@Alex no blue name :/
I will not press that button because I'm a fan of baking Malfoy at least 50% better than Harry.
@Mithrandir ahahah
9:14 PM
Q: ModColorFix for Chat

CalvTJust a very very simple userscript that changes the moderator usernames in chat from blue to green. Requested by and built for @doppelgreener on becoming a mod. Link to Github Repo Link to install Any problems, ideas, etc, drop me a line here or at Github, and I'll see what I can do :)

@Alex still no green name
@Jenayah Well, all right, if you want him to be dead
@Alex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Jenayah Does that mean that what I said makes no sense?
@Alex means I don't really have anything to reply but I don't want to blank you so you get a funny ASCII art shrug
9:27 PM
@Jenayah Ah, just wasn't sure if you got the reference.
@Alex didn't get it quite away but Google helps
every single HP sentence is on the internet
and pretty sure SFF's got at least 80% of the books ahah
i've been meaning to do a project to check that actually, but i haven't had the time
In the meantime, and on a totally unrelated note, have a cute otter pup video:
@Jenayah Oddly enough, that's actually relevant to:
Sep 7 at 18:06, by Alex
@Jenayah It's funny, there's actually a Talmudic debate about this very question (or a slight variation of it) and the answer given there is very similar to yours.
@Alex well there's also the fact that with you I'm 95% sure it's going to be a HP quote
there's 4% for Hunger Games
and 1% for Artemis Fowl
in this room I mean
like, you probably wouldn't quote a very specific part of the Talmud and expect people here (well, at least me, in this case) to get the reference quite away, I think
9:36 PM
hey, i can recognize quotes from all four of those, whee
@Jenayah True. though that might have kind of just happened.
@Alex mh?
@Jenayah I didn't get a chance to explain why I referenced my earlier reference of the Talmudic debate, because the explanation requires another quote that I have to find. So I think you might have misinterpreted what I meant with:
11 mins ago, by Alex
@Jenayah Oddly enough, that's actually relevant to:
@Alex ah!
9:57 PM
@Jenayah And the plot thickens because the quote no longer seems to exist.
@Alex mystery!
@Jenayah I'll try to avoid a repeat of the last mystery:
Sep 23 at 21:36, by Alex
@Jenayah Well I hope you're not staying up for this...
@Alex nope
I can get around searching missing badges explanations but missing Talmudic quotes are beyond my reach I reckon
@Jenayah Well the actual quote that I'm looking for is not from the Talmud itself, but from a later commentary.
@Alex riiiiight, because I have even more knowledge of Talmud commentaries than the Talmud itself :D
oh hey wait
any chance this is the commentary by that French scholar who was talking about his brother?
10:05 PM
@Jenayah Well to be precise, it's not even a commentary to the Talmud. It's a commentary to a code of law that is a compilation of earlier codes of law that themseves are derived from the Talmud.
@Jenayah I'm impressed.
@Alex yeah there's way too much noun complementaries in that sentence ahahah
But no, this is something else.
I never did get the answer to that one, though.
@Alex I thought you wanted to order the book online or something?
10:08 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, never got around to convincing myself that it would be worth spending the money on the book just to look up a French sentence and ask you what it means.
@Alex fair enough :p
@Jenayah Though now that you brought it up again, who knows, may be I will.
@Alex you've lost me and I study this stuff
@Mithrandir ahahah
that reassures me somehow :p
@Mithrandir Yeah, when I write it out like that in English it sounds strange. In short, I'm looking for a quote in the Chochmas Shlomo, one of the commentaries to the Shulchan Aruch.
10:13 PM
That's more understandable :P
10:25 PM
Q: Book where a human is purified by aliens

ColinI have been looking for a book for years, but have very little detail about it (if it's even right). I don't know title or author. I do remember that I enjoyed it immensely! What I can remember is (I think), there was a farmer (boy/man) who looked after sheep or cattle and aliens (I think they w...

10:59 PM
@Marvin we almost need a tag for cat-like aliens ahahah
> but just because it doesn't have any inherent effects doesn't mean one should not considerate the related ones, I think
I obviously don't have a witty metaphor at the ready but I'll think of one when I'm far away from a computer or a phone ahahah
@Jenayah True, but it means that there is no specific magic of the dementor at play. The same effect would be present from any traumatic enough experience.
@Alex sure sure
By the way, I sort of found the quote.
@Alex what is it then?
@Jenayah Give me a minute to translate it. But emphasis is on the "sort of", as I'll explain later.
11:23 PM
@Jenayah The background was the Talmudic discussion about whether someone who has a broad mastery of, and remembers, all the information is superior to someone who does not know as much, or remember as much, but has a sharper intellect. The former person is referred to as sinai and the latter person is referred as charif, and the Talmud's conclusion was that sinai is superior because you can't do anything with the sharp intellect if you don't have the broad knowledge base to apply it to.
You mentioned that you were able to figure out my Harry Potter reference because every word of Harry Potter is on the internet. My original comment saying that this was relevant to the Talmudic discussion, was based on the following quote that uses a similar idea to argue that the Talmud's conclusion is no longer applicable:
In my opinion there is no proof from the Talmud, because in their times when books were not printed "sinai" was superior. But now that a person can find what he is looking for with a little bit of searching, the reason of "everyone needs the owner of the wheat" is no longer applicable; therefore "charif" is superior because he can produce from his mind, while it can't be produced on its own.
So essentially the point is that you no longer need to be an expert in the Harry Potter material because you can easily find anything with a quick internet search.
Hope that makes sense.
@Alex on a very specific example, granted, but overall I'd stick to being a sinai
First of all because the search tool isn't always available
Second of all because even when it is available, while you can search a lot you produce a better search (=fastest) when you know what to hit for, and such things you know because of previous knowledge which is stored into your brain
@Jenayah Interesting you say that, because some of the later commentaries who cite this quote also disagree with it.
Third because the Internet is the very proof that sinai rules :D think of the Internet like a big database. The stuff has always been there (sinais), but some others couldn't remember all this stuff but had the means to skip that and build a useful search tool (charifs).
11:38 PM
@Jenayah True. Also the very fact that even with the most powerful internet search tools I couldn't find the quote, even though I had it in my own memory kind of shows that knowledge/memory is still important.
Point being, the Internet we use everyday revolves around the idea of "hey sinai guys, you rock, we need to access your knowledge so we build a tool for it" rather than "hey charifs guys, your wits are amazing, woah you built a neat tool, here we're giving you our knowledge database so that you can we can use the wits"
the way I see it at least
and of course I'm biaised :p
@Jenayah Though it was probably the charifs who built the internet to harvest the sinais' knowledge.
@Alex yeah that's my first point
the need for knowledge was there before the need for wits :p
@Jenayah I meant that they used their wits to realize that they needed to create a machine to contain the knowledge.
@Alex yeah, but didn't they do that precisely because they needed the knowledge? Rather than just for fun
11:43 PM
Q: Why did Cersei say yes to Ser Gregor to kill Jaime? {in season 7}

AryanaIn the episode where Cersei meets Daenerys and everyone else in dragonpit, Why did Cersei say yes to Ser Gregor to kill Jaime ??

@Jenayah Agreed.
Never underestimate what a computer programmer will do for fun
@RDFozz never underestimate what realities I will bury in order to get an argument :D
can't argue with the "hey this looks fun" argument
@Alex ... Neither is superior - they're both better suited to different tasks and for some tasks different proportions are better than in other tasks. Also, in e.g. a team, you'd want a mix of people
Partially related, is that "sinai" naming related to Mount Sinai?
like in their meaning or something
11:48 PM
@Jenayah Yes.
@Mithrandir24601 True. In the context of the quote, they were discussing who should be appointed as the head rabbinic teacher.
@Alex how so? :)
@Alex Ahh. Makes more sense, but I'd still stick with saying that neither is better and that they'd just be different (assuming everything else is equal, I suppose)
@Mithrandir24601 one can still have a personal preference though
@Jenayah Traditionally speaking, all the laws were given to Moses on Mount Sinai. (The exact parameters of that is, of course, subject to debate.) By referring to the guy as Sinai we are saying that he has complete mastery of the laws given at Sinai.
@Alex aaah hence the legitness (well, more "legit" than a charif) for a Sinai to be appointed head rabbinic teacher
So am I to assume charif comes from soemthing like this too?
like an event with someone displaying tremendous wits but poor memory or stuff

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