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6:08 PM
It's 2 am.
The fear is gone.
I'm sitting here waiting.
Q: Fanfic identification

LegoLoverThere is a fanfic I'm looking for where harry is pulled back into the time of the founders by Gryffindor's magic after he is tortured by Voldemort. The founders then train him and he becomes a phoenix animagius and a fire elementalist. He saves the kings life and is knighted. every one thinks he ...

6:38 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/194314/98028 this kind of questions make me wonder if we should have an tag. We do have an one, but it's incredibly murky.
Q: Kindle book, girl with blue and brown eyes living with mom and step-dad gets impregnated by artificial means

Dacksh It's about a girl with blue and brown eyes. She lives with her mom and step dad. It's a place where boys and girls shouldn't talk. Her boyfriend's name is also Joseph. I don't remember the book name nor the book title. They impregnate her using someone's sperm or something.

Q: Why would Charon ask John whether he'd need a dinner reservation?

ClockworkIn the universe of the "John Wick" movies, there's several hotels accross the world, called "The Continental". These hotels, which are mainly (if not exclusively) for hitmen, have several set of rules, including but not limited to: Carrying out a contract within the building. Fighting or kill...

6:57 PM
@Jenayah Not really needed in the title but I can't really remember what that edit was at the moment haha
@Jenayah hm... don't know about that. Are books often e-book exclusives?
Also, if I've read I, Robot on an e-reader and I post a request, am I looking for an e-book?
, yeah, sure.
@SQB kinda? All the stuff that goes into Wattpad and stuff, without being fanfiction, is still a book though?
Or whatever we would like to use for that. I don't think we have a tag for that, or do we?
7:00 PM
@SQB yeah that sounds nice too, though less intuitive
@SQB nope
@Jenayah Better without it I think, not that needed in the title and I was adding info
Weird. Even though there are quite a number of ID requests looking for online fiction, we seem to have never needed a tag.
Or never thought about it.
@TheLethalCarrot yeah but I don't know, the timeframe feels important, you know spot on if you won't identify t for instance
like if you never read 50's SF short stories
@SQB this one could have used it:
Q: Online post/short story, about potions that give you different powers

RealGigexThis was a post I read a few years ago (I can't remember which website). It was a typical quiz of "which power would you choose?", but someone took it to the next level and posted a short story that had 8 (or 6) characters who all chose one of the powers, and the story was pretty amazing IMO. The...

(most recent to come to mind but there are others)
I'm not too against but meh
Granted only te Q can be tagged
26 Qs include "kindle" scifi.stackexchange.com/…
doens't mean it's kindle-exclusive but hey
7:29 PM
Q: How do the Iron Man suit thrusters work?

Patrick MutukuTo fly like Iron Man does, a great deal of energy is needed. Stark solves this by inventing a miniature arc reactor with a new element powering it. Supposing the energy is there, how is it converted to thrust?

Q: How can the moon be in the first quarter and in the new moon phase on the same night in H. G. Well's "The Invisible Man?

Vaibhav JoshiIn the novel The Invisible Man (By H.G. Wells), chapter 17 and 18 appear somewhat contrasting in the description of the night sky. In chapter 17, the author portrays the sight of a faceted pavilion, pier glow, and the moon hung in the first quarter. The next chapter says "the night was very quiet...

^ this one's for you, SFF
Tags for large sources of online fiction wouldn't hurt.
@SQB I don't think they all qualify
Q: Short story where candidates in a competition used an online database to answer a question

Peter HullThis was a short story which included a competition, in which the participants had to use an online database to find the answer to a complex question. It was something like "What was the stock price on the day when the temperature reached its highest in the city where..." It was definitely pre-G...

for instance
@Jenayah no, but that's where the human factor comes in.
I4m tempted to push this to Meta, to be honest
@SQB sure sure
7:39 PM
@Jenayah Go ahead
I'd meta it, new tag you're on about?
@SQB I'll start redacting, hope the Wifi sticks around long enough :p
Definitely seems useful, although a bit blurry around the edges: is something you've read online, ?
Surely, online-book or something is better than online-fiction?
I'm only half reading so not too sure what you're on about
@SQB if it's kinda unofficial, posted on Wattpad by cuteKitty123, yeah
@SQB if it's a book in public domain you read on Gutenberg, no
7:43 PM
@Jenayah that's what I mean, yeah. Or published online but collected in print later.
Still, useful.
I don't think I'd include e-books as a separate tag.
Where you got the book from might be pertinent to the question body, but not the tagging.
@WebHead in hindsight, yeah, isn't the best
Ebook or not, it's still a novel, short story, ya, etc.
But there is a kind of work which is only online, and that narows the scope enough for it to get a tag, I'd say.
7:45 PM
Only if no one's printed it.
There's a webcomics tag, so something similar for online writings does make sense.
I can imagine people looking specifically for the combination of [story-identification] [online-fiction] (or whatever we'll call the tag).
I'm thinking of things not published in ebook format
? That could include other media, such as film.
@WebHead of course, you can't know for sure until its IDed, but if you really think it wasn't, it can be useful
7:47 PM
I was being facetious there ;)
This one for instance clearly would not have een published:
Q: Online post/short story, about potions that give you different powers

RealGigexThis was a post I read a few years ago (I can't remember which website). It was a typical quiz of "which power would you choose?", but someone took it to the next level and posted a short story that had 8 (or 6) characters who all chose one of the powers, and the story was pretty amazing IMO. The...

Yeah. , , , something like that.
@Jenayah TvTropes calls those "web-original stories" and "webcomics"
I like
That works really well.
7:51 PM
If it's not an original looks odd though?
eg. scifi.stackexchange.com/a/78658/4918 and all of the sci fi stories of Sam Hughes alias sam512 alias qntm, of which we have several story-id questions also are
If its origin is the Web, it wouldn't use that tag.
@b_jonas yeah sounds good, clear enough
Once again no gurantee that it's indeed original, but in that case, human factor for the win?
If people add I'll back it. It's a category that we've apparently lacked.
7:55 PM
Original meaning "Has origins in" not "Is new or novel" even if it is a novel.
English FTW
As self-declared "Head Tag Nerd", me saying "I'll back it" makes me feel like my opinion matters, lol
works for me, too.
All self-published shorts on YouTube would fall under it, too.
I have a question about one of sam512's stories that I should post, but it's complicated, I'll have to take time writing it, because I need quotes from like five different chapters to show all the apparently contradicting evidence.
To make it a good question that is. I don't want a one-line question with no motivation.
And podcasts, toq
8:02 PM
So we don't need podcasts of vlog tags
This video (Golden Earring - "When the Lady Smiles") scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. (Warning, possibly NSFW depending on your W; content warning: sexual assault).
It was the ending that scared me, though.
And it's the ending that makes it on topic here.
Slight dystopia.
@SQB I didn't know Cruella took up rock singing.
Holy sh- McGyver is there too! :D
Proposed wiki excerpt For questions about works originally published on the Internet, such as stories from personal websites, web magazines, podcasts, animations or videos. For webcomics, use [webcomics]
@SQB in any case, a Lady smiling is nice, but I prefer my Lady lying
@Jenayah r/nocontext
8:15 PM
Q: Why were Vandal Savage and the Flash due for a reckoning?

PetersaberI was rewatching one of my favorite Young Justice episodes, "Coldhearted" (episode 20 of season 1). In it, Vandal Savage distracts Kid Flash for a while, hoping to prevent him from delivering a heart to a very important patient. Before the fight, Vandal says this: When I heard the authorities...

@b_jonas was that Andy Weir story a Web original?
Q: Can Silver Surfer kill Galactus in comics?

user931In the end of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie, Silver Surfer killed Galactus. I couldn't digest it because it was Galactus who awarded Power Cosmic to Silver Surfer in the first place. I haven't read too much comics of Silver Surfer, but as per Silver Surfer cartoon of 90s, Galac...

9:24 PM
Andy Weir had some and a webcomic
Q: How did K know Deckard was being transported to the airport?

JacToward the end of Blade Runner 2049, Officer K decides to attempt to rescue Deckard from Wallace's control. Deckard is being transported to the airport on Wallace's behalf by Luv when K intercepts them. How did K know where to find Deckard? Earlier in the film, at least two other locating strat...

10:15 PM
Q: Was Thanos really waiting for all these characters to die?

Donatello SwansinoThere's been a theory floating around the Internet that Thanos waited so long to make his move to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet because the most powerful beings in the universe were still alive? The characters I am talking about are Odin, Ego the Living Planet, and the Ancient One. I re-watched ...

@Jenayah I think so. galactanet.com/writing.html specifically says that The Martian is now published in a book, I think it's implied that the rest of the stories are web original. If you wanted to know for sure, you'd have to ask Andy in email, his email address is displayed on the page.
I don't know how responsive he is, I've never talked to him.
@b_jonas ok then! It's merely to flesh out my Meta post though, so I don't tink I'll email for that, but thanks for the answer :)
@Jenayah If you want more examples, TvTropes is full, plus there are sites full of web-original fan fiction, mostly bad quality.
@b_jonas I'm excluding an-fiction since we have a tag for those
@Jenayah Other examples are Scott Alexander's stories, I think all of them are web original, but he only has one book and like ten stories, almost all sci-fi. We've had a few story-id and other questions on them.
Just search for "Scott Alexander"
scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/unsong is the book; scifi.stackexchange.com/a/193644/4918 is probably the best one among his short stories, although slatestarcodex.com/2017/02/27/a-modern-myth is also a contender. All three of those are SFF. Probably all his stories are.
Oh, and scp-wiki.net for which we have a tag scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/scp-foundation is also a collaboratively written site of SFF short stories in a somewhat fixed format in a shared fictionaly universe.
10:31 PM
@b_jonas oh yeah, good catch!
There's even a SCP video game.
11:25 PM
There, posted.
@Jenayah Was it "tonight" for everyone?
@Alex oh come on :^)
@Jenayah Sorry, I can't help it.
Yeepee, first downvote, that was fast ahah
@Jenayah But I wouldn't downvote for that.
11:32 PM
@Alex oh wasn't implying that was you, sorry if it felt so!
@Jenayah Nah, I realized that.
Just that you can feel how whatever qestion entitled "Should we have XYZ tag" is touchy :')
Q: Should we have a tag for original web content?

JenayahContext Tonight, we discussed in chat how some story-identification questions might use a tag to point out that the story tackled was originally read/watched/heard/whatever online. The discussion starts here. The thing is, more and more content is likely to be encountered digitally nowadays. F...

11:46 PM
Q: Why is Pinety asking Geralt about how he fishes?

BlueMoon93In Sezon burz (the Witcher's Season of Storms), the sorcerer Pinety has this conversation with Geralt. "Have you ever angled, Witcher? Does hunting attract you?” “I hunt when I have an urge for a fish. I always carry a line with me.” Pinety was silent for a long time. “A line,” he...

Oh,ugh, I wouldn't have bothered with the meta, really.
Making new tags that fit our standards doesn't need deliberation. When there's exceptions to those standards, or confusion, that's when you should post a meta about it.
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