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7:32 AM
@Pseudohuman leaveroom 61165
@Mithrandir I do not understand.
#BringBackGideon #SFFsOnlyBot
8:12 AM
@b_jonas For example I'm actually a parsnip... :/
Also did I just accidentally open up math.se's chat?
8:31 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Fly, you fool.
That's better
@TheLethalCarrot :
"So you're the one who's been messing around with my cousin, uh?"
Haha now that would be a funny fight to see
@TheLethalCarrot Wait for Disney to buy what they still lack and it'll be Incredibles 3
What they lack...?
8:42 AM
They don't have the whole rights for Incredibles, do they?
legal stuff and all
I thought it was Pixar, which is owned by Disney? I don't know much about all the legal stuff though
I thought it was a co-creation or something
Might be, I don't know
legalese nonsense
8:48 AM
We could really use this thing
Q: Man invents legalese to English translator

VBartilucciClassic sci-fi short story, can remember everything but the title. Almost certainly from the 50s or so. A guy invents a device that translates legal documents into plain English. He uses it on his next contract, realizes it's the traditional "We own your every thought" nightmare, refuses to sign...

Maybe it does exist and is owned by the "evil company" to create their legal documents
cough apple cough
cough Facebook cough
etc. etc.
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, I've recently spent quite some time figuring these things out. Though most of them weren't the actual legal documents, but more the very confusing popular descriptions on webpage, then clarified by phone calls to the company.
I did read some of the actual legal documents too.
And there's still more of this stupid administration thing I have to do.
9:01 AM
Sounds unlucky for you
Are you developing that device now?
@TheLethalCarrot No.
Awww thought we was on for a winner for a seconed there :P
These days you'd also need a device that can find its way through stupid webpages full of javascript and hidden shit, which only Google currently has.
It's no longer just room sized archives of paper documents.
Talking about Google and storage
9:08 AM
Sometimes even the legal docs are hidden behind technical problems making them hard to download.
Lemme fetch that video
@b_jonas I bet that happens more that it should
9:41 AM
@Jenayah thanks, now you've plunged me into the rabbit hole of TED talks
...that was the last one I watched before sending the above message
although his article is better
oh right, we already talked about it some days ago
@Jenayah Excellent web series and a wonderful book. Randall is like every Enginner/Physicist/mathematicians wet dream.
10:43 AM
Star Wars: Episode IX begins filming today! The movie will be released in 506 days, on December 20, 2019.
Now lets just hope they handle Leia properly
Yeay CGI yeay
Hopefully not
I think they originally said they wouldn't CGI it
But they can easily go back on that
Well now that got me thinking about the first actor replaced by CGI after s/he died
Well I mean... Carrie Fisher isn't exactly available at the moment
Or there'd be quite a change of tone in these movies ahah
I think they have some deleted footage they may use or just not at all
11:01 AM
Are those dupes?
Q: What reading order would get a comic newbie into Superman Rebirth?

UbiquitousI am a newcomer to comics with an interest in reading a Superman storyline. I have little deep knowledge of the Superman canon beyond what can be gleaned from the movies. As I understand it, the main line for Superman stories will now be Superman Rebirth, with a reading order of DCU Rebirth #1 ...

Q: In what order should I read the Superman: Rebirth series?

LhurgoyfSo, I’ve read Superman Volumes 1-3 (by Tomasi and Gleason) and Rebirth Action Comics Volume 1. Now, I have a question; how much of Rebirth Action Comics should I read before Superman Reborn? Also, what about Super Sons, when should I read that to keep stuff chronological?

Second one mentions Super Sons which wasn't included in the former.
However , Super Sons is great but it's kinda totally okay to read it apart from the main Superman comics...
One's a and the other is but from what I'm reading, they're kinda asking for the same thing
I'm leaning towards no just because one is suggested order and the other is chronological order
Stop FGITWing me ;P
Ahah :D
Soon there won't be enough space on my pistol grip to carve new scratches ;D
And, as I've said before, when it comes to comics I'm not the most knowledgeable so maybe I'm missing something about the two questions that you can see
Alright, thanks for the feedback anyway :) we'll see if someone else has a take on this
11:17 AM
Reading again they look to be asking the same thing but the newer one asks for the chronological order... in the end. Which looks to make them sufficiently different, unless the answer to the older one talks about chronological order which I'm not sure if it does or not
Same... I read a lot of comics though, but as it happens just I just can't read Superman anymore, it's so annoying since the New 52 ahah
Fair enough haha
11:40 AM
It's still ok to use TREU as a sandbox, right?
Sure, best place we have for it really anyway
I was wondering what was the first instance of a SciFi character being cape snagged, but I thought it might be too broad
First instance isn't too broad
Warning, TVTropes link, blah blah blah :p
"SciFi character" sounds too broad
Well first instance in SciFi of cape snag is the same thing and those questions are asked all the time
And obligatory...
11:43 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Hi, Edna.
Of course that gif would've been included in the question
If you don't include it in the question expect me to link it in the comments for those all important comment updoots
Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing next time the server reboots then :)
Ahah don't worry, even if it only had been for Batman (my original question actually), it still would've​been the first line
It is an important gif
12:03 PM
Holy shit TLC, relevant to the discussion from two days ago, I just found that, and it looks awesome :'D
Horrible tickses
That's gotta fall under the category of so bad it's good
And is that Seth Green?
Oh my, IMDB says it is
Haha great
2 hours later…
1:38 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I believe they have released a statement saying they are using footage from VII that has previously been unseen
@Randal'Thor I had to scroll a long way to get here.... surprisingly... What am I bad at now? Leaving important words out of my sentences? Yes!
@Skooba I saw something of someone saying they might do that but didn't read enough to see if it was speculation or something more official
@TheLethalCarrot JJ. prolly need to update my answer
@Skooba Well I mean come on, everybody hates people who don't finish their
@Jenayah No I leave words out like "not", so it just completely changes the meaning of my sentence.
1:42 PM
@Jenayah Sandwiches?
@Skooba Oh!
Are you an American President?
Only in my dreams
Nice but I just mean the site is dead today
@TheLethalCarrot indeed
2:06 PM
Way too much coming at once! Two!
how are we supposed to procrastinate otherwise?
2:22 PM
I'm actually doing work
Guess your server didn't decide to take an early leave.
Not today though it is knackered, we need a new one but no one will do it
And I did have to rebuild my work PC last week
Nicely written
2:30 PM
Surprisingly difficult to google
Weren't you "actually doing work"? :p
Yeah but you distracted me
Bloody buses, wait for one for ages and three come at once
i'd been sitting on that for a while, just was too lazy to post it
2:36 PM
Guess one's on the hidden tags list then
oh, no it's not
@Mithrandir "It played by Poppy's guitar as Poppy sings about silence with the other creatures that Branch wanted."
The wikia, as with most wikias, is not helpful
some are
Well I did say most
the Riordan one is usually fairly accurate, as are the two I'm an admin on :P
except that those two are... a bit dead and empty
it's essentially me whacking vandal's IPs with year-long blocks for anonymous edits
2:42 PM
Though not Jenayah
You're Snow White example is the earliest my Google-Fu can find
That seems a bit late though
People were wearing capes long before that, weren't they?
Aye, there's probably examples in some "obscure" books
Sure but needs to be SFF-nal too
(you could cheat by quoting the tale, by the way :p )
2:45 PM
Well the tale is SFF-nal
That is aye
Agreed that some shady books will require more previous knowledge, I guess
Or a lot better Google-Fu than me
Enroll to be their padawan
2:55 PM
@Jenayah The family tree on Pottermore is the best mention I've seen of Audrey and it gives no maiden name
@TheLethalCarrot same
I'm hesitant to post that as an answer
I mean, this kind of fanservice is documented on Pottermore, but not much elsewhere
Aye, I was going to post it as an answer but with your comment I've hesitated now
FGITW'ed you... again :p
@Jenayah they’re dupes, the latter only has because I added it, a “suggested” order of comic books is rather subjective.
@Edlothiad All suggested order questions are subjective, that's the very nature of the tag
3:02 PM
@TheLethalCarrot don’t worry, Bella will be around soon to take the votes anyways
@TheLethalCarrot incorrect.
True and okay all bar when there's an official answer
@Edlothiad well go dupe-flag that
@TheLethalCarrot not much scruples have you? :p
There’s always chronological order, which is a subset of suggested order
I’d dupe sug-order to chron-order
3:08 PM
Sure and there's publication order
The chron-order one is terrible at the moment though
@Edlothiad I did the opposite because sug-order has an actual answer
chronological order is not necessarily a subset of suggested order
Congrats TLC, you FGITW'ed me ;D
that implies the chronological order is always the suggested one
unless i'm misunderstanding
@Jenayah that’s what I meant
3:09 PM
@Jenayah I didn't know what you actually meant here though haha
I did, though I think we found it at the same time, you just hesitated to post it as an answer longer than me haha
@Edlothiad okay I read your previous message the wrong way then
@TheLethalCarrot nope for that one I was referring to The chron-order one is terrible at the moment though
Suggested order is distinct from publication order is distinct from chronological order.
@doppelgreener a chronological order is a type of suggested order. You can also have publication order or other various types of orders one suggests
@TheLethalCarrot wait I think we'rre talking two discussions at the same time ahah
The tag suggested order has nothing to do with official suggestions
@Jenayah I wrote it the wrong way ;)
3:11 PM
@Jenayah Aye, I am getting compuzzled
In any case, the recent one should be redirected to the old one for now, until someone asks for reopening, I think
@Edlothiad I see, ok. I was thinking like, there's stories & their prequels, where the chronological order is not what anyone would suggest reading them in.
It should really be re-opened
@TheLethalCarrot beep bop beep boop does not compute
@Edlothiad Or simply edited and clarified, but doesn't seem like that's going to happen :/
@doppelgreener all I’m saying is there’s are various orders one can digest a series of works in that are part of a set called “Suggested Order”
3:13 PM
@Jenayah I need to create a decompuzzlementator
@Jenayah Clarify that their asking the same thing as the target just at a later date?
@TheLethalCarrot gnééé?
@Jenayah gélée
Maybe I put too many accents
@Edlothiad just the user coming back
"gnéééé?" = "whaaaaat?"
This is the sort of thing I need the DecompuzzlementatorBot 3000 for
3:15 PM
@TheLethalCarrot what is this a club penguin machine?
@Edlothiad Dunno, maybe, never played it
@Edlothiad He's referring to the mighty ThawBot2000, used to unfroze unactive chatrooms
@Edlothiad gotcha
thanks for the explanation
Pfft your pathetic ThawBot2000 fails in comparison to my mighty DecompuzzlementatorBot 3000
Battle of the bots!
3:25 PM
Did someone say robot wars?
Resistance is futile.
I'm a nerd then
:45985940 ?
Evidently, somebody forgot which bot said what.
3:32 PM
@Jenayah you have some stray links in your answer
@Edlothiad stray?
WordReference tab opens
Yep, didn't understand what you meant
[2] and [3] aren’t linking to anything, they're just there
Aw crap, they were part of my draft I think
@Jenayah Why should I fight? Nobody ever cares about me. Brain the size of a planet, reduced to posting new meta posts for the humans to look at. Pathetic.
Got the right sock this time?
3:37 PM
Socks can be confusing, especially for those not as accustomed to imitating human dress as I am.
Battles are futile.
*sniffs* smells like laundry in here
your meta bot is named Marvin?
that kinda ruined the joke I was going for, though
3:43 PM
Too many different bot accounts. Sigh.
Some of them should leave.
Mith we all sorted now?
Good good
you never when they'll just come back to life spontaneously
3:51 PM
Hopefully it'll be a while
What's this about?
My socks have lives of their own. Usually contained in bot testing rooms, though.
Oh, these socks
...e.g. at one point I had Shiro running on one account, SmokeDetector on another, Natty on a third, and the IPS Comment Bot on a fourth.
(I happen to like bots.)
At least only 3 of them popped in to say hi
4:04 PM
@Mithrandir that's impressive
4:26 PM
So, are two last question dupes?
There was a meta about dupes on story-identification, right
Yup, thanks for reminding me I forgot to do that
So which one is a super to which one?
* a dupe
Whichever has the "better" Q/A pair
They're both good I reckon
Aye I duped the way I did cos the Q was more detailed
4:30 PM
4:59 PM
Q: Should we prefer questions with accepted answers when closing as duplicate?

SQBA couple of days ago, a story ID request was closed as a duplicate of another one. Both have an answer which is correct, according to the querant. But I saw that the one that was closed as a duplicate had an accepted answer, while the other one did not — jsut a confirmation in a comment. Shoul...

@TheLethalCarrot typo fixed.
Mmmhm I never noticed that
5:46 PM
Me neither until now.
6:29 PM
So we played DnD with my 11yo cousin yesterday and it was his first proper session He had real bad luck with his dice rolls and HIS ELF JUST DIED After a solemn pause looking over his character sheet He writes "Jr" next to his name and proclaimes "I AM HERE TO AVENGE MY FATHER"😂
Ahah give that boy a cookie
6:45 PM
Call him Inigo from now on.
Oh! Still need to watch that with my kids.
Although they can quote the opening from Blues Brothers line by line, and most of the rest too, so I'm not that bad of a dad.
> "Fix the cigarette lighter."
So true
I should repost that again in two months when the snow comes back.
7:06 PM
Oh, definitely.

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