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12:17 AM
@FuzzyBoots I perceive it as generally good that you ask so many story-id questions, mostly because (1) they are well-written good questions (2) you don't ask so many that they drown out other stuff, and (3) you also write story-id answers to other people's questions. I just did the query because I was curious if you were really the first and who else has many story-id questions, and a little bit curious about other tags too.
Also, I don't remember as many stories I'd read as you or other story-id askers, but this isn't the only reason why I don't ask story-id questions. The main reason might be that I mostly read stories extremely narrowly, that is, I just read more stories by authors I already like, or otherwise related to stories I've already read, have difficulty founding new authors I like,
and I've done very little reading on anthologies or journals that collect stories from various authors. As a result, there's few stories that I remember but can't track down, and even among those, most of them are stories I don't like but are still stuck in my head, and I don't want to track them down or read them again at all.
There are some exceptions, one I asked as a story-id and one I eventually found with some internet searches. Plus I had a few cases of minor confusing between similar stories of the same author, while knowing the author correctly.
12:38 AM
That's one very long floof here.
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1:49 AM
Oy... in-laws. Not mine, directly, but my brother's wife has apparently been nursing a seething hatred of me for six years, to the point where she sees my attempt to civilly communicate with her as "sociopathy".
She insults me, says I'm too stupid to understand what she's talking about, then turns around and tells me I'm stuck-up and too much of an intellectual. She's told me that she hates me and what I stand for, and tries to insinuate that everyone else in my family hates me as well. It's, well, textbook sociopathy.
Sorry. Needed to vent. I feel better now. :)
That sounds rough. Glad you could vent.
2:18 AM
Do you guys get paid for what you do? if yes, my question here not yet answered. please look through it. well I dont know how things work here.
3:08 AM
Nope. All volunteers. Here for the fun. :)
Admittedly, they could flesh out their comments into answers, although it kind of gets into speculative material, what the director meant.
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4:48 AM
Q: Why does the site think my question is subjective?

GGMGI recently asked this question on the scifi stack exchange. After I typed the question, I got a blurb that said "The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed." I'm honestly curious why I got that. There's not a doubt in my mind that this is an objective yes/no answer ...

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7:50 AM
@user89575 That would be great. No, we're all a bunch of nerds wasting our life in front of the computer trying to help people we've never met with questions about universes that don't exist. But it's a hell lot of fun, otherwise we wouldn't do it.
@FuzzyBoots Interpersonal skills comes to your rescue, or a punchbag. But we are a good ventilation system! ;)
@Gallifreyan o_O what is that?
@Narusan that's an awesome way to put it.
We all have no lives.
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10:24 AM
11:06 AM
oh man, an old question of mine has 99 votes
so close to a badge
11:24 AM
@tobiasvl well all right then. Here you go.
(But only because it actually is a good answer).
hehe. of course! of course. I would never grovel and beg for upvotes ;) thanks
@Mithrandir Looks like an Ermine to me.
11:42 AM
ah, yes
@tobiasvl congrats!
@user89575 comment of the year.
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4:00 PM
I just hate it when book reviewers on Amazon rate the book and not the quality of the print. I'm not gonna browse through Amazon to find books that I want to read, I want to know whether the 5 bucks on the hardcover are worth their money.
While I'm at it, does anybody know if there's a Discworld Collection with all the books Terry Pratchett has released before his death? There must be, I'm certain...
Greetings, Earthlings.
In order to get paid to answer questions, I would first have to be paid to read books and watch movies/TV. Ok, now I have a new dream job.
@Donald.McLean I mean isn't that what a "critic" is... well at least a critic who gets paid?
What's the link to page that helps people write identification questions?
@Narusan Fairly certain there isn't.
@Skooba I guess it's a question of emphasis. A critic gets paid to write critiques, so when they're watching/reading, they are focused on things they want to talk about when writing the critique, not on remembering so that they can answer questions.
4:21 PM
@Bellerophon My poor delivery guy then. 41 books are a lot to carry. Pity he didnt write on more, would have been a nice nod to Adams.
And my poor wallet. 400€ is a lot...
On another note. I would get the discworldemporium.com/21-discworld-collector-s-libraryeditions. They are a bit more expensive but nice covers.
@Bellerophon Jesus, that would add up to 600 bucks. Apart from the covers, do. they have any other advantages? I'm reluctant to spend 5€ per book just for the cover.
Would it be that much? I've only ever bought one or two at a time so I never realised how much it cost.
They're not worth the extra cash if you are trying to buy lots at once.
@Bellerophon 41 * 13€... Also, I have somewhat 5 of the other books, so I'm probably gonna buy the cheap version
Q: How to ask a good story-ID question?

Rand al'ThorOur top tag is story-identification, with nearly 6000 questions, many of which are new users' first posts to the site. Many of these new users need some guidance on how to ask a story-ID question well (include as many details as possible), and established users often need to leave comments along ...

4:41 PM
@Donald.McLean True. A big difference there.
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5:58 PM
Q: When should we go to the [movie]?

DCOPTimDowdThe description for the tag movie is as follows: Use this tag when specifying the question is about the movie version or adaptation of a story. This raises a couple questions: Could this imply that the OP is looking for answers specific to the movie version of a work, and thus unintention...

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