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12:58 AM
Q: Children's book about a boy travelling in space with a wolverine

IanLooking for a book about a boy travelling in space with a wolverine. That is all I can remember. Read in the 1960s, so could be written in, I would guess, the 1950s or 1960s. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

1:42 AM
Q: Book about a woman in a wheelchair who ends up getting pulled into a game she was playing; in the game world, her chair has mechanical spider legs

EllianaI can't remember the name of a book I would like to reread. It's about a woman in a wheelchair that plays a game that she ends up getting pulled into. She is in the game world in a chair that has mechanical spider legs so that she can get through the world.

2:25 AM
Q: Sci-fi anime in which a main character had a robotic-looking arm and was in a war or part of a rebellion

B-FOXI remember, vaguely, watching an anime where a main character had a robotic-looking arm that was orange and was in a war or part of a rebellion. Other characters also have mechanical enhancements, I believe. Just want to look it up and see if the show is any good. Unfortunately, these are the onl...

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6:04 AM
Q: Looking for an older fantasy series with 4 books

Jess SeawolfSo I read this book series a very long time ago, no one seems to remember the book series except for me! From what I remember, there were 4 (I believe) books in the series. Hardcover books, yellow, green, red and blue covers. They had maps on the inside of the cover showing where they were in the...

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8:36 AM
Q: Story about giant insects occupying earth

j4nd3r53nI remember reading a (short?) story in which Earth was occupied by insectoid overlords, mostly larger than human-sized, but apparently somewhat modifiable. This was probably some time in the 70s in a Danish translation. The story centered around a female, insect-teacher, who was in charge of a gr...

9:41 AM
Q: How do Spider-Man's pockets work?

galacticninjaIn the Secret Wars #6 (2015) comic book, there was a humorous scene that revealed Spider-Man (Miles Morales) had been carrying a burger in his pocket. This detail seems a bit odd to me, considering that the Spider-Man suits of both Peter and Miles are skin-tight, seemingly leaving very little to...

10:24 AM
Q: Looking for the name of an old East Asian sci-fi movie

user175159I’m looking for this live-action movie I used to absolutely LOVE when I was a kid, however I don’t remember much about it and would so grateful if someone could figure what I’m talking about. I think the language was Mandarin, but I’m not 100% sure. But all I remember is that there was a group of...

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12:36 PM
Q: Book identification: Sci-fi with hero with leash - title similar to 'Resurgence' or 'Resurrection'

Dharmesh PandyaI am trying to recollect a book (most likely a series). Hope someone can help me with the title. Following are the things I can remember, I read audiobooks: Book is pseudo sci-fi. It has a main character - who can bond himself with a leash. It has a lot of royal houses that compete with each oth...

12:56 PM
Looks like another appearance change happened this morning. The tags are now much bolder for me.
1:12 PM
@SeanDuggan Yep. I don't know what monkey they have doing these changes, but the tags are now much more prominent than the actual questions.
Which makes sense, I guess, since there's no value in being able to read the questions.
Q: An old cartoon(?) about Martians being flat (2D) so we can't see them through telescope

Piotr KepkaWhen I was a kid (in late 80s) I saw once on the TV a cartoon (or maybe a movie for children) where the idea of Martians being flat was introduced. So this is why we can't see them through the telescope: they are just 2D and we need to be close to the Mars to see them from above. That was on the ...

1:28 PM
I just love how SE loves rolling out features that were possibly announced months ago, so that we all could completely forgot about them, until they smack us right into face (eyes). — Resistance Is Futile 43 mins ago
1:42 PM
Q: Sci-fi Star Battleship Design

LezzzI was designing a 500-meter, Yamato-like 'super battleship' for a science fiction story I was planning, but I'm not sure what weapons it should use. My current idea is for twelve 18-inch three-gun turrets, one hundred 5-inch two-gun secondary turrets, ninety 8-inch two-gun secondary turrets, two ...

2:04 PM
Q: Science fiction short story where a boy eats cereal with coffee creamer

JesterI've looked everywhere but I cannot find this story. I read it in 2017 on a school education site, or some other school assignment. From what I remember, the story goes: A boy wakes up in his house and finds he is all alone. His doors and windows are all boarded up, but he cannot remember why. He...

@Jenayah Heh. Fortunately I still had a tab open on a question that I hadn't updated, so I just copied the previous style into Stylus, and it's all good (for me).
Of course at this point my Stylus overrides for SE are starting to look like a full page description...
Eh, I might grab that style class of yours some day :D
2:26 PM
Q: Science fiction story about settling a planet with Adam and Eve

BK DharI read the story in a science fiction anthology in the early 80s. Two human forms, one male and one female were put on a planet by an advanced technology starship. A plot of the planet was made habitable for them by the technology of the starship. They initially could not stand each other but eve...

2:47 PM
Q: How does the Rick and Morty multiverse work?

Den4ikAfter Cronenberg, they travelled to the Replacement Replacement Dimension. Did this dimension exist before Cronenberg? Since dimensions have numbers, doesn't that mean there are a finite number of them and new ones cannot be created?

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4:36 PM
Q: Manhwa with FL psychosis and needs true love to feel normal

LemonI'm looking for a manhwa I believe where the FL one day believes everything in her world is fake and is going thru psychosis/schizophrenia. The FL's mother went thru something similar until she met the FL's father. I think it was in a historical setting too.

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5:42 PM
Q: Are there laundry rooms on starships in Star Trek?

Sovereign InquiryI've occasionally heard casual remarks about getting uniforms cleaned, but how do they clean uniforms? How about blankets and sheets, towels, casual/formal wear, and any other articles that are bound to get dirty at some point? I don't ever remember seeing crew members carrying around baskets of ...

6:25 PM
Q: Movie or maybe TV series in which someone has a total blood replacement operation to save their life

jameswilddevI have a vague memory of a scene, either from a movie or TV show, in which a character has all of their blood drained and replaced in order to save their life as there's something in their blood which is lethal, maybe pathogenic, such as a zombie virus? I think someone explicitly mentions that i...

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7:26 PM
posted on May 21, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Sometimes I save a rant for 10 years and finally decide it's not a thinkpiece, it's a stupid joke. Today's News:

8:16 PM
Q: Does Star Wars have the technology for Matrix-style simulations?

JohnI was watching a video from the Youtube channel, Modern Day Eratosthenes and the Youtuber gave an example of Star Wars style prosthetics as the technology necessary to create a simulated reality like that of another sci-fi franchise, the Matrix. She also said that once our prosthetics are two-way...

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9:44 PM
Q: 60's or 70's scifi tv episode where a robot was stuck repeating an out-of-date action

EmilyTrying to remember the exact sci fi tv episode - thinking it was a black and white so either original Twilight Zone or Outer Limits - where robot/android keep doing same thing because his programming was not updated. And the action he kept repeating was oppressive, violent, prejudiced (?) behavio...


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