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2:08 AM
Q: Why is these patronses for these characters?

Mini88881Harry and Dumbledore's patronuses really speak to their owner and exemplify them well, but why Hermione's, Luna's and Ron's? He saw Ron’s silver terrier burst into the air, flicker feebly, and expire; he saw Hermione’s otter twist in midair and fade; and his own wand trembled in his hand, and he...

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4:41 AM
Q: Movie where the only survivor from a space colony or expedition is found and recovered by a ship. He turns out to be infected and turns evil

OldTCI am thinking that I have seen this in the 1990's or 80's but am not sure. I did not see the complete movie and don't know how it ended or began. When I started watching it, they recovered a guy that was in some kind of escape pod. The crew wondered how he managed to survive. The medic of the cre...

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8:49 AM
After a discussion on Meta, I decided to ask this here. I remember seeing a Q&A on this site about scientists watching into the future with a device that only allowed for seeing, but, every time they revisited the same period, Earth turned into an apocalyptic wasteland and every observation made the apocalypse closer. I have tried googling it with every combination of terms I could think of, but no results. Does anyone here know which Q&A or story if was?
Hi again 👋 I don't, but I'll happily try searching. Was that about a book?
@AndreaJens This one?
Q: Short story with a scientist going into the future he looked at with a drone, and returning with a humanity-killing creature on him

XGouchetI remember reading (maybe half a decade ago) a short story in an anthology featuring time travel. The story followed a group of scientists sending a drone to the future and watching the video of the future afterwards. They started getting puzzled as each time they sent the drone, it returned with...

Oh darn, it might have really been this one! I totally forgot about the butterfly thing but this really seems it.
I feel like an idiot. This didn't turn up in my searches, despite making use of -, site: and other keywords on Google
... Yeah it's definitely it. I guess I indeed deserve a clown award. Out of curiosity and for my personal betterment, how did you find it so quickly? I have tried using search terms like "future watching apocalypse closer" or "end of the world nearer every time watched" or every permutation of the terms, but couldn't locate this :/
I'm the number one advocate of "SE search sucks, browse SFF through Google", but seeing the question that you tried Google already, I tried minimalistic searches on SFF. [story-identification] scientists future is:q did the trick, I have no idea how the "Relevance" tab in SE search works, but it was among the first 10ish results here. I'd have gone through all 114 of them anyway, I'm a sucker for hunting down stuff 🤣
9:02 AM
Sometimes, less is more. Duly noted. I usually avoid SE search field because it doesn't really work well with synonyms and is not fuzzy for badly recalled keywords, but in this case I should have made use of it
Thanks again for your help and time!
Clown award denied! You did put a lot of work into searching that, all to your credit :)
You're welcome, happy reading!
Q: Fantasy book, red haired female protagonist, royal family, warrior

imdixiebtwI found this book back when I was in 9th grade (2017) in my school library but I'm sure the book is older than that. It probably belonged to a series. Here are a few things that I recall. Don't remember the name of the book Or the author so I'm hoping someone could help. • Female protagonist, red...

9:47 AM
Q: Who are these characters on the Secret Wars #7 (2015) cover?

galacticninjaThe cover of Secret Wars #7 (2015) by Marvel Comics features a vast array of characters from various universes within the Marvel multiverse fighting Doctor Doom. (I've seen Johnny Glazed / Goose Rider in there [Earth-8311, Spider-Ham's universe]). While some are easily recognizable, others are mo...

10:30 AM
Q: Please help me find the series about becoming invisible

invisible46509The show is about two teenage friends who find a formula in an old book that makes objects invisible. To make the invisibility potion, they find an old book in the library and borrow chemicals from school. They use the instructions in the book to make the potion. The reason the author of the book...

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4:27 PM
Q: Short story - Protagonist is a young boy whose parents traveled in Africa. He has treated leprosy and is socially awkward

Sean DugganThe story was one of an anthology I read in the 1990s, I think, from a book discarded by the local community college. I remember several of the books were by T. Coraghessan Boyle (must have had a teacher who was assigning them) so it might have been one of his short stories. The protagonist is a ...

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6:09 PM
Q: The Unforgiven in Cordwainer Smith stories

Royston NealeG’day, Who were The Unforgiven in Cordwainer Smith’s stories? Cheers.

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7:15 PM
Q: a super hero cartoon with a main character with no powers in a school full of heroes

ahmad malakeit's a super hero cartoon about a kid with no powers in a school full of super heroes with powers and his friends also have powers (and i'm pretty sure one of them was a goth girl, she became the queen of slugs in one episode) the main character's hero costume was a cape and an underwear outside ...

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9:06 PM
Q: Cyberpunk noir book with sex ameoba, early 2000s

StorySearcherI read this book back when I was in college, which means I can pinpoint the years to 2002-2004. I also remember quite a lot of detail about it, so I can practically write out the entire story here. The setting is your usual cyberpunk capitalist dystopian future. The main character is a noir-style...

9:28 PM
Q: How to become a witch: Fiction Novel - Girl finds a how-to book about witches at the library

EdwardI read this in 90s but the book might've come out in the 80s. A girl at her library finds a how-to book about witchcraft in the children's section, among other how-to books. She's been at this library her whole life and never saw it before, so it catches her eye. She, her guy friend, and her litt...

10:06 PM
posted on May 19, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Just gently closing the door on ever giving a TED talk there. Very nice. Today's News:

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11:43 PM
Q: A short "Detective story" without detectives but with a Fantasy element

AlfredI call it a "Detective story" because I read it in a detective stories magazine in French I borrowed in a "street library" then I returned it there. I had to be "before Covid" because I have stopped doing that since January 2020. But not much earlier than that, probably in 2019. The magazine, how...


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