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2:04 AM
Q: Looking for a book I read years ago

Vatsa PandeyProbably read this around 2014-2017, was a weird one, but interesting, so it was set in futuristic/scifi, and there were two species, humans and this other alien one, they had this weird thing where the humans thought they ate eyeballs, but they ate candy eyeballs?, and In the beginning the MC, a...

Q: Looking for A book i had as a little boy in the early 80's about a rocketship

Ryan VaseyIt had a small paper rocketship that I would push across the page and through little slotted holes to get through to the next page. It was very cool and I'd love to buy a used copy but I'm having trouble searching as I don't know the name or any details

2:27 AM
Q: Who is the 19th century human character mentioned in Brass Man (Neal Asher)?

bob1In the Neal Asher novel Brass Man, the character Dragon is philosophizing on the theme of human failings with the passage: Temptation ... There was a saying attributed to a nineteenth century human character who seemed famous more for his sexual proclivities than his ability with a pen... or qui...

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3:58 AM
Q: Historical romance manhwa with a strong red haired female lead and a younger white haired boy

LetíciaI am looking for a historical romance manhwa that I once read in which the female lead is older, has red hair and fights with swords. She is from a noble family and has to protect a white haired boy from the royal family. The boy suffered a great deal in the past and the female lead was the first...

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5:06 AM
Q: Very short story about a macho astronaut on an all-female planet

BuzzA friend of mine remembers a very short (just a page or two) science fiction story in which a macho astronaut landed on a planet of women, who were first amused then irritated by his chest-beating mannerisms. When he insisted on proving his valor against mortal peril, they injected him with a di...

Q: Have any recent sci-fi novels given us a piece of tech or science that is an innovative original idea?

MaxSci-fi was always innovative and prescient but as the years passed; there really haven’t been a lot of innovative concepts being created in sci-fi. This may be because of the so-called slump in science in the real world but I don’t really think sci-fi should have that problem. It is always thinki...

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7:45 AM
Q: Science Fiction movie which used Eagles from Space: 1999

M. A. GoldingI seem to remember seeing a science fiction movie in the late 70s or 80s which seemed very cheap. As I remember, it eagle spaceships from Space: 1999 were used as alien spaceships instead of the flying saucers you would expect. I think the plot had something about aliens coming to Earth up to no...

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10:25 AM
Q: Dracula's family

Danny Mc GJust been listening to the song Monster Mash and it mentions Dracula having a son "The zombies were having fun The party had just begun The guests included Wolf-Man, Dracula, and his son The scene was rocking, all were digging the sounds" I've seen a couple of versions of Dracula on screen but I'...

10:43 AM
@Marvin I love this question
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1:50 PM
Q: Aniara Spear - One of many sent to destroy the Earth?

MattIn Aniara, the large metal Spear was made of an "unknown" material, so if we take this to mean "Alien" in origin and open the possibility that this Spear may have only been one of many launched on that trajectory, then this could have been part of a group of "Planet Killer" objects intended for t...

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5:39 PM
Q: Help in identifying a 70's? (or 80s?) Graphic Novel about a swords and sandals protagonist that founds a space faring kingdom that lands aship onearth

lordguan88When I was a kid, I remembered finding a very old comic book (I think it might have been from the 70s or 80s) that had a unique plot. The comic opens up with a spaceship with a space crew that was all dead landing on earth, and nobody knew where they came from. The ship also contains an archive t...

5:56 PM
6:24 PM
Q: Old TV series about a blonde alien girl who can read minds and a man who must help her

Sebastián LalauretteThis show is almost certainly from the 80s, maybe early 90s. A long-haired, slender blonde young woman arrives on Earth escaping from some organization, I think, and encounters a man who has to help her. (He might be from the CIA or a cop?) As soon as they meet he has sexual thoughts and she acts...

Q: Worm fanfic where Amy/Panacea winds up with a goth girlfriend associated with Youth Guard

FuzzyBootsI was recently reading a Worm fanfic (one of the ones I asked about before) and the Youth Guard, a group in-universe who operates to try to prevent exploitation of youths with superpowers, came up in the story in association with Amy Dallon, aka Panacea, one of the major healers in the universe. ...

6:53 PM
Is smokey taking a day off?
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7:55 PM
Q: Movie about space with monsters with rock tentacles/spiderlegs

HarshI remember watching a movie where there’s a group of spacefarers on a moon/desert like planet. They have gotten stuck on this planet. It’s pretty barren except for these tall rock pillars every now and then. They decide to spend the night in the middle of once such cluster of pillars. They might’...

8:18 PM
Q: Science fiction book - defending earth with space shuttles

JoeRead this a while ago: the space-opera theme of aliens attacking Earth. The defenders fly "space shuttles" armed with rockets (perhaps originally intended for meteor defense). Notably the Earth defenders win because the Earth has a power station in orbit transmitting down to the planet via a mic...

9:04 PM
Q: Why is a Green Lantern's weakness the color yellow?

Donatello SwansinoWhen "Batman" tries to argue that he should lead the Justice League, he says that Green Lantern can't lead because Your weakness is the color yellow. [...] If you're going to stop a mugging and the guy's wearing all yellow, what're you going to do? Out of universe, I assume yellow was chosen as...

9:27 PM
Q: Book Identification: sentient tanks, a fake war, fighting on the heart of a gas giant scoured by a neutron star, medical AI run rampent

Serge FjetlandI am trying to remember the name of a science fiction book I borrowed from a library in BC, sometime between the years 2005–2008. I don't believe it was part of the Bolo series, though have had that suggested a couple times. Book starts at the end of a fake war on a planet, which the public beli...

9:49 PM
Q: Movie that included an AI that goes rogue and ends up decimating the human race

BlazianSageI believe it's a SF thriller movie, possibly based on a novel, featuring an artificial intelligence that eventually gets/takes over a body at the end. I think the movie starts and ends in a dystopian/apocalyptic future with a female survivor of the AI's initial rampage and tells the story of how ...

10:35 PM
Q: Toy Shop by Henry Maxwell Dempsey

gnasher729I just read the short story “Toy Shop” by Henry Maxwell Dempsey aka Harry Harrison. An inventor sells a toy space ship that can fly - by means of some cleverly hidden wires, plus some unexplainable effect that reduces its weight just enough so that the wires can lift it. The mechanism is patented...

10:58 PM
Q: Short story about a young man who comes of age where everyone gets a trade downloaded into their brain

BillHowever they say he is not suitable so they send him to a collage where he has to lean by reading, he breaks out and tries to convince the spacers that they can save loads of money by training themselves and not buying the downloads he comes back to finds out that he is one of the clever ones as ...


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