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3:14 AM
Q: Are moroi harmed/bothered by sunlight?

Nu'DaqThey don't seem to combust the way Strigoi do but when I do see a moroi out in the day he/she is usually wearing heavy clothing and/or often a parasol- are they bothered by the sun, but just not as much?

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6:17 AM
Q: Fantasy book that I read some years back involving a city of elves, giant hornets, and a desert crossing

Peter AwonusonuThe only thing I can remember is that the main character was invited to a city of elves by his elf friend. The elf friend might have been the prince of elves or some sort of nobility. I also remember there were giant hornets in the book as well. There was a stretch in the book where the main char...

6:40 AM
Q: Video Game competition brainwashes kids into soldiers

SarahI remember reading this book when I was young but I can't seem to find it anywhere. The plot follows a boy who embodies ADHD characteristics. His school curriculum is programmed by a computer. For some reason he is punished and one of the punishments is to sort beads. He doesn't see it as a tedio...

7:08 AM
Q: Quote identification by Weierstraß

Christoph MarkAt one of the few occasions a mathematician expresses himself outside his technical works, I've read, maybe in a short autobiographical or a note on pedagogy specifically, someday a quote by Karl WeierstraƟ. There he was arguing that school education at his time puts to much emphasis on studies o...

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8:57 AM
Q: Did plankton inspire Giger's design for Alien

skyjackI was recently reminded that during David Attenborough's series The Blue Planet, Attenborough makes a claim that one particular form of plankton inspired the design of Giger's alien as seen in the Ridley Scott film. Most information on Giger's alien design state that it was developed from an alre...

Q: Help me find this mindbending Scifi alternate reality Movie

DeanNo searches for this movie turn up anything amongst all the usual lists of "Top 100 mindbending movies" etc. My memories of it are vague. I would say this movie would appeal to fans of indy/arthouse cult scifi, Lynch, Kronenberg, Twilight Zone, Dark City, Matrix, Adjustment Bureau, Sourcecode, E...

Q: Where does the "Starname Prime" naming scheme for planets originate?

MashBy which I mean the name of the star followed by the word Prime, used to denote the most important/primary inhabited world in the system. For example, Earth would be called Sol Prime in this naming scheme. I've seen it occasionally used in sci-fi and it makes me wonder where did this naming schem...

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1:53 PM
Q: Why are there two different versions of a jedi's starfighter

RobertoSo I was watching "The Battle Of Coruscant" scene and noticed something. Why were Anakin and Obi-Wan using Eta-2s instead of Delta-2s? I know that Obi-Wan had his Delta-2 captured at Geonosis, but couldn't he just get a new one? Also, Plo Koon was using his Delta-2 in "The Battle of Cato Neimoidia"...

2:14 PM
@Marvin "Starname prime" is the rate of change of "starname."
2:57 PM
Hmmm... I don't know if things are active enough in here to make a difference, but scifi.stackexchange.com/a/284662/23243 had the details edited in, but people won't see that because it got marked as spam.
Moot now that you've posted it as an answer.
Q: Help identifying story set in 2020 Italy about a boy and his Net-Plugged Games heterochromic magic character

rhaps0dyMore than 5 years ago I read a story about this. Set in 2020 Italy. One school boy's hobby is creating and playing Net-Plugged Games, which apparently have great graphical detail and can be created on a whim. He is creating his latest one to then play it and has the feeling something is lacking,...

@SeanDuggan I think that it shouldn't have been deleted in the first place. I get that technically we have a ban on AI, but I don't think it was supposed to cover situations where AI contributed literally two words to the post and the answerer wrote the rest
@Laurel People here have always been too harsh on deleting short story id answers. The answer is the work, anything else should be encouraged but without it, it is still an answer
I guess the thing preventing me from casting an undelete vote is that the answer is at -7, which is excessive and they're unlikely to be able to climb out of that hole :/
3:13 PM
Score-wise but for rep it doesn't really matter, any upvotes will be positive
I undeleted it anyway
Oh, technically it's not against the rules to use AI for "assistance", which this would surely fall under: scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/13818/82909
3:29 PM
@Laurel I think it got downvoted/deleted more for the paucity of content, and the answerer being combative about editing in more detail. But they did. :-P After I reposted their answer with more detail, admittedly...
4:09 PM
Q: I believe it was a horror/thriller/slight comedy. film has to be between 2010-2020

GageThe only scene I can remember is the end, when the main man, and the main woman, both early twenties, are in their car, and this crazy ex girlfriend is chasing after them. They think they are in the clear when the ex walks into the road who is then hit by the car. Looking in their rear view mirro...

4:49 PM
posted on February 22, 2024 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: It's the baaaaasexuals you have to look out for. Today's News:

5:40 PM
Q: SciFi story about random teleportation to frozen alien planet

MalakaiCan anyone help me identify what novel this might be? From what I can remember it was about a group of human colonists who leave earth using some kind of teleportation technology with their ship. Some ships teleport into a star, black hole, or just interstellar space. But some end up in a solar s...

Q: How did I lose a point of rep in this situation?

SteveVOn Feb 14 20:01:40Z, this question was asked. At Feb 14 20:08:11Z someone posted a comment asking when the OP saw it. During those 6-7 minutes, I happened to be looking and found a possible answer which I posted around 20:10:00Z or so, after checking comments and answers to make sure it wasn't ...

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6:49 PM
Q: Late 70's 80's illustrated LP Vinyl book. Other worldly, illustrations of people, landscapes, and character sets. I think the music was classical-like

RobertI have a memory of an amazing late 70's early 80's illustrated LP book. Other worldly, illustrations of people, landscapes, and hieroglyphics-like character sets. I think the music was classical-like. It was not Jeff Wayne's The War of The Worlds, but would have been a similar size. I can't find ...

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11:22 PM
Q: What film had an amnesiac time-travelling android from the future who became Jesus?

Arthur P. DentI have a dim memory of a movie (it might have been a TV movie) made in the 70s or 80s about an android who time travels from the future and washes up on a beach in the 20th Century, possibly a Greek island. He doesn't remember who he is and he befriends a boy and his mother. He becomes interested...


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