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1:14 AM
Q: Is there an SF story on the theme of language that does NOT use the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?

QwokkerThere are numerous SF stories based on language but I have never heard of one that doesn't focus on the idea that language shapes thought. For example, here is a previous question that lists a few noteworthy stories in that vein. In my opinion, it's pretty clear as to why: it's by far the most fl...

1:39 AM
Q: A civilization under the ocean floor, discovered by two teenaged boys when they find a statue of an amphibian man in a niche in a cave under water

MaggieThis was a book I read in the ‘70’s about a deserted futuristic city under the ocean floor that appears to be abandoned but is discovered by two teenaged scuba divers. They find a statue in an underwater cavern of an amphibious man. Things get blurry here, but somehow they awaken one of the inhab...

2:04 AM
Q: Who is the author of the science fiction novel, "Gem?" or is it "Jem?"

RKZeitzI think the title comes from "Geminorum," the star which the planet the action takes place on orbits. In the universe of the novel, the Earth is divided between three political blocs, the Western, sort of a USA led deal, the People's block, who's major resource is just having lots of people, and ...

2:30 AM
Q: Is there a list of what all species in Tolkien's legendarium eat?

user14094230Like do dwarves and goblins eat more in common than elves and dwarves? I haven't seen a compiled reference for all.

3:20 AM
Q: Looking for a sci-fi novel I read years ago about some teens travelling back to the time of Galileo

Kelvin Takyi-BobiI don't remember the title or the author of the novel. I think there is a 3D like illustration of Galileo at the front-page. The novel is part of a series. So in this novel, some teens travel back in time in a train where they have some sort of an AI assistant called ALEC(I am not too sure of the...

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5:01 AM
Q: SF book crashed captain and female office

Serah Jane MowattI am looking for the title of a SF book about a male and female space officer who survived a spaceship crash on an alien planet where everyone of their officer is dead and an invisible alien trys to hunt them down. Avoiding the alien and trying to get back home brings the characters together as t...

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8:46 AM
Q: Horror movie involving a mirror and someone cutting themselves with scissors

user167909So I don't remember much beyond these three scenes: A bathroom and scissors, someone cutting themselves with it. A car where someone gets their neck pierced from behind. A piece of a mirror stuck to a boot at the end. Does anyone know the title of that old movie?

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9:59 AM
do we know why OP deleted scifi.stackexchange.com/q/279307/4918 ?
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1:47 PM
Q: Youth finds ring in a graveyard and uses it to travel back and forth between the past and present

Christine MadiganThis has been bothering me for years and I never finished reading the book. When I was younger (around 1994-1996) I read a young adult book about a youth who finds a ring in graveyard. They put on the ring and spin it causing them to go back in time (if I remember correctly the youth only goes ba...

2:06 PM
posted on September 25, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Somehow this became inspired by nature week. Today's News:

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4:53 PM
posted on September 25, 2023 by Jack B Nimble

This was a very strange year for SL FanX Comic Convention. Despite it being the 10th anniversary of the event. Because of the writers’ and actors’ strikes nearly all of the celebrities were not permitted to discuss past, present, or future works. This made for some ridiculous and in some ways pointless panels. At the ... Read more

5:33 PM
Q: Fantasy novel main character ghendt? finds tower, travels time, fights against dark force

JowzI'm struggling to find the title of this book I read a few times growing up and really enjoyed. Main character, pretty sure is named Ghendt, is in the Stone age, hunting, and comes across a tower. Inside he meets some sort of divine force that starts training him. I think it takes the form of a c...

Q: Boy shows up from a girl's dream, says his world is falling apart and that they need to work together

KaylaSo In this anime a girl dreams about another world and one day a boy from the other world came into her room and asked for help cause his world was falling apart he's like some sort of royal in his world all I remember is that they had to work together to fight oh yeah also the world is on top of...

6:23 PM
Q: Web-manga/LN about group of adult females in genre slice of life/comedy

AqemiWeb-manga about group of female adult friends in genre slice of life/comedy/romance/drama. It was advertised on some JP website around fall 2021. Poster in red colors.

6:48 PM
Q: What does the number 37 mean in Song of the Bandits?

blueberryfieldsMost of the military personnel seem to have the number 37 on their neck. What does this number mean? Where does it come from?

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9:44 PM
Q: Where is this image of Vader from?

J C I see this image everywhere but can’t figure out where it is.

10:09 PM
Q: I'm looking for a short story about a sculptor who creates a hand and is strangled by it

BingoI believe I read the story approximately 10 years ago in a US newspaper online when looking for information on H.P.Lovecraft. I don't recall the newspaper or the year I read it, but I believe it was from the late 1930s or early 1940s. Even though the story seems to be Lovecraftian I don't believe...

10:59 PM
Q: Fantasy book series. Boy raised by herbalist travels with a dragon lady

GavinI read this in in high school. The main character is raised by his grandfather/father who is a healer/herbalist. The character has a triangle mark(?) and he is supposedly the chosen one because his mark has all powers of the other mark's (warrior, healer, and crafter). At some point a dragon lady...

Q: Seeking author/title of a sci fi novel about interstellar probes and climate change, pub date 2010s?

JoinerCan you identify the author/title of a big sprawling sci fi thriller in which an American astronaut recovers a small alien object in earth’s orbit? The object turns out to be an interstellar probe, one of many. Another character, a man from China or Hong Kong, is salvaging more of these probes fr...


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