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12:10 AM
Q: I can't remember the title of this anime

Liz BurrTo tell you the truth I'm not absolutely sure this is an anime but the level of detail rattling in be brain makes me believe that it can't be anything but. So here it goes, it starts off with a Old high level female mage with an eye patch who was basically the main hero of her nation. She has a s...

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4:21 AM
Q: Looking for the title of a film / TV show with a young boy and slightly older girl vs. a circular room full of robots and a booming voice

Jeffrey LillyThe scene I remember was from a (maybe?) 70s TV show or a movie that showed a younger boy with a slightly older girl which I guess was a sister or a female friend, both wearing body suits, walking into a massive room. It was a circular room, the walls were decorated in like the typical science fi...

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9:22 AM
Q: When was the first time a human spoke an alien language in Star Trek, without the use of the Universal Translator?

A.SteerThe Universal Translator in Star Trek translates languages to allow species to communicate with each other. This obviously leads to a need not to know an alien language as the computer will translate it for you. What is the first instance of a human/humanoid character physically speaking an alien...

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1:33 PM
Q: Can those without a physical body wield a Lantern Corps ring?

PhoenixSo I was just curious if having a physical body is necessary to wield a Lantern Corps ring. We’ve seen all sorts of people wield them, planets, animals, aliens, etc. But, could a ghost perhaps wield one?

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3:31 PM
posted on September 24, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I wasn't gonna do this, but enough weirdos on mastodon liked it that here we are. Today's News:

Q: Black and white TV film/episode

Alison Elizabeth ReevesSketchy-ish information but I think it could have been Twilight Zone/Outer Limits. Earth is being overrun by killer somethings? Moths/butterflies. Astronauts go forward back or forward in time to destroy them. Only for closing scene to show pupae on outside of spacecraft ie. They brought

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8:14 PM
Q: Sci-fi novel, probably from the 50's about a former soldier abducted by aliens

JohanI read a sci-fi novel about 13 years ago. Been trying to find it again for a long time now. It's about a former soldier (SAS?), who gets abducted from his home by giant aliens in the middle of the night. He is taken aboard a UFO, together with two(?) other individuals, one female and one male. Hi...

Q: Who portrayed the Rakshasa in the 1974 television series Kolchak: The Night Stalker?

Stanley WebbThe TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker, which followed the monster-fighting adventures of small-time newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak (played by Darren McGavin) had an episode featuring a Hindu demon called a Rakshasa. The Rakshasa(s) were cannibal demons who had been banished from Earth long ag...

8:39 PM
Q: Is Vidar alive at the end of the series, or else, how did he die?

O. R. MapperIn the final episode of the series Ragnarok, it is insinuated that all supernatural elements in the course of the series Now, while we can ascribe the other disappearances that were implied to be murders directly resulting from the supernatural happenings (most notably, the elderly couple and Fj...

9:29 PM
I could've sworn we had a question about the names of all the different Harry Potter fanfic pairings, like "Drarry", "Dramione", and so on, but I can't find it.
9:45 PM
@SQB Considering there are no questions that use both those words, seems like not, but it could have been deleted
@Laurel Nope, that's indeed what I tried searching for, too.
10:19 PM
Q: A movie on TV in 1987 about a deaf boy at a deaf school where the kids wear Phonic Ear

LinnyI think it may gave been made for TV, I'm not sure - I saw it on TV in England in 1987 but the film was American. From what I remember, it begins with a boy aged about 10 with curly brown hair being instructed to "Listen to the sound," while having a hearing test. Then you see him in a deaf schoo...

Q: A comic about a duck who learns to fight with a feather without realizing he's made of feathers

Duck SearcherI remember checking a comic book out of the library sometime in 2003-2010 about a duck who has a real jerk of a dad so he goes off to learn how to fight from a blind master (a mouse perhaps?). One of his fellow students has the quote "My opponents are unworthy". A key point was that he learned ho...

10:44 PM
Q: A children's novel featuring a race of spider-like aliens

TWillSome 30 years ago when I was in the 6th grade, I remember reading an excerpt from a sci-fi novel in my English class. I don’t remember much of the story, but it did feature a race of intelligent spider-like aliens. I remember that the protagonist was a young human boy who played some instrument (...

11:34 PM
Q: I read a sci fi short story many years ago that I can't recall the title

g geberIt is about a person that has to run across country to get to a place of sanctuary within a period of time, somewhere about 10 minutes. He is aging drastically as he is exposed to the elements.


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