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Q: So this is really hard to put together but I need help finding a certain book

KrisSo I read this back in high school and now I have book amnesia and can’t remember it! It was about a girl who suddenly started seeing ghosts after she was in a car accident that killed her brother and his girlfriend.

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Q: Looking for a romantic time regression manhwa

MyrissaFl and ml meets as children, fl lead wanted to save a bird from a cat and prince saves it. He fall for fl but learns his mother arranged for them to be married and he against anything his mother wants. Issues about power struggle between mom and son. Anyway lots of misunderstandings, fl lead dies...

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4:52 AM
Q: Cocooning of both Brett and Dallas?

releseabeAs I understand it, "cocooning" is the process by which a human is turned into an egg and by egg I assume the same sort of egg which Kane looked into and had a facehugger. If this is correct, would not the next thing to do is not cocoon another human but rather place another human near the develo...

5:18 AM
Q: Sci-fi movie in which horses were rare and going extinct and being sold on the black market

ShadetreeI'm trying to remember the name of this movie I wanted to watch from the last four years. I remember something about horses being important to the story. It seems like they were going extinct and extremely rare and were sold on the black market, or maybe that's totally off the mark, I have no ide...

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Q: Can anyone identify this reposted artwork of a Grey alien?

Samzer I love spooky paranormal stuff (though I don't believe a lick of it) and am curious to know the origins of this eerie illustration of a Grey alien. I've seen it reposted online a lot, but with no source. To narrow down the sources, it is NOT: Ted Seth Jacob's painting for Whitley Strieber's Com...

6:08 AM
Q: Book about girl and a boy who had a crush on her and would give her pie

JillyyI only remember that the main character was a girl and a boy in her class would make homemade pie and give it to his classmates but he would give the girl the biggest slice since her liked her. Later on the boy died in his sleep. I want to reread it but I don’t remember the name

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Q: Do you remember the title of this animation

Nexima360It's been a while since I last viewed the animation. The name of the main character is a bit unclear, but it's either Nazire or Nasir. He hails from a royal background and was destined to meet his demise through a thunderstorm at a specific age due to being wrongly perceived as evil instead of th...

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Q: Novel about a young botanist from a puritanical regime who is sent to study with an unconventional (and possibly immortal) woman

LorendiacI read this around the mid-1980s -- no later than 1986 -- as a hardback I checked out from a public library in Indiana. I think I ran across it again, in another library, about a decade later, and at least glanced through it to refresh my memory. Plot Points: The story is set some time in the fu...

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posted on September 23, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The hard part is keeping your nostrils motionless until you hear the footsteps fade away. Today's News:

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Q: Could I fake death to stop being Force-choked?

Hannover FistI work for a large government organization. My boss is a total jerk who abuses those working under him. I've tried contacting HR before but they won't do anything about him. Anyways, I screwed up again. My jerk boss is going to be super pissed. I came out of hyperspace too close to some stupid ...

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