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3:41 AM
Q: Stargate SG-1: Is there an in-universe explanation for the aftermath of the episode "Heroes" in Season 7?

RoamingShroob(SPOILERS AHEAD) I'm watching Stargate SG-1 again, and one issue that has always bothered me is the way that the Season 7 episode Heroes killed off Dr. Fraiser. After seeing so many other characters revived in various ways over the course of the series, why did the SGC not try to revive Dr. Frai...

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10:02 AM
Q: Children / YA book involving demon summoning and sorceror's apprentice

alxj123I'm trying to identify a book. The things that I'm certain on are: the main character is male and a sorceror's apprentice or something. Probably a child / young adult. there's demon summoning involving circles it's a (dark?) children's book (maybe late primary school age) I read it around 2005, ...

10:52 AM
Q: Illustrated children's book series with Greek Mythology references

alxj123I'm trying to find a book series. I remember there were lot of Greek Mythology references including Medea in one of the books someone called Nico (or potentially that's Nico from Pharesee) the Clashing Rocks (potentially called "Holsteins" or "Holbeins" or "Hol-something"). A harpy (a little dra...

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1:40 PM
Huh. Brandon Sanderson's prolific output is in part due to graphomania. wired.com/story/brandon-sanderson-is-your-god
Q: Manga/manhwa about sudden apocolypse which had creatures coming out of spheres. The main characters are highschool soliders. Everyone dies in the end

CransunI read this a long time ago so I might be getting a few different manga/manhwa mixed together. I believe it was a sudden apocolypse where there were these purple(?) Spheres that randomly appeared across the world, from really small to massive. I believe creatures came out of them - so the main gr...

2:20 PM
@FuzzyBoots that's an interesting article.
2:48 PM
@SQB Yeah, where I ran into it on Facebook, the comment thread got downright vituperative about it being a "hit piece" and accusing the writer of taking his irritation at difficulty in completing the article out on the author.
One of Sanderson's companions on the Writing Excuses podcast (also, incidentally, Mormon), Howard Tayler, wrote an article several years ago about his work on Schlock Mercenary, and how his own mental illness led to both his ability to consistently put out a daily webcomic over deadlines as well as how doing the webcomic was basically a compromise after he nearly worked himself to death on his software job.
Although, on the flip side, that extremely organized, and nose-to-grindstone, way of operating also means he has an amazing ability to fulfill his Kickstarters without having to pull in outside companies. They're pretty good about explaining every step of it, too, in their updates.
3:35 PM
@FuzzyBoots Well, the body of the article says that he is not a good writer, but the headline declares him to be your God, so I suppose that it balances out.
3:57 PM
Q: Story or book with a large facility at the sub-solar point of a tidally locked planet

RLHI have a distinct memory of reading a science-fiction book or short story in which a major confrontation between two characters (possibly a female protagonist and a male antagonist with a long history that once included friendship?) happens in a facility located at the sub-solar/sub-stellar point...

4:16 PM
posted on March 29, 2023 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I mean really when was the last time you met a self-cloning species that tries to learn to play guitar? Today's News: OK, so we sold out of signed Bea Wolfs, but I ran down to Telegraph to sign a few more. Available whilst they exist!

Q: Does anyone know this anime?

Dustykneeshttps://youtube.com/shorts/7-61zwb9fYE?feature=share Could anyone please tell me the name of this anime if so that would be really helpful

4:48 PM
Q: Is my interpretation correct that the universe of Warhammer40k is bound to cycles where great empires rise and fall?

gaazkamMy understanding is that: The Ruinous Powers aka Chaos Gods are supernatural evil beings who constantly threaten all life outside of Immaterium; Chaos Gods feed upon people's hatred, decadence, avarice, cruelty, etc; To protect against the ever present threats of attacks from followers of Chaos ...

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Q: Series ID: Sanderson-esque trilogy(?) about religious figures

J LewisLooking for what I think was a trilogy of books similar in style to Brandon Sanderson (I originally thought they were by him, but looking at his bibliography nothing seems to match on a surface level). Confusion is possibly due to the cover which I remember being similar to the white relief Sande...

10:35 PM
@Marvin You're talking about the WH40k universe. Cycles implies things will get better at some point. Think about what you're suggesting.
(Part of what makes the WH40k universe so grimdark is that things won't get better. Ever. No matter how bad it is, it will only ever get worse. Any tiny local improvement is always more than offset by things getting terribly worse elsewhere.)
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11:41 PM
Q: Time loop text-based adventure game about preventing a car crash

CrazyChuckyI'm trying to see if I can find an elusive game I've long wanted to play. It's a text-based adventure game, but not one from their commercial heyday back in the eighties or so. It was described to me in 2010 as being pretty recent, and an indie/fan-made release on the internet, something akin to ...


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