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5:21 AM
Q: If Kate conveyed the news, then why did Jack believe it was not effectively conveyed?

Samoe PProf. Mindy and Kate made an appearance on 'The Daily Rip' show, hosted by Brie and Jack, to issue a warning about an impending comet strike on Earth. Kate conveyed the news, but when the hosts failed to take the matter seriously, she repeated the news in a furious manner and stormed off the set....

6:06 AM
Q: Who exactly deceived Jason and Orlean?

Samoe PFBI agents arrested astronomer student Kate and her Professor Mindy and brought them before US President Orlean and Jason Orlean: Orlean: I think it was Winston Churchill who… Or maybe it was Bobby Knight who said, “The great labor of leadership is to lay down one’s yoke of pride and admit that...

6:29 AM
Q: Manhwa where the MC cannot return to his world even after defeating the demon king many times and summons a hero on his own as he is in a loop

FreezBladeI don't remember but it is a manga/manhwa where the MC is transported to another world but cannot go back to his world after defeating the demon king and is stuck in a loop so he tries all the things but at the end, he summons another hero to break the loop. And turns the demon king into a female...

7:14 AM
Q: What does Yule mean by this metaphor?

Samoe PWith his gang, Yule meets Kate, who is a cashier at a store: Yule: I mean, we have a purchase, but we don't have payment, which is a metaphor on…Cash? Yule opens his jacket to reveal fours expensive Vodka they shoplifted then Kate ignores him and turns her attention to the news channel on TV. W...

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8:45 AM
Q: What are the books which contain history of mathematics,computer science and physics?

Soumyadip DasI have recently read two books , The men of mathematics by Eric temple bell and the journey through genius by William Dunham. Could anybody provide me names of some more books which is similar to the books I said, related to the subjects - physics,computer science and mathematics. Thank you.

9:08 AM
Q: Why does Jason say that dope stuff or material stuff could go away?

Samoe PIn the scene, Jason Orlean, the Chief of Staff of the United States, addresses the world just before the launch of BEAD, a mission aiming to bring back a comet to Earth and generate profits from it. During his address, Jason expresses that he has noticed many people have been praying during this ...

9:53 AM
Q: Why do people exit their spacecraft completely naked in this scene?

Samoe PAfter 22,740 years of deep sleep, the 2,000 people who left Earth before the comet’s impact finally awaken on a lush alien planet. They step out of their spacecraft, naked and in awe of the new habitable world before them. Why do people exit their spacecraft completely naked in this scene?

10:39 AM
Q: What is the reading order of the Project Superpower comics

A.SteerI have previously purchased The Boys verses Project Superpowers Humble Bundle. This included all The Boys comics and what I had believed to be all the Project Superpowers comics. As I'm getting ready to read the Project Superpower comics I can see that there is both a main series as well as a ser...

@Spencer Apparently a contamination of ell.stackexchange.com/q/344998 with astronomy.stackexchange.com/q/55461
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1:18 PM
Q: Its a fictional movie

JesterI watched the movie when i was a child so i dont remember much and can only vaguely remember 2 scenes of this movie The intro - the intro starts off with a birthday cake and a girl wishing her wish on the birthday cake then the wish is sent up on the constellations(i dont remember if it was on th...

1:51 PM
@Loong Google basically used the stackexchange.com main page, which contains HNQ, for all the sites whose URLs end in stackexchange.com. Those were the titles of HNQ at the time of spidering.
weeps for the poor cat
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3:11 PM
Q: Why did the Borg cut out and take a section of the Enterprise?

Ian Newson (A circular cut is made in the hull, and a section of several decks is pulled out) WORF: A type of laser beam is slicing into the saucer section. RIKER: Carving us up like a roast. http://www.chakoteya.net/NextGen/142.htm In Q Who the Borg ship is seen using a laser to cut out a section of seve...

3:34 PM
Q: Book series about British soldiers traveling to alternate Earths to find technology

TimBack in the 80s I read a series about British soldiers traveling to alternate Earths to find technology. Since it had a British protagonist, I'm assuming it was a British author.

4:10 PM
posted on December 09, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Wait, is fire even possible? Doesn't that violate conservation of fire? Today's News: Another ruinously flattering review.

5:05 PM
Q: Non-humanoid star trek aliens

Aaron AbelI'm writing a sort of fanfic/reimagined star trek story, it's aliens are what they would have been if they never had humanoid DNA added but otherwise still evolved into sentient species. How would the various species have evolved if they were not humanoid but otherwise retained their distinct tra...

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7:34 PM
@Marvin It's a shame OP took that tack, because Hortas are my favorite Star Trek aliens.
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10:00 PM
Q: Book trilogy about teenagers with superpowers in a industrialization like era

SappiqueI'm trying to figure out the name of a trilogy of books I read 7 to 10 years ago. I read the books in German and don't know if they where translations or what language they where original written in. The German covers of all three books had silhouettes of industrial cities on them. The protagonis...

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11:59 PM
Q: Where did Asimov say this?

SuspiciousGarbageIn a TvTropes page, in the section of "Real Life" examples, there appears the following excerpt: "Isaac Asimov once wrote in an editorial that the reason so many women are becoming lawyers — as opposed to doctors, engineers and so on — is that it is the only high-powered profession that requires ...


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