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12:06 AM
Q: 2 novel series about alternate reality for people in comas

Wilderhaven First book starts with main character (female) suddenly conscious in a new reality where people on horses are riding toward her. She explores place where technology doesn’t work (I.e., there are light switches on the wall but they don’t control anything). In second book it’s revealed that everyon...

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1:14 AM
Q: Choose-your-path book in which a spaceship breaks apart, forcing a kid to jettison onto a planet where he encounters aliens

DaleSrFan4166 ChildI'm looking for a Choose-your-path book that starts with a research spaceship breaking apart, forcing a kid to jettison onto a planet that has breathable air. Some of the adventures cause him to encounter an alien creature the author calls a 'novepuss;' a land octopus-like creature with nine tent...

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8:29 AM
Q: Did the last remaining Jedi have any plan to train Luke?

vap78In Start Wars: A New Hope the whole story of training Luke being a Jedi is triggered just because princess Leia's corvette happened to be intercepted just over Tatooine. The droids happened to be captured and put for sale exactly when uncle Owen needed a new droid. All this is quite a lot of not-...

8:52 AM
Q: Material for goalie leg pads

user170109What kind of material is used to make goalie leg pads? Some kind of synthetic leather? If anyone knows, please provide a link where you can purchase one. The same goes for foam.

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11:07 AM
papyrusrampant.substack.com/p/… random link to a blog post about the Lord of the Ring films
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3:10 PM
Q: Updated Question: In what order should a newcomer watch all of the Star Wars media?

Jason P SallingerThis question was asked in 2012. And all of its responses consider only episodes I - VI. But what about episodes VII - IX? And Rogue One? And Solo? And then you have the short-format series: Mandalorian, Kenobi and so on. And should animated series even be included in the discussion? As someon...

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4:42 PM
posted on December 11, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Any resemblance to any sitting official is a trick of the eye - this is in fact a 2D cartoon drawing. Today's News:

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8:17 PM
Q: fantasy book identification: book where a black fog chokes out a city surrounding a castle

PlutoHere is what I remember: it probably wasn't the first book in the series, and was probably near the end of the book itself. I believe I remember something about flying, perhaps dragons. Lots of magic. The people stormed the castle entrance trying to flee the black fog, which would turn them into ...

9:03 PM
Q: need help identifying book where a character goes to rescue their friends that got stuck in this place out of time, it was very cold and far away

GuestThey stayed in this hall for what was years and years to them, and there was something about a gigantic pit surrounding or near it as well. It was fantasy, possibly young adult.

9:25 PM
Q: Manhwa - Reincarnated girl sees the similarity of math and magic in her world

KaylieSo I remember watching a manhwa recap but now the video is gone and I can’t remember much about the manhwa and I want to read it. Unfortunately the only thing that I can remember is that the girl before she was reincarnated(as a villainess I think) she did maths. So after she was reincarnated she...


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