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1:06 AM
Q: Movie or show about some space/alien dust that causes animals to explode

OniI remember watching a movie or a show as a kid where this dust from space or from aliens fell onto a mouse, and it made the mouse violent and go after a cat. After a time, the mouse exploded into this glowing slime/goo and onto the cat, infecting the cat and causing it to attack a dog. It continu...

2:05 AM
Q: Why Did Loki and Mobius Eat Green Pie in TVA in 'Loki' Season 2?

Iman MohammadiIn 'Loki' Season 2, there's a scene where Loki and Mobius eat green pie in the TVA. This happens right after they try to get information from X-5 (Brad Wolfe) without success. Why is the green pie important in this scene? Is it just for fun, or does it have a deeper meaning related to the story o...

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6:54 AM
Q: TV show with a teenage kid who could turn into a dragon

KingButterI remember watching an animated TV show mid 2000’s where there was this teenage kid who could turn into a dragon. He kept his human form but gained abilities of a dragon. I very roughly remember this one episode where a whole bunch of dragons attacked the high school he was going to.

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10:45 AM
Q: Does Voldemort definitively die at the end of Harry Potter?

AffableAmblerWhen Voldemort temporarily “kills” Harry at the end of book 8, does it completely destroy the part of himself that existed within Harry? I couldn’t remember if Harry dying meant the part of him that was Voldemort stayed dead or if being “The Boy Who Survived” meant their souls were hopelessly int...

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1:04 PM
Q: Manga where a guy logs into a game where inventory is the most important thing and his is as large as a hut

NoneIn this manga, the main character logged into a game. In that game, inventory is the most important thing. And the MC has an inventory as large as a hut.

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4:33 PM
Q: Fantasy isekai manga; young protagonist, magic user, not super overpowered, unique ability to cast a duplicate spell

JamesSo I don't have many details but recently I've vaguely remembered a couple of manga I read within the last few years, they could even be the same manga, but I cant remember enough details. My memory is terrible, so some details could be off on these. The protagonist at least starts out young and...

4:54 PM
@DavidW I guess I shouldn't snark about particular types of questions anymore, because it seems to generate a spate of just that type of question.
5:24 PM
@Marvin Wasn't a bad question, but sounds like one of those people who just hates rules and would rather burn their bridge than follow the weight limit and lane restrictions.
5:43 PM
Q: Are the writers of "Grimm Fairy Tales" planning to resurrect Belinda?

Micheal GignacI have to say that Belinda is a fascinating character, especially when you consider the many things that happened to her in "Grimm Fairy Tales." The Sorcerer's Apprentice. A genie. A wandering warrior that seems similar to Red Sonja. A wife and mother. Top assassin to The Dark One and the Dark H...

6:04 PM
@Spencer I think commenting about it just sensitizes you. I think there's just always been a lot of them.
6:52 PM
Q: Asian folklore/mythology/ fable relating to water, seas or ocean

SoloI am looking for east, south and southeast asian folklore/mythology/ fable that is relating to water/ocean or fables. I am writing a story about a character who gains a water type. i want this power to be related to asian folklore or mythology. this power is more of a water-spirt type. This power...

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8:48 PM
Q: Sci fi book where humanoid aliens murder a researcher by killing him and cutting him open

AlikelylassI’m trying to find the name of a book I read as a teenager in the 90s. I’ve searched the plot but haven’t had any luck. The book is set on an alien planet where humans have a research facility studying the local humanoid aliens. It starts out with the apparent murder by the aliens of one of the r...

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10:20 PM
Q: SF book where alien girls award medals for sexual prowess (I think!)

Danny Mc GI read this in the UK but it was forty plus years ago so the details are hazy. It could have been a novelette. There are two Earthmen on some alien planet, I can't remember what their mission was. The inhabitants are very similar to humanity but possibly longer legs and very slender. The females ...

10:43 PM
Q: Story of a human going to school to learn magic in space alongside kids from different planets

Blazing FireIn this book there was a human boy who went to school in space with kids from different planets. He had 2 friends a girl and a boy.:the boythe friend gets sick with some sort of virus early on in the story that spreads to everyone but the human, the other friendsI think her name was hazel..not su...


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