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12:03 AM
Q: The biology behind Three Body Problem. Complex lifeforms that dehydrate and rehydrate?

Chris KarIn the book the Three Body Problem While this seems to likely be inspired by very simple life forms on earth like tardigrades that can with stand incredibly harsh conditions it seems like a bold departure from biology to suggest highly intelligent and complex life forms could be capable of such ...

12:49 AM
Q: Story Identification: Rousing speech delivered on alien planet to alien allies that borrowed heavily from Shakespeare and Churchill

ab2This story or novella probably dates from the '80s and I probably read it in Analog or Galaxy, but I cannot swear to it. An exploratory team of humans, or maybe a small colonizing team, (call them "We", Our) has landed on an alien planet, with intelligent humanoid (?) inhabitants. The team estab...

1:12 AM
Q: I only remember a minor scene from this movie

AllenI’m assuming it’s sci-fi horror, I’m pretty sure it surrounds alien/parasites. There’s a scene of a man in bed, and he’s talking to a parasite in his stomach. It moves, and he tries to calm/control it. I know at one point he says “Atta boy” but that’s all I can muster up.

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5:51 AM
Q: I'm trying to find an old cartoon/animated series name to rewatch

John WickWell there is a child who can use magic or something who is adopted by a pub/inn owner. He goes on adventures with a boy who has a sword with an eye. An old man. A girl who is actually an elf princess or something and her bodyguard. Unfortunately i can't remember any of their names. But what i do...

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7:47 AM
Q: Manhwa in which the male lead goes the main character back in time?

mimii5685I'm looking for a manhwa where the male lead sends the main character girl back in time and we find out about it in later episodes. I guess the main male character was the main character girl's bodyguard or servant and he had brown hair.

8:10 AM
Q: Are there references in Rick and Morty S07E07 "Wet Kuat Amortican Summer" connected to "Wet Hot American Summer" besides the title?

galacticninjaThe title of Rick and Morty’s season 7 episode 7, Wet Kuat Amortican Summer, is a clear homage to the 2001 comedy film Wet Hot American Summer. But does the episode have any other connections to the movie, besides the name? Are there any plot elements or jokes that are inspired by or reference th...

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9:42 AM
Q: When are Rose Jars first properly introduced?

AncientSwordRageThe concept of how rose jars function (even if how they work is unknown) seemed integral to False Value, and I know they have been referenced at least once in a main novel, but I can't find a story reference. The fandom page for rose jars (antifandom link) mentions: Body Work #3 and Furthest Stat...

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11:15 AM
Q: Name of Book about a magical land, dragons, magical weapons, swords. People turning into dragons

Astrid-RaineThe book starts off with a boy who sees a girl turning into a dragon after school, then people come to his house, he goes with the girl and her dad, who turns into a dragon and flies them to a magical land for him to get training and a greatsword chooses him.

11:38 AM
Q: SciFi Series about a single alien and space-travel portals

RobI'm trying to remember the series (Three or four books) I read a while ago (5+ years) Details: Science Fiction Human future, multiple planets Hardish SciFi There's one alien "species" that is entirely a single alien that controls multiple other aliens which has been trapped on a single world Ther...

12:25 PM
Q: Is it good practice to add a better answer to a story-identification question that already has a correct (although brief/lacking) answer

Alex RobinsonI saw This new question which it happens to be about a book from my favourite author so I immediately recognised it and knew exactly what OP's remembered details referred to within the context of the book. However, OP managed to find the book on their own and posted a two line answer - simply the...

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1:40 PM
Q: Goosebumps book about 2 kids in a haunted school

Agnijo DasI remember reading a book, quite a long time ago, about a guy who is sent to a haunted school, where all the children are ghosts, except for a single girl, who is human like him, and she help in formulating an escape plan, but while they escape the guy notices a grave with the girl's name and it ...

2:20 PM
Q: Manga where male MC dies in train accident, but the female MC revives him using her life so he may learn the cause of his death

arcee_sfA high-school boy dies in a train accident (later revealed to be murder), who is reset/revived about a week prior to his death by a girl in his class. She was able to do this by giving up her own life force/existence through an ability passed down through each generation of her family. They use h...

3:20 PM
posted on November 29, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The frustrating thing is when she's trying to get her crack but it's at the bottom of the purse under the boxes of tissues, pocket bible, and coupon books. Today's News: Sorry for the missed updates, but I am at last home! For those who missed the book tour, you can still get signed copies here.

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Q: How old is King Magnífico?

AdamantIn Wish, the sorcerous King Magnifico looks anywhere between his early forties (like his voice actor) up to perhaps a very youthful-looking sixty-something. On the other hand, he is a powerful sorcerer, so he may have some method of slowing his aging, he did found the entire kingdom, and some of ...

11:13 PM
Q: TV miniseries about a race to Mars from summer 2014

tsc_chazzI saw two episodes of this series on an airplane flight probably in 2014, I believe on the SciFi (SyFy?) channel. The basic story was a race to Mars between NASA (or its successor) and China. The NASA ship had about five or six astronauts, and the big things I recall about it are that the problem...


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