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1:15 AM
Q: Looking for name of a film a group of friends travelling with camcorders,

JasonI roughly rember a group of friends travelling with camcorders keep seeing people who just stand there facing away from them and when they see their faces there shaking so fast faces are distortid, alien take over film ,any one know the name ,not that old 2010 maybe

2:06 AM
Q: why does master chief jump off the ship truth is on??? is he stupid or something?

okiehoithe first like, 5 or so missions on earth could have been avoided if he didn't jump off the key ship like a dum dum. also he could have ACTUALLY finished the fight right there.

Q: Looking for a story of an academy that features kids learning about flying space

SilvermidnightI read this two or three years ago, but I think it was published before that. This story is probably the only book the author writes for a younger audience. I don't read her (I think it's a she) other books, so I'm unfamiliar with who she is, this story was suggested to me by a friend. What I rem...

2:31 AM
Q: Sci fi book featuring an alien character which reproduced by budding

RillibeeI'm looking for a sci fi book I read in probably the mid to late 80s. I recall an alien character - possibly not immediately identified as an alien - which was "pregnant" with its offspring, which was budding off its back(?). I have some association with this character being near the sea, as for ...

2:57 AM
Q: Why would "'Barbie and Skipper Go to War' in front of an organic beachball with a Bic" sort of work as a cover for "Sabre and Shadow"?

MaladyThis comment by "Shirley Meier" about the cover of about Saber and Shadow by S M Stirling and Shirley Meier: Shirley Meier here. Thanks for reading the books! Sabre and Shadow is the re-written version of 'The Sharpest Edge' that Steve and I wrote in 1984. I have to agree with you all about the ...

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2:49 PM
Q: Did Professor Severus Snape know how to transfigure into a bat?

BingoFirst of all, I'm not asking for evidence whether Professor Snape was a vampire or if he was an Animagus, or even if he could fly. I'm curious if he knew how to transfigure into a bat using any magical mean (drinking a potion, casting a spell, etc.). Since Volume One (Harry Potter and the Philoso...

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4:30 PM
Q: Earth enslaved by aliens. Last sentence of the short story gives added grimness to it

TaxdodgerI read this short story about 25 years ago. It may be older than that. It is a grim story with examples of the harshness of the alien rule. The thing that made it memorable for me was the last sentence which added one more example of the horror. It was a surprise and packed a punch. A few hints a...

5:21 PM
Q: Manhwa where the MC wants to be a paladin but got scammed into a villain class

ManganimeWhat manhwa is where the main character wants to be a paladin originally but got scammed by the NPC to become a villain class. His favor for everyone dropped and he is hated but super over-powered class, something like a 'bandit cult' or something.

5:36 PM
Q: Book about 13 year old befriending computer hacker

DerekClosed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. This question does not appear to be about science fiction or fantasy within the scope defined in the help center. Closed 2 days ago. I am trying to find the title of a novel I read in grade school back in either 2001 or 20...

6:12 PM
Q: I read a manga and I can not remember what it was called

Portia johnsonIt was about a girl that had an arranged marriage with the duke hair (who is blonde) and it was supposed to be their other daughter but she went missing so they brought in an orphan in to take the place of their lost daughter. or it was adopted before they had their daughter thinking they couldn'...

6:37 PM
Q: Trying to find the name of а book

Samuel MelloI read this а LONG time ago but Im pretty sure it consists of two siblings and they’re catchphrase is let’s blow this popsicle stand and like а magic sword is involved called excalibur I think

7:22 PM
7:47 PM
posted on October 02, 2023 by Zach Weinersmith

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: My daughter saw me drawing and asked if it was kid appropriate, and I don't know. Today's News:

8:19 PM
Q: Why isn't building a catapult, as described in "the Moon is a Harsh Mistress", on Earth — being considered?

boardriderLaunching payloads to space using a catapult near the Equator, as described in "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress", would be three orders of magnitude cheaper than using rockets. What's stopping such a project from materialising? (see ChatGPT analysis at https://chat.openai.com/c/aa10a8fb-b77a-40b3-a9...

8:44 PM
Q: Romance/ Supernatural book

NovamirzDoes anyone know a YA book where this girl goes into a house that I believe to be abandoned, and well in the basement she encounters a male ghost, she goes more often and starts to falls in Love with the ghost and she discovers how he died and that he died from a fire in that basement and he also...

9:19 PM
Q: How to dupe-close these questions about *The Kingkiller Chronicles*

FuzzyBootsWe have at least four story-identification questions with accepted answers on these books, one with the overall series as the answer, two for The Name of the Wind, and one for The Wise Man's Fear. They ask about different aspects of the books, but all are fairly good answers. I have a gold badge,...

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11:17 PM
Q: Does anyone know the name of this manhwa

KawaiiNovaGirlIt's a story about a girl who goes back in time and marries I think the Duke and she is the last remaining one of her family and she's made into a maid. I don't remember much else about it but I do remember that before she went back in time she had a big scar on her face and I think she died by f...


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