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12:41 AM
Q: Movie about aliens that secretly invade earth

AndyThere was a movie i watched when I was younger (about 2010 ish) and the movie was about a woman finding out about an alien invasion but its secret. Can't remember much but they look and act like humans but they can't show emotion, so thats how survivors end up hiding amongst the aliens. There wer...

1:07 AM
Q: Looking for a short story collection

DustyBooksI am hoping some kind soul can please help me with the name of this collection, or at least the title of one of the stories so I can hunt it down on a used book site. It was a paperback in the local library back in the 1970's, although the book may have been older. One story was about a man stran...

1:32 AM
Q: Help Identifying Assassin/Fantasy Novel with Tree of Blades test

BenTrying to find help finding a fantasy book. Unfortunately I only really remember one scene. Character is male, travels to a distant region with a society of people who speak in a different language. His goal is to train his martial and sword skill. This society is built around their fighting skil...

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3:02 AM
omg who wouldn't want to hear Tom Hanks' cinematographic thoughts nonstop through 2001 A Space Odyssey at least once
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4:31 AM
Q: Short story in which people discuss all metal becoming indestructible

KycornbreadThis is an older short story. I think that a piece of metal fell in a junkyard. Then the story shifts to a room where men are saying that all metal will be indestructible. At first, the military is excited that things won't wear out, but the man explains that in a few years, no one will be able ...

5:22 AM
Q: This manwha I can't find it's about a boys dad who was murdered

user168089So the manwha I'm talking about this boys dad gets murdered and he tries to find out who did it and a game screen appears and it lets him control people and answer his questions. I really want to be able to finish reading it. If anyone needs anymore details let me know.

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7:54 AM
Q: Do you guys know this foreign language movie

Ashish PurohitSo when I was young I saw this movie on a channel called World Movies so I know it's not English language or Indian. It has a female lead who either works or frequently visits a fish market. In the movie she kills her dog or something. The one thing I remember the most vivid is that in the end tw...

8:45 AM
Q: YA paperback 60s/70s, retired spaceship pilot helping kid in a competition

Eike PierstorffFriends of mine who run a bookshop are looking for a book on behalf of one of their customers, and I thought maybe somebody here might be able to help. The customer remembers a slim paperback novel that he read between 1968 and 1975 (so the book might be older). He read it in German, but any SF n...

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12:33 PM
Q: Hanzo Hasashi in Mortal Kombat 1 (2023)?

TriceratopsIn the reboot game "Mortal Kombat 1" from 2023, the identity of Scorpion is taken by Quai Liang (which was Sub Zero in the older continuity after Scorpion killed Bi-Han the original Sub Zero), and he is part of the Lin Quei clan. At the game's end story, Quai Liang marries Harumi Shirai and forms...

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3:31 PM
Q: Feathered dinosaurs self destructed with technology

Paco3rd I read a novel in the late 60s. The premise was that in any society where technology is allowed to develop unchecked, it will self-destruct before social consciousness developes enough to prevent it. One plot twist is the discovery that in our distant passed the dinosaurs had feathers not scales...

4:22 PM
Q: Why did they change the Worker of Secrets' voice actor in the "Infinity Blade" series?

Micheal Gignac"Infinity Blade" is an action role-playing game series developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games and released on December 9, 2010. In the second game, the Worker of Secrets first appears and is voiced by Simon Templeman. However, in the third game, the Worker of Secrets is voiced by John No...

5:06 PM
Q: What happened with Ros?

DanielVWhat was Ros final destination in Game of Thrones? As I recall she was finally seen with Pycelle.

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9:01 PM
Q: Short story about land where wealth determines ones worth as a human

TheAshI read this short story as a child, I do not remember much of it. I don't believe it was particularly aimed for children - in fact, the book had scholarly footnotes explaining the story. I remember two details of the story quite vividly: The story concerns a land where one's wealth determines one...

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10:18 PM
Q: Why does Hari Seldon not see his granddaughter for the last few years of his life?

cdmackayAt the end of Forward the Foundation, Hari talks about sending Wanda away from Trantor: “No, Wanda,” Seldon replied, his voice choked with emotion. “I don’t want you to leave, but it is the only way. You and Stettin must isolate yourselves from the crude physicality of Trantor. and he is vague ...

2 hours later…
11:49 PM
Q: Looking for forgotten title of BL manga

MarianaI was trying to find a yaoi manga that I know is on mangago but I didn't save the name. All I remember is that it had less than 10 chapter. Summary is that a boy got exiled from his family by his grandfather after being framed to have sexual relations with men. Next, he has to go to school to hav...

Q: TTRPG or Video Games history book on itch.io for >=$25 Canadian Dollars and was promoted by either Kotaku or Polygon, about 3 months ago

MaladyI've been looking through my internet history of itch.io sites looking for this book, because I didn't buy it, but I can't find anything that fits, even though I have history for this whole year. It is / was only directly sold through itch.io, by the way.


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