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2:58 AM
Q: Star Wars-inspired online 'game' focused on the Sith

drucomI am unsure if this is the best place to ask this. I'm looking for the name of an unofficial website where you could role play (best way I can put it) as a Sith - while I'm not sure if the website outwardly labelled them Sith, or if there was ever any direct mention of Star Wars, at the very leas...

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5:32 AM
Q: Sci-fi book about a professor who uses a simulated reality machine she invented to relive past experiences with her late husband

Ken PaulsenUnfortunately I don't remember much about this book only bits and pieces so I apologize in advance for the sparse details but its been driving me nuts trying to figure this out! It was a sci fi book I read between 2003-2005. I believe it was a book and not a short story but I'm not 100% sure. The...

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7:40 AM
Q: How did the 3rd Sister move so quickly?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesIn Kenobi Episode V, the 3rd Sister is stabbed in the gut and left to die, while Kenobi and his rebel cell are trying to escape from the planet. In Kenobi Episode VI, So, how did the 3rd Sister move so quickly? Is there plot armor involved?

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11:08 AM
Q: What is Johnny Dee and the thing on his chest?

AncientSwordRageJohnny Dee must have one of the weirdest abilities I've ever heard off. He has a tentacled face that makes voodoo dolls from peoples DNA growing out of his chest. What is this thing? There's some doubt as to whether he or the creature are one, or even mutants at all. The wikipedia link above doe...

11:56 AM
@Mithical Worst Offending tags for missing image descriptions
Thanks, I'll look when I get home
You probably want an order by on that: data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/1613274/…
@TheLethalCarrot I wanted a total column, but I left it unordered instead
also on my query wishlist: a search link, a query version that doesn't group by but just narrows down to a tag
DAMN I was trying to use SUM
@TheLethalCarrot that's swish
12:20 PM
Q: I want to read this book again…

Openmindedhick A book published in the late ‘90’s or 2000’s, I think. The world was built around a technology that exploits relativistic effects to remote view in time and space. The narrator is an industrialist who was at the center of the technology. Help me find this book, please.

Seems like it might work
12:40 PM
@AncientSwordRage Still no topic challenge post....
Greetings, Programs.
@Adamant Rand's away and I've been busy the past few days. Just on a support call but will do it after that
1:02 PM
@Adamant Should all be up and running
1:15 PM
@TheLethalCarrot phew
Q: July 2022 Topic Challenge: Nnedi Okorafor

TheLethalCarrotThis post is for the sixth SFF.SE topic challenge of 2022, in which the site's community is encouraged to take part together in asking and answering questions on a particular topic each month. According to community votes on the topic challenge proposals thread, the July 2022 topic challenge is g...

@Adamant thanks for pinging me though
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2:53 PM
Q: Help! Looking for story: Harry/Draco have kids after Harry takes Draco in

user153559Pieces I remember Harry takes Draco to live with him Takes place after Hogwarts Draco has a vagina and will only use it as he says he is not gay They have several children and Draco takes them to muggle school I believe it is told from Draco's point of view and in the beginning he is in some ser...

3:35 PM
@AncientSwordRage Woah nelly, slow down there
@TheLethalCarrot woah... I thought I did about 5-6?
I did ten 🤦‍♂️
@AncientSwordRage 9/15? Busy day.
@DavidW 9/15 as in it's 15 per day?
I was trying to spread them out
@AncientSwordRage That seems to be largely a "most popular tag" list...
@DavidW that doesn't surprise me
3:38 PM
@AncientSwordRage Top 15 posts on the homepage
@TheLethalCarrot yup, but I count ten
I only count 9
@AncientSwordRage No, currently of the 15 visible on the default (not-logged-in) questions page, 9 of them are your edits.
Oh, I had forgotten 15 was the default
Q: What pumps blood through a listener's body?

Mark RogersOn Roshar much of the native animal life, including the listeners, have gemhearts where a normal organic heart would be. Besides that, and their orange blood, the general make up of a listener's body seems to be more or less vaguely human like. Sanderson's world building tends to be pretty exten...

Q: Steam Game (I think with a mobile version) where you play a neophyte hero who has to balance training and work against missions and a time limit

FuzzyBootsI think the last time I played this was 2-3 years ago, on my old computer, but I think I got it closer to 8 years ago, in some sort of software bundle, involving being a new superhero working their way up the ranks. The gameplay involved colored spheres on a hexagonal grid where you drew lines th...

4:03 PM
posted on July 05, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Today's News: Sorry for the lack of blogs. Turns out if you discuss the idea of writing long letters, lots of people write you long letters. Between that and everything else in life I haven't had time to get anything new in. Many things in the works, though.

4:36 PM
Q: Religious characters in the MCU

Darrel HoffmanPeople are making a big deal out of Ms. Marvel being the first explicit depiction of Muslim characters in the MCU, but it occurred to me that it's actually unusual to see characters who are explicitly followers of any real-world current religion (not counting aliens or fictional cults) in the fra...

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8:52 PM
Q: 80s movie about robots, like first Transformers or Robotix

michalPlease help identify an old movie I watched as a kid on VHS. The story is about two nations of robots fighting each other in some planet. Im not sure if there is any humans in this story, robots only. It was very similar to Transformers. Way of drawing and artistic impression was similar to Robot...

9:25 PM
Congrats to @Null for winning his second diamond!
@AncientSwordRage Well, at least we won't have any less of Null around, since 0/2 = 0. :)
@DavidW hyuck hyuck hyuck
9:50 PM
@AncientSwordRage I'm here all week.

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