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@AncientSwordRage I don't know react.js, but Vue.js is a really interesting technology and I'm looking forward to actually using it.
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Q: Novel about near-future AI-controlled Air Force fighting human-controlled Navy

user153492I've been looking to track down a book about an AI controlling people's minds. By wearing a piece of technology, the AI could take over your body and make you do things. It takes place in the near future and doesn't include robots. The significant detail that I remember was that later in the nove...

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5:24 AM
Q: Alien spacecraft in asteroid belt, knocks rocks out of the way by hitting them, pre 1980

OmnivoreNZA bizarre novel I read some time in the 1970s. The only thing I remember is that they find a clear space in the asteroid belt (this is one of those books back when many people though the asteroid belt was crowded, with rocks jostling constantly). The spacecraft is long and thin and it keeps a spa...

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9:16 AM
Q: Can anyone else recall this book as I do? I have forgotten the title

emma howardI am looking for a children's book about a girl called Matilda de Chetwynd who gets brought forward to our times (1970's) when the book was written. The main character (who is rather naughty) goes back to medieval England but returns a reformed character.

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10:58 AM
Q: Is there any type of lightsaber mace?

user153497My friend and me were joking around about mace windu having a mace instead of a lightsaber and that got me wondering: is there any type of mace that uses lightsaber technology?

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@DavidW I'm not a mod, but raise a flag on any post, link to the username in question, ideally with a screenshot of the defaced front page, should be enough
Related discussions in this question and the posts linked to it: meta.stackexchange.com/q/316105/398063
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posted on July 03, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Please congratulate me on my non-usage of the word nuts here. Today's News:

Q: What are these around their necks?

user153504Like in question - I saw this in other stories too but never knew what it is. Does anyone know?

2:22 PM
Q: Manhua about guy who gets stronger buy putting rings on demoness

flashchicagothe story is about this guy who no lifes a game were you can max out the affinity with all the goddesses. He does so in order to have them forge special marriage rings that he uses to court and marry/capture all the demoness which are said to be impossible to court to do in the game. After doing ...

Q: Old show about a cave with magic stones?

Julie MoralesI remember it had a child or children. Probably about a family in a cave with magical stones.Believe they were stones not crystals but they were colored.The show was less animated and more realistic looking

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4:30 PM
Q: Book trilogy about a girl traveling in different worlds

Yihe WangI read this trilogy when I was a kid in about 2010. The titles of the book all contain animals. The first book has a plot where the girl have to steal something important from a vault, and the vault is actually a toad/frog who has the treasure inside its stomach. The second one is about her trave...

4:55 PM
@Donald.McLean that's awesome
@DavidW next time you can ping me, but a custom mod message works!
5:21 PM
Q: Who or what was controlling Batman when he painted this room yellow?

AncientSwordRageI recently came across this bizarre comic book page from All-Star Batman and Robin #9: Clearly that's not Batman, but I couldn't find a source as to who or what is controlling him. It must have been much further back. It reminds me of when Doctor Octopus What happened to Batman in this case? Po...

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7:34 PM
Q: Are questions about the personal lifes of actors off-topic?

InTheAbsenceOfFearThe title is my entire question. I couldn't find it explicitly listed in either what's on-topic or in what questions should be avoided. If the decision were mine, I'd consider it off-topic, but nevertheless, I have such a question. If it's on-topic, I may decide to ask it, though it may by some a...

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9:37 PM
Q: Manga/Manhwa about a female magician gives up her magic to birth the child she has with the emperor

LinI forgot the title for this manhwa. It's about a female lead who gives up her magic so she can have a child. She is married to the emperor, but he only married her because she was powerful. After she lost all magic, the emperor ignored her, so she did the same with her child. When her child grew ...

10:03 PM
Q: What constitutes a dark art? what make a potion or a curse Dark?

fineteIt seems like not everything that can cause harm is considered part of the dark arts, what does makes a spell or a potion "DARK"? For example in the half blood prince the class brews the "Draught of Living Death" and this isn't considered dark even though Slughorn says "one drop would kill us all"...

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11:33 PM
Q: Identify this American novel set in the Great Depression era, perhaps set in Chicago and focused on meat packing?

uhohIn school circa mid 1970's I'd read a then-classic novel which I would like to read again if I can identify it. I believe it was set around the time of the US Great Depression but I don't think it was Steinbeck's 1939 The Grapes of Wrath (though I could be wrong on that). From what I remember the...


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