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Q: 1970s live action Spider-Man TV series fancy dress episode

Danny Mc GDid this happen or am I suffering from the Mandela Effect? I remember watching a live action episode of The Amazing Spider-Man in the late 1970s and Peter Parker was getting ready to go to a fancy dress party at his high school. His aunt had made him a costume (maybe a cavalier but I'm not sure) ...

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9:28 AM
Q: Background text in title sequence of The 100?

MichaelStarting in season 2, the opening title sequences of The 100 highlight features of the scenery with text overlays. I can't get enough resolution to read the majority of them; are they meaningful or random, and are there legible versions anywhere out there?

9:55 AM
Q: Short story, an isolated man watches for aliens

Danny Mc GInspired by this SF short story, maybe titled "House by the side of the road", about a human at a remote interstellar site guarding against alien invasion question I have one on a similar theme. I read it in the UK in the 1980s, an unremembered SF anthology. A man on a remote asteroid emerges fro...

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Q: Were the Pteranodons seen at the end of Jurassic Park III meant as a set-up for a sequel?

SQBAt the end of Jurassic Park III, we see the Pteranodons flying away from Isla Sorna. Eric: "Where do you think they're going?" Dr. Grant: "I don't know, maybe just looking for a... new nesting grounds. It's a whole new world for them." At the end of the n...

@xkcd heh
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Q: Webnovel where the prince has a tiny demon girl only he can see following him; he gets sent to the worst region of the country

FrankI remember reading this manhwa a while ago but I can't seem to find it again. The story goes with the prince being a reincarnated hero or something with a small fairy like demon girl following him. He is very overpowered but he gets sent to the worst region of the country to keep him out of the p...

2:51 PM
Q: Which Star Wars character has been produced more than any of its kind?

Bingo MehndraI was watching again the American science fiction film The Planet of the Apes (1968) and the scene at the place where Dr. Cornelius has been doing archeological excavations, near the Forbidden Zone, made me wonder: What if, instead of a human doll, a Star Wars character had been found, not saying "...

Q: Is the a reason why so many sites have the same number of referrals?

SkoobaI was taking a stroll through some site analytics today and something caught my eye in the traffic sources, that many (11 exactly) SE referring sites have exactly 776 visits. This seems to continue when after 776 the number drops to 388 which is exactly half of 776, however only 2 sites are shown...

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Q: which manga is this from

GSKOFmc is kicked out of the hero's party and then he kills a random monster and he becomes a dragonkin with level 300, he then gets a traveling companion, the companion then shows him the way to a legendary sword. Then he completely destroys a labyrinth/dungeon - when the hero tries to challenge to t...

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How's everybody doing?
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posted on January 29, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: But I still love you, 538. Today's News:

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Q: Is there a connection between "Raised by Wolves" and the Alien universe?

jwodderIn the first season finale of Raised by Wolves (which is executive produced by Ridley Scott), Mother is almost killed by a mysterious figure in rags (presumably the same figure seen in the cave under the giant snake skeleton in episode 5), but she kills them first. When the figure's face is reve...

6:53 PM
Q: Novel involving "lazarus pool"-esque resurrections and cloning and alternate timeline vendettas

LCDR FishRead this in paperback around 2013 - pretty new printing at the time. Started with an alternate history '40s era noir detective in wartime L.A. (or something similar). Flashed back to some 19th century prospectors finding some sort of mystical pool that could clone/resurrect you - the two had a...

7:19 PM
Q: Children's story about an adopted orphan boy with weird hair, who turns out to be an alien

ChelseyThe story is about a boy and his orphaned alien best friend. The boy's family adopted the alien boy (I think without knowing he was an alien). The alien boy goes to the human boy's school and is bullied because he has weird hair (blue or white, I can't remember). I think he had powers too. Every ...

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Q: What episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl does Brock state that can tell the difference between Joys?

Officer JennyI know there is an episode of Diamond and Pearl where Brock states that he can tell Nurse Joys apart via the length of their hair and eyelashes, but I can’t remember what episode it was. There is a bet going on between my friends, help.

10:27 PM
Q: Short story featuring ice and time distortion

pickledpaintLooking for a short story I read years ago where a man sets out into an icy wasteland, possibly the south pole. He gets turned around, and finds footprints and sees people who he assumes may be there to bring him back to safety. He also fears he is being chased by something hostile. He encounters...

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Q: Hidden-away man found dead, was addicted to a fancy/medical form of opioids

bobbleI read this as an English-language paperback book, bought from a discount bookstore in an Australian (likely Melbourne) shopping mall late 2019. No idea how old it was at the time. The title was bland and "literary" (as opposed to cool and spec-fic-y, the main other category of title according to...

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Q: German (?) film from 1970s with reporter with artificial eye camera following a dying person

Will NessVery vaguely remembering this, in a world where there's no incurable disease left, a reporter follows a last dying person (who maybe refuses treatment for some reason?), without them knowing. They maybe fall in love. (?) The reporter has an eye replaced with a camera, to constantly record / broad...


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