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12:40 AM
Q: Profile image changes (TL/DR: You won't be able to switch back to your old Gravatar image after you change your email)

Felippe RangelTL/DR: You won't be able to switch back to your old Gravatar image if you change your email (or have changed your email in the past). Please save and re-upload your Gravatar image if you want to keep it going forward. Hi, everyone! I’m Felippe Rangel, a software engineer at Stack Overflow, and I...

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1:59 AM
Q: Why did Christopher Tolkien think the idea of Bilbo's marriage was never going to work?

WadeOn page 36 in Return of the Shadow (The History of Middle-earth vol. 6), Christopher Tolkien writes: We come now therefore to a further stage, where the 'long-expected party' is still Bingo's, not Bilbo's, but Bingo is his nephew, not his son, and Bilbo's marriage (as was inevitable, I think) ha...

2:48 AM
Q: What monetary system did Hobbits use in the Shire?

Invisible TrihedronIn Book I, Chapter 3 of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien wrote, "Just why Mr. Frodo was selling his beautiful hole was even more debatable than the price." After appreciating this example of (probably) unconscious humor, it led me to wonder: Hobbits and other races of Middle-earth did use coins as ...

3:37 AM
Q: in the mid to late fifties I read a book about a little girl that found that if she pulled the plug of a bathtub full of water she could leave home

bfman67The little girl was very withdrawn and shy. She enjoyed spending time alone but somehow discovered when taking a bath if she pulled the drain plug before she got out of the tub she was taken outside to a pond in the woods where she made friends with all the woodland creatures. She would then visi...

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5:17 AM
Q: Short story about a woman/alien symbiote who lives in vacuum in Saturn's rings

Elizabeth MyersI read this short story before 2000, possibly in the 80's. It is about a woman who usually lives out in the vacuum of space, I believe in the rings of Saturn, and survives through connection to a symbiote which allows her to produce atmosphere and nourishment. She returns to a human outpost and i...

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8:08 AM
Q: Video game where the player can research a cure for zombies

user73910I played this game a long time ago on Armor Games back when flash player was still supported. In this game, the player plays as a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse that are slowly taking back the city. One of the ways the game can end is when the player researches the cure for the zombie ...

8:57 AM
Q: I'm looking for a manga that has a strong magician the lives in the woods

ExplicitSo the magician is either avoiding the capital or is being hunted by them. He is all alone, lives by himself in a log cabin. It might be an isekai or he is a very talented magician, huuuge magic circles. I'm pretty sure he uses a gigantic one to destroy an army or to purify a lake. I remember ver...

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10:36 AM
Q: Please.. Help me finding that anime

RonjonThere was a cartoon that I used watch sometimes in my childhood. I want to watch that again.There was a talking dog in that anime or cartoon with power stone in his tooth. I think the story was about those stone.

11:25 AM
Q: Ff VII script question

Guilherme Woolleyhttps://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_VII_Remake_script Upon approaching Marle.) Tifa: Hey, Marle. We took care of the filters, so we're gonna head back to the bar now. Marle: Take care you two! ...Oh? You're looking pretty chipper! Tifa: Uh...I don't feel that different. Marle: Must...

@Marvin that's definitely answerable here, I think
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1:23 PM
posted on September 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: While showing off bits of this I found out about Foone who is trying to run Doom on their brain. Today's News:

1:54 PM
Good God, this question has four deleted non-answers all saying the same thing, ranging from 2017 to today.
@Randal'Thor If it could be supported, they wouldn't be awful answers
but to all be almost word for word the same....
2:13 PM
That's what's odd to me; they're so similar. They all use "also" instead of "too," or not saying it at all. They all say "drinking" instead of just "has/had." They all note the beer before the place... Where's the one that says "In the club when Neo meets Trinity, he has a bottle of Sol in his hand."
Q: Isekai Manga Identification

Andy101I recall a moment where the main character tried to sell summon items he thought was junk to save friends. There also a scene where they need complete certain quest to evolve skill tree or something similar(I could be slightly wrong). This are the standout moment from the manga, I can remember.

2:30 PM
@Marvin Wow that was slow.
@DavidW maybe it's copied from somewhere?
That makes more sense than the same person coming back over and over to post the same thing...
3:30 PM
Q: A Dragon Magazine fiction article I read a long time ago - forgot the name. Please see details below, and thank you

AvatarrI would like to find an old piece of fiction in Dragon Magazine - it's located somewhere between issues 50 - 100. I don't remember the title but the general gist goes like this: ( SPOILERS ) There is a correspondence between two wizards where one ends up betraying the other through some sort of a...

4:24 PM
Q: unknown saw part on tv in Greece I need the title

Kimon Makrisspaceship with crew and android reaches distant planet full of vegetation. Crew meets another criminal android remnant of previous mission Second android deceives all takes charge of the return journey puts crew in eternal hibernation directs the spaceship to distant constellation and orders Wag...

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5:57 PM
Q: Manga where mc is reincarnated as a young prince coming out of coma

Getbitches55Manga where the main character is reincarnated into the body of a young boy or prince who was in a coma. Coming out of the coma, the king/noble, his father, had no faith in him because it was thought the prince/noble was going to die in the coma after months/years past. After the reincarnation pr...

6:22 PM
Q: Which was the first fantasy story to feature human-dragon hybrids?

PabloI was watching Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (2013) and a character in there is said to be a Dragonoid, the offspring of a human and a dragon. Then I remembered Dragon Quest (2020) also features a character which has a Dragonoid form, a race created by gods with the features of humans, dragons a...

Q: In what book and chapter is Olver introduced?

Tammy In what book and chapter is Olver introduced in "The Wheel of Time" series. I thought it was in "Lord of Chaos", or am I mistaken?

Q: Why does the other wall-e died?

MintvbzIn the movie I sawed that there was many DEAD wall e. What happen to him? Is he even a boy? How do we know since they did not put any of it on the movie?

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7:45 PM
Any Doctor Who fans in the house?
And no, it's not 1 April today.
Q: Crystal cave timing in "Blood of Amber"

Yaroslav  KornachevskyiWhen Merlin escapes with Luke to the crystal cave (leaving Vinta behind), he sees bones of those who were sent to for him: It would have been months since the pair who had removed the boulder had fallen there, long enough for scavengers to have done a thorough job. In Amber time it was just a c...

8:14 PM
@Randal'Thor is that controversial?
Hi, I'm from Sci-Fi and Fantasy SE, I think if my edit is approved we could take it on our site via migration. — Pureferret 4 mins ago
Q: What new technology did Voyager bring home?

J. MiniThroughout the series, Voyager gains significant upgrades that put it ahead of many of its contemporary Starfleet vessels. However, several of these upgrades would not have been truly new to Starfleet. So, excluding any technology that we know another Starfleet ship to have had at or before the t...

8:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage Bloody amazing is what it is.
Whovian fandom can argue till the cows come home about which Doctor or Companion is the best, but I think it's much less controversial to say that RTD was the good showrunner of the post-Wilderness years.
9:14 PM
Q: What is Tolkien's name for the language of Rohan?

ibidDoes Tolkien ever supply the name for the language that the Rohirrim speak, and if so what is that name? (In the books this language is "translated" into Old English, but it should still have its own name, similar to how the language the Hobbits speak is called "Westron" even though it's "translated

9:38 PM
Q: Manhwa about a cursed knight and a priest who takes care of him

Friendly-co-workerI'm trying to find the name of a manhwa that I read a while ago. The story it's about a blonde knight who after defeating the demon lord got cursed with a kind of illness. For some reason, the church commanded a young priest to go to take care of him. The priest has black hair and his skin is lig...

Q: Trying to find a comic with these two villains

Sophie the Jedi KnightOkay, this is going to be a bit difficult. Ages ago, I read a superhero comic that I only remember one scene from. I think it was DC, not Marvel, but I really couldn't say for sure. In the comic, there were these two villain characters who rob a jewelry store. They're a brother and sister, bot...

9:53 PM
@Randal'Thor I can't say I know much first hand, but I will wait to see the reaction from the fans and the actors and writers involved

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