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12:46 AM
Q: In the history of the Matrix, did a large battle ever take place between the Architect's agents and Merovingian's henchmen?

user57467I would like to know if there ever was a large battle that involved a large number of the Architect's agents fighting a large number of the Merovingian's henchmen at some location within the Matrix. It would seem to me that at some point during the history of the Matrix, due to the Architect and ...

1:20 AM
@AncientSwordRage Um… ok
1:37 AM
Q: Does TK stand for anything?

Rogue JediIn the Star Wars universe, the Republic's troopers went by the designation "CT." The Empire's troopers started going by "TK" very early on, as seen in The Bad Batch. CT presumably, if not explicitly, stands for "Clone Trooper." Does TK stand for anything?

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3:18 AM
Q: Alien guides human history to deliver circuitry to repair damaged spaceship

tale852150There was a science-fiction story or book where an alien lands on one of the moons of Saturn or Jupiter with its damaged spaceship. The alien is extremely intelligent, powerful and has a long, long lifespan. It’s able to search our solar system and notices our planet at a time when Homo Sapiens h...

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8:49 AM
Q: What does "No" refer to?

Ashley LongSybill says to Hermoine, who later walks off class room : Sybill: My dear, from the first moment you stepped foot in my class I sensed that you did not possess the proper spirit...for the noble art of Divination. No, you see, there. You may be young in years, but your heart is as shriveled...as ...

@Marvin and another one.
9:42 AM
Q: Why was the Weasley family clock featured in Harry Potter of the Chamber of Secrets?

SuperCiociaWhy was the Weasley family clock with an arm for each family member, showing their current whereabouts, featured in the second film when it is mentioned for the first time in the fourth Harry Potter book?

Completely wrong answer ↑
I wrote that before I posted an answer, so interpret the above as you so please 😅
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11:22 AM
Q: Fantasy manga where MC have undead skill and abandoned by the hero party

BA_IZThe story is about a kid who have undead raising skills and got abandoned by the hero party. He then proceed to get scout by one of the demon lord succubus.....i think it was a succubus not sure

Q: 1960s or 1970s movie about first stage of alien invasion

Arbeiter2At a remote US Air Force radar station in the Arctic, the lone airman/engineer on duty is surprised by the arrival of a group of people, and lets them in. Our hero eventually realises that they are the advance party of an alien invasion force, when one of them partly removes their human mask/body...

11:47 AM
Q: Manga where the male protagonist summons 3 goddesses in front of many people

Random Weeb 0613I can't really remember any information but I know that he did it in a place with a giant clock or something similar. I saw it once and forgot to take a screenshot so right now I'm searching but my efforts are in vain.

12:38 PM
Q: In Stross' Merchant Princes series, how does ARMBAND know where to go?

DanielIn Stross's Merchant Princes series, the US Government uses bits of a world-walker's brain in vitro to power ARMBAND, which lets their planes cross to Gruinmarkt (World 1). How does ARMBAND "know" to go to Gruinmarkt? We know by the end of The Revolution Trade that there are many possible knots, ...

1:03 PM
Q: What does the big green eye in Blade Runner 2049 mean?

Sunsetguy6776The big eye in the original film (the opening shot) was a Big Brother thing, according to Ridley Scott. Orwell's 1984. All-seeing and yet invisible. That's why Tyrell's building is a truncated pyramid I guess. The top exists, but it's invisible. So, what about that green eye? I have a theory, but...

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4:52 PM
Q: How could Sauron return to Gorgoroth that easily?

Aragorn ElessarIn T.A. 2941 Mairon/Sauron returned to Barad-Dûr in Gorgoroth, and ten years later revealed himself openly. What I wonder is why there were no obstacles whatsoever when returning to Gorgoroth which, logically, at that time was under Gondor control. How could Sauron simply return, claim himself ru...

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6:07 PM
Q: Could this be why Lesley did it?

SpencerWe only find that Lesley May has gone over to the "dark side" at the end of Broken Homes, when she assaults Peter Grant as he's trying to apprehend the supervillain, the Faceless Man, allowing the latter to escape. It was quite a fall. The ostensible reason was that Lesley thought that the Facele...

6:32 PM
Q: Is there a particular building on the real Russell Square that we can identify as the Folly?

SpencerThe Folly is the Russell Square headquarters of the Metropolitan Police's Special Assessment Unit, covering magic and other sorts of "weird bollocks" (as DCI Seawoll calls it). I went looking for it during my 2017 visit. I had no luck. The Follypedia wiki's entry shows a photo of one of the buil...

6:52 PM
Going old-school with a topic challenge idea.
@Spencer nothing like leaving it till the last minute
7:22 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Eventually you have to stop tinkering and go with what you've got.
7:48 PM
Q: Name The Book: Magic Romance Book

user143856From what I can remember, that book is about a girl who has magic powers that are now fully developed and a man trains her and shows her how to advance in her magic. Part of the story is set in Prague. He eventually falls in love with her and save the world I think. He saves her from an attack at...

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9:28 PM
Q: Looking for a fic where Harry was "a different type of abuse victim" at the hands of a terrible neighbour

Edited EsauireI'm looking for this one fic where Harry was sexually abused/groomed by a neighbour as a child. Right before the newest school year begins--which I think is Harry's fourth or fifth year--Harry is desperate for help from the Dursleys' neglect and ends up meeting his abuser again. These memories ge...

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11:29 PM
@Marvin @Spencer Real-location question = instant upvote from me.

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