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12:31 AM
Q: What are the subgenres of each Ender's Game book?

ibidIn the introduction to "The Investment Counselor" published in Far Horizons, Orson Scott Card discussed the Ender series as it existed at the time, and gave subgenres for each of the books. In order to set up the novel Speaker, I had to rewrite the original story as a novel; thus the novel Ender...

12:50 AM
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1:55 AM
@DavidW maybe the reason why neo worked is because he had a name that anagrammed well
The previous heroes were Wot, Reeth and Rofu
2:08 AM
Heh. Pretty much. :)
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3:55 AM
Q: Sci-fi novel (c2000±10) of time differential universes

Charles RockafellorTrans-solar human society, consciousness download to mini-bots fighting bugs, a scientist & an autist in an asteroid (Ceres?), and alien invasion foiled by travel to a time differential universe.  That sums up the novel in a TL;DR nutshell. The question is: What is the title of this book? The exp...

4:21 AM
Q: In the movie Thor: Ragnarök (2017), could Dr. Strange have brought Odin back to life using the Time Stone?

user57467In Thor: Ragnarök (2017), if Dr. Strange had decided to go over to Norway shortly after he had sent Thor and Loki there, could Dr. Strange have brought Odin back to life using the Time Stone? (This would of course have depended on Thor preventing Loki from killing Dr. Strange once he showed up th...

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5:37 AM
Q: Q: Maze-game with top-down perspective, each level you need to kill monsters and destroy their dens

TheFatI remember seeing this game in a net-cafe when I was young and didn't know English so I cannot remember the title. I have tried searching "maze game", "labyrinth game" and still haven't found it so I tried asking here. Even though the name eludes me, I can recall quite a few details about the gam...

6:03 AM
Q: Iron Man comic from the 1970s that featured a blue, "security guard" version of his armor?

Helbent IVPlot Summary/Details I remember the basic plot of this one. There's a huge protest going outside of Stark Industries because of their military contracts. Stark/Iron Man is concerned that things may turn violent and cause people to get hurt. He has a trusted employee (I cannot remember the name...

6:28 AM
Q: What X-Men comic features Storm being attacked by a group of drug addicts in a housing project, and is saved by Luke Cage and Misty Knight?

Helbent IVPlot Details/Summary I don't remember the entire storyline from the issue, but I do have pretty good details on the scene I'm trying to remember. Storm is in Harlem, I believe, and she's wandered in to a housing project. I can't remember exactly why, just that she does so. She comes upon a room...

7:19 AM
Q: What does "it" refer to?

Ashley LongProfessor Lupin leaving Hogwarts: Lupin: This time tomorrow, the owls will start arriving and parents will not want... well, someone like me teaching their children. Harry Potter: But Dumbledore... Lupin: He has already...risked enough on my behalf. Besides, people like me are... Well, let's jus...

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10:55 AM
Q: I'm not getting reputation notifications

bobbleI haven't been getting reputation notifications since recently. (I reloaded several times, closed and reopened my browser, and restarted my computer) New rep is still shown in the profile page Reputation tab:

anybody seeing that here?
I didn't get followed notifications on a question closure so I think so
Go serially upvote me and we'll find out
Q: Foreshadows in Batman V Superman

EPIC Tube HDI was rewatching this intro scene from BvS... I just realized something. The entire scene foreshadows the life of Bruce Wayne. After the Wayne murder, at the funeral, he ran away from Alfred and the rest of the people kinda hinting at the idea of him leaving Gotham. He then goes in the wilderness...

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12:49 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I'd like a custom flow for asking story IDs, that hits most points in the list.
Post it, you never know the magic wand might get waved in your general direction
What would you have done differently?
Something we were talking about in the mod room (that @AncientSwordRage brought up) was adding more functionality to spoilers. Or rather tag level spoiler preferences
A: Magic wand time - what does your community need? (More questions from the Community VP)

SQBSF & F I would like to see a custom question-flow for asking story ID requests. They're about half of our questions, most of them are by new / drive-by users, and most need to be coached in the comments to tell us when they read or watched it, where, what language, and so on. A custom question-fl...

@SQB I like it
12:55 PM
@SQB That's the first time in a long time I've seen someone use fantasy.se over scifi.se
Easier to type on mobile.
"Fantasy" gets recognised by the spelling correction.
"Scifi" wants a hyphen.
@SQB you need a better auto-correct
And I came here to say good on you for promoting the fantasy side of the site.
We're not just SciFi SE dammit!
@Randal'Thor that's just your fantasy
Looks like we've lost our themed 404?
I checked main meta and SO as well, all that same one rather than custom ones
Boooo. :(
Jumping back to previous discussion, a custom story-id workflow wouldn't work in all those cases where the story-id tag has to be added in review... Which are frequently the same cases that might have benefitted most from more guidance.
If you have an initial window though which filters what type of question you're asking it would work like what SQB mentioned on his main meta post
@TheLethalCarrot or even a manual choice: "do you want to identify a story?", which could be "do you need help with a homework assignment?" or "do you have a piece of non-working code?" on SO. — SQB 19 mins ago
I'm sure something like that was trialled on SO at some point
@TheLethalCarrot something was I'm sure
also in terms of the tag hierarchy, I'm sure there's some custom code that sees you write say it prompts you to specify which kind of SQL.... it's not a million miles from what we want
@DavidW I just posted on meta. Maybe a dev just pressed something by mistake, like the orange theming we got the other day.
1:22 PM
@AncientSwordRage The new ask question wizard and tag warnings can sort of accomplish that but it works on an individual tag level so not overly useful for hierarchies
I'm watching a video called "Did These Giant Sloths Poop Themselves to Death?" and it's great
1:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage There's definitely code on some of the sites that makes tag suggestions based on the content of the question. I'm not sure how they implement that though, or how broadly applicable that feature might be.
@Randal'Thor Arg. I got downvoted for being slow. Way to encourage engagement guys!
1:53 PM
@DavidW Aww, now I feel bad, as you noticed it first and I just heard about it from you.
Look at Rand, the little main meta rep goblin
I thought I was the little main meta rep goblin.
You do have more main meta rep so the slightly bigger main meta rep goblin?
Edited my post to acknowledge that DavidW noticed it first.
@Randal'Thor Not blaming you; I did review the "might be duplicate" list that refreshes as you write the post, and yours didn't show up. I'm complaining about the people who apparently thought that a duplicate post within a few minutes was bad enough to deserve downvoting, even though it was obviously independent.
1:56 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Getting 10k rep on main meta is when you know you officially have a sad life.
(As in, posted separately in response to the same event, rather than being a copy.)
@DavidW Yeah, welcome to main meta :-( Happens a lot when a network-wide bug shows up and several people go independently to post about it.
in The Sphinx's Lair, Jan 15 '17 at 19:29, by Rand al'Thor
@Mithrandir You must have a sad life if main meta is one of your top few sites :-P
@Randal'Thor I'm safe for a little while yet then, what does it mean when you're in the multiples of ten though?
Multiples of ten k?
It means I haven't given away enough bounties yet.
Smart answer :)
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3:40 PM
posted on July 29, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Space was invented because before space the universe was really cramped. Today's News:

Q: Is it possible to rebuild a civilisation with 23 individuals?

LiathIn The Matrix it's revealed that The One is expected to choose 23 individuals (16 females and 7 male) to "rebuild zion". This allows the cycle to restart and the matrix to continue. However I know that once a species drops below a certain size the gene pool becomes too small and the population's ...

4:17 PM
@LogicDictates Can you take some time when posting comments? Make sure they're correct/complete for what you want to say first. There's also no harm in adding a second comment rather than deleting and then reposting mostly identical ones. The current behaviour isn't wrong per se but it is "annoying" (for lack of a better word) to give repeat notifications just to see the same comment again with a slight change in it
4:44 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Sorry, I overlooked the fact that you'd be getting notified each time, since the comments were addressed to another user, but being left beneath your answer.
I've also had it once, but I think the original poster also gets multiple notifications?
HI @Slytherincess !
fancy seeing you here!
@LogicDictates The same would happen to that other user actually. ;-)
I didn't even know Quantum Leap was from Donald Bellisario.
5:15 PM
Now that following posts is a thing, you never know how many people a comment is notifying.
Q: The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

Yaakov EllisWe are happy to announce that the previously announced follow question and answer feature is now live across the Network, including Stack Overflow, all Stack Exchange sites, and all Meta sites. (International Stack Overflow sites will have it turned on in a day or two once we have translations al...

> After you have followed a post, you will get inbox notifications for all new answers (in the case where you followed a question), comments, edits, and notices.
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6:44 PM
Q: Looking to find a cartoon TV Show from maybe 90´s about alternative realities

slidersI remember the main protagonist was a young boy whom wore a red hat and he could travel between alternative dimensions. Should be from maybe early 90 maybe 95 the latest. Thanks!

6:57 PM
Q: Is it possible to rebuild a civilisation with 23 individuals?

LiathIn The Matrix Reloaded it's revealed that The One is expected to choose 23 individuals (16 females and 7 male) to "rebuild Zion". This allows the cycle to restart and the Matrix to continue. However I know that once a species drops below a certain size the gene pool becomes too small and the popu...

Is that latest edit ok?
I was waiting for the op to turn up to make the answer on-topic, not the only person who's answered doing the editing
Looks fine to me.
I was hoping the OP would edit, but the question seemed perfectly clear to me from the beginning.
@Null there's a lot more rewording that I think is needed to move the needle away from real world science based answers to in-universe answers
1) Title should be edited to match the content (i.e. "the Zion civilisation" instead of "a civilisation").
2) I always thought it was perfectly clearly off-topic too. :D
The fact it's phrases as "<context> is this possible?" Is aiming it towards it being a real world possibility
Especially as the title doesn't say Zion, and that is just given for context of why they want to know
@DavidW same
7:14 PM
@AncientSwordRage Such as?
@Null rather than saying "is this possible" (which to me implies out of universe) it would be better as "how is this possible in the film", or something similar
But a partial edit isn't enough, and a full rewording like that seems to step on the OPs toes too much
I'm still on my way home, so I can't explain better right now, but I hope what I said makes sense, at least in terms of my PoV
Something similar happened on RPG recently. 'helpful' edit→ rollback → comment from OP → full rewording edit
Now I'm not saying we have to do exactly the same but it seemed smooth and painless
It could be phrased better, yes, but as it is now it is merely ambiguous as to whether it is looking for an in-universe or out-of-universe answer. And since the (correct) answer is that real world science does not apply (since there is a source of genetic material which is literally not from the "real world") I see no reason to keep it closed.
I can see that logic, happy for it to be unlocked if you want to do the honours
Eh, I was just going to let the OP make the necessary clarifications.
7:36 PM
@Null Zeiss had already edited it
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, but the OP should still edit it to something along the lines of what Harabeck suggested.
@Null I've just done that
7:57 PM
Because like I said, it's better either unedited or fully edited
8:43 PM
> "Edit, or edit not. There is no try."
Does anyone feel like writing a "custom 404" magic wand answer?
9:10 PM
@SQB Not sure I understand what you mean.
9:32 PM
@DavidW Presumably, an answer to the Community VP's "magic wand" question requesting the return of the custom 404 pages.
Ah, okay, that makes sense.
At this point in the day connecting 2 different ideas is a bit of a stretch. :)
10:07 PM
Q: Isekai Manga where a bullied high school protagonist commits suicide, is transferred to a world where he finds a potion of god

user253743The story goes as: The protagonist is in high school and is thoroughly bullied. He decide to commit suicide and then the whole school or classroom gets transferred to a new world. Later something happens and he gets send to a dungeon and there he finds treasure chest. He finds a potion of god (or...


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