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12:12 AM
Q: Where did the moon based interceptors launch from in the UFO TV series?

Peter MIn the UFO TV series, the pilots of the moon based interceptors are always shown entering a slide which presumably takes them from one of the habitation spheres directly to their ships. The ships are then raised from an under-moon storage area to a series of side-by-side craters in order to be...

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3:38 AM
Q: magna where character is summoned to another world by accident?

tdog8881This is what I do remember from the manga. It starts off by the main character getting transported to another world however if I remember correctly he wasn't the one that was suppose to be summoned or so the people who summoned him thought. The story progresses and he become a super powerful mc a...

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7:04 AM
Q: Why did Andor mention about his gloves here?

Jason NevilleStromtrooper meets Andor and Tivik in the streets: STORMTROOPER 1: What's all this? Come on, let's see some scandocs. Andor: Yeah, of course. Just... My gloves.

7:30 AM
Q: Science Fiction Book 80s or 90s

user3483676I am looking for a book I read a long time ago. On the cover there was an astronaut, bearded and balding I think. The story was about humanity who fought a war with an alien race and won bareley. They won because the figured out teleportation and a teacher who became a commander led the resistanc...

2 hours later…
Q: The King's Beloved Daughter Spoilers please!

Hamna AbidI would really love to hear spoilers(future events from ch17 onward and about the ending of the manga) from the manga "The King's Beloved Daughter" which has recently 17 chapters released in English.

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3:05 PM
posted on May 09, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: You can actually roll this backward by watching news commentary shows. Today's News:

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9:41 PM
Q: Do we know who the Jedi in the TBB premiere was?

Sophie the Jedi Knightvery minor TBB premiere spoiler In the first episode of The Bad Batch, we see the aftermath of Order 66 across the galaxy. When the Bad Batch returns to Kamino, they see a covered dead body whose hand drops a lightsaber. Clearly, this is a Jedi who was killed in Order 66, but do we know who exa...


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