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12:02 AM
Q: Book with like 10 kids with powers and invading aliens

BlazinA few years ago I read a book (part of a series I'm pretty sure) where there were kids with powers, and their names were numbers (One, Two, etc). I also remember that there was an invading alien species. I forgot what the book(s) were called though. Information: Kids with powers; their names wer...

12:52 AM
Q: Manga about a boy who is sent into a game as a character he created, with four sex skills

The oneA few months ago I read a manga about this boy who got sent to this game he was playing, as a game character he created as a joke. As such he had only 4 skills, and they were all sex skills. I think it was sex maniac, will to be protected and handsome.

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4:29 AM
Q: I need to know the name of a movie with a giant white room

mhpavtOn a DVD or VHS before a movie, I saw the trailer for this movie. In the trailer there's a big white room with hundreds of humanoid monsters inside. I think it might be a comedy because for some reason someone gets thrown into the giant white room from high up and gets attacked. I think it was an...

4:54 AM
Q: 2000 tv show about a parallel universe or game

MarcelaI only remember a few images from this; there were a group of kids/teen (around 13-15) who found a parallel universe (inside a game, I think). The universe seems like a game from the 90’s, all checkered, and the group uses a special suit, black with some colorful lines (they look like game charac...

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6:10 AM
Q: Loop in Back to the Future 1

TaimoorFirst of all, this is just a question based on my curiosity. It can seem pointless and illogical because of some missing piece of information, but i am asking it anyway based on my understanding of the movie. so correct me if i am wrong here. Anyway, The question is: When Marty comes back to twin...

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9:43 AM
Q: Starship Enterprise: Always flying left-to-right?

fgysin reinstate MonicaI am watching Star Trek together with my wife. We just finished the three seasons of The Original Series1, and are now mid-way into Star Trek Next Generation. I don't think I have seen the Enterprise fly right-to-left even a single time. It always flies left-to-right, appearing on the left edge o...

10:08 AM
Q: Young adult/teen maybe children's? Book about a clone (Thriller?)

G_as_in_GnomeThis is going to be such a vague description of the plot so I apologize, but I had a wave of nostalgia from watching a youtube video where I remembered this book. Basically, it's a young teen boy who hates doing chores and homework and instead loves watching tv in the den and playing baseball. He...

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11:45 AM
Q: Fantasy title where MC is a male wizard, who is charmed by a female humanoid creature (troll?)

Tallguy5292I'm looking for some help finding a fantasy novel I remember reading some time ago. Maybe middle school, pre-2007? I cannot remember any of the overarching main plot, just the romantic subplot. It starred a male mage, who encounters a female troll (or possibly some other humanoid fantasy creature...

12:08 PM
Q: Commonwealth Saga : What is the motive behind that part of the plan?

stkI recently finished reading (again) the Commonwealth Saga, by Peter F. Hamilton, and something struck me near the conclusion of everything : Why is it part of the plan of the and why is it so important that it happens ?

12:39 PM
I'm now exactly 9 rep behind @TheLethalCarrot. Seems like we'll be leapfrogging for a bit before me ultimately being left in the dust.
Aye, gonna be next to each other for a while. My rep comes in groups at the moment as well so unless I decide to do some self answers I’ll probably not gain too much for a little while
12:57 PM
Q: Science Fiction book where one of the plot points was jettisoning the science module of a space station because it was built to be modular

SpyBoxOnlineThis was a book, I'm pretty sure it was a book, that I read in 2013/2014 probably. This is going to be super vague but I distinctly remember one plot point which was the group of characters were aboard a space station, a floating underwater station, or a in-orbit platform (like the helicarrier) t...

1:08 PM
Back in the lead, by 1 single rep point (124875 me, 124874 Carrot).
1:40 PM
I really want to accept a random answer to flip it again
Greetings, Earthlings, Robots, et al.
@TheLethalCarrot I'm now repcapped, so you can easily re-overtake me today if you want.
That’s effort though
2:15 PM
Q: Manga where the main character is summoned twice and gets two different classes

DrewI am looking for a manga where the main character gets summoned to another world with some people and gets the class 'god', which lets him be able to do anything. Then he gets summoned again along with some people by the demon lord and get a class 'demon lord' or something, which gives him the po...

2:40 PM
Q: I remember A Cartoon movie I had seen mabe 10 years ago

user140587I can't remember that far back but do remember that anyone could walk on clouds if they were big enough but one fell through thats all i remember.

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4:18 PM
@Donald.McLean heya, how's things
I mean bleep bloop
I'm suitably excited by this trailer tweet
4:37 PM
posted on May 03, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Not me, of course. Other people. Today's News:

5:12 PM
Q: What is Brüks's "Zone of Terror" in Echopraxia?

oromeIn the following passage from Peter Watts's Echopraxia, what does "Zone of Terror" refer to? The blade began to twist as he ascended the spoke. Brüks gritted his teeth, briefly closed his eyes as the conveyor pulled him past the Zone of Terror (it helped, really it did), relaxed as the haunted z...

5:38 PM
Q: What is the gambit used by the crew of The Crown of Thorns to escape its tail?

oromeIn Peter Watts's Echopraxia, the crew of The Crown of Thorns uses a ruse to whoever is following them. But I'm unclear on how it worked or what the plan entailed. I gather that an escape pod was used to leave the ship behind, but it then seems like the ship either exploded or the escape pod assum...

6:19 PM
@AncientSwordRage That is a lot of movies.
6:51 PM
Q: Name of the book

RichardA girl mage is captured and is being sacrificed to get a familiar demon but the demon (or something) is too strong and kills the son inner and likes the girls attitude so gives her some powers (shifting for one) and dumped to survive in the elf forest. Meets an elf with a troll fetish

7:10 PM
"traveling" appears 9,198, and "travelling" appears 9,197 times when you search the site. Interesting to see they're so close
@fez Actual numbers: 1841 for "traveling", 1261 for "travelling". SE uses ElasticSearch which returns similar and associated words as well, unless it's an exact search (with "quote marks").
@Mithical Oh yeah I see it matches "travel" as well
Q: Final line: "...circumnavigated the Captain..." story id?

releseabeIIRC, it seems to be a tale of a cabin boy aboard a spaceship (and I read that it was based on a very old dirty joke although there was no actual dirty joke aspect to this story itself). The final line implied that rather than the ship being a ship and the cabin boy a cabin boy the ship was a spa...

7:53 PM
That makes me very curious what the extra match for "traveling" is that doesn't match "travelling."
I wonder if there are such things as eigenspellings.
8:08 PM
Q: What does "If you can’t kill your enemy, weaken him. If you can’t cut off his head, take his heart" mean?

HiMyNameIsBobThis quote is from Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, episode 3 "Blood Ties": If you can’t kill your enemy, weaken him. If you can’t cut off his head, take his heart. What does this mean? I thought of it as problem solving.

Q: Was Little Finger somewhat too open in his expression of feelings for Catelyn -- theme of being not as bright as one thought one was

releseabeAs I recall, he did not really hide it even from Ned and Ned and later Ned's son offered to kill LF. For such a sly and cunning guy, this seems a little unwise and I wonder if GRRM meant to show that LF was not nearly as smart as he thought he was. Tyrion too often talked about his own cleverness...

Q: what is the first mention of 2063 as year of First Contact?

Maximus1987In any medium whatsoever - novels, interviews, television episodes, movies, etc - what is the earliest mention of 2063 as year of First Contact?

8:23 PM
Brandon Sanderson talking about how fantasy is real fiction: reddit.com/r/books/comments/n11u0f/comment/gwebdrl
I can't believe people are still having to fight that stupid fight.
I've long since used that as a bit trigger. "So, science fiction can't be literature? Y'know, I've gotta go... over there, or somewhere."
9:17 PM
I hate when you have elaborate stories where everything is a dream or hallucination. If it isn't real then it's a bunch of garbage.
Q: First mention of 2053 as the end of the Third World War?

Maximus1987In any medium whatsoever — novels, interviews, movies, television episodes, etc. — what is the first mention of 2053 as the end of the Third World War?


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