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1:15 AM
Q: 90s Tv show with magical items - in the end the dog gets sent to be the ruler instead of the baby

simon_smileyThis is a TV I remember watching when I was young in the 90s in the UK. There were lots of magic items that could do specific things. I remember the tooth paste made someone in the show start speaking different languages. In the TV show the kids were trying to collect all these magical items befo...

is sff cleanup only used by bots?
2:05 AM
Q: Space opera book series about an augmented soldier doing a planetary assist toward Uranus to kill cyborgs

FontFamilyI am a die hard sci-fi space opera reader. I read an ongoing series that was a work in progress about 5 years ago. This was a series of books, each about 300-400 pages long. There were 4-8 books in this series. The author was not someone who most people would recognize (i.e. Asimov, Robinson, etc...

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3:19 AM
Q: Movie about man who is teleported to Mars?

OKprogrammerI watched a movie around 8 years ago about a man who came across an old tomb, with some sort of relic that teleported him to Mars. He discovers that he is super strong, as the gravity doesn’t affect him as it does the other people on Mars. He then ends up back on Earth, discovering that he hadn’t...

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5:48 AM
Q: Looking For List of Pokemon Locations in Pokemon Outlaw

Gothamite24Been playing this hack recently and while it is pretty fun, I was wondering if there was a list of which Pokemon are obtainable, since every time I try to Google it, the only results I end up with are YouTube playthroughs of the game.

6:13 AM
Q: Old movie (1950?) where a ghost protects a woman from her husband

LindaA man keeps trying to kill his wife but a ghost keeps stopping him. In the end the husband is in the bedroom with his mistress & the ghost kicks a ember from the fireplace out to start a fire.

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7:47 AM
Q: Why did Tywin hate Tyrion so much but didn't actually kill him?

Andrew HicksI personally asked this question: I felt that Tyrion’s actions to Tyrion had been more excessive than killing him, so I asked why he “not killed directly” and I hope to discuss it together.

8:42 AM
@GWarner At the moment, pretty much. It's fallen out of use; it used to be used for e.g. tag cleanup discussions that didn't need to be in the main room.
10:06 AM
We were aware this time, just not quick enough in announcing it (we have other things to announce as well). Stand by stackizens... — AncientSwordRage ♦ yesterday
So ehr... @AncientSwordRage, I'm standing by.
@SQB you may want a seat
@AncientSwordRage to wait in, or because of the contents?
@SQB to wait in
*slumps in seat* If you say so.
@SQB sorry you've having to slump, we're getting there, I promise
10:16 AM
Expecting elections, tbh. Although from where I'm sitting, you seem to manage with just three.
I'm not happy about the moderators Bus Factor if I'm honest
Good point.
Although I've always preferred to call it the Holiday Factor.
Less Final Destination.
(Greatest death scene ever, by the way).
I've not seen them
@AncientSwordRage Aye that is a good point, I mentioned to Rand the other day that I didn't necessarily see the need for an election. Since you've been back actively things have certainly improved but I didn't really think about that. 3 isn't a bad number but 4 (or even 5) for that extra support is probably not a bad thing
I think I saw 4 at the cinema, it wasn't great
Q: Book about people turning to stone from power use

Just a WeebI can't remember much about this book hence why I wanted to re-read it but its power cost is unique enough to set it apart. People had this magic, very powerful but it had a hefty cost, any spell no matter how small turned a part of the casters body to stone. They could move regularly until they ...

10:23 AM
@TheLethalCarrot you saw all 4 of us at the cinema?!
@TheLethalCarrot I also think having just enough to keep the lights on is less than we're capable as a stack
Did you not notice the bloke in the long trench coat and sunglasses sat in the corner?
I uh.... no.
ewww the mirror
I just clicked the first link
10:28 AM
thats how it all begins.... :p
it's a good gag
10:44 AM
@Slartibartfast Can't feature it... oh well it's in the Hot Meta Posts
@TheLethalCarrot ::shrug::
I don't think we're meant to de-hot the post...?
It's a silly policy in the first place anyway in my opinion... it's started from a sensible place but just hasn't been thought about enough
Stuff like this should be featured, users should be able to say their thanks and be kept up to date with this information
@AncientSwordRage Is that possible? I know you can kick a post from the HNQ but not sure about meta posts on the site
@TheLethalCarrot I am the law
in reality, though, I'm making enquiries
@AncientSwordRage Quick, add some sunglasses to your avatar
@TheLethalCarrot I've only ever seen the first one, which was pretty decent.
10:55 AM
I think I've only seen 4 actually now I skim the summaries
It doesn't help that we saw it in 3D and I can barely see 3D films
11:28 AM
@TheLethalCarrot no it didn't
It started from SE wanting to hide all the moderators resigning in protest.
Which was stupid and only caused more protest.
Oh yeah, I forgot... in that case: it had potential to be a sensible policy but wasn't thought about enough
Personally I would entirely ignore the rule, go with common sense, and feature it anyway.
It's in the Hot Meta Posts so is as good as featured
Q: What game is played in the 2021 virgin media advert?

PureferretThe advert (for virgin media) features two people playing an online game, who then have a video chat. Here is a still from the advert showing them in the game: I'm particularly interested in finding the name of the game as it allows your avatar in the game to use a wheelchair (I'm not looking fo...

@Mithical I thought it was because the staff were getting abuse for unpopular policy announcements?
@AncientSwordRage That adverts annoyed me since I first saw it. You're telling me those two got that close yet only talked in the game and whilst playing it and the second they were done they weren't going to talk again?
11:35 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Apparently we can, same way as HNQs. At least it's an option on the mod menu.
But the policy only concerns featuring meta posts, not hot ones.
Makes sense that it's possible, just hadn't heard of it
So I don't think we need to do anything.
@Randal'Thor In short, "We are the law!"
@AncientSwordRage that was why hot meta posts were disabled on SO
11:49 AM
Q: What game is played in the 2021 virgin media advert?

PureferretThe advert (for virgin media) features two people playing an online game, who then have a video chat. Here is a still from the advert showing them in the game: I'm particularly interested in finding the name of the game as it allows your avatar in the game to use a wheelchair (I'm not looking fo...

I'm ever the pedant, so sorry @AncientSwordRage.
12:03 PM
@SQB no, that is the correct edit to make
I'm very impressed with how well the question has been received to be honest
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1:21 PM
Q: Movie where 'hero' is tricked into destroying Earth

ThatGuy42Years ago, I caught just the last couple of minutes of a movie on TV. I may have the plot totally wrong, but what I think had happened is that this starship pilot had gone through a wormhole and fought through overwhelming odds to drop a bomb on an alien planet, ending a war and saving Earth. But...

1:46 PM
Q: How did Snape block Voldemort without arousing suspicion?

RighterIn this scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Voldemort seemingly confirms Snape's information by using Leglimency. “My Lord, the Order of the Phoenix intends to move Harry Potter from his current place of safety on Saturday next, at nightfall.” The interest around the table sharpene...

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3:42 PM
posted on May 18, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: And don't forget: In conclusion, the paper you are holding said the stuff the paper you are holding said. Today's News:

3:57 PM
@CerealBot heh
4:13 PM
@Randal'Thor at uni I saw evidence of most of those
The worst offender though seemed to be: "We tested a slight variation of a thing the industry has known works/doesn't work and it behaves exactly as expected. This is not surprising as our last 10,000 papers were exactly the same. But look who has 10,001 papers to their name now"
4:43 PM
Q: Horror film about a mummy like creature that goes around killing a bunch of people and making them evil

Root BeerI watched this movie in around 2012, This mummy-like creature (or evil spirit) that lives in a two-storey house, and a group of 5 or more or less, people move into it. The creature then goes on to kill all the people except one or two, but he kills them in strange ways. And after he kills them he...

@AncientSwordRage I guess that happens a lot in engineering and other applied fields. Bit less so in maths.
@Randal'Thor hopefully?
This was physics/chemistry
I imagine it's at least possible (dunno how widespread) in most experimental fields.
it made finding decent papers a real pain
Vary the parameters slightly, perform the experiment again, write up the results.
4:52 PM
@Randal'Thor rinse repeat
5:06 PM
@AncientSwordRage Looks like your game-id question has made the HNQ. Not bad for a question that's not about a real game... :)
@Randal'Thor I thought that the big complaint about experimental science these days was that there weren't enough replication studies. These would seem to have much the same effect, so perhaps not completely useless...
I had to delve into the field of machine learning at some point and that was basically 99% of all the papers there. Vary a few parameters, vary a few test cases, vary a few standard algorithms. "Develop new algorithmic approaches? No, we don't do actual problem solving here."
Didn't particularly help in treating my despise of that entire topic.
@DavidW heh
It's what their entire field teaches, isn't it? Try random thing, tweak the parameters, try again.
I thought it might not have been a real game, but I know they accept ID questions when you have a screenshot
It does have an interesting look, though I question the utility of gem that large. :)
5:10 PM
@DavidW I think the replication is either not an exact replication or it's not done where it's difficult
(And of course a gem that large with that few facets wouldn't actually look as fancy as it would at a smaller scale.)
Synthesise the same chemicals as lab X but with a Y tweak? Easy. Replicate a study on a cohort of 20,000? Hard
True, it is the large-scale observational studies that are the most useful to replicate and also the hardest.
The other issue is that most studies are WEIRD ( Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic )
Give it a few years and we'll fix at least some of those.
5:18 PM
@DavidW one way to take that is that we'll stop being educated/rich/democratic .... :p
(5 years ago I might have said we'd fix "educated" first, but now it seems like there's a concerted worldwide effort to fix "democratic.")
@DavidW I think both?
Hungary, Poland, Italy, Brazil, USA, Israel, India, Myanmar, the Philippines...
But when was there ever not?
5:33 PM
@NapoleonWilson A case could be made that the early 20th century period when women's suffrage was finally broadly accepted might count.
6:18 PM
Q: How did Carl Creel heal from Obelisk by Hydra's brainwashing words?

Nagabhushan S NIn Agents of SHEILD season 2 episode 1, both SHIELD and HYDRA are after the original 0-8-4 known as obelisk/diviner. Carl Creel manages to take hold of Obelisk, but it infects his arm. In episode 2, Sunil Bakshi meets Creel to retrieve the obelisk. However Creel demands that they cure him first. ...

Q: Why is Isabella Hartley not turned to stone instantly when she touches the obelisk?

Nagabhushan S NIn Agents of SHIELD season 2, both HYDRA and SHIELD are after the original 0-8-4 known as the obelisk/diviner. Throughout the season, we see that anyone who comes in contact of this Kree device turn to stone instantly. However, when Isabella Hartley touches the obelisk, she doesn't instantly turn...

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8:31 PM
Q: Hello! I am on a Manga Quest! Please Help!

HenryThe 1st Manga I seek is about a Boy forming a Pokemon like Bond with a Blue Skinned Demon like Creature, who he releases from a Gashapon Machine! The 2nd Manga I seek is about a High School Rich Boy, with a Killer(Not Murderous) Intelligence, who steps into another Dimension, where he makes a Dea...

9:11 PM
@AncientSwordRage Look at the medical literature. Changing fields was interesting - good science is hard to do with actual patients, so end up with a lot of 'we tried this on three patients and it kinda worked' papers end up published.
@Michael that I can understand, because people are so different
The equivalent papers k read in material science would have been as off they tried the same medical techniques on the same person but on different days of the week
Or I don't know, mixing Hartman's Solution with Ceftriaxone in one paper and seeing if an antibiotic in the same cephalosporin family works when you know the conflict between calcium and that antibiotic is at the family level not the individual drug
9:26 PM
Don't go giving them ideas now...
9:47 PM
@Michael oh dear
Any medical professional who listens to me is in for a bad time 😅

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