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3:31 AM
Q: Animation about three kids who turn into monsters and fight a giant bird at the end

Guilherme OliveiraIt is the generic trio (the protagonist, the other boy and the girl). They meet little creatures who can merge with them, turning them into monsters (the protagonist is an insect, the other one is a chameleon, and the girl was a fairy, I think). Then they go to other dimensions, and in the end th...

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6:54 AM
Q: What happens if you go through an incoming stargate?

1.21 gigawattsWhat happens if you go through an incoming stargate?

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12:06 PM
Can someone remind me to update this later?
12:18 PM
Q: How was Carpet People changed when it was rereleased?

AncientSwordRageTerry Pratchett's The Carpet People was originally published in 1971, but then re-written later on. In Pratchett's own words: "This book had two authors, and they were both the same person." What were he changes made? TV Tropes says the original was more "LOTR set in a carpet", but that's the ext...

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@Marvin Yowza, the prices of 1st editions are crazy!
1:57 PM
Q: Author of "military squad" SF podcast

Martin I'm trying to track down an author whose audiobook podcasts I listened to around 2008. The story was a military SF about a team of soldiers or mercenaries. I think it was on Podiobooks. I think he is English. He has also written a wider variety of SF published, at least, as ebooks. He may also ha...

2:22 PM
Q: Anime: I Used To Watch An Anime In Netflix

WanpanmanAnime: I Used To Watch An Anime In Netflix in which the main character slept for hundreds of years and wakes up in a modern world.. (the main character was a earth defender and he defended the earth from aliens) the aliens look more like robots

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3:36 PM
Q: Trilogy about anti-magic technology

Andrew RayI remember reading a while ago a series (I think it was a trilogy) about someone born without magic in a world where magic is the norm. I think there was a prophesy that the one without magic would destroy the world or something, so the priests send him into exile and it turns out there are a num...

@DavidW woah!
@Jenayah you got me on the author tag, I added it before adding the
3:52 PM
posted on April 10, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Can we all work toward a universe where muggers have graduate degrees? Today's News:

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8:11 PM
Q: Why were the crew of the Enterprise looking for two pairs of boots?

JulesI’m confused by the reasoning why the crew of the Enterprise were only looking for two pairs of boots. I mean there’s the assumption here that the two crew members beamed back to the Enterprise and not the hidden Bird of Prey. In which case if the crew were only looking for someone who altered th...

Q: Prometheus / Alien Covenant timeline

Professor MoriartyAny theories as to why Ridley Scott chooses to set his sci-fi films in the (relatively) very near future despite the huge advances in technology on show (e.g. the two films referenced are set less than a 100 years hence but feature FTL travel to distant star systems as a matter of routine). Is th...

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9:25 PM
Q: Where are the Klingons in ST: Disco: Season 3?

Sovereign InquiryI watched ST: Discovery's third season, which featured Vulcans, Romulans, Orions, humans, and others. But towards the end of the season, I noticed that there had been as many 0 Klingon appearances. Klingons were mentioned in a total of one or two! episodes--"Terra Firma Part 1" and "Terra Firma P...

9:38 PM
I can't possibly be the only one to make the "Star Trek Disco" connection....

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