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12:20 AM
Q: Why did the Time Lords lose the Time War?

GridlockWith current information available about the Time War, how did the Time Lords end up losing the Time War? What where the reason or reasons behind the Time Lords losing the Time War so badly, that in the end Galifrey was being besieged by the Daleks to such a degree, that it would seem that only t...

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2:02 AM
Q: Is Simba a politician?

mammifereviolet4694I ask because he is the King of Pride Rock. But I do not know if Simba is a monarch, or a dictator, or a tribal chief, or two of the three, or all of the three. Also, I do not know if it would be more appropriate to call Simba authoritarian or statist. However, I think monarchs can only be consid...

Q: The white prison in THX1138

asylumaxAny thoughts on the white prison in THX1138, which seemed in the middle of nowhere? In their escape from the "prison" there was a long walk, so much so that they brought extra food rations. How big might it have been?

2:22 AM
3:11 AM
So, I needed some background noise while I washed some dishes so I put on the TV and caught a bit of part 1 (2012) of the animated The Dark Knight Returns.
Now, admittedly it's been >20 years since I read the graphic novel. But when Carrie first puts on the Robin uniform and steps out onto the window ledge she said "Instant pizza."
Which is supposed to be "Whoa, one step street pizza."
(Followed, IIRC, by something like "Maximum check-out.")
"Instant pizza" doesn't even make sense. So I had to stop watching.
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5:00 AM
Q: SF Short Story - Amnesiac Criminal

Lee EckhardtThis American short story, from its content, probably dates from the late 1960s/early 1970s. I can't remember if is was in a magazine or an anthology, but it was probably in a magazine of the time. The MC has been sent (by teleportation?) to a prison (can't remember if it was on Earth or another ...

5:25 AM
Q: What does the Hatter’s “Your hair wants cutting” mean in A Mad Tea-Party

ferjsoto42yahoocomNear the beginning of A Mad Tea-Party, the Hatter suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, states “Your hair wants cutting,” which words Alice takes as a personal insult. This was the Hatter’s first speech in Wonderland (the words “No Room! No Room!” don’t seem to count). This seems to have been ...

Q: Military sf short story: something like super-infantry on a raid

Captain CraniumMaybe 20 or 30 years ago I read a short story recounting a futuristic raid (I suspect on another planet) on an enemy settlement by (I think) a handful of soldiers. I think that they more or less run through a forest or jungle, too quickly and expertly to be intercepted. I don't recall exactly w...

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6:41 AM
Q: help finding a manga name

tdog8881This is what I remember of this manga it first starts out talking about how there are mercenaries in the world and depending on how powerful they are is what rank they have. The mc is in a school to become a mercenaries and is ranked relatively low in the school however it turns out he is one of ...

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8:23 AM
Q: Why does Donald Duck say this strange line on page three of Don Rosa's "The Dream of a Lifetime", part two (2002)?

Beagle BoyOn page three, panel four (first panel of second row), in the second part of The Dream of a Lifetime, English original, Donald shouts toward Bombie the Zombie, but addressing Scrooge: HALP! HE'S COMING FOR ME! HE'LL GET ME AGAIN! Emphasis as it appears in the comic. Absolute page number in The ...

8:49 AM
@DavidW Your memory is spot on
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9:54 AM
Q: I'm looking for a certain haiku about kusarigama in Japanese

Simpleton JackThe haiku I'm looking for is probably of an anonymous author. I got a hint on a Japanese message board that it's maybe Musashi's one and I should find it in Eiji Yoshikawa's famous novel, but it's not there. I have only the Russian translation of the haiku. In English it's like this: Chain wrapp...

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12:11 PM
Q: Fantasy book - Female warrior blacks out & kills friends | Mage works spells like beads in mind | Shadow creature tormenting town

user229414I remember reading this book about 15-20 years ago but for the life of my I cannot remember its name and only patches of what the book was about. I weirdly had a dream about it the other day and have been racking my brain trying to find the book! Classic 1980/90's sword and sorcery book. There...

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1:53 PM
Q: Could you eat meat or other animal products in the Matrix simulation and still be consider a vegetarian/vegan?

Conan HighwoodsSo I was thinking one day that if eat meat or something like that when you are in the Matrix or a program similar, then would you still be vegetarian/vegan?

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5:16 PM
Q: Please I want information on designing this Emperor's chair Star Wars Return of the Jedi 1983

bpvxxvqdPlease I want information on designing this the Emperor's chair is Emperor's chair isthrone Emperor Palpatine is seen sitting on in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086190/Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi? There is information available abou...

5:30 PM
posted on March 06, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: And I call this philosophy Angry Buddhism. Today's News:

5:41 PM
Q: What Lucius had against Harry Potter?

Trusha_PatelWhy was Lucius Malfoy against Harry Potter or against mud-blood and ‘liberals’. I mean how was he pure? His ancestors, his hate for Lilly and James. And why did he let Longbottoms live?

6:32 PM
Q: What is the platoon organization in Heinlein's "Starship Troopers"?

Jeff DegeI'm re-reading Starship Troopers, and I'm wondering about the Mobile Infantry's TOE. From what I've read, so far, there are 50+ in a platoon, two sections with three squads each. Do we learn any more about the organization? About higher echelons?

6:57 PM
Q: 1970s (?) young adult book about a race of noncorporeal aliens on Earth

QuickQuestionA race of aliens from a planet so technologically advanced that they evolved beyond the use of bodies. They floated through space until they arrived on Earth. They enter a human's blood stream through a rabbit bite and telekinetically destroy all forms of technology around any human they infect. ...

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8:07 PM
Q: Is that a pure soul stone on top of Wanda's vision?

AtanuCSEI'm talking about the show WandaVision. Spoilers ahead.... We get to know that Vision living with Wanda is actually created by Wanda herself. She was in grief and that caused uncontrolled power surge which created the new Vision. What about the soul stone! Is it a real soul stone? In episode 9, V...

Q: How fake Pietro got his power?

AtanuCSEWandaVision S01E09 Finale Spoilers ahead.... When Wanda's brother first got into the scene, most of us thought that this Pietro is from another universe. He has the same power as actual Pietro AKA Quicksilver. Later, we came to know that this is not Wanda's brother and this Pietro is controller ...

Q: Defiant class power for phasers

SpacePhoenixHas there ever been an in-universe explanation of why the phasers on the Defiant are powered by power cells and not by drawing power from the power grid? With the ship being overpowered then surely there must be more than enough power available to power the phasers

9:08 PM
Congrats @user14111 on 130,000 reputation!
I saw you on 129,991 and had to find something to upvote and release the tension.
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10:10 PM
Q: Short story, 19th century: French country priest and devil exchange subjectivities

G DugdaleI am looking for a 19th century short story. I thought it was written by Guy de Maupassant, but didn't find it. A French country priest starts having vivid dreams that he is a diabolical courtier in hell. The dreams become ever more intense and elaborated. The last line is something like: "One ni...


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