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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (349): Book series: guy becomes a vampire, creates portals to travel between different worlds to avenge the girl who turned him by Bradon on scifi.SE
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Q: Short story where Star Trek (butTNG?) was real, actors on set have to adapt to the roles they take

asylumaxThere was a short story once where it started off with a behind-the-scenes story of the filming of a Star Trek episode, and actors are referred to by their actual names. During the shoot, something happens, and they are on the real Enterprise-D. This looks similar to: Story in Star Trek novel - ...

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Q: Earlier references to spread spectrum than Starship Troopers?

Jeff DegeSo, I'm re-reading Heinlein's Starship Troopers, for the first time in many years, and I noticed that he describes something very much like spread spectrum radio: The frequency control to maintain tactical security is very complex, at least two frequencies for each circuit, both of which are nec...

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Q: Graphic manga about teenagers trained to fight in a war, using powers rather than guns

BallsBasically, the story distinctly starts with a class of high school-age students getting deployed into a war taking place in a city against these unknown terrorists. The horrors of war are very quickly shown when multiple students are gunned down with heads and limbs being torn off their bodies gr...

5:36 AM
Q: Why didn't Dobby simply mention Tom Riddle to Harry?

penzDobby is a complicated character. Quote: I’ve just got one question, Dobby,’ said Harry, as Dobby pulled on Harry’s sock with shaking hands. ‘You told me all this had nothing to do with He Who Must Not Be Named, remember? Well –’ ‘It was a clue, sir,’ said Dobby, his eyes widening, as though thi...

6:27 AM
Q: What was Fred doing?

penzHarry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Quote: They were almost at King's Cross when Harry remembered something. “Ginny—what did you see Percy doing, that he didn't want you to tell anyone? 'Oh, that,' said Ginny, giggling. ' Well-Percy's got a girlfriend.'Fred dropped a stack of books on George...

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Q: Manga about a girl who went back in time to her wedding night

sunsetmoonSomeone help me out :" I'm looking for a manga that i stumbled upon on ig sometimes ago. I don't remember the title. All i is that it's a manga about a woman who went back in time to her wedding night. Before she went back in time, she received a message that her husband died. I also remember th...

Q: Who is this Cliff that Agent Woo called?

Kolappan NIn the season finale of the WandaVision Season 1, Agent Woo calls someone name Cliff and asks them if they could come within an hour. Is this a character we have seen before or he is another FBI agent?

Q: Palpatine Emperor chair

bpvxxvqdPlease Help Me Emperor's chair I want to know a designer Emperor's chair Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086190/ The Emperor's chair was mechanized so that it could rotate when the scene called for it. However, the mechanism never worked properly, s...

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body, link at beginning of body, potentially bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in title, blacklisted user (172): acheter de faux et réels permis de conduire des cartes d'identité de passeport by akipopo on scifi.SE
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Greetings, Earthlings.
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ahoy thar
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Q: What metal is used to cut Vibranium?

codeczarIn WandaVision the SWORD members dismantle the body of Vision using some machines. As we know that his body is made up of vibranium I would like to know what metal is used to cut through vibranium.

1:54 PM
@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
Maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to read a book...
Q: How are these two characters related in WandaVision?

codeczarIn WandaVision it is shown that He has all the powers of Quicksilver and also some memories. But later it is revealed that So I would like to know that how did he become as fast as Quicksilver and had memories of him if he was an altogether different person and an ordinary human being.

Q: Response for what exactly?

Naomi. JSator manhandles his wife Kat: Kat: Even a soul as blank and brittle as yours needs a response. Is fear and pain enough, Andrei? That's all I have to offer you. Sator: Well, that will have to do, then. Response for what exactly?

2:30 PM
@DavidW I'm re-reading one of the books from my list of books that have one scene of exceptional power and beauty. Of course, it's a very personal judgement.
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posted on March 05, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Best Westphalian Sovereignty joke all week. Today's News:

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Q: Did Reverend Mother Mohiam actually do anything to Paul on Caladan to prevent him from talking to Leto about the threat?

Michael StachowskyIn the beginning of Dune, I'm afraid I don't remember the exact quote, Paul and Leto are talking about Arrakis. Paul gives a warning to Leto, but remarks internally on "the effort" it takes to say it. It is implied that Paul perceives this to be due to Mohiam's influence on him. Did she actual...

4:34 PM
Q: What are the components of White Vision?

codeczarIn the WandaVision web series, the organization known as SWORD makes a new Vision which is white in color and releases blue rays from his forehead instead of yellow. I would like to know what are the components which are used to make this version of Vision? What elements are used to make it like ...

Q: Short story about a mother choosing to save her robot son over her human son during a fire

YC NI'm looking for a short story where a mother raises a robot son along with her human son. Her human son human grows older and becomes estranged from her, while her robot son remains a great child. A fire occurred in their home, and she could only rescue one child. So when the father, her husband,...

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7:14 PM

Zaard LoreThe Lotus Eaters short story is a fascinating one. Living in a transitional zone aka an eternal twilight, got me wondering about time. The peculiarity of this is that the planet in such a setting will have to be tidaly locked, (cannot remember if that was in the story), for it to even work for no...

7:39 PM
Q: Looking for a dystopian sci-fi book in which the story is told through various characters' perspectives and they are hosts to some sort of infection

JMAThere are really only two characters I remember: a military man and a girl. The girl lived in a camp with other survivors or people who weren't hosts (or brainwashed- I can't exactly remember). A notable character who lives with her is a boy with I believe red hair who asks to kiss her frequently...

8:05 PM
Q: Is Wanda Maximoff related to Quicksilver in Dark Phoenix?

LeBiscuitIn the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, new characters are introduced that start off as the antagonists but, later on in the story they become protagonists. These character are: Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. I was watching WandaVison and on one of the episodes, Wanda opens the door to find her brothe...

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10:12 PM
Q: Movie about a worm hole that requires a lot of energy to open, but doesn't seem to work

user137686I saw the ending of a movie with a lady about to sit in this massive machine in the shape of a loop/circle that looked to be discovered on earth. They had to draw massive amounts of energy to get it to go. When it did, she seemed to travel through space/time with an alien or being narrating about...

10:38 PM
Q: Why did the Ancient One ignore Thanos coming? Is there a reason? Or was it forced by the author?

Sioud AbdouAs I know, in the MCU, the Ancient One who instructed Dr. Strange was extremely powerful, an immortal, and she can see the future; she was the guardian of the Earth... so why did she not stop Thanos from coming? With some planning, she could've stopped him, either with help, or by herself. So is ...

Q: Did Lewis Carroll write Nonsense Stories or Stories containing Many extremely Complex Literary Puzzles and Riddles?

ferjsoto42yahoocomEverything we know about Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) seems to scream “Order!”. He was a mathematician, a logician, a bachelor, and someone who was very controlled in every aspect of his existence. For imstance he received and sent over 100000 letters and cross referenced every one of them...

11:03 PM
Q: How did the gaunt family come to obtain the resurrection stone?

DaniVoldemort used the resurrection stone as a horcrux...did he know at the time that it was the resurrection stone? We know that the ring belonged to the gaunt family, to whom tom riddle was born, but how did they come to be in possession of it? It has been suggested as a theory, that Harry could ha...


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