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12:03 AM
Q: Isolated on a Space Ship a Couple is trying to kill each, both have blue blood

Spartan1910Remember seeing this on scifi as a kid. Maybe in the range of 2000-2010. A couple is aboard a spaceship travelling somewhere and it's their time to be awake to manage the ship and they catch a virus or something that turns their blood blue and they try to kill each other for some reason. The movi...

12:23 AM
Q: Are Muppets human?

Robert ColumbiaI was watching Sesame Street with my niece when I realized that the Muppet characters (portrayed by puppeteers) and the characters played by human actors do not seem to treat each other as different from each other in any fundamental way. Muppets are clearly sentient and possess civil rights, but...

12:51 AM
Q: In Super Mario Bros. 2, why does Wart die from eating too much vegetables?

mammifereviolet4694I think this is because Wart is a frog (toad to be exact). Frogs are amphibians. Adult amphibians are obligate carnivores (like snakes and weasels but much stockier).

1:09 AM
Q: Is there a "Maguffin" in Star Wars?

Pro Effects MAXIn a lot of good movie series, there are "Maguffins' that are central objects that serve as a trigger for the plot. In the lord of the rings, it was the one ring. In Harry Potter, is was the horcruxes, in the last two Avengers films, it was the Infinity gauntlet (or, maybe the infinity stones) et...

2:04 AM
Q: Were Celestia and Luna born earth ponies?

mammifereviolet4694I ask because Twilight Sparkle was born a unicorn, and Cadance was born a pegasus. Also, only Flurry Heart was confirmed to be born an alicorn.

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8:54 AM
Q: Where might the name “Narnia” come from? What does this name mean?

ferjsoto42yahoocomDoes anyone have an idea what inspired C.S. Lewis to name his imaginary world “Narnia?”

9:42 AM
Q: Sci-fi film I saw about 20 years ago. USA, fifties, aliens, ends up with Kennedy assassination

CassoThe film takes part in USA the fifties during the Cuban crisis. A CIA agent investigates alien sightings. At one part of the film, the agent and his cohorts go take a look on some crop circles or such, being guided by a farmer. At one point the farmer goes bonkers and a car chase ensues. Then the...

10:31 AM
Q: 2000s movie title search: unknown alien black spheres surround Earth

Edward KirtonCan you please help me find the title of this movie, from about 2010, in which hundreds of black alien spheres positions themselves evenly spaced around the planet. The humans are unsurprisingly curious, worried, and defensive. Most of the movie follows how people react to the presence of these...

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1:02 PM
Q: Novel where pyramids "grow" and change Earth's magnetic field?

Jeff ZeitlinI read this in (most likely) the 1980s or 1990s. The protagonists found what they believed were alien spacecraft; over time, they "morphed" into Mesoamerican-style pyramids (stepped, not smooth like Egyptian pyramids). Each time they "grew", an area where electrical equipment either failed or was...

1:53 PM
Q: TV show with high school kinds and monsters

Maybeline LeeThis show was around 2009-2010-ish, at most 2012, and it's with real people. There are 4-5 friends in High school who weren't friends before but gather to save the world against various monsters appearing. I remember they made their own guns, and the male lead had his own car. It was like a cabri...

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3:35 PM
Q: Why does the ESB opening crawl identify Luke as a leader of the Rebellion?

Sophie the Jedi KnightIn The Empire Strikes Back, this is part of the opening crawl: Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker have established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth. Why does this say "led by Luke Skywalker?" Luke may have blown up the Dea...

Q: Did Lewis Carroll write Nonsense or are we dealing with Literary Puzzles?

ferjsoto42yahoocomEverything we know about Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) seems to scream “Order!”. He was a mathematician, a logician, a bachelor, and someone who was very controlled in every aspect of his existence. The only parts that seem chaotic in his life are some of his writings.

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4:40 PM
posted on March 04, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: No photographer will ever *ever* get a nice photo of me, and I don't care how many of my wife would like it! Today's News:

4:51 PM
Q: Where is Dan Bredemann's play, "I Am Not Lewis Carroll"?

Invisible TrihedronIn the 90s, Dan Bredemann showed me a copy of his one-man play, I Am Not Lewis Carroll. It was about the inner life of the fantasy author and logician Charles Dodgson, who is better known under his pen name, Lewis Carroll. I had time during my visit to read only a few parts, and he died in 2005. ...

Q: Movie with pregnancy permission, unclothed FTL jumps

TronmanI would have watched this movie sometime between 1995-2005. It was almost certainly a North American VHS rental (English). The movie was set in the future on board a space ship. I only remember two scenes from the movie: At the beginning of the movie, a male and female couple are excited at havi...

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6:08 PM
Q: TV/Movie ID: Guy crashes on desolate planet with enemy

Hannover FistI'm trying to remember a movie or TV show that I saw as a kid. I think it was in the `80s but could have been later. I don't remember the beginning but a guy had crashed on a planet after a battle. One of the enemy ships he was fighting was also shot down. I believe they had mother ships that had...

6:33 PM
Q: How much has Disney revealed about Moff Gideon?

Peter NielsenSpoilers for The Mandalorian ahead. So, in The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon is the main antagonist, really. I'm wondering how much we know. I already know: He was an ex-ISB officer He wielded the Darksaber after taking it from Bo-Katan Kryze All other details revealed in The Mandalorian, such as he ...

It's like Mars in here - nothing but robots.
7:24 PM
Q: How large/heavy is a Chocobo Egg?

LarkPretty much exactly as above: For reasons related to tabletop gaming and spaceship cargo bookkeeping (Yes, really. I am a nerd.) I kind of need to know how heavy (roughly speaking) a chocobo egg would be. The actual size would be helpful too (I know there's a way of measuring stuff using perspect...

Q: how much time passes between the rifts opening and the kaiju getting to Mt. Fuji in Pacific Rim: Uprising?

Michael StachowskyIt seems that they have time to repair and retrofit five Jaegers (if you include Scrapper), so this implies that quite a bit of time has passed. On the other hand, it's an action movie and the implication is that things have to happen quickly. So how much time has actually passed between the em...

Q: Is the facial hair of Tolkien's dwarves unshaveable?

Dark Lord Thomas PieBy which I mean that they could not be shaven, due to some sort of magic on them. Or are they simply omnipresent, but not magically protected?

Q: Book about a computer geek learning about magic through hacking and survailance | has this book been made before?

VanoI am not really a writer yet but I had this idea in my head for a long while and I would like to become a writer and write a book about it. I am curious if something similar has already been done so I can do my research, maybe read that book and try to not make it too similar to each other. I hav...

7:53 PM
@Donald.McLean *ssh!* Careful, or they'll notice you!
8:19 PM
@Jenayah If you can find a short story that was the inspiration for The Beyond there's a question for that too. (Except the question predates the movie, so it doesn't reference it.)
@DavidW :o
On my way to becoming an expert in fictional black spheres orbiting the Earth
8:36 PM
@Jenayah Everyone's gotta have a personal niche. :)
Q: Looking for an article/short story about two astronauts returning from space and realizing they've peaked

ThatsCrazyIt's about two astronauts who return from space and they realize that the they've already done the most important thing in their lives, they come to understand that their life is subpar besides their achievement in space. It was published, within the last 10 years for sure, in a really small maga...

8:59 PM
Q: What story is the Trans-Temporal Sonic from?

Edward ThomasI have been searching everywhere for the story that the trans-temporal sonic is from. I know it is from a comic, but which one? I also know that it is has a wood setting, which is unique to this sonic, and that there was a rather charming toy made by Character Options (which I own), but what stor...

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10:22 PM
Q: Why were no people of color cast as Duncan Idaho in the Dune adaptations?

Donatello SwansinoDuncan Idaho is a character that appears in some form throughout all of the original Dune books. From the beginning, he is described as having a dark complexion. In David Lynch's 1984 adaptation, Richard Jordan plays him. In the 2000 miniseries, James Watson plays him. In the 2003 miniseries adap...


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