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12:08 AM
Q: What’s the deal with Ms. Lint’s eye in The Tick?

Hack-RIn The Tick there’s a super villain named Ms. Lint. In the first few episodes it was established that one of her eyes is made of glass - one popped out while fighting The Tick and she replaced it with another style later. In the fourth and fifth episodes, “Party Crashers” and “Flying”, both of he...

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1:21 AM
Q: Does the name "Fawkes" make sense for a magical familiar?

SlytherincessDumbledore's familiar, Fawkes, is a very powerful magical creature. As we know, a phoenix can have an incredibly long life - we don't know if Dumbledore raised him from a new chick. It's possible that Fawkes could have been alive, say, for hundreds of years prior to coming to Dumbledore. Why woul...

Q: Can we dupe-close Story IDs when confirmation is given by what looks like the OP’s second account?

LaurelYou may have seen this: a new user asks a story-identification question, then a second (also new) account gives the answer (or confirms an existing answer, though usually this deleted and transferred to a comment). There is reason to believe that these two accounts are the same person for one or ...

1:44 AM
Q: 90s Kids Sci-Fi Anthology Book Series

CassandrasaurusSeeking a 90s kids series, anthology, similar to Goosebumps but maybe more sci-fi. Can’t remember much, just that it was the first time I’ve heard the term “grey aliens.” I included a drawing from memory of one of the book covers.

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Q: Anime where a tiny woman swims in a cup of water

Brittany HiltonTrying to find the anime with a very tiny anime girl. She has long black hair and she is put into a normal sized water cup by a normal sized guy. Then after swimming he removed her and she bites his finger. Then he feeds her something I think?

4:59 AM
Q: How can Necromancers live in hiding today?

SovereignSunI have this question, how could possibly Necromancers live today within our world without revealing themselves as Necromancers? Taking into consideration that they have all their accessories and their culture, structures and magic.

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8:06 AM
Q: Is this a real Star Trek episode?

user4951In the Breaking Bad episode "Blood Money", there is a reference to an episode of Star Trek in which Chekhov is killed because his stomach is in space. Is this a real episode of Star Trek?

And also, if you can, psychics assume more details so that other people might find their answer when searching. — FuzzyBoots 19 hours ago
@FuzzyBoots psychics assume?
Is that an autocomplete error or a joke I'm not getting?
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9:18 AM
@JackBNimble I think it's delicious, but my stomach hates it with a literal BURNING PASSION
@Donald.McLean during the first lock down in the UK, all the ibuprofen (Advil) and paracetamol (tylenol) sold out in my local shop, except the ibuprofen marketed as dealing with period pain
Q: Is Scrooge McDuck immortal?

ShreedharIn Season 3: Episode 18 (How Santa stole Christmas) of the rebooted Ducktales, Webby joins McDuck to help Santa Claus deliver his gifts. When Scrooge is delivering the last gift, Webby says to Santa: You and Scrooge are the perfect pair: two red‐coated mythical immortals traveling the world. As...

Q: Book about teenagers on a spaceship, terraforming a planet

LotI read the book around 20 years ago, in german. It's not hard scifi, but a typical young adult book. I think the kids were somehow awakened (maybe genetically produced?) too early, and now have to terraform the closest planet in order to survive. I remember that they all had greek names, I think ...

9:49 AM
Q: How long after Ahsoka leaving Jedi order did Order 66 happen?

Harley QuinnAccording to last few episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (which showed Ahsoka's story arc), it seems that Order 66 happened only few days after Ahsoka left Jedi order. After leaving Jedi order, she went directly to Coruscant Underworld and crashed into mech sisters. Spent one day there maybe....

Q: Why did Rex want to kill Ahsoka after receiving Order 66?

Harley QuinnOrder 66 was clear: Execute Jedi for their treason against the Republic. This is what clones were programmed to do, but when Rex received Order 66, Ahsoka was no longer a Jedi. So, why couldn't Rex resist the temptation to kill her? From tactical point of view, Ah...

10:14 AM
Q: Old Science Fiction anthology: man with nightmares of a giant bee; post-apocalyptic underground world

IvanI found this site today while searching for a book and hope someone can help. When I was a boy I read a hard-bound anthology of science fiction stories. This was circa 1986, but the book might have already been a little old. I can only remember three stories: One was about a man working in space...

10:30 AM
@Marvin that's a far more detailed answer than I expected
11:12 AM
@Randal'Thor Autocomplete. Was supposed to be "please'
11:31 AM
@JackBNimble come to The Netherlands, we make a mash out of it.
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Q: What part of Voldemort got resurrected?

RighterWe know that Voldemort had a bunch of Horcruxes, plus one soul piece in his body. In Book 1, when he "died" the first time (in Godric's Hollow), the rebounding curse destroyed that one soul piece (correct me if I'm wrong). But he "lived" because his Horcruxes still had living soul pieces. Fast f...

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1:45 PM
Kale mash sounds.... no bueno.
Cooked spinach can go either way, depending on how it's done, so I'll reserve judgement on kale mash, but I have to admit that I'm skeptical.
2:23 PM
When I was a kid and we lived on the Hopi Reservation, they would often serve us steamed spinach from a can as part of our lunch (at school). You were required to eat all of your lunch before you were allowed the desert. It really turned me off to spinach for a long long time.
2:42 PM
Q: What does "reefer" signify in Reynolds' books?

Clara Diaz SanchezIn Alastair Reynolds' "Revelation Space" universe there is no faster than light travel, and so to travel interstellar distances people are put in a form of suspended animation called "reefersleep". According to the Revelation Space wiki: Reefersleep is a state of cryo-preservation assisted hiber...

Q: In Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, How can two people (Rocket and Quill) both pilot the Milano or Benatar spacecraft?

LarryIn Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, how are two people (Peter Quill and Rocket) both able to seemingly pilot their (Milano or Benatar) spacecraft simultaneously, while trying to flee from the Sovereign craft, after Rocket stole some of their batteries? Only one pilot can fly at one time, yet as ...

2:55 PM
posted on March 02, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Weinersmith was a pioneer in the field of body hair silhouettes. Today's News:

3:31 PM
Q: A Short Story from 1978-1980 Read Magazine About 5 Items to Bring into a Survival Bunker

Stuart DavisI am hoping to learn the title of a short story from Read Magazine regarding a select few members of society to enter survival bunkers and continue the human race. The candidates must choose five items to bring with them into their bunkers. The main character chooses items such as pens and a ta...

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4:44 PM
Q: In "Solo," how did Enfys Nest keep catching up to Beckett?

user24105There were two times that Enfys Nest and the Marauders seemed to appear at just the right time and place to thwart Tobias Beckett. The first is when Beckett and crew were doing the job with the Conveyex, and the second is when Nest's crew places a tracker on the Millennium Falcon. (Their encounte...

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6:45 PM
Q: What are the ways to destroy The mad titan Thanos

ABilal 40129I know that iron man sacrifices himself in the endgame but I wanna know every way to kill Thanos

@Marvin Push him off a cliff. Fill him with self doubt. If you stop thinking about him he disappears forever.
7:10 PM
Q: Out of all the possible fruits, why was the apple chosen in the Adam and Eve story?

user137566Given that apple trees don’t seem to grow (or grow well) in the Levant, and that the ancient writers had access to many other options for this important Genesis story, why was the apple chosen?

Q: What if Nemesis Prime (Optimus Prime) killed Bumblebee in Transformers: The Last Knight?

mason carrHow would it change the movie and it's ending after that battle? And how the character's reactions would be if Prime killed Bumblebee during the battle?

7:34 PM
Q: SciFi 80's novel about everyone on earth missing

WombatPMI read this as hardcover from the library back in the 80's. The story involves and astronaut who returns to earth from a long mission (50 years, 100??) and discovers everyone is missing. The only computer system that he can access is a low level system named HOMER. Homer proceeds to tell the s...

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8:47 PM
Q: Question about Goblet of Fire

user137570If Harry had died in Goblet of Fire and had been brought back to Hogwarts via the port key, what was Barry Crouch Jr. going to do? Flee? He was the last one to touch the cup ( he offered to put it in the maze) and now all of a sudden it’s a port key with a dead body hanging of off it. I feel like...

Q: Do we know what happened to Barriss Offee?

Sophie the Jedi Knightspoilers for TCW seasons 5-7 The last we see of Barriss Offee in the Clone Wars is her being arrested in the finale of season 5 for framing Ahsoka. After that, we never see her again, not when Ahsoka returns in season 7, and we don't hear about what happened to her in Order 66. Barriss is never...

9:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (35): Is Scrooge McDuck immortal? by Elijah Page on scifi.SE
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11:15 PM
Q: I'm trying to remember the title of a novel I read several years ago

RachelI don't know when it was written, but my guess is somewhere between the early 2000's and the mid 2010's. I'm sure it falls into the science-fantasy genre somewhere based on what I remember about the novel. The novel is based around what I believe to be a virus or something similar which caused hu...


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