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2:01 AM
Q: Parody of Lewis Carroll's parody, "You are old, Father William"

Timothy ChowYou Are Old, Father William is a poem by Lewis Carroll that appears in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It is a parody of Robert Southey's poem, The Old Man's Comforts and How He Gained Them. I recall once seeing a version of "You Are Old, Father William" that could perhaps be described as a pa...

2:36 AM
Q: Book where alien helmet makes people smarter?

OKprogrammerI remember reading book a while ago (maybe about 20 years) about a boy who decides to wear a helmet that he stole from his teacher, who happens to be an alien. This helmet makes him much smarter and allows his mind to also pick up TV and radio frequencies, which almost drove him insane. His alien...

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3:52 AM
Q: Why was the first Jedi Temple built on top of a Dark Side cave?

user57467I am curious to know if there is anything mentioned in Star Wars canon that explains why the first Jedi Temple, located on the planet Ahch-To, was built on top of a Dark Side cave. I personally can't see any advantage the first Jedis would gain by building their first temple at this particular lo...

@Jenayah Link?
4 hours later…
7:57 AM
@Alex eeeeh no offense but with the author's name, one can easily get the name and location of my school, not a thing I'm too thrilled by :/ (personal data, blahblahblah)
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9:56 AM
@Jenayah I mean... kinda makes sense? People will try to invent what they want, and what they want is influenced by scifi and what they're exposed to...
10:09 AM
Haven't read enough of that paper to figure out if that's his point though
10:29 AM
@Jenayah Good point.
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12:07 PM
Q: Monster-fighting train story

PatrickSet in the UK, the story opens with unidentified lumpy parcels on an airport baggage reclaim belt. As I remember it, they become or contain monsters. An armoured train is built to combat the monsters. The train is both solar- and either stellar- or lunar-powered (so it can operate at night). One ...

12:56 PM
Q: Really showering with bleach prevent us from organic tracking technology?

D GarciaIn the movie: Godzilla vs King Kong (2021), whistleblower Bernie, shower with bulks of bleach to prevent him from organic tracking technology. How much reality in it?

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2:35 PM
Q: Story where the president's advisor overseeing an anti-alien program turns out to be an alien himself

LeonSeveral years ago, I heard a brief summary of a sci-fi story (though it could be a movie) where humanity is facing (or is warned about) the threat of alien invasion. A program is set up that is overseen by the president's advisor and a military guy. The advisor promotes a plan for mustering a lar...

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4:14 PM
Q: What is the name of this grenade used in the Jedha ambush in Rogue One?

SOCH I can't find any pictures or information on this grenade. It was used by 1 of the rebels to indicate the start of the ambush.

Can't move that trainwreck to chat.
5:03 PM
Q: Looking for a (old) novel (story?)

The BoogeymanIt's an old story, read long time ago. During a loong, interspecies war some Terrestrial officers, now POWs, are send to a prison camp and change other (extraterrestrial) prisoners behaviors and feelings about being POWS. The interaction with other species is comic and ironic.At the end of the st...

5:48 PM
posted on October 17, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Although to be fair he hasn't died yet. Today's News:

6:21 PM
@Spencer which wreck?
3 hours later…
9:29 PM
@SQB Not really worth the trouble.
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11:29 PM
Q: Looking for a beauty and the beast type story

Catarina MarquesI'm looking for a beauty and the beast type short story where the beast wears a mask and wins beauty playing cards with her dad. I remember that the beast cries diamonds or some type of gem and gives them to her to attempt to woo her. At the end beauty becomes a beast instead of beast becoming hu...


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