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12:34 AM
Q: Did Yoda/Mace Windu have a Jedi Master?

Henry MSo I know that Yoda was Count Dooku's master, then Dooku was Qui-Gon's, qui-gon> Obi-Wan> Anakin. So who was Yoda's master? Also Mace Windu is excluded from this chain, so did he have a master too?

12:55 AM
@WadCheber Phantom42 left after the monica controversy. It was also at the same time he left Slack. He had a pretty rough year last year.
To my knowledge Mike did not die of Covid but got a diseased related to his lung transplant.
The only thing I know for sure is he bequeathed all his rep to me on his death bed.
Still waiting for that to go through probate though.
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4:29 AM
Q: Why didn't Jodi Whittaker have a Time Lord Baby?

kmiklasDo you think that she missed her calling? It was a golden opportunity to work in a story line where a Time Lord has a child. How do Time Lords reproduce, anyway? Are two required? Are they male and female? Since Dr. Who is the last time lord, could the female regenerated version go back in time, ...

4:54 AM
Q: There's any light/web novels or novels where a couple die and reincarnate together?

Vevol I am trying to find out if there is any western or oriental novel where a marriage/dating couple or lovers die and reincarnate preferentially in another world, but it can be in the same.

Q: How much energy does a breaching sandworm generate

user136370So this started out a question related to a Dungeons and Dragons session I had once, where I was playing a druid and used the spell Bones of the Earth and the fate of a Purple Worm, now known affectionately as Chad. Our DM of the session has a penchant for the Rule of Cool, and tends to ignore ce...

5:43 AM
Q: manga when mc and his group summoned to isekai

Kazuya SoumaI'm looking for the name of manga where mc and his group (Student Council) is summoned to isekai,his group is all girl who always making fun of him.

Q: What is the name of the cultivation manga where the mc can drink beast blood to get stronger

Michael DiedeHe has a technique that allows him to drink beast blood without dying and get stronger from it. I think the technique was sky devouring technique or something like that.

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7:23 AM
Q: Was the Grey Company the "best mortal fighters in Middle-earth" during the War of the Ring?

Christian DoucetteIn the LOTR Fandom wiki article for the Grey Company, it says: Led by Halbarad Dúnadan and the twin sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir, these Rangers were considered the best mortal fighters in Middle-earth. Anyone can edit this site so it shouldn't be taken too seriously. However, I thought i...

7:47 AM
Q: I wanna know some manga where mc is summoned to another world along with his classmates

BBMG 306Well, I have watched so many anime manga near by, but couldn't find one. So I put up this request so I could read some online. That's it, hope to get some awsome replys.

8:12 AM
Q: Book about genderbending shapeshifters who feed off death energy?

ViergachtI read this novel back in the early 90's. I seem to remember it had a very colorful cover with an image of faces rendered with fairly crude computer graphics. It was an oversized paperback collecting two novels, which was fairly unusual at the time. The plot involves a secret society of shapeshif...

9:01 AM
@DavidW "automated test suite"? You're speaking a foreign language there
9:27 AM
Q: Macabre TV show depicting a man being killed by a car with its own will

waldrumpusI remember watching something on TV that scared me pretty badly when I was a kid. This must have been around the year 1984, plus minus one year, on television in Germany. I believe it was an episode of a series, it wasn't movie length. As I remember the plot, it was about a man who buys a car fro...

9:52 AM
Q: Novel about a gravity gun which made the target collapse in on itself and disintegrate

smartymcflyBack in 2011-13, I read a short science fiction novel from the internet on aliens and our interaction with them. In that novel the main weapon of choice was a gravity gun which upon firing would cause the target to collapse in on itself and disintegrate. For example, if I fired it on a house, the...

10:16 AM
Q: YA thriller with a character named Mango

Himalee RajIn the 2000's as a teenager/preteen maybe I read a thriller about a girl who meets someone identical to her, named Mango. I can't remember much else except that I think they were clones and there is someone pursuing them, and the main girl lives at home with who she thought were her parents. It's...

10:29 AM
@Slytherincess have you seen this?
10:41 AM
Q: Name of movie about a murder witness in a supermarket

MBEllisI watched this movie 3 years ago, it was the first part of a series of movies. I remember that: Someone was killed (I think shot) in a supermarket (We see security camera footage of it). In the security footage we can see that one of the people in the store comes to the victim, and the victim tel...

@SQB youtu.be/n4ZpkuMC29w?t=1072 If you just wanna see the thing
Well, yeah. But the process is cool too.
Aye, I like watching making of videos for things but I know not everyone does
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12:21 PM
Q: please identify this simpsons episode featuring bart

primetimeci'm trying to think of this one episode where bart is daydreaming about something, and there's a song being played in his daydream, when homer rudely shouts at bart and wakes him up from it, or maybe it just went to commercial break at that point. does anyone know which episode this was from?

@Marvin Off topic anyway right @SQB ? The Simpsons should only be on topic for the on topic elements not as a whole
But I couldn't stand the bad grammar.
Ah gotcha, just don't go reading anything else then!
But voted as o/t.
Aye, closed now and left a comment
If only M&TV still did ID questions eh?
Oh never mind I don’t feel bad about the question not having a home on SE now
1:11 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:23 PM
I'd be in favour of id.stackexchange.com for all ID requests.
I wouldn't be, it makes sense them being on their respective topic sites. They just need some work a lot of the time but then so do most questions
Has anyone ever suggested that on Area 51?
@Donald.McLean Eatings Greethlings
I'm sure I've seen it before
Yes, but for obvious reasons it never came to fruition.
1:59 PM
@TheLethalCarrot jinx :-)
Aye haha
@SQB Nah, IDing different types of things takes entirely different skillsets. There wouldn't really be a community of experts as such. People like user14111 are great at identifying sci-fi stories because they've read so many, but might be terrible at identifying aeroplanes or bugs or household tools.
Most SE sites accept ID questions anyway. It's just a few odd outliers like A&M and M&TV that banned them because of quality issues among ID questions on those specific topics.
So? I know little about Dr. Who and nothing about Cosmere.
@SQB True, any site's community is to some extent a conglomeration of experts on different topics. But it still makes sense to talk about "sci-fi fans" as a whole: there are some shared interests and they can usually find some common ground with each other.
But a sci-fi ID expert might be someone who's read a lot of sci-fi stories, an insect ID expert might be someone with a PhD in entomology, an aeroplane ID expert might be a planespotter, a household tool ID expert might be someone who's worked as a handyman ... and there's no particular reason to think all those people would have any common interests or knowledge bases.
And some people (Valorum, @Jenayah) are good at ID'ing things.
2:30 PM
I've read hundreds of SFF novels, so I can identify many of those - most of them "obscure" by this site's standards, but that hardly even begins to hit the depth or breadth of SFF ID questions.
Good enough for a bronze tag badge though.
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3:36 PM
@SQB Ctrl+F
4:05 PM
Q: Sci-Fi story about people traveling through space in confined spaces then fighting once returning planet side

DatBoiPinky Ch.The story was more or less about 2 people being in space for a long period of time in a small space. They had been living like this for either many months to possibly even years. Towards the end of the story the company they worked for wants the 2 workers to stay away from each other after return...

5:04 PM
The user with just the numbers, isn't that person the super question ID person?
posted on January 27, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Do you really NEED that list sorted, when you could have... love? Today's News:

5:26 PM
@JackBNimble clearly a SE bot, right? /s
5:39 PM
Q: Movie where a lady is shot and left for dead in some trees but is saved and turned into a robot

user136392All I call remember of this film was a lady with dark hair was running through some trees and a few men were chasing her. They shot her a lot and left her for dead. Someone found her and in order to save her life turned most of her into a robot. The only other part of the movie I can remember is ...

Q: What this phrase from “Independence” mean?

Guilherme WoolleyOn page 4 of Independance, the first book of the Legacy Ship trilogy, is the following passage: planetáry re-entry rickety freighter like the Magdalena Issachar was trying to screw a discount mutated whore on Rigel Three while half-drunk-it required a certain amount of concentration but no so mu...

6:09 PM
Q: Book about a girl who uses artifacts to purge a dark land

AxanderI don't remember a large number of details as I read this book quite a long time ago. I do remember that at the beginning on their way to some kind of kingdom, they have to cross a super dark evil land and it's super deadly and it’s a border between two places. They get to the kingdom and the kin...

6:35 PM
Q: Who is this red coated magician in “Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems”?

ClockworkThere is a point in the SNES game Marvel Super Heroes In War of the Gems where you arrive at a volcano, and the only way to proceed forward is to fly over the magma field. At that point in the game, some kind of red coated magician appears, levitating above the magma. Then he uses his power to cr...

Q: Will there be another season of My Little Pony friendship is magic?

Kalen LaneThe show is my little pony: friendship is magic.

6:50 PM
@SQB what TLC said...
2 hours later…
8:21 PM
FWIW I was going to try and look through the game's files but I don't think the *.SMC file contains any names for the sprites, they're just located at addresses within it so that won't be helpful. — TheLethalCarrot 8 secs ago
@DavidW Yeah I highly doubt there's anything "canonical" on this, it's clearly him but that's about as much as we can do to prove it. Which is sufficient, I mean it looks identical!
8:38 PM
It's partly sour grapes 'cause I was just too slow. :)
I figured that the game files wouldn't have any symbolic names; it would probably be down to finding something published/leaked by someone who worked on the game.
Aye, t’was all storage space saving back then so things were accessed by address not name
Even looking for something published/leaked is likely to hit a wall. You’d have to track them down and ask them, which I assume Valorum’s doing
8:55 PM
Plus a lot of the working documents would be in Japanese...
Aye true
Q: Identification: Real time strategy game for PC between 2003 to 2012, has magic and wyrms

jo1stormSomewhere between 2003 and 2012 I have played a demo of a real time strategy game. I would like to find it again. Here's what I know (every point is sketchy, except last one): It was 3d with free camera (not isometric). Units had quite realistic proportions , not cartoony with big hands/heads or...


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