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12:13 AM
Q: Character Impersonator travels back in time and accidentally takes over life of famous person he idolized

NJohnnyWhile reading another question I was reminded of a TV show or Movie I recall seeing (Strongly suspect it was a TV show, maybe one of the recent Twilight Zone series or Outer Limits type shows. An Impersonator of a famous singer or movie star (i.e. Elvis impersonator or Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Mo...

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1:26 AM
Q: Short story about two people who ran for their lives (in a collection I read I think?)

im_so_meta_even_this_acronymI can't remember many details about the story, but it had something to do with two people who were of a race of people with a lifespan of 6 (?) days (don't remember precise # of days, but I remember they aged very, very quickly), and they ran and somehow were able to drastically outlive their lif...

1:50 AM
Q: flat world, relativistic rotation speed, *NOT DISCWORLD*

sophoclesI recall a sci-fi story (probably 1950's) situated on a world where the rotational speed was so high that relativistic effects were involved near the equator... the further away you were, the weaker the effect. individuals' names were longer away from the equator, because you had more time to exp...

2:14 AM
Q: Book ID: Man recovers wiped memory (Le Guin)

XanneIn a book by Ursula K. LeGuin, a man who knows his memory will be wiped sets up clues he will find and use to gradually recover his memory. As I recall, the book begins as he “wakes up” and is recalling a poem or lines he has repeated over and over before the wiping. He may find clues in a book h...

2:38 AM
Q: Magic Systems that can be implemented in software

PhylliidaAre there any worlds with hard magic systems (probably based on mathematical principles) that have been sufficiently described to the point that the magic system could be implemented and ran on a computer? Or any worlds that are close enough that that gap could plausibly be filled? If not, I’d st...

3:26 AM
Q: Martial arts movie about students at a high school(?)

agarzaIf I remember correctly the movie was sometime between 1995-2005. I don't remember it being in English but was subtitled. The main language may have been Japanese. For some reason, I think the title had the words "High School" in it. The entire setting takes place at the school. The story centere...

3:50 AM
Q: story (perhaps made into a movie) on radioactive orphans raised by robots

GwenKillerbyThis is about a group of children (orphans, most likely), which have become radioactive and who are raised by / cared for by robots from their birth. I just remember one scene, where the protagonist, an adult white male, is guided by a white young boy, 10-13 years old, to some remote facility (wh...

4:39 AM
Q: Looking for title of a Space Opera book with a female lead character that has immense mind powers. Written around 2017 -2019

BeckyThe female lead character has her own ship but it's broken. She is rescued by another ship whose captain has two heads(maybe conjoined twins). She actually is being chased by some empire because she escaped from them earlier. They trained her to be a weapon of destruction using her telekinetic po...

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5:51 AM
Q: In Cursed Child, why didn't Harry's blood in Voldemort's body keep Harry alive?

Kyle VIn Cursed Child, why didn't Harry's blood in Voldemort's body keep Harry alive in the alternate timeline in which Cedric kills Neville, which meant that Nagini stays alive, and Voldemort wins the war? This is written in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 35 (King’s Cross) “He took you...

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10:17 AM
Q: What would have happened if Dr Strange had not given the time stone to Thanos

ArjunIf Dr.Strange wouldn't have given the time stone to Thanos then of-course Tony would have died and Thanos would still be Missing 2 infinity stones(Mind and Time) So if Strange does not give Stone willingly to Thanos then Thanos cannot have the stone(Correct me here if i am wrong) And since he acq...

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12:17 PM
Q: To which year back in time was Hawkeye sent during the test run for the Time Heist?

ShreedharIn Avengers: Endgame, when the test run for the Time Heist is conducted, Scott Lang drops out as he felt nervous. Clint, at the time, volunteers. It's quite apparent that Clint was sent to a pre-Snap time. However, is there any indication as to which exact year (and/or date) he was sent to?

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5:56 PM
Q: 70s British TV show about 3 people who gained telepathic abilities and solved mysteries

Vaughn OhlmanThis was a TV show, it seems to me it was in the 70's or before, and it was about I think three people who had somehow gained the ability to talk mind to mind. It was British, and they solved mysteries or action stuff, like James Bond. Serious, not comedy.

@Randal'Thor The answer deserves an upvote for "The whole scene is the chess equivalent of technobabble."
6:25 PM
@TheLethalCarrot ^ for your entertainment
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7:32 PM
Q: Why was the Enterprise and its refit designed that way?

Sovereign InquiryThere is one design aspect of the Enterprise and its refitted successor that confuses me: the underside of the hull. Instead of the flat rim that extends towards the middle, then leads to a cone that points downwards relative to the ship, the undersection is slightly curved inwards. This picture ...

Q: What is the (inappropriate) children's book that about a troll (?) looking for a rope to hang his brother?

GinerThere is a book I remember from the 1980s (but I had older siblings, so it may have been a decade earlier) that followed the structure of "the house that jack built" but was about 2 brothers that may have been trolls. I think one brother stole berries or maybe a pie from the other, so he was tryi...

7:56 PM
Q: 1970s team-up comic in which Superman nonchalantly kills a sentient brain?

JCCyCPre-Crisis, late 70s. (Or maybe early 70s since, in Brazil, translated comics from the USA tended to be released with a big delay.) The main antagonist of the story was Sinestro. He was more powerful than usual because he was using a extradimensional power source: the augmented brain of a villain...

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10:21 PM
Q: Name of comic where protagonist finds his past, dead self

StumblerI'm looking for the name of a comic, or at least the name of the character to which it belongs. This comic was probably published in the early 90s. It possibly belongs to 2000 AD, or at least certainly had the same tone and art style as Judge Dredd and ABC Warriors. My memory of this is hazy, but...


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