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12:51 AM
Q: A short story that ends with a character spelling C.A.N.N.I... (BAL implied)

Vaughn OhlmanA long time ago I read a short Sci-Fi story and I'm trying to figure out its Title/Author. Here is the plot and the last line: An attorney for one food producing company is trying to get the product of another company banned. He is standing up in front of a bunch of government officials or legisl...

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2:04 AM
Q: Story where words are banned

JackieI am trying to find a story I read many years ago wherein, some time in the future, students wanted to put on a Shakespearean play but the censors found so many words had been banned and for disparate reasons, that the only words the students could use were "and" and "the". Does this sound famil...

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4:07 AM
Q: When or how PRECISELY did Venom (Eddie Brock) turn from villain to hero?

RusshiroOriginally, Eddie Brock Venom was Spiderman villain, specifically a semi-nemesis to Peter who had powers similar to his, if slightly amplified, from the black symbiotic suit. For roughly 3 years from his introduction, his sole goal was the destruction of Spiderman, by any means necessary. He was ...

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5:44 AM
Q: Short-lived sci-fi series with a former astronaut turned superhero (or maybe a police officer?) using his spacesuit for his "powers"

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8:10 AM
Q: Was Zarek responsible?

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11:39 AM
Q: Why do these shots from a 2005 Doctor Who episode look so bad?

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1:02 PM
Q: Short story where aliens observe new colonists and find out they are male/female

Vaughn OhlmanA rather old short story... maybe the 70's or 80's... possibly the 90's but I doubt it... that has two aliens sitting on a hill, watching some new aliens arrive (humans). They watch the aliens struggle for a while and cannot figure them out as their behavior seems very strange, and can't decide w...

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2:57 PM
Q: What does the phrase in bold mean in "The Lord of The Rings"?

S EThis poem is taken from The Fellowship of the Ring, book II, chapter 1 (page 265): As a matter of fact it was all mine. Except that Aragorn insisted on my putting in a green stone.

3:56 PM
Oi @SQB, you'll never guess what I did yesterday :) (you may also not care, but as you're Dutch and we've talked about this in the past, it's something I feel like I want you to know)
You rode a bike?
I biked to work for the first time of my life :D
Good job.
Honorary Dutch.
I've been practicing on the weekends and I'm getting better (I think, at least)
Might seem like nothing but I was so freaking proud of myself yesterday, since I'm basically self-taught
@SQB :'D
4:31 PM
And how do you like riding?
It's great!
Still pretty unexperienced though, I'm slow and I have to go back to foot for some hills (less often than when I started though :) )
I'm currently trying to do the "bike standing on the pedals" thing, sucks that the weather doesn't allow for practice this weekend :/
5:23 PM
Q: What did Bilbo mean by telling Frod the following phrase below?

S EThis phrase is taken from The fellowship of the Rings, book II, chapter 1,page (265): Otherwise he obviously thought the whole thing rather above my head.

5:36 PM
Be careful not to slip off them. Ask me how I got that scar on my eyebrow.
While learning, or thinking you were experienced enough?
5:48 PM
Q: What does "cheek" in bold mean in the following phrase below in "Th fellowship of the Rings"?

S EThis is taken from The fellowship of the Rings,book II, chapter 1, page 266: if he had the cheek to make verses about Eärendil in the house of Elrond ,it was my affair.

6:15 PM
The latter. Was in a hurry, stood on the pedals, slipped off.
no after-effects other than the scar?
6:46 PM
Yay for cycle commuting!
It's frequently the best part of a work day, and the thing I've missed most being WFH for 4 months.
I'll see how often I'll do it. Depends on the weather and farmer's market days (no way I'm biking with my heavy cooler bag right now)
Fortunately we have a fridge at work so I can store my food there on the days before (well, when we don't go to the office's cantina that is)
@SQB If you have only one scar from a bike, consider yourself lucky
@Jenayah \o/
What kind of bike?
Skinny or fat tires? Drop bars or straight?
7:01 PM
Yeah, we know — you're the biker. :)
I think the funniest accident I ever had was getting dragged. I had a front rack, the car had an old chrome bumper. It was a five-way crossing. I went slight left, the car next to me went slight right, its rear bumper hooked behind my front rack, whoomp! there I went.
@Mithical it says "road and track" on the frame
@Mithical tires seem pretty fat
bars like these:
By the way, if anyone has a good idea for this, I'm listening:
Q: How can I make it clear to other road users that I'm an inexperienced cyclist?

JenayahI'm in my mid-20s and I'm currently learning to bike, on my own, as I don't have anyone to teach me. My goal is to be able to commute to work when I want to, be able to travel to nearby towns, and more generally to get over the frustration of not knowing how to bike. Practicing turns, signals, ma...

Wear a giant yellow pool noodle
how would that even work?
7:12 PM
I'll let you know when I figure it out.... I tried this week (my first time doing a long solo ride on the highway) but had to skip it :P
(I say long, it was 20km in each direction)
I've never heard of a standard "new biker" symbol, though. Maybe print out a "new cyclist" sign and pin it to your back (over your hair if possible)?
What should it look like though?
A helmet?
If it just says "new cyclist" I'm afraid it would take too long for motorists to see and register
@SQB *eyeroll*
If you see people biking in The Netherlands with a helmet on, they're either old, young, or tourists.
Jun 5 '18 at 10:19, by SQB
You mean the "I'm a tourist" marker?
7:26 PM
You don't need any "I'm new" marker, you need more IDGAF-attitude.
The thing is I still do GAF :-)
Dutch cyclists, especially those in Amsterdam, give too little of a F.
user image
@Jenayah I commute on a bike with a rear rack; it means not having to carry anything on my back, and I have carrying capacity to do some shopping.
I have one of these things you can throw side panniers on, but I don't have panniers yet
7:31 PM
I like having a front rack, though.
and my ice bag is quite bulky, so it'd throw me off-balance
this kind of stuff
Oh, that's exactly right.
Around here I think the newbie cyclists are most likely to be wearing a high-vis vest.
Actually, I could post that as an answer.
That was kinda my point with the pool noodle
7:46 PM
Ah, bike bags.
I have those.
I have a small pouch (with a spare inner tube and some tools) under my XC bike, but if I'm going to be carrying anything I just wear a small backpack - I feel like a bike bag would mess up my balance (besides the fact that there's not really any place to put it)
I've heard of people using a pool noodle as an indicator of a safe passing distance, but not just to indicate "new rider."
My biggest concern with passing on the road as a cyclist is what happens if a tank carrier ends up behind me.
Given a rack, attaching the pool noodle is a few minutes work with a bungee.
@Mithical Most of what I need to go to work fits in my small backpack, but I go to the market on Tuesdays and it's halfway between home and work, so the veggies, fruits and eggs wouldn't fit in it - plus a squished tomato in my backpack is not something I'd enjoy :(
7:52 PM
I have a touring bike for commuting, so it comes with all the rack braze-ons. And honestly I've never had balance be an issue, even with 10kg of groceries in one bag and a bouquet of flowers (light, crushable) in the other.
How heavy is your bike?
@Mithical Well, here is not Israel. That tends not to be a problem around here. :)
@Mithical were you asking me, or David?
7:58 PM
@Mithical Stock, including rack, fenders and lowriders it came to about 12kg.
Not light, but you don't run 35mm tires if you want light. :)
Fairly light, all things considered...
Well, in comparison to a MTB with suspension, definitely not heavy. But in comparison to my carbon road bike...
According to Strava, I put in the weight of my (hardtail) XC bike as 11.6kg and the road bike as 8.8kg. Adding an extra 10kg of groceries is basically doubling the weight of the bike, plus me (~55kg).
Ah, that'd be another question. How the duck do I weigh my bike, knowing I don't have a weighing scale and the usual "lift a pack of milk, then lift the other thing, and compare" is a bit skewed by the bike's shape?
Well, 10kg was a lot; I was bringing an order of meat home from the butcher for a BBQ. (Hence flowers as well.) 10kg would be a more normal shopping expedition split between the panniers.
8:02 PM
I used a luggage scale... and put the hook around the frame
Great, all I have to do is find a luggage scale :P
But it's also not a huge load, possibly even slightly less than what I would sometimes run with when touring.
I'm under the impression that my bike is heavy, but I'm not sure what's heavy for a bike, and if it is actually heavy (I don't have another bike to compare and won't go to the bike store just to lift bikes)
Or you could just google "{bike name} {bike year} weight" and see if you can get it that way. :)
@DavidW I have no idea what the bike is, it was passed down to me
8:04 PM
In comparison to a Boris-bike or any other bike-share type bomb-proof bike, I'm sure it's not that heavy.
I think it can't be newer than 2000 or very early 2000s
@Jenayah Since you're a newbie to bicycles.se you could post a "what is my bike?" question with only minor eyerolls. :)
@DavidW *Google*
@DavidW meh IDK if it's worth cluttering Bicycles.SE with it
plus I'll try to find it on my own first 'cause you know, ID thing :P
Why not? Everyone else does. :D
/jk - I hope that's obvious.
Because I try to post quality stuff, especially as a newbie :D
8:08 PM
Well, as long as it runs well enough (no chain skips) and is safe (brakes work) then it doesn't really matter what kind of bike it is, or even how much it weighs.
Agreed, it doesn't matter. I'm curious though :-)
After all, the more it weighs the more powerful you'll be when you switch to a lighter bike. :)
Why would I switch, I like my bike :-)
But the easiest way to weigh it is by weighing yourself with and without the bike. (Assuming you can borrow a floor scale somewhere.)
Sure, but as said above, I don't have one of those
8:11 PM
@Jenayah Oh sure, you like it now. (That's not even sarcastic.) But wait until you've got a couple thousand km on it, you can climb all the hills on your commute, and it needs expensive maintenance...
Oh, I read that as not having a luggage scale.
I don't have a luggage scale either
Yes, that part I got. :)
I missed the "don't have a weighing scale."
@DavidW yeah, I guess. Not there yet though (I'm not sure I even have a whole 100 km on it yet)
@DavidW Maintenance. Always the maintenance. Uuurghhh.
Somebody hit me with an electric bike last week and bent my derailleur and knocked off the connector piece for a spoke. Welp.
Mmmmmh. Considering the 3 round trips I made to that nice spot I discovered the other day, perhaps just above 100 kms. 120?
8:14 PM
@Mithical Yeah. And I lost my multitool on a ride last week. So now I need a new one of those too.
(Which is why I ended up doing a road ride - my MTB was out of commission. Still is, actually, which isn't good because I'm supposed to be coaching tomorrow.)
Not that I'm complaining about road riding... I don't do that nearly enough!
So now you have a 3-way choice: sleep, hang out, or fix your bike. :)
I have zero skill in maintenance so far, except for pumping air into the tires. I'll have to learn all this
@DavidW Can't fix it, don't have a spoke key. I got in touch with someone who'll let me know tomorrow if he can find it.
8:16 PM
@Mithical Sweet.
Figure I'll learn the same way I'm learning to bike, though. "Shit, this doesn't work anymore. What do I do with it? Oh, Google"
I guess from touring I got used to always carrying a spoke tool.
I probably should get one, as well as a chain tool (probably more important TBH), but... 'm broke
(Riding loaded seemed to cause broken spokes at a lot higher rate than unloaded riding.)
*takes notes*
8:20 PM
@Mithical Yeah, that puts a crimp in it. I look at your ride and I forget that... :)
It's not actually mine, it belongs to the team :P
as well as the XC bike
it's probably time to just replace the entire wheel (rim is dented in several places and can't be made tubeless (which means punctures), broken spoke, and the cassette is dying), but... yeah. I sent a note to my coach about it, but... he's a bit difficult to talk to.
@Jenayah tl;dr: everything needs fixing at some point and repairs are expensive
I'll keep that in mind
...but there are a lot of simple things you can do yourself to save a pile of money.
The trick is figuring out what's worth doing yourself, and what's worth having a shop do.
The bike probably stays on the rack long enough not to warrant them so far, I think
...helps if you have friends who are professional repair folks and can do it for extremely cheap... :)
8:27 PM
@DavidW will probably depend on how complicated the Google tutorials seem, since Google and YouTube are basically my teachers
(well, self-taught with Google and YouTube, you get the idea)
For me, sometimes the best approach is to do minor repairs myself long enough to stretch out the period of maintenance to the lifespan of a chain. At which point it's worth taking to a shop, since minor labour charges are usually waived if they're taking the bike apart anyway.
@Jenayah That's how I maintain plumbing and appliances. So far I still have my eyesight, all my limbs and haven't flooded the place. :)
Note: avoiding the bikeshop is not always possible and may lead to bigger problems. *looks pointedly at self and the headset of my bike*
Newb question. I judge my bike's health like I judge mine: if it isn't visibly broken, doesn't make funny noises, and doesn't ache me when I use it, it's probably fine. Good estimate or bad estimate?
@Mithical This.
@Jenayah sounds about right
If you're not noticing something wrong (e.g. something moving when it's not supposed to or vice versa) and it's not making sounds it's not supposed to chances are it's fine.
8:37 PM
Q: How did the Dursleys give Harry presents?

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9:58 PM
Q: Looking for a book/novel with a girl who is transported to a world with only animal type humans

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10:22 PM
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11:51 PM
@Jenayah yay!

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