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12:32 AM
Q: When was Alex Kingston told this?

Richard CAlex Kingston’s character River Song is but when was Alex Kingston told this information so she could incorporate it into her acting scenes with Amy prior to Amy finding out and was she told prior to Karen Gilian finding out?

12:55 AM
Q: About Picard's tall

BentoReferring to TNG s.7 e.4 at the very beginning, while Troi's investigating the Picard's disappearance, the alien responds, human, about two metres tall, smooth-headed. Is really Picard two meters tall? If so, I should infer the future humans will suffer a drastic increase in height.

Q: Looking for a ghost short stories book

user130563I'm looking for a ghost book that had, the whistling room, the monkeys paw and I think, a story called, floral tribute. It's a older book and I would like to know the title.

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6:09 AM
Q: What explains the Council's strategy with the Necromancer?

AdamantIn TA 2942, the Council of the Istari was able to marshal their forces and drive Sauron, in his guise as the Necromancer, from Dol Goldur. The language suggests that they did this alone: that is, Gandalf, Saruman, and Radagast, with the Blue Wizards presumably having gone to the east. There is no...

6:34 AM
Q: What does "potential realities splitting in two" mean?

Jake KrollIn his notes, Davies repeatedly sketched a glyph which to him represented multiple fates, potential realities splitting in two. It was the start of his complete mental collapse. Davies became convinced he had no control over his fate because his wife was spiking him with psychoactive drugs at beh...

7:29 AM
Q: 90s novel: wood nymph (similar to an otik) who becomes a scientist

TarkI am trying to hunt down a book I read in the 90s, but lost some time ago. It starts with some children wandering in a wood, and they encounter a wood nymph creature that starts following them around. Eventually, the wood nymph becomes accepted, and starts to live with humans. The more time he sp...

7:47 AM
Q: Girl who keeps reincarnating after being betrayed, first life love, hero, becomes a demon king

KittiyIt's about a girl who already reincarnated like 3-4 times and always as the hero's love but all the heroes end up betraying her (go with the princess, priestess etc.) And she always ends at having a bad life. Than when she reincarnates again she is again the hero's love but doesn't want to get hu...

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12:34 PM
Q: Lost Colony story

GordonDI think I read this in Analog around 1980. A man in a pre-industrial type village believes that they originated on another world and keeps trying to persuade everybody of this. Nobody else agrees with this but they accept him as a harmless eccentric. Then one day he is visited by a stranger who t...

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3:36 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I got you on that comment
(got as in supported, not as in caught out)
Cheers I'm a total muppet
@TheLethalCarrot We all are
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Meep meep
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5:34 PM
Q: I Need To find a particular dramione fanfiction?

berryI have been searching for this one fanfic that I read months ago, and I can't remember the name. I just remember it's post-war and Hermione comes back to Hogwarts alone as Harry starts to work as an auror. I can't remember what Ron does. Draco is back at Hogwarts as well and McGonagall demands t...

6:23 PM
Q: Looking for a Teen Wolf Sterek Fic

FAODzI'm looking for a Sterk fic I read on A03 I remember that Derek was a alpha and that Stiles friends started being turned into wolves by Derek and leaving him out of things, then Stiles finds out about werewolves and they stop avoiding him. I think Stiles best friend was Erica not Scott, and the H...

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7:59 PM
Q: Short story collection. Only remember part of two stories. One dealing with a war and one dealing with pollution

BarknightIt was a short story anthology. Read the book in 2005-2007 when it was thrown out to be recycled. Can only remember two of the stories. Book cover might have been blue. One story deals with the after math of a war with a sergeant recalling his time with a lieutenant with no name. Goes into detail...

Q: Anime movie from the 90s, where characters fight monsters with supernatural/psychic powers?

RusshiroThis is a long shot, but I remember walking into a video tape rental store and saw this playing, but the attendant didn't know the name of the film. I only saw it for a few minutes, and it was a sub, so I couldn't catch names or any big details. There's not a lot to go on, but from what I remembe...

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9:36 PM
Q: Why are Primula and Daisy perceived to be the same?

squirrelIn 'Fall or Dodge in hell' it appears that the bitspace character of Sophia is reincarnated as both Primula and Daisy. Now both primula and daisy are kinds of common flowers, but they are by no means the same or even similar types of flowers (the most well-known primula is primula vulgaris, which...

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11:14 PM
Q: Looking for an old sci-fi story

Erik ShankIt was quite short about a guy who landed on a planet & somehow got alien paint on himself. The paint grew bigger & when it got to his head he would die. Anyone? Thanks!

11:38 PM
Q: Short Story "Slow Topiary"

John ButlerShort Story: Woman suffering from terminal cancer meets weird guy who has a topiary in his isolated home that is the size of a large oa

Q: Space soldier is fighting rebels. Then joins rebels who have alien tech

sibCan somebody help me identify a book. Story as far as I can remember is, space soldiers are fighting with bio mech suits against rebels (they are inside these suits and apparently there is a lot of bio gel). One soldier defects to the rebels who have alien tech. They implant alien tech into him ...

11:58 PM

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