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4:32 AM
Q: I'm really confused about Harry potter's blood status

user129777I'm confused because Harry potter is a half blood even though he was born from a muggle born and a pure blood. Does a muggle born count as a muggle when giving birth or what?

4:56 AM
Q: Was frodo sad when he heard that Boromir had died?

TheMadHatterIs there any evidence to prove that Frodo mourned for Boromir ? Did he forgive Boromir ?

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8:54 AM
Q: Short story I read in a book of short stories in 1986ish

TerryIf I remember correctly, the story starts out with a young boy and his mother in a check out line at a store. A man comes into the store and grabs a bunch of stuff and walks out without paying for it. The young boy asks his mother why he was able to do this, she explains to him that the man won a...

Q: Scifi novel where people can use golems to be in multiple places at the same time

polm23Trying to remember a scifi novel set in the future where you can load your personality into a "golem" and later download its experiences so you get all the memories. So your real body can go to the gym for exercise, and you can send golems to the library to study, and get more done in the same ti...

9:13 AM
@TheLethalCarrot If spoiler tags don't work, you can try creative phrasing possibly combined with rot13. The hard part is writing informative titles when the whole point of the question depends on a spoiler.
Oh don’t even get me started on the generic title spoiler nonsense
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11:17 AM
Q: Fantasy book trilogy with VR game. Protagonist is a bard

Mario BujnakYears ago I read a fantasy trilogy, which I’ve since loaned to someone and never got back. It was about a man who was developing a VR game which was entered via a sensory deprivation tank. Something happened and he got stuck in the game, where if you died you would also die in real life. It was ...

11:41 AM
Q: In ST:Voyager why was Tom Paris chosen to act as a part time nurse?

DarrenAfter Kes leaves the series Tom Paris, a pilot, is selected to act as a part time nurse in the sick bay. In-universe, the reason given is that he trained as a field medic. However, there are plenty of blue shirts still on the ship who, with a science background - including Ensign Wildman who wa...

12:07 PM
@TheLethalCarrot whydidthischaracterdothisactioninthisscene.stackexchange.com
12:29 PM
Q: Novel about a normal teenage girl (?African American) who suddenly shrinks and has to fight to survive

JodyMoI read this book in the mid 80's in Australia. I'm pretty sure it was American in origin and about a teenage girl of colour. She was suddenly transported to another world, a desert world... and had to fight to survive. She returned to normality after a while but would be returned to that alternat...

12:53 PM
Q: Isekai Manga about Protagonist with no Magic?

sweetsugarteaI am looking for an Isekai manga I might be confusing two stories together. We have our Heroine Protagonist who was killed in the modern world and Isekaied to a Regency world with Dukes and Kings. Since she thought she was the heroine and Isekaied she thought she was going to be special, have mag...

1:17 PM
Q: 80's cartoon about dragon riders

SamI remember watching VHS tapes at my grandparents' house around 1990-1995 so would guess it was made some time between 1985 and 1992. It may have been an over dubbed Japanese cartoon. I can only remember that it was in pseudo medieval setting with castles but also dragons. I think a pack of 10 dra...

Q: Was there a change made to the ending of Watchers by Dean Koontz?

DannyMcGI first read Watchers back in the early nineties and last month I re-read it. The ending differed a lot from my recollection,in the new version they settle down with a baby and the special dog and a tranquil life....the end. This left me somewhat nonplussed, in my memory of the book there was a...

1:40 PM
Q: Lost Short Story: Anti-Gravity Belt, rediscovery of lost ideas

Seldon2kA team of engineers are shown a video of the test flight of an Anti-Gravity belt. I recall the test flight ending with the belt burning out and the Inventor being killed in the fall to earth. They visit his home where a well stocked library, laboratory and workshop are found. After months of wor...

Q: Lost Short Story: Time Travel

Seldon2kAn inventor dies while waiting to see someone at the company that used to employ him. Apparently he has invented a technique for Time Travel and wanted to show that his ideas, that the company had fired him for pursuing, were correct. He was then going to take the design to another company, he wa...

2:04 PM
Q: Short Story: Force Field Invention, Secret Organisation protecting against disruptive Technology

Seldon2kThe protagonist gets a visit from an authority figure who is enquiringly about a breakthrough he has had. The protagonist describes in detail the eureka moment that led to his discovery. It involved being on the toilet and discovering that toilet tissue always seems to tear in the paper sheet an...

Q: How many Star Destroyers were on Exegol?

Old No NameIn The Rise of Skywalker, we see a massive fleet of Star Destroyers, which, for all intents and purposes, I will call the Exegol Fleet, due to the fact that they are seen on Exegol. One shot near the beginning of the movie shows hundreds of these ships, called 'Xyston-class Star Destroyers', acco...

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4:17 PM
Since I can't see deleted posts yet, is there some inkling of why those two story-id questions were removed?
4:41 PM
Is there? Yes
@Jenayah inthisscene? That’s optimistic
1 hour later…
5:47 PM
TL;DR, the provenance of the questions were questionable with them seemingly being copy-pasted from a site where they'd already been answered.
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7:37 PM
Q: What's the meaning behind chapter colors in The Ickabog?

NemoThe website for The Ickabog by JK Rowling has color coding for various chapters. The color schemes repeat as well: Do we know what's the color scheme here?

8:32 PM
@FuzzyBoots thanks for spotting my autoincorrect on that old question
How did you come across it?
1 hour later…
9:42 PM
@AncientSwordRage I habitually click into interesting questions on the sidebar to find ones that I haven't voted on, and to learn of new and interesting media. :)
10:00 PM
Q: Why do the grownups forget the day they flew by the next day in Mary Poppins Returns?

TimothyI think something sort of like this happened in the Mary Poppins Returns movie. There was a day where everybody flew by holding onto a balloon string but the grownups all forgot about it by the next day but the children didn't. Why was the story made that way? Was it actually because of the scien...

10:16 PM
@FuzzyBoots that's really cool. Have you ever read Koontz?
10:48 PM
Q: In years one and three, did Hermione provide a reason for staying in school over Christmas?

J. MiniI suspect that my memory is failing me, but when reading through Prisoner of Azkaban I couldn't recall any reason that she has given for staying in school over Christmas in any prior year other than the second. Have I forgotten something? Note: I'm not asking for any inferences from the text or ...

Q: Do Vulcans feel cold on Earth?

Lambda MosesThe planet Vulcan has on average hotter climate than Earth and there's that saying of "hot like Vulcan". Yet we see Vulcans wearing long thick robes on their home world. So when they come to somewhere like San Francisco that does not have a hot climate, aren't they cold? Also, does the high humid...

11:35 PM
Q: Sci-Fi story where human astronauts barf up their guts like sea cucumbers

JessicaI read a short story where astronauts became infected with something that made them barf up their insides and regrow them, like sea cucumbers. In the end, this is how one of the characters learns that his wife cheated on him; she slept with someone who had been infected, became infected herself, ...

11:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage I read a bunch of good books in high school. I've read a few of the newer ones, but I don't really keep up.

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