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3:05 AM
Q: what does "the difference between Jay-Z and Jay-Y" mean?

Cindy LloydIn musical fantasy movie Yesterday (2019), Jack says to Ellie: Jack: I know the songs are strong, but no one's interested still. Jack Malik's the problem. It is. I just don't have the "it" that's the difference between Jay-Z and Jay-Y.

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5:50 AM
Q: What physical forces have stopped Juggernaut?

Donatello SwansinoCain Marko, the Juggernaut, is essentially an unstoppable force if her gets going. He wears a helmet to protect himself from psychic attacks, so many of his stories involve the X-Men attempting to get the helmet off him. My question is: when has Juggernaut been physically stopped in the comics? M...

6:14 AM
Q: Looking for dragon book

KipzLooking for a particular book. I read it almost 10 years ago. The main character gets trapped in a (well?) and dragon’s blood drips on to him. The blood slowly turns him into a dragon (Or gives him dragon-like qualities) over several years. I remember thinking the book to place in a more mediev...

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10:33 AM
Q: Why didn't Cornelius Fudge suspected that Buckbeak and Sirius's escape were connected?

Lefteris008During the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black escapes once again from Flitwick's office, while being guarded. It is well known and established that you cannot Apparate within Hogwarts and moreover Sirius didn't have any wand with him to "magic" his way out. ...

@Gallifreyan I had Marvin ignored and I had to go back and unignore to get the joke
At least they're branching away from the Vampire spam posts
@TheLethalCarrot I still remember Rondo
10:48 AM
but what are some movies about time traveling robots?
11:07 AM
@Mithical /me pulls hair from head
11:34 AM
Q: Why Atlanna escaped the king?

R SIn the Aquaman movie (2019) Atlanna escaped to the surface where she was found by the lighthouse keeper. Then soldiers came and it was told that the king wouldn't let her go. Why did she escaped? (Was it her husband by the way?)

2 hours later…
1:38 PM
@FuzzyBoots Oops, thanks for the fix.
2:14 PM
I have to take a second to call out a well written answer over on Music Fans.
A: What is the meaning behind *THE NAME* of "Bohemian Rhapsody"?

PiedPiper"Bohemian" in the title doesn't refer to the region in the Czech Republic, but rather to what is known as the the bohemian lifestyle. Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. It involves musical, artis...

2:30 PM
Q: Aliens have seeded a world with needlers that inject a RNA-type virus into their users to program the with xenophobia

DavidWA survey-type ship lands on an unexplored planet. The landing site is near the edge of a forest, or in a clearing. The crew get out, start doing a scientific survey of local flora, fauna, etc. I believe the first day or two are uneventful, but suddenly one day someone shoots at them! The proj...

@Donald.McLean Initially the record company refused to put the 7 minute track on the album (?) but they managed to convince them otherwise
one of my badly remembered anecdotes
I have approximate knowlege of many things
Aww was hoping my 5000th FP wasn't going to be a pretty generic NAA
2:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage Long songs could be sticky subjects back in the day of 45s. American Pie.
3:25 PM
@TheLethalCarrot You could have skipped it and waited for a better one. :)
3:36 PM
Q: Is Bajor's post-occupation economy money-based?

einpoklumOther than a single reference to money in DS9:Necessary Evil (which could well be edited away without hurting any story arc), I don't remember the Bajoran economy being portrayed as being based on money as a universal unit of exchange (nor, in fact, on commodity exchange in general). Is the stru...

4:04 PM
Q: Dystopian short story of a totalitarian state about a man of high intelligence subject to bursts of painful static

Mozibur UllahI recall reading an American SF short story which I read in my early teens. It made quite an impression on me. It starred a couple, a man of high intelligence, who every ten minutes was subjected to a burst of painful static, and his wife, a beautiful woman who was forced to wear ugly clothing. ...

4:52 PM
Q: What is the first SF story in UK/USA starring a non-western character?

Mozibur UllahIn one of the introductions to a collection of his short stories, Asimov reminisced with his time with Astounding Science Fiction. He commented that he always suspected that Campbell, the editor of Astounding thought of men in space as basically white men in space. Strange really, as SF, when i...

5:16 PM
Q: Does Batman have a spacesuit?

codeczarBatman has different types of suits and various gadgets for fights. But does he has a spacesuit for surviving in the space? If yes then in which edition the use of a spacesuit by Batman is shown in DC comics?

5:40 PM
Q: Dystopian sci-fi story, ink disappear from books, all books must be read out-load

Baard KopperudI'm looking for a dystopian sci-fi story where something (probably nano-machines) makes the ink in books disappear; thus depriving humanity of it's history, knowledge and culture. This prompts a rule that any (newly recovered) books must be read out-load to a crowd of people. I think the prota...

6:28 PM
Q: Has Thanos ever fought against Malekith The Accursed?

user1170874Has Thanos ever fought against Malekith in Marvel Comics?? And if so, then who won??

So maybe I could put something in the tag wiki along the lines of "Use this tag when you or someone you know has read a story, and knows some of its details, but just can't remember the title or author."
@Spencer The wiki already has that information, though the excerpt does not.
IMO it's currently way too technical.
"Use for identifying a work of SF or Fantasy, including novels, movies, comic books, fanfic, TV series, video games, etc. Use with other tags to specify the type of media, eg. [short-stories]. Use [episode-identification] for identifying a single episode of a known series, whether TV, book, or comic. Use [actor-identification], [character-identification], [music-identification], or [object-identification] for those specific ID requests."
I'm not sure the casual user even knows how to see the full wiki.
The except is for usage guidance, the wiki is for... who knows.
So, the excerpt could be edited instead.
6:42 PM
Do any Harry Potter experts think this edit invalidates the existing answer? It seems like it does to me.
@Null I'm not an expert by any stretch and I still think you're right.
Not a Harry Potter expert, but the edit definitely adds a presumption of something the answer states as false.
This happens all the time when someone gets an answer they don't like. But I think " your assumptions are wrong" answers are still valid.
The invalidation is mild enough for the edit to stand. Although @Mal could add a direct challenge to their answer.
On the other hand, if it were someone other than OP making the edit, it would be vandalism.
I don't think it totally changes the question all that much. It's more of a clarification because the answerer interpreted the question differently from how the OP intended. (I've got a silver badge and a score of 1700+ in the tag if expertise level matters.)
@Mithical Expertise level only matters if you agree with me. :)
Mmmm hMMMM...
6:57 PM
Feel free to discuss with the OP here.
Gah, I don't have dark mode directed at that room and nearly got blinded...
Has anybody else been invited into a new chatroom, only for the inviter to ask you to buy them something?
On SE? no
do you have a transcript link
I don't know how to get a transcript link, but the room's URL is chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/108645/room-for-kyle-v-and-spencer
That user appears to have done the same for multiple people.
Seems like abuse of the system.
7:04 PM
Oh, Kyle V...
A known quantity, then.
@Jenayah beat me to it. The second question in the /Film article is relevant to add I think
@TheLethalCarrot right, will do
Oh and if you want to be technical you could say they “fought” in The Infinity Gauntlet :P
7:10 PM
An intriguing window into the secret interactions of TheLethalCarrot and Jenayah.
@Spencer ?
@TheLethalCarrot I don't get it?
Then again it's been some time since I read those
Wait, was Malekith part of the gone ones?
@Jenayah Out of the blue, some messages between you two appeared, as if in the middle of something.
oooh right
Q: Has Thanos ever fought against Malekith The Accursed?

user1170874Has Thanos ever fought against Malekith in Marvel Comics? And if so, then who won?

^related to my answer on this
TLC and I know we're always around in chat so we'll occasionnaly ping each other to add some clarification/comment which doesn't really fit in a Stack Exchange comment
Stuff that's sure to begin a lengthy conversation, typo warning, stuff like that
I don’t know, just a 50% chance in the comics I guess
@Jenayah Chat is definitely better than passive-aggressive edit summaries for typos.
7:15 PM
Don’t know if he shows up in the series though
been a while too
I'd be surprised if he did
Out of the two answers I provided today, there's one which thoroughly answers the question, provides pictures, dates, comics references, and non-canon but still relevant information; and one which basically says "if Google doesn't give you a match, there's probably none". The votes gathered fast but not on the one I'd have expected them to xD
@Mithical But passive-aggressive edit summaries are so much more fun!
7:35 PM
@Jenayah DC vs Marvel and easy answer vs not so easy
TBF on my part I only saw your initial answer with the Alfred quote before you edited in actual suits
8:10 PM
Q: Looking for a book series about every single fantasy trope ever

Cake A group of people from Arthurian times, including king Arthur himself find themselves in another world/land and they must rebuild a city after a war (??) has ravaged the lands? (Yay portals) Then there is a time jump and the main character lives in this city and is on a quest, with friends. He re...

> Looking for a book series about every single fantasy trope ever
Title is still unhelpful but it has the merit of being honest
8:27 PM
Q: Looking for a book series about every single fantasy trope ever

Cake A group of people from Arthurian times, including king Arthur himself find themselves in another world/land and they must rebuild a city after a war (??) has ravaged the lands? (Yay portals) Then there is a time jump and the main character lives in this city and is on a quest, with friends. He re...

@Jenayah Stealing Marvin's thunder. For shame.
Join the gang of Marvin-hiders
It pains Marvin all down the diodes on his left side very time someone ignores him.
If you ignore him you miss out on all the fun on complaining on how slow he is
I've been compiling this list for three hours and I'm still finding new ones. Just how many spacesuits does this guy need? — Jenayah 12 secs ago
9:05 PM
Joke aside, I found this panel (from this forum thread) but can't locate the issue it was in. Looks like something from the mid-2000s to 2010s. I'd be curious to know how Batman got out of this one; if anyone knows the issue, please share!! :) — Jenayah 7 secs ago
Legends of the Dark Knight?
no idea, what makes you think so?
you freaking rule
I don't have the issue yet but the narration panels are it
same colour same font
Yep, issue #2
you rock :)
No worries, just image searched it to be honest haha
9:16 PM
I did too but it didn't bring up anything
Well, a couple exact matches for the panel, but no other thing
Okay, so the issue is basically "shut up, the fabric of Batman's suit holds up in space as long as he's got the breathing thing on his face. It's magic Batman, deal with it"
Isn’t that Batman’s whole thing?
9:32 PM
Batman has his own subpage of Crazy Prepared; I'm surprised he's not listed as the trope maker.
That last story ID question is a beast to search for. How do you narrow it down?
It doesn't help that it seems like there's been a cheesy Arthurian romance series every other year.
@DavidW Jenayah has a guide if you have a spare 4 hours :P
@DavidW so far, personally, I don't. I was looking for Bat-spacesuits :P
@TheLethalCarrot ahahah
9:48 PM
Multiple books including 'every single fantasy trope ever' sounds like a description of the Discworld. Shame the series in no way matches the rest of the description.
I might answer that on spec
@DavidW you don't, and eat leek strudels instead.
In any case the Frostborn series seems to tick a bunch of boxes, but I'm heading to sleep
Feel free to flesh it out and investigate more if you feel like it
14 books in that series. That's a deal-breaker.
("king arthur" "sword" "elves" "tropes" site:goodreads.com)
9:57 PM
Mine has an actual Arthur.
Q: Comic or Webcomic with a robot enthusiastically proclaiming "Krill the humans!"

FuzzyBootsI was reading an article recently that mentioned the use of krill as a food source, and I found myself remembering a panel where a robot is enthusiastically chanting "Krill the humans!" with the joke being that it seems a bit like the Killer Robot trope (actually, I'm now wondering if it was a di...

10:38 PM
@Null I don’t think it totally invalidates it, but a large part of the answer focuses on a point (ruling over Britain) that was removed from the question.

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