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1:11 AM
Q: What is the history of the League of Shadows in the DC Comics?

Oblivious26In regards to the League of Shadows, where is it first mentioned in the comics? What is the history and timeline of the organization?

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2:30 AM
Q: Book/Novel in which people create hard light substances

Homo SimpsonsMy friend once tried to lend me a book set in a fantasy world. I think he said something along the lines of "It's got wizards! Solid light constructs! It's a must-read in your life!". Being young and hated reading, I only read a few chapters, but eventually forgot about it and returned the book. ...

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4:35 AM
Q: Poignant story of forgetting ... feels like Ellison

BenboyShort story: A man arrives in an isolated room, in shock of some sort brought on by his travel there. Temporary amnesia. There's someone else (AI/machine/hologram) already there, also not remembering who he himself is. The traveler eventually overcomes the shock of his transit, and is back on hi...

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7:55 AM
@DavidW A lot of R/A posts make me chuckle too
8:38 AM
Q: Do Veela have names?

LucyIn Harry Potter there are Veela, women who are part human, who are so beautiful and charming that they can seduce any man. I was just curious about the fact that I can't seem to find anything about them having names. As they are half human would they have names? What would their husbands/partners...

9:02 AM
Q: Book about small people living hidden from humans in a big city

mindbergAbout 10 years ago I read this book about small people (they were a different race than humans I think) who are living in a big English or American city. They hide from normal people and live in lost buildings or subway tunnels. I remember that the story was about some problems they had with the ...

9:46 AM
@xkcd I love this
I'm a big fan of unusual units
like Furlong/Fortnights
Be careful to neither be furloughed nor furlaughed for it, though.
@NapoleonWilson fur-sure
@xkcd That's just wrong; "mb" is not the unit symbol for millibar.
Heh, right. Isn't the symbol for bar...uh..."bar"?
9:56 AM
Though, I have to say that was a somewhat nice xkcd, even if I didn't get the podcast thing.
@NapoleonWilson it doesn't take much energy to make a podcast > everyone is making them these days
Oh! Well that was a stretch. But it kind of makes sense, I guess.
10:46 AM
It felt about as obscure as the rest of it to me, but I subscribe to too many podcasts
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1:51 PM
@FadedGiant interesting new username
Q: Science fiction story with alien protagonists only

Matej GombocI'm developing a story about a humanoid alien species on an Earth-like planet. There are no human protagonists, just aliens. The reader explores the alien world through the eyes of the main protagonist. The aliens are distantly similar to humans, but they have a very different culture and social ...

Looonger, though
2:23 PM
Certainly better than a userXXX and a gravatar. I thought we'd entirely lost you as the next collateral.
it was close
2:46 PM
Groovy avatar obvs
SE automatically generates a Gravatar identicon for new users based on their email hash.
Like mine.
Greetings, Earthlings.
I don't have anything that works well when it's as tiny as SE shows it, and so never set one.
2:52 PM
There are Earthlings here?
Terrans. Frightful creatures. Terrible manners.
^name of a scifi short story right there
Terraformics: ants that create planetary environments.
3:45 PM
@Mithical Hey! I resemble that remark!
4:21 PM
Q: Short story identification: Sentient disease from a Jovian moon

Jonathan HartleyI'm trying to identify a hard science fiction short story I read in an anthology roughly 5 years ago. My impression is that it was a relatively new story at that time. I think it has a male western main character. He works at tracking and preventing the spread of a disease through Earth's popula...

5:13 PM
Q: Why did Grievous tell Obi-Wan he was trained in the Jedi arts when Obi-Wan already knew?

F1KrazyIn Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, when Obi-Wan challenges Grievous to a lightsaber duel, Grievous replies: You fool! I've been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku! This makes it sounds like he and Obi-Wan have never fought before, and he's gloating that Obi-Wan doesn't know what he'...

6:06 PM
Q: If the sensorites can read minds, why do they not trust The Doctor and his companions?

JamminermitIn the season one episode of Doctor Who classic, the sensotites, a species who can read minds (at least of Susan) still suspect that the Doctor may not be trustworthy. Surely, if they can know what Susan is thinking and feeling (such as being able to ‘hear her distress‘ when she asks how long I...

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7:20 PM
Q: Why Homelander brought Billy to his wife?

R SSeason 1 of The Boys ended at a very unclear plot move. May be those who read the comics could explain this. In the end of season 1 Homelander saved Billy's life and brought him to his wife. What the reason for those 2 actions and will their (Homelander and Billy) relations change after that?

Q: Why Homelander hate those who fear?

R SIn the scene of Hughie's baptizing Homelander became rougher toward him when sensed fear. Also he killed Sitwell after she told him that she's afraid. What stands behind his hate of afraid people? Contempt? Anticipation of betrayal?

7:44 PM
Q: Are there good sups in the Vault team?

R SQueen Maeve and The Deep showed a glimpse of good closer to the end of the season 1. Are they good eventually? What about the rest of them (according the comics)? It's unclear about Homelander: he used to be evil, but saved Billy.


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