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12:06 AM
Q: Does anyone in Star Trek have this fear about transporters?

Nu'DaqI remember part of an episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon speculates that matter transporters like those used on Star Trek wouldn't so much move a person from one place to another as kill the person being 'beamed' and create a clone with his knowledge/memories/personality on the destinat...

Q: Who wrote the first SF story about creating a "perfect woman"

AlithWe have had Frankenstein, where a scientist creates life in the shape of a creature (first published in 1818). We've had various stories concerning the first creations of robots (R.U.R from 1920 for example), but I was wondering who wrote the first story, that could be considered Science Fiction...

12:56 AM
Q: Why did the Idirans want the Mind in Consider Phlebas

AlithIt has been a long time since I read Consider Phlebas, which was my first introduction to the Culture and started me on the road of reading most of Iain M. Banks works in that setting. I remember that Bora Horza Gobuchul was a Changeling working on the side of the Idirans during the Culture/Idir...

1:45 AM
Q: I can’t remember title of book about telepathy across time

Veeron HylandThere’s a YA book I read few few years back and I forgot the title. It’s about a boy in New England who lives in this old house and he gets very sick, and in his mind he hears a girl from colonial times that used to live in his house. He finds he can answer her. They develop a telepathic relation...

2:09 AM
Q: Novel about a crime in VR. Protag starts in medieval fantasy and travels to different servers (bayou, etc) to solve a crime

BiomedicI believe I read this novel in 2005 or so. It's about a guy that works and plays in VR. I remember that his office is on a virtual beach. It starts in a medieval world where everyone has to talk in medieval dialects. Something happens and this guy sets out to solve the crime. the only two scenes ...

2:34 AM
Q: Which book Cole reads in the last episode of the Tales From the Loop series?

TarcThe series in its last episode (Home) shows us little boy Cole being given a book nearly at the beginning of the episode. I've got a strong feeling this book is H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, but after seeing the episode till the end found no direct evidence of this. Can you see something in the...

Q: Looking for Cartoon Movie Name

FalcorIt’s a movie for the 90’s I think. It a love story involving a girl who turns into a crane. I think a jewel is involved. At the end of the movie both her and her prince are cranes and they fly away. Pretty sure it’s a grandma telling a story to her grandchild and there’s a storm.

2:58 AM
Q: How does HAL was depending on humans?

riccs_0xIn the interview done by the TV service, the journalist ask to HAL if tough the fact of "the enormous intellect he is ever frustrated by his dependence on people to carry out actions". In which way does HAL was depending on the people? (Be the crew or others).

3:23 AM
Q: Does the final episode have a moral?

AdamantIn true Twilight Zone or Outer Limits fashion, many of the stories in Tales from the Loop have a clear moral. Sometimes this is stated outright by the characters in voice-over, such as "nothing lasts forever" in the episode "Stasis", but more often it is just very heavily implied. In fact, the m...

Q: What is the Eclipse?

AdamantThe mysterious Eclipse is what starts the plot of the show moving, with a piece taken from it sending a young Loretta forward through time, and the artifact itself returning her to her own period. It also makes another appearance in "Echo Sphere," where it (maybe) does...something to the founder ...

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4:38 AM
Q: Book about a billionaire geeky mad scientist who creates a zombie apocalypse in order to start a harem

JDSweetBeatIn 2015 or 2016, I read a book on the Amazon bookstore that was about a man who created nanobots that infected the human body and turned them into zombies, while using a different "strain" of nanobots to control the minds of women and force them to join his harem. He got ahold of his old highscho...

Q: What happened to Lucy Gray Baird in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes?

MagcalBooks007Suzanne Collin’s prequel novel to her Hunger Games trilogy was recently released, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I got the book early and read through it quickly. When I reached the part where Snow and Lucy Gray are at the lake house, after just beginning to start to run away together, Lucy ...

5:27 AM
Q: anime where the MC has a ring of light on his chest and monsters can look like people

dripasaurusI watched and anime a couple years ago on Netflix where the MC had a ring of light on his chest or maybe it was on his head? anyways, this ring of light when exposed revealed monsters or demons that were nearby. he turns into a hero? maybe it's a suit of armor but i'm pretty sure he transforms in...

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7:30 AM
Q: Trying to find a story of a man who strapped a magnet to his forehead, has visions

Elliot RochaMany years ago I read a story of a man who experimented with a magnet strapped to his forehead. From what I remember, he examined this experiment in his attic study. He harnessed a magnet on his forehead for what I believe was an hour per day. After a time, he noticed a ghostly boy running thro...

^ Id question from Lit for you
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9:45 AM
@Mithical Gonna do the answer on that one too?
9:57 AM
comic panel descriptions are the bane of this effort
10:24 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story about prehistoric proselytism and preaching involving dinosaurs

Anwar Hahj Jefferson-GeorgeI can't remember where I read this story or even whether I really did. It seems ridiculous now, but the gist of the story (as far as I recall) involved a man who was about to die. He decided to upload his consciousness to some kind of simulator specifically made for the purpose of providing a fau...

11:13 AM
Q: What is the chronological order of all Halo media (games, novels, comics, short stories, movies, animations, shows, etc.)?

J. WalkerI own every piece of Halo media that exists currently, but I'd like to work through them in chronological order instead of publication date order this time around. It's a bit much to track down, but I figured there was an expert somewhere around here that could help out. I also figured this threa...

11:55 AM
@Mithical You called?
Also, improved Enter Image Description Here SEDE query.
Oooh I remembered how to do the parameters at least
@TheLethalCarrot thanks for jogging my memory
12:11 PM
@AncientSwordRage good luck
12:48 PM
How this answer got so many upvotes is beyond me... it's clearly incorrect and its accepted
@TheLethalCarrot join the club
Well the initial votes I understand at least, everyone was going off of memory
After that, no clue
@TheLethalCarrot people don't go back, and you can't undo votes after a certain amount of time
5 minutes, unless edited aye
1:04 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I felt the same way about one of my Firefly answers as well
the accepted answer almost has more than doule the votes and seems to be like "Wrong answer, wrong answer. Oh thats wrong, short correct answer"
At least it has something correct
Happens a lot though annoyingly
1:42 PM
Q: What image did Odin in MCU had about inhabitants of Midgard (Earth)? And was it different from that in comics?

user1170874I was just watching some episodes of Marvel's Avengers Assemble and a question came to mind. In one of the episode, Odin argues with Thor about his stay on Earth and he's liking for company with mortals. It felt like Odin saw inhabitants of Midgard to be inferior than Asgardians. I was wonder...

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2:56 PM
Q: Could the Matrix of Leadership bring the six Primes located within the Tomb of The Primes back to life?

user255577I would like to know if the Matrix of Leadership was inserted into each of the six Primes located within the Tomb of The Primes, would it bring all of them back to life? The Matrix was used to bring Optimus Prime back to life in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Sentinel Prime b...

3:20 PM
@Mithical Challenge accepted
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4:34 PM
Q: Short story about two spaceships moving in opposite directions

JenBasically this sci fi short story is told in a slightly surreal dreamscape kind of way. Two identical spaceships are headed in opposite directions, each carrying a solitary person one of whom is our first person narrator. As they get further and further apart the narrator starts to feel closer ...

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5:48 PM
Q: In HP, how do Muggles accept that wizards and witches are real?

chb-wizardIn HP, I don't understand why Muggles accept that Hogwarts, or really any part of magic, is real, much less send their kids to Hogwarts. As it says in P/SS: “Nobody in my family’s magic at all, it was ever such a surprise when I got my letter, but I was ever so pleased, of course, I mean, it...

6:23 PM
Q: Two sorcerers duel whose willpower increases with distance

DavidWThis is a short story I read more than 20 years ago, but I don't recall at all where. It opens with a pair of sorcerers (innate, mental-based powers like telekinesis) competing. One pulls down some rocks from space at the other, and the target just barely manages to deflect them. It is reveale...

7:22 PM
> added 3634 characters in body
That was a challenge
Please tell me that's not just alt text.
It is.
That's what you get when you include 40 distinct images
Great Ghu, it really was.
*bows* I bow to your dedication.
@Mithical maybe another day
7:33 PM
no rush...
@Mithical was that me?
no, it was me
@Mithical I just realized this was two links 😅
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8:05 PM
Q: Astronauts visit a spot in space, to gain valuable knowledge but always dies in 24 hours returning earth and not speaking anything

Quartz2The novel is about primitive civilizations conducting various acts in order to return with goods from an advanced civilization, like someone entering a blackhole and returning with a 4k tv in 1900s Astronauts are sent to a space to this place to gain unknown knowledge/ technology, but the astro...

8:31 PM
Q: Is this scene from Star Blazers 2199 a reference to Clifford D. Simak's novel The Way Machine?

Matthew Trip In episode 1 at around 10 minutes in, we receive this scene, where the Japanese supposedly translates to "Here lies a visitor from a distant star." I can't help but wonder if this is a reference to Clifford D. Simak's novel The Way Machine? What do you think. Do you know if the date (2199.1.1...

Q: Hinterlands by William Gibson- What is inside of "The Highway"? why did astronauts end up insane or commit suicide?

Quartz2Did the story mentioned the source that is behind the death of astronauts, is it comes from infohazard, learning something that can "break" ones mind or the astronauts encounter something malevolent that caused their insanity? The writing is pretty dense, what idea is the author trying to conv...

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10:12 PM
Q: Short story where aliens give boy super powers which he uses to destroy the world, dies alone

HowardI'm actually trying to pin down an anthology and this is the only story I can remember being definitely in it. A boy (maybe called Christopher) is visited by aliens who agree to carry out his every wish. He begins small but eventually is destroying cities with huge tsunamis that are being broug...

10:33 PM
So the OP of the question above has actually linked to a duplicate question as the answer they want, but since they're new, haven't posted an answer, much less accepted it.
11:05 PM
This isn’t an answer to the question that was asked. As this is a question and answer site not a discussion forum answers should answer the question only. You may want to take the tour to get an idea of how the site works. — TheLethalCarrot 25 mins ago
It is funny though. :)
Q: Novella where a man bonds with an alien who lives inside of him

Kevin A book I read in the early 70s, novella-length. A man bonds with an alien who lives inside him and keeps him alive for centuries. Basically immortal.

@Spencer It's not even pointing to the correct dupe target... Especially since this one and the correct target are both asking about the anthology, not just the individual story.
@DavidW Regardless, "Community" closed it.
11:47 PM
Which basically means the OP accepted a suggested dupe closure; it's not irrevocable.
Any mod or story-id gold-badge could fix it, or it could be fixed through the queues.
@beichst Because of the way story-id questions work, you should post an answer. — Spencer 49 mins ago
Interestingly, beichst did post that answer a couple of minutes before the comment you are responding to, and deleted it a minute later. I'm not sure why.

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